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Salelist (Cds, tapes, vinyls, zines)
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:38 am    Post subject: Salelist (Cds, tapes, vinyls, zines) Reply with quote

-No trades
-Ask for pictures.
-Location: Montenegro, Europe
-Contact through private message or avrlabel@yahoo.com
-Payment: cash in letter or Western Union


Arkhaeon-Deathprayer Evangelium 2 euro
Ampütator‎– Ampütator 1 euro
Ampütator/Baphomets Horns-Satanic Forcefucked... 1 euro
Church Bizzare- Sic Luceat Lux DCD 3 euro
Celephais-Plamen Mrtvih 1 euro
Cemetery Filth/Ectovoid/Sabbatory/Trenchrot 4 Doors To Death 3 euro
Denial of God-Klabautermanden digipack 2 euro
Descending Darkness-Seelenruhe 1 euro
Deus Ignotus- Chrismation 1 euro
Deus Ignotus-Hexapterygon digipack CD 2 euro
Deus Ignotus-Procession of an Old Religion 1 euro
Dioclecian-Doom Cult 3 euros
Exordium Mors-Serva Ad Mors 1 euro
Fjorsvartnir-Legions of the North 1 euro
Frostgrave-Hymn of the Dead 1 euro
Funeraille-Dis Pater 1 euro
Hatesworn-Transcend Moral Limitations 2 euro
Hell Torment-Cursed Nazarene 1 euro
Legacy of Blood-Tyran Horroru Cia.. 1 euro
Mor-Lutanja Sakatoga.... 1 euro
Mor-Hram Krvi i praznine 1 euro
Misanthropic Triumph/Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle Split 1 euro
Myrddraal-Blood on the Mountain 2 euro
Myrrdin-Bróga Fram Ánne Ealdne Geárdagas 1 euro
Necrodeath- 20 years of Noise digipack CD 2 euro
Necronoclast-Haven 1 euro
Necrowretch-Bestial Rites 3 euro
Necrowretch-Satanic Slavery 3 euro
Necrowretch-Putrid Death Sorcery 3 euro
Portent-Dismal Deities 1 euro
Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle-Sob o Bandiera... 1 euro
Sabbat- Live 666 Japanese Harmagedon 3 euro
Sabbat- Sabbatical 25 Years Kamikaze Demoslaught 3 euro
Sabbat/GoatSemen-Sabatical Goat Semen split 3 euro
Shud-Rot in Pieces DCD 4 euro
The Vein- Scourging the wreckage of time 3 euro
Tork Ran- Tales of Death DCD 4 euro
Tudor-Bloody Mary 1 euro
Unholy Archangel-Obsessed by War 1 euro
Unholy Archangel-The demos 1 euro
Unholy Archangel- The Wrath of Kosmosistis 1 euro
Utarm ‎– Apocryphal Stories 3 euro
Vindorn-Hrana 1 euro
Vultur-Et Jaguet cughe... 1 euro


Aesthenia/Somrak split Ep 1 euros
Arphaxat-Loudin la Maudite LP 4 euro
Cirrhus- Cirrhus EP 3 euro
Daemonlord-Coil of Devatstion Ep 1 euro
Death Attack-Death Attack EP 5 euro
Divisions-Divisions Ep 2 euro
Evil Army-Under Attack 1 euro
Fallen Souls - God is Dead LP 4 euro
Front Beast-Untold occult mysteries 1 euro
Frostgrave-Hymn of the Dead Lp 6 euro
Furdidurke-Native to a Noxios Glow EP 2 euro
Gnosis- The Third Eye (die hard edition) 5 euro
Grafenstein-Death Born LP 4 euro
Infernal Curse-The Evil is not dead 4 euro
Libation/Itnos discography LP 6 euro
Mantak-666 Ep 1 euro
Necro Schizma ‎– Discography LP 6 euro
Necrowretch-Even Death may Die EP (ltd. 100, Golden) 5 euro
Necrowretch-Now you are in hell EP 3 euros
Necrowretch-With Serpents Scourge LP 10 euro
Necrowretch-Putrefactive Infestation (white) 6 euro
Nocturnal Blood- Devastated Graves LP 5 euro
Nocturnal Blood-Invocation of Spirits EP 2 euro
Noisestar And The Fall Of Rome LP 6 euro
Sanhedrin-Answer the Call Ep 2 euros
The Devils Blood-Come, Reap LP 8 euro
Unholy Crucifix- The rite of Satan EP (with patch) 3 euro
Unholy Crucifix-Vile odors in the Nave EP (ltd. Yellow) 3 euro
WAIL-Wisdom through Agony into illumination and lunacy LP 6 euro


Abberant Path-The winds that defy god 1 euro
Ampütator-Intolerant Profanatory Domination (War Command) 2 euro
Ampütator-Deathcult Barbaric Hell 2 euro
Ampütator-Intolerance Deathsquads 2 euro
Ampütator-Endless Rape 2 euro
Ampütator/Demonomancy/Merciless Warfare/Warbutcher 2 euro
Ampütator-Intolerant Profanatory Domination (BGTerrorist) 2 euro
Angelgoat-U slavu Satane 1 euro
Azelsgard-Slavonic Horned Evil 1 euro
Bael-Caida de Cristo 1 euro
Bazzah-Death is all I see 2 euros
Beast-Thunder of Vengeance 1 euro
Begrime Exemious- demo 2006 2 euro
Bestial Mockery-Sepulchral Wrath 2 euro
Bestial Rape-The Return of the Slaughter 1 euro
Blasphemous Noise Torment/Wargrinder split 2 euro
Blasphemous Noise Torment-Weapons of Chaos 1 euro
Blasphemous Noise Torment-Regenerate with iron 2 euro
Blood Division- Antichristian Supremacy 1 euro
Blood Horde-The Lust for Power 2 euro
Blood Horde/Holocaust-Brotherhood of the Black Moon 2 euro
Chaosbaphomet-Temple of the Serpent Baphomet 1 euro
Christicide-Apex of Negativity 2 euro
Circle of Ouroborous-Streams 1 euro
Circle of Ouroborous-Shores 1 euro
Celephais-Dark Work of Arte 1 euro
Cold Blood-When Isolation 1 euro
Chörnyj Woron ‎– V2 2 euro
Corpus Christii-Rising 1 euro
Damned Beast-Damned and Possessed 1 euro
Dawn of Crucifixion-Dawn of Crucifixion 1 euro
Death Cult Suicide ‎– Demo I 2 euro
Death Invoker ‎– Reh-Desecrations 2005-2007 1 euro
Deggial- Upon the path... 1 euro
Deicide-Legion 1 euro
Demolition-Battlestorm-Damned eternal 1 euro
Demonic Rage-The Anquish Doomaelstrom 2 euro
Demonic Rage/Excoriate ‎– Death Communion 1 euro

Demonthrone-Angel Slayer 1 euro
Denial of God-The Ghouls of DOG 2 euro
Denial of God-Klabautermanden 2 euro
Der Gerwelt-Revelation 1 euro
Descending Darkness-Bloody Rehearsal 2009 1 euro
Deus Ignotus/Abnorm split tape 1 euro
Deus Ignotus ‎– Worship The Fall Of Man 2 euro
Deus Ignotus ‎– Slavery Of The Cosmic Knowledge 2 euro
Diabolical Demon Director-The Death Sentence 1 euro
Disflesh-Warmaggeddon 1 euro
Dom Dracul ‎– Genocide In The Name Of Satan 1 euro
Doomhammer-Antichrist Crazy Blast 1 euro
Doomhammer-Ghould from Ginnungagap 1 euro
Embalmed Souls- The temple of bizzare cult 1 euro
Embalmed Souls- Become vengeance... 1 euro
Embrace of Thorns/Chaosbaphomet/Wargoat/Bethor split 1 euro
Empheris/Morbid Execution split tape 1 euro
Enecare ‎– Reh 09 I - Fetish 2 euro
Et Verbi Sathanus- Demo Reh. 1 euro
Excessum-Death redemption 1 euro
Excoriate ‎– Pendulum Demise 1 euro
Evoke-Forever Breeding Evil 1 euro
Forgotten Words-Dressed in Flames 1 euro
Fullmoon Rise ‎– The End Of Life's Ages 2 euro
Funeral Chant-The Winter Desolation 1 euro
Funereal Moon-Rites of Black Putrefaction 1 euro
Funereal Moon-Perpetual Image of Doom 1 euro
Front Beast/Hati split tape 1 euro
Gevurahel-Enlace 1 euro
Goat Synagogue- Law of the Headless architect 1 euro
Goat Tyrant-Demo 2008 1 euro
Goat Tyrant-Necromantical Curse 1 euro
Goat Tyrant-Gate to the Necro 1 euro
Goat Tyrant-Thy Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals 1 euro
Gradus Pentalphae-Du Mysticus Odusaris Dii 2 euro
Graveyard Manifestation-Reh. Tape 2 euro
Grave Throne ‎– Unholy Destructor 1 euro
Grimlord-Through hatred of life 1 euro
Hagborn-Ultimate Secretion 2 euro
Hammergoat-Regeneration through depopulation 1 euro
Hell-The Arrival of the Eternal reign of Evil 1 euro
Hell Molestor ‎– Live Rehearsal Consecration 2 euro
Hell Molestor ‎– Promo 2009/Rehearsal 2009 2 euro
Hell Molestor-Hell Molestor (Deathcult Genocide) 2 euro
Hell Molestor/Nihil Domination ‎split tape 2 euro
Heptameron-Blessed be the name of the Dragon 1 euro
Heptameron ‎– Unholy Rehearsals Of Death 1 euro
Heretic-Black Metal Holocaust 1 euro
Heretic-Gods over Humans Slaves under Satan 1 euro
Heretic/Bestial Smmonist split 1 euro
Horrid-Unreleased promo 93 1 euro
Imperial- Aggressors ... not followers 1 euro
Imprekator ‎– Damned Inheritance 1 euro
Impure Possession- Impura Impeidad Bastarda 1 euro
Impure Worship- Goathorns 1 euro
Incapacitate-March to the death 1 euro
Infernal Curse-Necromass Incantations 2 euro
Infernal Curse ‎– Black Forces Of Evil 2 euro
Infernal Execrator ‎– Thy Demonization Conquers 2 euro
Infernal Execrator ‎– Antichrist Execration 2 euro
Infernal Goat-Promo 999 1 euro
Infest-Onward to Destroy 1 euro
INRI-Efigies de Maldad 2 euro
Inside- Hellish Hate Holocaust 1 euro
Inthyflesh/Navja split 1 euro
Istridaj-Blasphemous Ritual 1 euro
Iter Ignis- Demo 2006 1 euro
Kathaaria-Promo 2000 1 euro
Katachthon-Katachthon 1 euro
Kerberos- Rough tape 2001 1 euro
Kommando Sprenggranate- Low fi deathfuck 1 euro
Kratornas-Tribal Satan 1 euro
Kreditor-Evil Enthroned 1 euro
Kurhan ‎– Szlam 1 euro
Kurhan- Promo MMIX 1 euro
Lazers of Inquisition/Stabwound Empire split tape 2 euro
Leichengott-Psalmy Przeklenstva 1 euro
Lethiferous- Demo MMX 1 euro
Lord Blasphemy-Supremo del Abysmo 1 euro
Maldoror-Burn after first listening 1 euro
Maleficencia-Apostasia 1 euro
Maledicere-Black Prosperity And Hate 2 euro
Maniac Butcher- Krvestreb 1 euro
Maniac Butcher- Immortal Death.. 1 euro
Manic Decease-Live Necromancy 1 euro
Massacre-Dying in the Cemetery 2 euro
Mata Mata-S/T 1 euro
Mefitic-Devouring Torment 1 euro
Mephisto-Too Load for the Hell 1 euro
Miserycore-Prelude to Destruction 1 euro
Mongrels Cross- Demo tape 2 euro
Morbid Blood-Volume One 1 euro
Morbid Goat Fornicator-Infernal Orgy with the Virgin 2 euro
Morbid Goat Fornicator-Nuclear Vaticano 2 eur
Morbid Tendency-The old Adam 1 euro
Morbid Upheaval-Solar Impetus 2 euro
Mor- U spoznaji 1 euro
Morgue- A fajdalom sotet folyosojan 1 euro
Mortuous-Mors Immortalis 1 euro
Moulded Flesh-Death is redemption 1 euro
Mutant Supremacy-Corpses in Pieces 1 euro
Namtar/Dead Christ Cult split tape 1 euro
Necropsia-Reedited 2004 1 euro
Necrosis-Deathraid demo 2003 2 euro
Negatron-Thermal Shock 1 euro
Necroripper-Rehearsal from the Grave 1 euro
Necroslaughter- Sacrifice to satan 1 euro
Necrostruprum-Aeons of Witching Madness 1 euro
Nexwomb -Militant Heretic Aggression 1 euro
Niemotha-Niemotha 1 euro
Nocturnal Damnation-Desecration Crucifixion Perversion 1 euro
Nihil Domination-Sado Perverser Goat Insulter 2 euro
Nocturnal Vomit- Death will not be swift 1 euro
Nuclear Abomination-Nuclear'N'Roll 2 euro
Nuclear Abomination-Nuclear'n'Fucking Roll 2 euro
One Master-Forsaking a Dead World 1 euro
On Horns Impaled-Total World Domination 1 euro
Ominous Crucifix-Decadent-Religious Archetype 1 euro
Ork-Through the Night, I ride 1 euro
Osirion-Evil made history 1 euro
Pansvicide Satanic Protokol-Gospels and Rituals... 1 euro
Persecutor- Wings of Death 1 euro
Pervertum Obscurum- Mass murder mutilation 1 euro
Possessed- Seven Churches (bootleg) 1 euro
Primeval Mass-Atermon 1 euro
Primeval Mass-Enlightened Black Gnosis 1 euro
Propoved-Onaj koji niko jeste 1 euro
Pugnator-Caustic Mist 1 euro
Putrefactor-Putrefactor demo 2 euro
Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle-Forca Beligerante... 1 euro
Recrucify-Grimorium Verum 1 euro
Rex Satanachia- First legion of hell 1 euro
Resuscitation-There will be darknes 1 euro
Revenge-Demo 2006 1 euro
Revenge-From Hell 1 euro
Rigor Mortis-Deathlike 2 euro
Ritualization-The abduction mass 2 euro
Ritual Desecration-Death Metal Desecration 1 euro
Sabbatical Rites-The Destruction 1 euro
Supayniyux-Aniquilacion de Cristo 1 euro
Satanachia Agaliareth-Bafomet 1 euro
Shadows Under Arms ‎– Okkvlt Litanies 1 euro
Sigulda-Sigulda (Side of the Sun recordings) 1 euro
Slaughter Command-Bitch Instructing Lessons 1 eur
Slow Death-Deadly Visions 1 euro
Sluggard-Demo tape 1 euro
Spear of Longinus-And the Swastikalotus 3 euros
Speedwolf-Bark at the Poon 3 euro
Swamp- Live Holocaust 1 euro
T. Boettner – Guilt 1 euro
Tartarus- Satan blood 1 euro
Taut-Fatasy mapped in blood 2 euro
Terrorama-Horrid Efface 1 euro
Thornspawn-Altars of Perversed flesh 1 euro
Thornspawn-Consecration of Evil Flesh 1 euro
Thornspawn-Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel 2 euro
Throneum/Suicidal Winds-Necroblasphemies 2 euro
Throneum/The Rebellion split 2 euro
Throneum-Mutiny of Death 2 euro
Thou Shalt Fall-The Fall The Faith The Foundation 1 euro
Thorns of Hate-Abominable Triumph of Heresy 1 euro
The Wakedead Gathering- Ars Notoria 1 euro
The Satans Scourge-Sa Nagbu Amaru 1 euro
Tiger Junkies- D beat street rock and rollers 2 euro
Tiger Junkies-Sick of Tiger pro tape 2 euro
Todeskampf-Snow of Ashes of Humanity 1 euro
Tophet (US) - Self-titled demo 2002 2 euro
Total Extinction-Demo Attack, 1 euro
Troops of Death-Black September 1 euro
Tudor-Antikrist The Best of 2006 1 euro
Ulvdalir- The flame once lost 1 euro
Ultraism-Lucifer's Rising 1 euro
Uncreation-Return to Chaos 1 euro
Unlegacy/Belfegore split tape 1 euro
Unpure-Trinity in Black 2 euro
Vergreuvbre- Flezh Ritual 1 euro
Voids Of Vomit ‎– Rehearsal Vomit 2006 2 euro
Vultur-Promo 2008 2 euro
Vultur-Sardinian Occult Black Metal 2 euro
V/A Slava compilation tape 1 euro
Warhammer-No Beast so Fierce 2 euro
Warkult-Rehearsal 1, 1 euro
Warkult-Promo Tape 1 euro
Warkult-Rehearsal II 1 euro
Warkult-The scourge is rolling through, 1 euro
Witchcurse- Rehearsal 2005 1 euro
Witchcurse- Demons Warning 1 euro
Witchcurse- The witch is alive 1 euro

Rare tapes

Ancient Wisdom-the Calling 3 euro
Askalon-Armageddon 3 euro
Carrion of Torrent-Intuum Calamitatis... 3 euro
Conscious Rot-Congental Passivity tape 3 euro
Demon Realm ‎– Upon The Altar Of Darkness 3 euro
Divisions ‎– Fin 3 euro
Funeral-Black Flame of Unholy Hate 3 euro
Horrid Cross ‎– Demo II 5 euro
Imperium Tenebrae ‎– Imperium Tenebrae 3 euro
Majusiah-Goddes of Darkness (Nebula Prod.) 3 euro
Maldoror-The Sumptuous Wine of her bleeding majesty 3 euro
Malefice-The Cross Inverted 3 euro
Morstice-Reflections remains tape 3 euro
Mystifier-The world is so good that who made it... (Morbid Noizz) 4 euro
Nocturnal Evil-Seven Rituals of Hell 3 euro
Nocturnal Evil-Altar of Sodomy 3 euro
Nocturnal Evil-Unholy Chaos 3 euro

Ossuary-Fallen to the pits tape 4 euro
Rotting Christ-Triarchy of Lost Lovers (Metal Mind records) 3 euro
Sa Meute ‎– 50 Contre 1, 4 euro
Scatofago-Demo 99 3 euro
Septic Flesh-Revelation DNA (Metal Mind records) 3 euro
Thy Feeble Saviour ‎– And The Vomit Shall Spill Forth... 3 euro
Underworld Giubileo ‎– Underworld Giubileo 3 euro
Unholy Archangel-Archgoat Incantation tape 3 euro
Unholy Archangel-Unholy Archangel tape 3 euro
Unholy Crucifix ‎–The Flesh 3 euro
Unmirrored-Nocturnal Visit 4 euro

Dubs (copy of j-card included):

Apocalyptic Raids- Demo Reh March 99, 1 euro
Apollgon-In Darkness Embraced 1 euro
Cantus Bestiae-The Cult of Sterility 1 euro
Christs Nails- Demos 1992-1996, 1 euro
Ereskigal-Of a Star Unborn 1 euro
Fimbul-Vinterland 1 euro
Funeral Rites-Weird Tales 1 euro
Gnostic-Vastigium de Monasteriom 1 euro
Goatfire-A Chant in the Wood 1 euro
Imperial Hordes- Pyrphoros 1 euro
Martyrvore-Mayhemic Nuclear Slayer 1 euro
Masochist-Nocturnal Practices 1 euro
Measureless-Abandones to Die 1 euro
Mortum-The everlasting 1 euro
Pendulum-Hecate 1 euro
Tzaphkial-Anahata chakra kundalini 1 euro


Barb Wire zine/book #1 (Lantern, Morbius/Stargazer, Martial Barrage, Mefitic, Inkisitor, Grima Mortua) - 3 euro
Blutvergiessen #2 (Forefather, Nocternity,Tumulus) - 1 euro
Black Plague 666 #3 (Gevurahel, Mefitic, Sadomator, Pseudogod, Asphyx, Eroded, Graveyard, Drowned, Atomic Aggressor) - 3 euro
Burning Abyss # 6 (Death Breath, Mandatory, Underdark, Afgrund, Throneum, Vulcano, Nomad, Manticore, Inseminator, etc)- 2 euro
Call to the Infernal Hordes #5 (Nifelheim, Bestial Holocaust, Force of Darkness, Hellish Crossfire, Deiphago, Horna, Azaghal, Bahimiron, Exciter, Amnion, Unholy Force, Merciless Death, Grave Desecrator, etc )- 3 euro
Cryptic Propaganda # 1 (Archgoat, Demilich, Nocturnus,Cruciamentum, Necrowretch, Zemial, Grave Desecrator, Funebrarum, etc) 2 euro
Deadbangers # 1 - (Anal Vomit, Evil, Portrait, Nortt, Alien Force, Strychnos, Victimizer, Serpent Saints, Pugnator, Marion, Chornyj Woron) -1 euro
Deadbangers # 2 - (Artillery, Speedwolf, Altar of Oblivion, Undergang, Deus Otiosus, Gravsorg, Cerekloth, Vault, Pugnacity, etc) - 1 euro
Deadly Illness #4 (Anguish, Germ Attack, Sardonis, Grave Ritual,Psycopath Witch, Slaughter Strike) - 1 euro
Domain zine #4 (die hard version: Sabbat, Infernal Execrator, Abigail, Legion of Death Prod, Weapon, Ironfist, Hayagriva) - 2 euro
Necroscope# 22 (Karnarium, Blaspherian, Diocletian, Swallowed, Nocturnal Blood, Blizzard,Shakles, Wargoat, Diskord, Ignivomous)- 2 euro
Shrunken and Mummified# 9 (Marblebog, Frostmoon Eclipse, Diskord, Eternal Bleeding, Stygian Shadows Prod, etc)- 1 euro
Slava #1 - (Tragedy Begins, Bloody Gore, Kratornas, Nyarlathotep, Nomen Mortis, Aravism, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, Forgotten Silence, etc) - 1 euro
Womb zine #2 (Cosmic Church, Saturnian Mist, Ride For Revenge, Serpent Ascending, Sepulchral Aura, Janus, Emit, Wodulf)- 3 euro
Words of Nonexistence #1 (Vasaeleth, Pek, Pure Evil, Kaosritual, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Disjecta Membrae, Pestilentia, Innsmouth, etc)- 1 euro

T shirts (all new):

Mantak t shirt, medium size, print on both sides, 3 euro
Hammergoat- Regeneration through depopulation t shirt, XL, 3 euro
Dethroned Christ- Roots of Ancient evil t shirt, XL, 3 euro
Phantom Feel -Amblem t shirt, M size, 3 euro


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Communion- Demo I
Ejecutor- 4 vientos de ejecution
Innsmouth-The departure of Shub Nigurath

and more tapes added...
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 2:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Force of Darkness/Bestial Mockery split EP
Deadhead # 4
Compilation of Death zine #1

some Tomhet tapes reserved..
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Antediluvian-Prehistorik Khaos
Antediluvian-Under Wing of Asael
Antediluvian-Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism
Antediluvian-Serpent's Malignancy
Cirrhus-Rehearsal 2008
Cirrhus-Reh. May 2nd 2009
Degial-Awakening from Darkness
Furdidurke- November rehearsal
Furdidurke-Furdidurke compilation
Miasmal-Miasmal demo
Tomhet- Eklipsen Hord och Karavan
Tomhet- Scald (dub)
Tomhet- Tomhet (dub)
Tomhet- Brandbannr (dub)
Vassafor- Demo I
Vassafor-Demo II
W.A.I.L. Demo 2007


Blood Axis-The gospel of Inhumanity
Descending Darkness-Seelenruhe
Embrace of Thorns-For I see death in their eyes
Impiety-Asateerul Awallen
Devilry-Unleashed to Haunt
Elimi- Summoned from Ashes
Perpetual Demise-Arctic
Carrion of Torrent-Intuum Calamitatis...
Prosanctus Inferi-Sacrilegious desecration...
Danger Drive-Darkness comes...
Armagedon-Invisible Circle
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Many tapes added, some gone...
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Blood Axis-The gospel of Inhumanity
Sovereign- Demoniac pride gone...
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nocturnal Blood, Archgoat and lot of stuff gone...
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Check your inbox please.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some stuff added!

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