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Cheap CD's for SALE (1-5 Euro...)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:33 am    Post subject: Cheap CD's for SALE (1-5 Euro...) Reply with quote

Minimum order 10 Euro. Orders over 20 Euro = free postage!!!
---cash in reg.letters only at the moment---
Feel free to ask for conditions (99% are new and listened once), picures.... etc.
Contact me through PM or mail: heathenpride@seznam.cz

CD's for 1 EURO :
ACHAEMENID-As Night Sets On Aryana (profi CDR, fullcoloured booklet)
DEEP IN THE SPIRIT OF U.G.B.M.-5 Way Split w.Grimlair, Hordagaard, Funeral Forest, Ymber Autumnus, Rabennacht (ltd.to 500, profi CDR)
RAVENCULT (Gre)-Despise The Blindfold (profi CDR)
STRIGOR-Pút krála Strachana (profi CDR limited to 100, dark/war/fantasy ambient)
URSKUMUG-Passover (profi CDR, fullcoloured booklet)
WOLFHORD (Bra) - Realm Of Pagan Storms (ltd.to 500, profi CDR)

CD's for 2 EURO :
ADVENT (Ita)-The Dawn
AZEROTH (Rus)-Doctrine Of Dark Forest
BELEF (Fra)-Deathwind Legion
INGROWING (Cze)-Cyberspace
PRIMAL DAWN (Ire)-Primal Dawn
TO MAGIC volume 2-Prophecy productions compilation

CD's for 3 EURO :
ALGAION (Swe)-General Enmity
ANGMAR (Fin)-The Razorblade Redemption
APHOOM ZHAAH / SMIERCIESLAU (Belarus)-Eternal Pain / Biessmjarotny... (split)
APOLION (Ita)-Hungry Of Souls
APRAXIA (Belarus)-Hymns Of Dark Forests
ARKENSTONE (Por)-Arkenstone
AVENGER (Cze)-Godless
BELLUM / RHUNE (Usa)-Vinland Rising
BLACK JADE (Swi)-Of Forest And Fire...
CAPITOLLIUM (Rus)-Symphony Of Possession
DEMONIC CHORALS (Svk)-Power Of Immortal Hatred
GROM / WULFGRAVF (Usa)-Fullmoon Warfare (split)
HEIDEN (Cze)-Potomkum Pozemského Soumraku
LUCIFUGUM (Esp)-Invade
MATUTINA NOCTEM (Fra)-Anima Meam (neofolk/medieval ambient)
NITBERG (Rus)-Nitsanger (limited to 500)
NOCTIS INVOCAT (Guat)-Depressiva Vox Clamentis (limited to 200)
OPFER RASSENHASS (Can)-Fierté Ancestrale
PAGAN SPIRIT (Svk)-The Latent Doctrine
PANIKOS (Arg)-Eclipse I
PENITENT (Swe)-As Life Fades Away (neofolk/medieval/classic)
PRIPEGAL (Pol)-Slavia Antiqua (limited to 300)
RUINA/TUNDRA/OPERATION WINTER MIST-Allegiance Of The Profane Pack (split)
SVARDENVYRD / H.DESIRE (Cze)-Nový Úsvit (split CD, limited to 100)
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL-The Excommunication Of Christ
VIKE TARE (Ger)-The Tide Of Revelation
VOLKOLAK / HORSS-Belye Amurskie Volki (split, profi CDR, ltd.to 500)

CD's for 4 EURO :
ASHEN LIGHT (Rus)-Stary Byliny / Slavenskie Vechera
ASHEN LIGHT (Rus)-Pesni Mertvych - Zov T'my
ASHEN LIGHT (Rus)-V Sostradanii k Otverzhennym...
ASHEN LIGHT (Rus)-Prichaschenie Ognem
BLOOD OF CHRIST (Can)-…A Dream To Remember [re-release+bonus]
FUNERAL FOG (Can)-Under The Black Veil [re-release]
MIASTHENIA / SONGE D'ENFER (Bra)-Visions Of Noctural Tragedies (split)
VERGELMER (Swe)-Light The Black Flame [Algaion+Hypocrisy members]
VESPERIAN SORROW (Usa)-Beyond The Cursed Eclipse
THIRST (Pol)-Per Aspera Ad Astra
UNHOLA (Fin)-Inferno

CD's for 5 EURO :
ABIGAIL (I-LOVE-PENIS)-Ultimate Unholy Death *ON HOLD*
ABORYM (Ita)-Kali Yuga Bizarre
ABORYM (Ita)-Fire Walk With Us [digiCD]
ANTI-GEDOLF COMPILATION-Supernal Music V/A Compilation - 6 EURO *ON HOLD*
APKONA (Rus)-Vozrozhdenie
APKONA (Rus)-Lepta
APKONA (Rus)-Vo Slavu Velikim
APKONA (Rus)-Zhizn Vo Slavu... (live)
ARKONA / BESATT / THIRST (Pol)-Split CD [+cardbox outer sleeve]
BATHOMET (Gre)-Bathomet (EP) [old Unisound release, hard to find now!]
BRUME D'AUTOMNE (Can)-Fiers Et Victorieux
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (Rus)-Sny Severnogo Moria
DEAD CAN DANCE (V/A, tribute to)-The Lotus Eaters [digi, 2xCD]
DEATH IS JUST THE BEGINNING #5- V/A Compilation [digi, 2xCD]
DEFACER (Bra)-Nocturnal Mysteries
DESEKRATOR (Nor)-Metal For Demons
DRAUGURZ (Bra)-A Yell From The Past (limited to 750)
DUSK (Hun)-Carpathian Darkness
FAERGHAIL (Swe)-Blood Will Follow Blood
FRONT BEAST (Ger)-A Collection Of Damned Souls (limited to 666)
HERETIC (Hol)-Devilworshipper (limited to 666)
LUTEN' (Rus)-Rebel Spirit In Pagan Music (limited to 500)
NOCTI VAGUS (Ger)-Venture In Sombre Passion
SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM (Fra)-Ira Melanox (black CD, Inspire Hate Rec.-8 tracks, DVD box, limited, 1st edition!)
SCHOLOMANCE (Usa)-The Immortality Murder (2xCD)
SUICIDAL WINDS (Swe)-Winds Of Death
SVARGA (Rus)-Simbol Voli
THE UNHOLY BIBLE-V/A OLD Cacophonous Sampler, 1997
VELVET CACOON (Usa)-Northsuite
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita)-Toward The Dusk (1st press, limited to 500)
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita)-Criteria ov 666 [digiCD]
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita)-Hunam Antithesis [digiCD]
VOLKOLAK (Rus)-Hail To The God Of The Sun (limited to 500)
VOLKOLAK (Rus)-Dark Shine Of Scales (limited to 500)
VOLKOLAK (Rus)-The Feat Of The Grey King
VOLKURAH (Can)-The Pagan Ritual (limited to 500)
WYRD (Fin) - Wrath & Revege (re-release, Millenium Music/Omvina)

Other CD's:
ARGHOSLENT-Incorrigible Bigotry (1st press) --- 6 Euro *ON HOLD*
BEHEXEN-Rituale Satanum (Dynamic Arts) --- 6 Euro
INQUISITION-Anxious Death/Forever Under --- 6 Euro
NARGAROTH-Kriegsnebel (live bootleg, orig.CD) --- 8 Euro / or TRADE

Have also few 7''EP's for sale (unlistened, in perfect condition) :
VIKING BLOOD (Ger)-Blutes Klagen [copies: 259, 260/500] --- 2 EURO
SADIZTIK IMPALER (Sgp)-Bestial Christ Fornication [copy: 500/500] --- 3 EURO *ON HOLD*
STUTTHOF (Gre)-An Ode To Thee... [sold out release!, my copy: 488/500] --- 5 EURO or TRADE *ON HOLD*
UNTERWALD/VIKING BLOOD/MYRKVID/FUNERAL FOREST (V/A) - Europe-Alliance [4way split EP, copy: 285/500] --- 2 EURO
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Joined: 19 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 4:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some CDs gone.....
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