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Producers - do they matter?
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

asmael LeBouc wrote:
I imagine a producer working with Abruptum back in the days...

"hmmm can you play the riff again cos I'm not sure I..."

Well, there's a great Swanö-story from the very early stuff. I posted it ages ago, it's available on internet, too lazy to dig it up right now.
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asmael LeBouc

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah rings a bell indeed, I don't remember the specifics though but it was posted here

Was he not, nonetheless, more a sound engineer than a producer per se?
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

(LotFP Weekly Issue #15/16 February 5, 2002)

I’ve never heard any of the ABRUPTUM stuff because
from all descriptions, I just had no interest in it. Is it
true that they were cutting and burning themselves in
the studio and recording it?

That’s really true. I recorded everything with
ABRUPTUM. I am the one that made them sound evil.
They were really bad. They played like assholes. They
sounded horrible. I took the reverb unit and cranked it to
eleven and made it sound like it was recorded in a fucking
church. The biggest reverb ever made on an album. That
made it sound, even to me, really fucking evil. Imagine
standing in a school or something that is totally silent,
then all of a sudden you hear something really
disharmonic and weird echoing throughout the halls. I get
goosebumps talking about it. It’s weird. This sound
coming from somewhere, very distant, very evil, very
eerie, strange. It’s not here. Where the hell does it come
from? That’s the sound of the ABRUPTUM demos, that’s
what made people freak out. This is the most evil
recording. There’s something in the ambience of that.
They played like crap. There were no songs. They just
tuned down the guitars and I played drums for a few
songs. All of a sudden, they were not playing, they were
out cutting themselves in the arm and smearing blood all
over them and just whipping the guitar with something
they found on the floor. It was this big jam session, with
the lights out of course. Just this one candle so I could see
the recording unit. It’s true, they cut themselves real bad.
I remember one really fun thing about the ABRUPTUM
sessions. Tony was a pretty small guy. He wanted to
crawl under a sofa, put a microphone in there, we would
put the sofa over him and sit in it, so when he had this
panic attack, it should be recorded on tape. <laughs> It
was so really really funny. And he never got the panic
attack! It was hilarious! But they were really cutting
themselves with the knives I had around the studio. The
knives were from like 1970, they’d never been sharpened,
and I used them to cut metal stuff and whatever. Your
average scissors were a lot sharper. They were trying
really hard to cut themselves. It didn’t work, so they’re
biting each other, “Get some blood here man!” So they
start burning themselves. “Ow! That hurt!” It was not
what you imagine. It was fun. There was a lot of blood. It
was hilarious. For the album recording, there were tons of
people coming down to the studio. I can’t remember, like
ten people just hanging out playing. Weird times. The
classic was the recording of the second album. When
Morgan and It made the second album, I just
soundchecked one guitar and one drum kit. “That’s good.
I’m going home now, and I’ll be back in 45 minutes.” So
I got in my car and went back, I had to wait a few
minutes, out of tape, turn on the lights, bye then! The
fastest album recording in history. In real time! I recorded
them to DAT. No mixdown, no nothing. I just recorded to
the master tape live. That’s the second album. Really
funny. Didn’t cost them many Swedish crowns, I can tell
you! It must have sold 10,000 copies! Remember the movie
Prince of Darkness? There’s something about that
movie, even just looking at the cover, that gives me chills.
That inspired Crimson, by the way, the tank spinning with
the green water. That’s where I got the imagery for
Crimson. It inspired the hell out of me. Tony was into
similar stuff. He wanted to sense the evil. The soundtrack
to Omen is one of the most evil recordings ever made and
it’s just strings, you know? This feeling you get in your
body when you hear it, and I admit that I don’t care for
the albums of ABRUPTUM, they’re just a lot of reverb.
But the first demo, there was something happening in the
rehearsal room, in the studio, whatever you want to call it.
It was a really evil feeling in the air. I was pretty close to
Tony around the time and I remember going to the gas
station to buy the tapes to copy the demos, I helped him to
copy the tape cover. Of course it was all black. I
distributed it to some friends, I sold some. You and I
could easily do something that sounded similar. Just a
bunch of banging with effects. There was something, it
was an accident in a way, that sound that came up. It was
unique. No one had ever heard anything like it. More
related to industrial music than black metal. It took
everybody by surprise because there was a weird
ambience in the music. That’s what got them signed. I
don’t know if it’s still around.

For OPHTHALAMIA’s Via Dolorosa, is
OPHTHALAMIA studios Unisound?


How’d you get the name ‘The Skull’ for that one?
They credited you Dan ‘The Skull’ Swanö.

OK. The skull was my stage name for a band I had
together with Tony. He was It, and I was The Skull.

That album, the reputation he’s got from everything
else he’s go, he’s got Lenny Kravitz licks all over that
album! Bizarre.

I listened to the first OPHTHALAMIA demo the other
day, I was going through a bunch of DATs the other day,
the old Digital Audio Tape format. Really small cassette.
That’s when I found the first mix of the Light’s Bane and
I found all this other stuff. Then I found the
OPHTHALAMIA demo with the stuff from that album
called Journey in Darkness. It’s excellent! The demo is
ten times better than the album. The guy from
DISSECTION is singing on it, but Tony himself is
singing on the demo. But Tony never had the guts to sing
on the albums. I don’t know why. He’s got an excellent
growling voice, really deep. That’s OPHTHALAMIA.
When this guy from DISSECTION is singing, it sounds
too much like anything else. On the demo, It was singing,
and they mixed the growls with whispers. It was pretty
unique at the time and then everyone started whispering.

That’s an interesting trend for extreme metal. About
that DISSECTION guy, with the time you spent
around him, was there any sign that he was the kind of
nutcase that was going to go out and try to kill people?

Nope. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know him in person at
all. I knew he was just a little kid, really, I think. He was
very influenced by stronger personalities. When he
hooked up with this Vlad guy, who was not a musician at
all really, just an evil dude, he just bonded with him in a
way. I remember being in Gothenburg a few years ago,
just before they did this horrible thing. I was at a pub
hanging out, and I saw him there. I went up and said
“How are you?” There was a sparkle in his eye, and he
looked like he was happy to see me, it was nice. Then all
of a sudden this Vlad guy came up to him, and just one
look, the spark was gone, and Vlad just left. No bye bye,
he just left. What was that? “Oh, that’s the Vlad guy.” It’s
hard to explain. I’d never experienced that before, I was
totally lost the entire evening. Did I say something? What
happened? They say he was totally obsessed with this
Vlad guy. He was obviously something he’d wanted to
be, that kind of evil character. Not a musician, just evil.
He was a bit weirder when he was drinking. We were at
this party, and he just started banging on doors and people
would open the doors and he would just start screaming in
their face. Really weird behavior. I don’t know if he was
trying to be funny. I thought it was irresponsible, a
childish act to do something like that. This is not fun, it’s
just upsetting his neighbors. His idea of having a good
time was not my idea of a good time. He just got carried
away with this other guys. I guess it was one of those
“Show me what you got. He’s a fucking faggot, kill him!”
Just under the influence, he just did it. He could be
influenced by group pressure. And he did it, and
destroyed one of the best careers ever in this genre.
Everything would have been so much different if
DISSECTION would have continued putting out albums.

They’re already started marketing his return, because
apparently he’s going to be out of jail in the not far
future. Rumor going around is that he has two albums
written and ready to go.

He’s got plenty of time.

Talking about some of these characters we’re talking
about, I can see why people can grow out of metal if
that’s the kind of metal they’re into.

But finishing off the Tony subject, I know his sister’s
husband. He’s the guitar player in BRAINDEAD. We’re
also connected in the selling stuff industry. I speak to him
sometimes on the phone, and I tell him to just say hi to
Tony. I haven’t spoken to him in years and years. When
they killed this guy in Gothenburg, he just snapped from
the whole industry. He moved away. He doesn’t have
anything to do with it anymore. He doesn’t play, doesn’t
do anything. He’s just a normal guy. He just came to his
senses, I guess. “This is too much, I quit. Bye bye.” Broke
all the bonds with the scene. He’s just somewhere in
Stockholm being a normal guy. It’s such a weird thing to
go from one extreme to a different extreme. He’s totally
out of the whole thing. That’s just me filling in, it’s better
off to just leave the shit. Two dead and one in jail from
the most influential black metal band… and I never saw
BURZUM as being influential. He was quite a character.
But Euronymous was very important for the current
sound of black metal. He was a lot older than the other
guys. He was very mature, he introduced new concepts in
this genre that would never have existed if not for him.
He never got the credit for it. But I hear what he did, it
was all over all the albums from the Swedish bands.
Before they managed to get this Mysteriis album out.
Once they chose these weird vocals for it, it destroyed the
reputation. Imagine classic death metal growling and
black metal vocals on this De Mysteriis album. It would
have been a killer, even to me. But I can’t stand those
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Haunt In The Dark

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haunt In The Dark wrote:

"...that magnificent deer has vanished."
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, cool I'm glad people were interested in this topic!

I mean, I just thought that it was kind of ironic, that for Diabolic and Krisiun, their best records, and biggest successes musically were when they made a step up in the producer world.

But then its also interesting to think about the producer being able to see into the band themselves, and bring out what they are doing best.

I mean, look at Scott Burns. He produced the first 4 Deicide albums, the first few Suffocation albums, Obituary, Pestilence, Cynic, the first Malevolent Creation albums.... but none of those bands sound anything alike!!!

And I totally agree with people who said that band members can be so myopic... thats completely 100% true. I've noticed this with myself and my band Angeldeath; a lot of my favorite musical moments in Angeldeath songs are stuff that was suggested by people other than me, and in situations when I was pretty set on what I had originally written.

Its impossible to view your own creation from an outside perspective, because you are the one creating it, not receiving it. You know what you are trying to do, and what you want to create, but you are also really attached to your precious creation and its hard to let someone tear that apart and suggest something different.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tony was a pretty small guy. He wanted to
crawl under a sofa, put a microphone in there, we would
put the sofa over him and sit in it, so when he had this
panic attack, it should be recorded on tape.

Laughing Laughing Laughing

Abruptum sucks but this is hilarious.

DanO may be an egotistical douche, but at least he knows the production formula for turning shit bands kvlt... reverb cranked to 11.
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Keep the hate train rollin'
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