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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 1:08 pm    Post subject: CATACOMB(Fra) WANTED. Reply with quote

I am looking to get in trade:

Catacomb(Fra)-In the Maze of Kadath EP -released on Drowned Productions-

as well as their demo with the same title released on printed tape.

I can offer some canadian death metal like

Necrotic Mutation(Can) - The Realm of Human Illusion CD sealed copy


Hidden Pride(Can) - Brutal Advice cd

Got a trade list I can e-mail you on request or I can pay a reasonnable price for it.
Located in Canada.

Send me an e-mail at

NO PM and references needed before I send my part of trade.
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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Original items for trade :

Ancestral Fog(Fra)/Temple of Baal(Fra) split 7"
- Dirty french black metal unites –
Awakening(Neth)/"Swimming Through the Past" 7"
- Doomy Death from '92 -
Behalf Fiend(Bra)/"A Step to Chaos" 7"
- An excellent south american band. Great evil sounding devastation!!! -
Buried God (Ger)/"Sacrificed" 7"
Church Bizarre (Dnk)/"Evoked Or Not - Evil Will Come" gatefold 7"
- Excellent dirty & old school death metal. Great packaging-
Crucified Mortals (Usa)/"Kill Upon Command" 7"
- Well executed modern thrash metal –
Crypt of Kerberos (Swe)/" Cyclone of Insanity" 7"
- Quality old school death from '92 –
Decieverion(Usa)/"...despondent" 7 "
- USBM well played –
Depravity (Fin)/"Remasquerade" 7"
- Ancient & dark death metal in the finnish tradition. Fucking essential! –
Desolation Hymns (Usa)/"purgatory despairing" 7 "
- Sinister black metal –
Dew of Nothing (Mex)/"The Hatehunter" 7 "
- Mexican Death Metal –
Dr Doolittle (Bul)/"Every Man Needs a Woman" 7"
- Despite their awful band name. old bulgarian heavy metal not bad at all
Excavation (Neth)/"Psychotic Possession" 7"
- Old & rotting ancient death metal from the Adipocère series
Excidium (Ita)/"Infecting the Graves" 7"
- Another fucking great old school death metal EP from Italy this time. '92
Front Beast(Ger)/Black Howling(Por) split 7 "
- Old school Front Beast splits with unknown but very good portugese bm Black Howling –
Funeral (Swe)/"Forgotten Abominations" 7"
- Some great modern old school death metal in Sweden these days. Funeral are no exception -
- With a more doomy approch, Funeral creates dark & powerful DEATH in the old vein
Goatlord Corp.(Fra)/"Horns of Ressurection"7"
Iron Head (Can)/"Second to None - Double to Nothin'" 7"
- Pre-Breaker(Can). Excellent canadian heavy metal from the 80's –
Karnarium(Swe)/ s-t 7"
- Obscure swedish death metal. Way darker and better than previous demos and comp cd –
Ligeia(Usa)/" In Death Overshadow Thee" 7"
- Excellent ancient & dark death metal from the states –
Lado Obscuro(Bra)/"Senhor das Trevas" 7 "
- Primitive Black Doom metal No cold winter forests in here... just torment & black magic! Great UNDERGROUNG RELEASE! –
Nominon(Swe)/"Blaspheming the Dead" 7"
- Old School & dirty death metal for the DEAD! One of the best DM act still active nowadays –
Nunslaughter(Usa)/"Metal Assault on Canbera" 7"
- Live assault from known death metallers –
Outbreak of Evil/"volume II" (Force of Darkness, Midnight, Abigail & Villains)
- Comp. 7 inch. Force of Darkness is great thrash! –
Sabbat(I-LOVE-PENIS)/”Hamagri Resurrection” 7”
- another EP from this known Japanese metal band -
Surrender of Divinity(Thai)/Impiety(Sin)/"Two Majesties : An Arrogant Alliance of Satan's Extreme Elite" double Ep
- Great double Lp featuring two great eastern metal bans! –
Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 2 7”
- Featuring Bloodthirst(Pol), Witchtrap(Col), Hangman(Isr) & Death Thrashers Kuopio(Fin)-
Wings(Fin)/"Thorns on thy Oaken Throne" 7"
- This EP contains DARK & MORBID finnish death metal. Forget about the following material from that band and get this! –
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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Additionnal Ep’s

Thy Feeble Saviour(Usa)/Jhesu Masturbator(Usa) split EP
Crucifire(Oz)/”Thy Curse Denied” EP
Crucifire(Oz)/”Unblessed Onto Hatred” EP
Lucifer(Swe)/”The Dark Christ” 91 EP
Thou Art Lord(Hel)/” Diabolou Archaes Legeones” 93 EP
Thou Art Lord(Hel)/Ancient Rites(Bel) split 93 EP
Baphomet-(usa) boiled in blood-after world records 1991
Phlebotomy-(greece) dawn of grief -molon lave records 1992
ripping flesh (mexico ) mercy-reborn records 1992
Dead christ-(england)-satans hunger- molon lave records 1993
Nergal-(switzerland) wild rags records 1992
Hellspawn(Bra)/”unholy ancient masters” EP
Sinister EP witchunt Records 1st EP
Exoto - Ashes...92 EP
Disharmony (Grc) - The Gate Of Deeper Sleep 93 EP
Dominus (Dnk) - Sidereal Path of Colours 93 EP
Sovereign(Bra)/”Disgrace Command” EP
Nocturnal Vomit(Gre)/”The Art of Tenebrous” EP

Abigail(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Unholy Death" gatefold LP
- Known Japanese metal –
Abigor(Austria) – Invoke the Dark Age LP
- truly one of the best black metal album put on wax -
Aggression (Can)/"Forgotten Skeleton" Lp
- 1986 Unreleased Lp of old canadian thrash. Great! –
After All (Bel)/"The Vermin Breed" blue Lp
- thrash with power metal elements –
Armaggedon(Fra)"Kill Yourself or Die" pic LP
- Raw and crude black metal –
Assault (Chi)/"Nuclear Deaththrash" gatefold + poster Lp
- Thrash black from Chile with the raw spirit. Great oldschool METAL! –
Azul Limão(Br)/"Vingança" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Azul Limão(Br)/"Ordem e Progresso" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Azul Limão(Br)/"Pegasus, The Tapes Vol. 1 (83-89)" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Azul Limão(Br)/"Amazona, The Tapes Vol.2 (83-89)" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Beastcraft(Nor)/"Dawn of the serpent"gatefold Lp
- Norwegian black metal very well played –
Bestial Warlust(Oz)/"Blood and Valour" gatefold Lp
- Second album of this well known war metal band against posers!-
Buried God(Ger)/"Dark Revelation" Lp
- Impressive german modern thrash –
Dead Congregation (Gre)/"Purifying Consecrated Ground" 10" mLp $
- Fucking dark and intense DEATH metal. Recommended for DEATH fiends
Delirium Tremens (Ger)/"Thrashing Warthogs" gatefold Lp
- Fucking intense & excellent death thrash –
Dorsal Atlantica(Bra)/"Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Dorsal Atlantica(Br)/Metalmorphose(Br)/"Ultimatum" split gatefold Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Evocation (Swe)/"Evocation" Lp
- Dark old school death metal played in the great European tradition –
Excalibur (Br)/"Excalibur" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal –
Fallen Souls (El Salvador)/"god is Dead" gatefold LP
- Blasphemous thrashing black death from latin America! Old Sarcofago meets old Mayhem with a few Sabbath elements!-
Goetia(Pol)/"Hail Satan" Lp
- Polish blackened death metal. Heavy & violent! -
Heathen Hoof(Fin)/"The Occult Sessions" 12" EP
- Excellent finninsh heavy Metal/NWoBHM! totally recommended!! Hellstorm(Nor)/"Fucking Bleed" Lp
Kohiror(Phi)/"Kult Razor" Lp
- Dirty & RAW recording from these maniacs! –
Imperator (Pol)/"The Time before Time" Lp
- Fucking incredible polish black death! EXCELLENT!!!! –
In Aeturnum(Swe)/"Forever Blasphemy" gatefold Lp
Incantation (Usa)/"Live Blasphemy" double Lp
- Live in Sao Paulo - May/11/2001. Blasphemous DEATH –
Maniac Butcher (Cze)/"Live in Germany" Lp
- Live recording from these maniacs. One of the most intense metal band ever –
Minotaur (Can)/"83 - 87" black Lp
- Amazing canadian heavy metal! Reminds a lot of Dianno's Maiden era. High quality vinyl with info sheets included –
Mystifier(Bra)/"Wicca" double
- Mutilation Records' edition of this grimoire of pure black death mystical metal!
Nauseous Surgery (Bra)/"Immortal Warriors" gatefold Lp + Ep
- Great old school death metal! –
Nominon(Swe)/"Recremation" Lp
- Old school morbid death metal for the dead! Get this! –
Nidhug(Dnk)/"Danmark Aere Blod" mLp picture disc 10"
- Strong devastating bm. Lots compare it to Immortal's Pure Holocaust –
Order From chaos(Usa)/"Imperium: The Apocalyptic Vision" Double gatefold Lp
Powersurge(Usa)/"Snow God..." gatefold black Lp
- Incredible traditional power metal! Not the faggy rhapsody style though. High quality vinyl with inner sheet –
Powersurge(Usa)/"Targeted in Termination" gatefold coloured or black Lp
- One of the best power metal band from the 80's. Get it or DIE! High quality vinyl with inner sheet –
Procreation (Can)/"Incantations of Demonic Lust..." gatefold Lp
- Ancient canadian death metal. Really great! –
Profanatica(Usa)/"The Enemy of Virtue' DLp
- Finally it is in. Whole Profanatica discography on 2 LP's –
Rotor (Hun)/"Semmi Nem Elég" Lp
- Hungarian Heavy Metal released on vinyl only. Sang in hungarian & great guitar solos –
Sabbat(I-LOVE-PENIS)/”Evoke” Lp
- Hells headbangers deluxe version -
Sabbat(I-LOVE-PENIS)/Forever Winter(Fin) split picture Lp
- Forever Winter is fucking great epic metal! -
Sadogoat(Dnk)/"Et in Arcadia Ego/Malleus Maleficarum" pic Lp
- blasphemous and dirty black metal –
Southern Storm of Evil compilation gatefold LP
- Very interesting south american compilation featuring some of the best modern southern acts -
- Recommended for any south amercian metal freak! –
Stress(Br)/"Stress ('82)" Lp
- Traditional brazilian heavy metal. First brazilian metal band –
Toxic Holocaust (Usa)/"Hell on Earth" gatefold LP
- Modern cryptic thrash metal. Very good LP.-
Toxodeth(Mex)/"Phantasms" Lp
- old demo put to wax from this fucking great, old and overlooked Mexican death thrash band –
Tudor (Cze)/"Ultra Black Metal" double Lp
- Original metal with good headbanging moments! Often reminding Master's Hammer-
Victimizer (Dnk)/"Unholy Banners Of Victimizer" Lp
- Thrashing destruction performed in the most bizarre & dirty fucking ways!! –
Witches Hammer (Can)/"Streching into infinity" gatefold Lp
- Old canadian speed metal! Get this! –
Witchtrap(Col)/"Sorceress Bitch" picture disc 12"
- One of the best modern blackened thrash metal band! Highly Recommended!!! -
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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Abandon(UK)/" Never-ending Black Torrent of Death" tape
Abate Macabro(Bra)/"Arrastando A Cabeça do Porco Para O Inferno"
Abhorre(Can)/"Au Nom du Nord"
Ad Inferos(Nor)/"Bloodlust (Devil's Dance)"
Adkan(Chi)/"Black Dominions"
AEshva Daeva(/Chi)/"Into the Luciferian Circles"
Amnion(Spa)/"The Return of Total Desolation" tape
Angkor Vat(Usa)/"A Pulse Beyond Nothing"
Apud Infero(Ita)/" Apud Infero"
Aquam Igni(Per)/"Multus Liber" tape
Atomicide(Chi)/"Total Atomicide"
Augen(Usa)/"Das Fieber Der Nacht"
Azaxul(Ger)/"The Arrival of the Deamonlord" tape
Backyard Mortuary(Oz)/ demo
Bael(Bol)/"Caida de Cristo"
Barathrum of Ahriman(Chi)/"Rehearsal tape 2002"
Beelzeebul(Col)/"The Powerful Essence of Lucifthian in Times of Obscurantism"
Bemdesar(Bol)/"En El Nombre De Satanas..."
Bestial Holocaust(Bol)/"Odio y Muerte"
Bethor(Serb)/"Demogorgon" tape
Black Bleeding(Fra)/"The Awakening"
Black Circle(Swe)/"Behold my Visions and Wisdom" tape
Black Empire(Mex)/"The Black Magic Domain"
Black God(Fra)/"Ressurection of the Fallen Angels" tape
Black Putrescence(Oz)/ Demos + Promo
Black Torment(Mex)/"By Honor, Blood and Black Faith"
Bloodstorm(Usa)/""Bloodstorm" live tape
Blutvergiftung(Usa)/ "Demo IV"
Brocken Moon(Ger)/"Schattenlicht des Mondes"
Cannibal Corpse(Usa) BOOTLEG live tape recorded in 92 with ultra shit sound
Chained and Desperate(Gre)/"Oracles from the Neitherworld"
Chant of Blasphemy(Ger)/"Demon II"
Chemikiller(Usa)/"Ancient Demons"
Corpus Christii(Por)/"Tormented Belief" tape
Corrupt(Swe)/"Born of Greed"
Corvus Neblus(Gre)/"Chapter I" tape
Corvus Neblus(Gre)/"Chapter II" tape
Crucified Mortals(Usa)/"Rehearse Hell"
Crucifire(Oz)/"Unblessed Unto Hatred"
Cultus(Net)/"A Seat in Valhalla"
Cumming Jehovah(Can)/ "Throne of Black Priest"
Cumming Jehovah(Can)/"Demo 3"
Cutthroat(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Thrash Metal Slaughter"
Daimonion Productions(Gre)/"Prometheus Unleashed" comp.
Damnation(Pol)/"Demonstration of Evil"
Damnation(Swe)/"Divine Darkness" tape
Dark Paramount(Bra)/"Black Phallus"
Dark Paramount(Bra)/"Remphan Rites"
Dark Pestilence(Us)/"Afterdeath EP"
Dead and Forgotten(Ita)/ Demo
Dead and Forgotten(Ita)/"The Tempest"
Deathchurch(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Crushing the Dreams of Benevolence" tape
Deathchurch(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Paranoid Destruktion"
Deathchurch(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Vomiting Upon the Burning heavens"
Deathcode of the Abyss(Fra)/"Reh september 02"
Deep Vein(Fra)/Bloody Sign(Fra)/Oppression(Swe)/ split tape
Demiurg(Pol)/"Szwadrony Smierci"
Diatribe(Bra)/"Obscured by Birth"
Dödfödd(Swe)/"Besvärjelse för omvänd rekreation"
Dödfödd(Swe)/"Demo 1/Demo 2"
Draugurz(Bra)/ "Demo 2003",re-release
Draugurz(Bra)/ "Rehearsal Demo'03"
Emit(Uk)/"The Dark Bleeding"
Emit(UK)/"The Dark Gods" tape
Empire of Hate(Oz)/Morthond(Usa) split tape
Encumber(Rus)/"Indifference Ruthless"
Ensemble(Bra)/"Alive in Nightmare"
Ereshkigal(Chil)/"Demo reh. 2003"
Eternity of Darkness(Uk)/"Ship of Fools"
Evil Attack(Chi)/Paganfire(Phi)/"United by Thrash and Beer II"
Exterminate(Chi)/"Demo reh."
Extinction Agenda(Usa)/Oppression(Swe)/ split tape
Extinction(Uk)/"October 2000 Rehearsal"
Funerary Call(Can)/"Unearthed"
Funeratus(Bra)/"Storm of Vengeance"
Furia - Anti-posers Comp. I
Furze(Nor)/"Necromanzee Cogent"
Furze(Nor)/"Trident Autocrat"
Galgeras(Bel)/ demo 03
Goat Horns(Uk)/The True Endless(Ita) split tape
Gosforth(Ita)/"...God Failed"
Grausamkeit()/"Nostalgia Okkkultes Blut"
Grave Throne(El Salvador)/"Merciless Satan Arise!" (Demo I 2004)
Grave Throne(El Savador) - "Burning the Flesh and Bones of Christ" (Demo 2006)
Graveworship(Oz)/ Demo 01
Gravewurm(Usa)/"Ancient Storms of War"
Gravewurm(Usa)/"Carnivorous Monarchy"
Hadez(Per)/"Evedn if you Die a Thousand Times"
Hammer of Revenge(Chi)/"Archangel of Destruction"
Hammer Whore(Usa)/"Live from the Riot"
Heathen Hoof(Fin)/" Promo 2004"
Hhahda(Chi)/"Avernal Mitic Black Poetry"
Horda(Bolivia)/"Mas Alla De La Muerte" tape
Hyperborean (Bra)/"Le Grand Maitre"
Illegal Angel(Gre)/"Holocaust"
Imperial Majesty(Bul?)/"Anger,Scorn and Death"
Imperial(Fra)/"Aggressors... Not Followers"
Imperio Nocturno(Bol)/"Opus Tem ohp ab"
Imperium Tenebrae (Bra)/"Imperium Tenebrae"
Impious Havoc(Fin)/"At the Ruins of the Holy Kingdom" tape
In Search of Weird Truth...(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"comp:
Incinerator(Swe)/Lethal(Swe)/Vacarme(Fra)/Re-Creation(Usa)/ " The Cocoon of Asphyx" split tape
Iskra(Can)/"Fucking Scum"
Kadotus(Fin)/"Seven Glorifications of Evil"
Krimpartûrr Bürzum'Shi-Hai(Bra)/"Book I: The End Of Ancient Lands"
Krimpartûrr Bürzum'Shi-Hai(Bra)/"Book II: The Ascension Of Dark Shadow"
Lado Obscuro(Bra)/"O Inferno por..." demo tape
Lado Obscuro(Bra)/"Triunfo no Inferno" tape
Le Livre de la Diablerie Comp tape I (Barathrum of Ahriman, Throneum, Mecropsia, Diabolical Messiah & more)
Lingedal(Bel)/"Paeonian Gates"
Lord Blasphemy(?)/"Supremo del Abismo"
Lord Paymon (Bra) "Infernal Destruction"
Los Asesinos Del Pentagrama(Panama)/"Duenos del Universo"
Lucifugum(Ukr)/"Sociopath: philosophy cynicism"
Lugubre(Net)/"Bloodshedding War Hymns"
Lythras(Us)/"In Shadows Inbued"
Magistellus Infernal(Per)/"In War Against Christianity" southern comp. tape
Maléfice(Can)/ Rehearsals 2003
Maléfice(Can)/"blood frozen ritual"
Maléfice(Can)/"The Cross Inverted"
Malveillance (Can/Vorago(Port) split tape)
Maniac Butcher(Cze)/"Cerna Krev"
Maniac(Can)/ Demo 1
Martyrevore(Usa)/Cold Northern Vengeance(Usa) split demos tape
Massive Power(Chi)/"Breaking your Head"
Mastifal(Arg)/"Holocausto Mental"
Matricide(Swe)/"Black Mass Gathering" tape
Melets(Ita)/"Satan's Breed (The Mark)
Mental Alteration(Per?)/"Prophecy of Disgrace" tape
Mephisto(Ita)/"Tyrant's Return"
Mercyful Fate(Den)/live BOOTLEG 10/20/84 recorded in Portland
Militant(Usa)/"Ferocious Dominance"
Misanthropy(Usa)/Stench of Humanity"
Moontower(Pol)/"Aryan Metal Terror"
Moontower(Pol)/"The Wolf's Hunger"
Morbid Upheaval(Ita)/"Solar Impetus"
Morcrof(Bra)/"Equilibrium of Fohat" tape
Mortem/"Decomposed by Possession"
Mortify(Gre)/"...And Darkness Was Upon"
Must Missa(Est)/"Sex Beyond The Grave"
Nachtkult(?)/"Krieg Fur Immer"
Nahual(Per)/Mysteries of the Cosmic Serpent"
Nattefall(Nor)/"Ode to the Nightsky"
Nechbeyth(Sin)/"Total Battle Supremacy"
Necromancer(El Salv)/"Black Legions"
Necromancer(El Salv)/"Three Songs for Satan"
Necromancy(Bol)/"Crush Useless God!!!"
Necromancy(Bol)/"Into Apocalypse"
Necromessiah(Ita)/"...Instar Gladii in Corporem Christi"
Necrovation(Swe)/" Ovations to Putrefaction"
Nepenthe(Usa)/Live at Howard's (Pre-Ligeia, DEATH!)
Nocternity(Gre)/"Crucify Him"
Nocturnal Graves(Oz)/"Deathstorm"
Nocturnal Graves(Oz)/"Profanation of Innocence"
Nunslaughter(Usa)/"Devil Metal"
Obscure Infinity split tape featuring Carmina/Amethyste/Atrophy/Darklord
Omendark(Spa)/"Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza" tape
Perdition(Usa)/"Forgotten Rites" tape
Perditor(Swe)/"Desecration of Recession Day"
Portal(Oz)/"Lurker at the Threshold"
Raven Dark(Rus)/"Berustet Av Kriegsdronnet"
Raven Dark(Rus)/"Verdandi"
Sabbatical Rites(Gre/Fra)/"Omen of Destruction"
Saevus(Bra)/"A Consolidaçâo do Reinado das Trevas" reh.
Sarcofago(Bra)/"Satanic Christ's"
Sargatanas(Mex)/"Knights of the Southern Cross"
Serath(Aust)/Nightrealm(Sin) - "Summoning the Shadaowsouls"
Serpent Horde(El Salv)/"In the Name of Satan"
Serpent Horde(El Salv)/"Satan's Wrath Unleashed"
Serpent Horde(El Salv)/"Triumphant Awakening of Hell's Darkest Master"
Shackles(Oz)/"Orgy of Corpses Rehearsal Tape"
Slaughtbbath(Chi)/"Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy" MC GET THIS!
Soulless(Pol)/"Summoning Heresy"
Spawn of Satan(Usa)/"Discography"
Spearhead(Uk)/"Deathless Steel Command"
Stone to Flesh(Ser)/"Unveiled Evil"
T.O.M.B.(Usa)/ "Sacrilegium"
The Dark Art of Warriors(Bra)/"Volume I", Sound Riot Prod. comp.
The Second Coming(?)/"Opus I"
Throneum(Pol)/"Anti-Life Celebration"
Throneum(Pol)/"Old Death's Lair"
Throneum(Pol)/'The Underground Storms Eternally"
Tomb Of Time (Bulgaria)/ "This Is What I See"
Toxic Holocaust(Usa)/ "Toxic Thrash Metal"
Tragedy Begins(Gre)/Drown me Blue(Fin)/Athanor(Ita)/"AEIKAKON"
Tribulation(Swe)/"The Ascending Dead"
Troops of Death(Chi)/"Black September"
Tyrannium(Fin)/"Eternal Reflection" tape
Uncreation's Dawn(Fin)/"Lightning Hammer Falls" tape
Unheilvoll(Can)/Chants de Guerre(Can)/" L' Empire du juif "
Unholy Massacre(Bra)/"If You Want Peace Prepare For War"
Uno Actu(Can)/"L'éveil de l'Ombre"
Valefar(Lit)/"Frigus ex tenebris venit"
Valkyrie(Can?)/" Demo"
Vampire Hall(Gre)/ " Transformations of Immortality"
Vargleide(Rus)/"Just Ashes, Dust and Burning Ground Remains..."
Veinen(Leb/Uk)/" Black Hypnosis"
Vingrid(Por)/"Live Warmageddon" live tape
Vinter Nebulah(Can)/"Vinter Nebulah"
Vokodlok(Rom)/"Unchain the Wolf"
Vorago(Por)/Malveillance(Can) split tape
VTA(Ita)/"Vesuvian Thrashing Attack"
Vultos Vociferos(Bra)/"Obscuro Domino" pro tape but poor sound
War Blasphemy(Por)/"For The Glory of The Unpure"
Warfare(Chi)/"Voices from Hell" tape
Wintermoon(Ger)/"Kingdom of Hate"

Abandon(Uk)/"Never-ending Black Torrent of Death"
Agony(Can)/LIFE cd Rare Canadian death!
Anima Damnata(Pol)/"Tormenting Pale Flesh"
Ares Kingdom(Usa)/"Return to Dust"
Azrael(Usa)/"Obdurate" mcd
Bellum (Chl)/”Voluntad de Poder”
Belzec(Per)/Dark Faith(Spa)/"Storm of Hatred and Hunger" split cd
Bestial Raids(Pol)/Blasphemophager(Ita) split cd
Black Funeral(Usa)/"Belial Arisen"
Bombarder(Bosnia)/"Ledena Krv" Cd
- Awesome speed/thrash from Sarajevo! -
Deafness(Can)/Oppressing the Silence cd RARE canadian death metal
Deamonlord(Spa)/"Of War and Hate"
Debauchery(Usa)/"Dead Scream Symphony"
Evil(Bra)/"Iron and Thunder"
Goatlord(Usa)/"Distorted Birth: The Demos" double cd
Goetia(Pol)/"Hail Satan"
Hidden Pride(Can)/”Brutal Advice Cd RARE****
Inquisition(Usa)/"Forever Under/Anxious Death"
Kranium(Per)/"Mundo Interior" cd
- Old school DEATH metal played with sloppiness a bit like Masacre(Col) -
Lugubrum(Bel)/"De Vette Cuecken"
Metal on Metal (Fin)/"Finninsh Underground Metal Compilation" Cd
- Great finnish metal comp featuring Evil Angel, Jumalation, Malicious Death, Pyöveli, Evoked Curse, Flame & more
Necrotic Mutation(Can)/"The Realm of Human Illusion" cd SEALED copy
Proclamation(Spa)/"Advent of the Black Omen"
Rev. Kriss Hades(Oz)/"The Wind of Orion"
Sadistic Grimness(Neth)/"Vicious Tortue"
Senderos del Mal(Chi)/”Pacto, Blasfemia y Guerra”
Teratism(Usa)/"Invocatum furae Diabolis"
The One(Gre/UK)/"Guardians Inhuman"
Thy Antichrist(Col)/"Wicked Testimonies"
Volkeinblucht(Us)/"To Consume the Darkness Whole..."
Von(Usa)/"Satanic Blood Angel"
Wolthorn(Spa)/"Spiritual Supremacy"

Aiwass/Burning Winds/Ninnixu/Witch Tomb(Usa)/ split
Ansur(Nor)/" Carved in Flesh"
Assault(Chi)/"Reh. 2"
Black Metal Terror(UK)/Live recording (The One,Goat Molestor,Niroth,Archaicus & Fluisterwoud)
Bleak Forest(Oz)/" Fog Over the Highlands"
Celtic Frost(Swi)/Hellhammer(Swi) Reh & demo's (6 diff. sessions)
Dark Mystery(Thai)/"Castle of Sorrowful"
Dark Mystey(Thai)/"Magical Realms"
Diatribe(Bra)/"Ruins of a Shining Heritage"
Embalmed Madness #1 featuring Nerlich/Decoherence/Gorgasm cd-r
HellspawnPol)/Hateful(Ita)/Impureza(Fra) split cd-r
Helvintr(Usa)/"Journey Into Frigid Enclave" 6 US$
Nazarene Whore/Ninnixu(Usa)/" Revelations in Blasphemy" split
Necrovomitôr(Fin)/" Vomit Porn Satan"
Ninnixu(Usa)/"Destructive Forces Obscure"
Paganfire(Phi)/"Mabangis! Marahas!" Demo '04
Profane Creation(Bra)/"Supremacy"
Skoll(Us)/"Infernal Legions"
Terminal Descent(Usa)/"The Archetype of Grim Solace"
The True Endless(Ita)/"Live at HellblasT Festival"
Tragedy Begins(Gre)/"KAEOE AENAON" greek (few scratches due to postal service)
Troops of Death(Chi)/"DeathstrikeReh."
Volkeinblucht(Us)/"Luminous Darkness"
Volkeinblucht(Us)/"Reaping the Blackness"
Volkeinblucht(Us)/"Unyielding Menace"
Witchcraft(Hun)/"Carpathian Fire"
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cursed blood

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 5:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

EP found.
Still looking for the printed tape.

Please, NO PM, use gagnon_romain(@)hotmail(DOT)com.

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