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Vinyl, CDs, Tapes, DVD's for Sale

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Feudal Throne

Joined: 22 Aug 2010
Posts: 40
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:06 am    Post subject: Vinyl, CDs, Tapes, DVD's for Sale Reply with quote


Agent Steel/ Redstorm- The Unexpected (Live)/ Take me back M/M 15€
Almighty Satanas/ Sargatanas- Black Liturgies/ I observe.. M/M 5€
Anthrax- I am the law Red Vinyl M-/EX+ 7€
Bestial Holocaust/Nuklear Descration- Marching towards the nuclear... M/M red/black vinyl 8€
Bestial Mockery/Karnarium- Hail Occult Masters M-/M 8€
Bestial Raids- Order of Doom M/M 6€
Bestial Raids/ Hellish- Heretical Rites M/M 6€
Black Angel- Art and fire M/M 5€
Blasphemophagher- Tyrants of Nuclear Death M-/M OFFER
Crowning Glory/ Gates of Slumber- Dead man's paradise/ Riddle master M/M 8€
Crucified Mortals- Kill upon command M/M 6€
Crucifition Wounds- Desecrating the realm of god Lim. 150 M-/M- 10€
Defuntos- Os suplicios de uma triste Lembranca White Vinyl 6€
Equinoxio/ Capitis Damnare-Wolves...then men..!/ Songs of... M/M Red Vinyl 5€
Executioner(PRE-OBITUARY!!!)- Metal up your ass Pic.-7" 15€
Exordium Mors- Verus Hostis- A hymn to fire M/M 5€
Fingernails/ Villains- Getting crazy 6€
Forca Macabra- Ao vivo no japao- 2001 Blue Vinyl 6€
Forca Macabra- Forca Macabra 15€
Front Beast/ Har Shatan- Split M/M 5€
Front Beast/ Inferno- Split M-/M 8€
Front Beast/ Ruins- Split M/M 5€
Front Beast/ Thy ashes- Split 7” M/M 6€
Funeral in Heaven- Daiwaye haaskam... M-/M 6€
Godslaying Hellblast- From the deepest devilish pits M-/M 6€
Graveyard/ Terrorist- Split 5€
Heart- Never EX/EX- 2€
Kusoof- Hilal Hubal M-/M BM from Bahrain 5€
Marrow- Of slaughter and slime M/M Brown Vinyl 5€
Impiety-Goatfather Box M-/M OFFER
Iron Hearse/ Leather Nun- Rocketbuilder/ Anointed M/M 5€
King Diamond- The Shrine Brown Flexi Disc M-/M 15€
Lethal Aggression/ Mental Funeral/ Bsom/ Vulcan- Split Clear Vinyl M/M 5€
Lord(France)- Black Moon Preacher M-/M 5€
Necroplasma- Ubscurial Death EX+/EX+ 13€
Nocturnal Vomit- Arts of tenebrous superstition M/M 5€
Phantom- Phantom M/M 5€
Piranha- Big fuckin teeth Paul Baloff/Exodus on vocals M/M 15€
Possessed- Ashes from hell Blue Vinyl M/M 20€
Possessed- Fallen angels M-/M- 25€
Puls- Sthrana Tvar M-/EX+ 6€
Rigor Sardonicous/ Persistence in Mourning- I/ Neo-pessimism 7” 6€
Sabbat- Sabbatical Magicrypt- French Harmageddon EX+/M- OFFER
Saxon- I can't wait anymore Pouch Pack M-/M 12€
Scarab- Rock Night M-/M- Red Vinyl 12€
Skitzo/ Foul Stench- Split Pea Soup! M/M Green Vinyl 6€
Spider- Breakaway M-/M- 5€
Tormentor(Hungary)- The tyrant of transylvania 7" EX+/M 16€
Trotyl- Lunatic EX+/M- BULGARIAN METAL 10€
Unholy Grave/ Fetus Eaters- Mortal Hatred/ Encore 7€
V.A.R.- Fifteen years fast like Bikila M-/M- 10€
V/A- Chicago Metal Attack 6€
V/A- The evil conquest world M/M Red Vinyl 4-way Latin-BM Split 6€
Voodooshock- The golden beauty M/M 5€
W.D.M.- Freedom of Music M-/M- 10€
Warfist- Hell Tyrant rising 5€
Warning SF- Not a chance in hell M-/M 6€
Witchcraft(Hungary)- Witchcraft M/M 5€
Zemial- I am the dark M/M 6€


Acheron- Xomaly LP M-/M- 18€
ADX- Division Blindee LP M-/M. 18€
Annihilator- All for you LP M/M 28€
Annthennath- Paeans of apostasy MLP 13€
Antacid- Atomic thrashing Acid LP Red Vinyl M/M 17€
Anthrax- An Execution 11.09.86 LP EX+/EX+ 20€
Anthrax- Got the time 12” Postercover EX+/EX+ 12€
Anthrax- I'm the man US-12” M-/M- 8€
Anthrax- Madhouse 2-LP M-/M-/M- 25€
Anthrax- Make me laugh US-12” M-/M- 10€
Anthrax- Nicefukinliveshow LP EX+/M- 22€
Anvil- Still going Strong LP M-/M 15€
Archgoat- Angelcunt- Tales of Desecration Pic.-LP M-/- Insert slightly used 50€
Archgoat- The whore of Bethlehem LP M/M 60€
Ares Kingdom- Return to dust LP M/M 12€
Aria- Geroi asfalta LP M-/EX 20€
Aria- Krow sa krow LP M-/M- 25€
Aria- Playing with fire LP M-/M- 25€
Arson- Speak no evil LP Orange Vinyl Lim. 50!!!!!!!!!!!! M/M 25€
Assault (Asalta)- Nuclear Deathrash LP Red/Black Splatter Vinyl M/M 14€
Attentat Rock- Strike LP EX-/EX+ 12€
Attika- s/t LP M-/M- 13€
August Redmoon- Fools are never alone MLP M-/M- still in shrink 35€
Battering Ram- Back through the main gate LP Red Vinyl M/M 15€
Bitch- Be my slave LP Metal Blade US M-/EX+ 18€
Black Angel- Rites 12” M/M- Goat Semen member BM 15€
Blacklace- Get it while it's hot LP EX+/EX 8€
Blasphemophagher- Atomic Infested Carnage 10” M-/M 12€
Blasphemophagher- For chaos, obscurity and desolation LP M/M 13€
Blitzkrieg- Sins and greed 2-LP M/M/M 18€
Bloodcum- Death by a clothes hanger LP M-/M- 25€
Bloodcum- Hardcore Demo Series MLP M-/M- (wic) 25€
Bloodgood- Detonation US-LP M-/EX+ 12€
Brat- Sword and stone LP M-/M- 15€
Cancer- Bloodbath in the acid LPGreen Vinyl M-/M- 35€
Capilla Ardiente- Solve et coagula LP DOOM M/M 12€
Cancer- Bloodbath in the Acid LP Green Vinyl M-/M- 30€
Chozzen Phate- Chozzen Phate LP Steel Legacy Rec 14€
Conspirator- Cannibal of war (Ex-Witchburner) w/Bonustracks 13€
Criminal Justice- Burning the infidel LP M/M 13€
Cross- Metal from above LP M/M 14€
Crucified Mortals/ FaithXTractor- Impious Trilogy/ Project Trauma M-/M 15€
Damaar- Through spears of sacrilege LP M/M Lebanese War Metal 12€
Dark Angel/ Shellshock- Split LP Blue Vinyl LP M/M 35€
Darkthrone- Soulside Journey Pic.-LP M/- 18€
Darkthrone- The cult is alive LP Grey Vinyl M/M still in shrink 60€
Darxon- No thrills LP EX+/EX+ 20€
Death- The Final Gigs- Fuck Chuck! Green Vinyl EX+/VG+ 18€
Disaster- Criaturas del mal LP 13€
Disforterror- Impalement Holocaust Stench 10" M-/M 8€
Dorsal Atlantica/ Metalmorphose- Ultimatum LP M-/EX+ 18€
Dragon- Fallen Angel(Polish Version) EX+/EX+ 15€
Dreams of Damnation-Epic tales of vengeance LP Red Vinyl 13€
Druid- Vampire Cult LP Black Dragon Rec. EX+/EX+
Emerald Steel- Emerald Steel LP Green Vinyl M-/EX+ 40€
Evil- Evil's Message Pic.-LP M/- 28€
Exciter- Blood of Tyrants M/- OFFER
Exciter- Exciter LP EX+/M (still in shrink) CANADA Press. 13€
Exciter- Long Live the Loud EX+/EX+ 10€
Exciter- The dark command LP M-/M- OFFER
Fatal Embrace- Dark pounding Steel Pic.-LP M/M- 18€
Fatum- Mania Szybkosci LP M-/EX+ 14€
Final Axe- Beyond Hell's Gate LP M/M
Fingernails- Destroy western world LP M/M Colour Vinyl 15€
Fingernails- Heavy Metal Forces LP M/M 15€
Fingernails- Hell'n'back LP Colour M/M Vinyl 15€
Flight Charm- Waiting White Lady M-/M (still in shrink) 50€
Flotsam and Jetsam- Doomsday for the Deceiver US-LP EX+/M- 23€
Flotsam and Jetsam- Saturday night's allright for fighting 12” EX+/M- 15€
Forca Macabra- Aqui ι o infierno LP M/M- 13€
Forca Macabra- Caveira da forca LP M/M- 18€
Goat Semen- En vivo en Lima Hell LP Colour Vinyl M-/M 20€
Goddess of Desire- Symbol of Triumph LP M-/M- 23€
Graven Image- Emperors of Eternity 2-LP Gold/black vinyl M/M/M 18€
Haatstrijd- Cacodaemony LP M-/M- 12€
Hades- Exist to resist Pic.-LP M-/- 12€
Hammer/ Destroyer- Metalmania '87 LP EX+/EX+ 18€
Hanker- Web of faith 2-LP Blue Vinyl M/M/M-12€
Headhunter DC- God's spreading cancer LP+7" M-/M-/M- 18€
Headhunter DC/ Sanctifier- In Deathmetallic Brotherhood M-/M- 12€
Hellias- Revenge of Hellias LP M/M 13€
Hologram- Steal the Stars LP PHOENIX REC. (EX-HOLOCAUST MEMBERS)M-/M- 12€
Ikki Crane- Dead Again LP Blue Vinyl M/M 18€
Impulse Manslaughter- He who laughs last...laughs alone LP EX/EX+ 13€
Inferno- V navratu pohanstvi LP M-/EX+ 13€
Invicta- We live for Heavy Metal LP M/M 13€
Jack the Ripper- Back on the Attack LP Red Vinyl M/M 20€
Jotenheim- Jotenheim MLP Re-Splatter Vinyl M/M 16€
Karthago- Ezredfordulo M-/EX+
Kat- Bastard LP M-/M- 60€
King Diamond- Saga LP Blue Vinyl M/M 23€
King Diamond- Voodoo 2-LP Green Vinyl M/M/M 28€
Korba- Sto papierow LP M-/EX+ 13€
Kymera- Animality MLP EX+/M- (wic) 13€
Landslide- Bad Reputation MLP GI RECORDS EX+/EX+ 15€
Leatherwolf- 2nd LP M-/M- 8€
Lord(France)- Hell's fucking metal LP M/M- 14€
Lord Vader- Goliath LP Red Vinyl Lim. 100 M-/M- 18€
Lordes Werre- Canticles of Armageddon 10" M-/M 8€
Lordian Guard- Lordian Guard LP TESTPRESSING OFFER
Lordian Guard- Sinners in the hands of an angry god Pic.-LP M-/- 30€
Mama- Heavy Rock&Roll LP PL-NWOBHM Style EX+/EX+ 14€
Megadeth- Anarchy in the UK 12” Etched Vinyl EX+ 30€
Megadeth- Peace sells... US-LP M/M 20€
Megadeth- So far, so good, so what? US-LP 18€
Metalucifer- Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Japanese Version) 2-LP M/M/M 20€
Missio- 1 MLP M-/EX+ 45€
Morbid Insulter- Thundering Evil MLP M/M 18€
Morbosidad- Morboso Metal Pic.-LP M/M 18€
More- Warhead LP Rare UK-Pressing!!! M-/VG+ 12€
Mystifier- Baphometic Goat Cult DIE HARD BOX MINT/M- 140€
Octinomos- Fuckhole Armageddon LP M/M 10€
Overkill- The years of decay LP EX+/M- 10€
Overkill- Under the Influence EX+/M- 10€
Open Fire/ Stos- Metalmania '87 LP M-/EX+ 15€
Phantasm- Wreckage (Katon/Hirax + Ron/Metallica...) M/M Clear Vinyl 18€
Possessed- Demo Pic.-LP M/- 25€
Q5- When the mirror cracks US-LP M-/M- 15€
Quiet Riot- Condition Critical LP M-/M- 8€
Rage- Extended Power MLP M-/M- 20€
Rage- Unity LP M-M still in shrink 15€
Rapid Tears- Cry for Mercy 12" M-/Ex- 30€
Rata Blanca- Magos, espadas y rosas LP M-/M- 40€
Ratt- Ratt US-LP M-/VG+ (1 corner little bent. Else EX+) 9€
Raven- The pack is back US-LP M-/M- (co) 6€
Ravensthorn- The haunted house of the possessed 2-LP Red Vinyl M/M/M 12€
Raw Energy- White Stallion MLP M-/M(still in shrink) 75€
Realmbuilder- Summon the stone throwers LP M/M- Green Vinyl 12€
Revenge- Infiltration.Downfall.Death LP M/M 20€
Rex Inferi- Like a hurricane LP M-/M 14€
Rising Dust- 1 LP M/M 13€
Rival- s/t Pic.-LP 20€
Running Wild- Blazon Stone LP M-/M- 15€
Running Wild- Under Jolly Roger LP EX-/EX+ 10€
Running Wild- Wild Animal M-/M- 25€
S.O.D.- Stormtroopers of death 1 LP M-/M- 60€
S.O.D.- Whatever happened to New Jersey LP M-/M- 60€
S.A. Slayer- Prepare to die Pic.-LP M-/- 35€
Sabotage- Rumore nel vento M/M 15€
Sadomator- Sadomatic Goatcult LP M/M 60€
Saxon- Crusader LP M/M 8€
Saxon- Crusader LP UK Pressing M-/EX (trobc) 8€
Saxon- Denim and Leather LP M-/EX+ 8€
Scarlet Angel- s/t M/M 12€
Slaughter- Not dead yet LP Green Vinyl Original Headache Rec. EX+/M- 15€
Slayer- Hell Awaits + Live Bonus Tracks Pic.-LP M/- 35€
Spider- Rock'n'Roll Gypsies LP EX+/EX+ 12€
Striker- Road Warrior EP MLP M/M 13€
Tarantula- III LP Lim.100 M-/M- 25€
Thorax- Test of Time 2-LP M/M/M18€
Trance- Break out LP M-/EX+ 12€
Undercroft- Danza Macabra LP w/ Watain member M/M 17€
V/A- Born to Metalize US-LP (Hades, Beast...) M-/M (still in shrink) 25€
V/A- Brazilian Evil Legions Attack LP M-/M- 13€
V/A- Desert storm of evil LP African&Middle East BM M/M 14€
V/A- Jarocin '88 3-LP M-/M-/M-/VG+ (seemsplit on spine, else EX+) w/Turbo, Wolf Spider...15€
V/A- Metal Argentino 2-LP M-/M-/EX 100€
V/A- Metal Shock LP (Kat, Turbo, Stos....) M-/EX+ 13€
V/A- Nuclear War Now! LP M/M 14€
V/A- Rockmapa 2 LP M-/EX+ w/Kabat,Retez, DVX etc. 12€
V/A- Ultimate Revenge 2 US-LP M-/EX- LIVE Raven, Death, Forbidden Evil, Dark Angel... 13€
Vanexa- Back from the ruins LP M-/M- 20€
Varathron- Varathron-1989/1991 LP M-/M- 22€
Vavel- Vavel LP Unisound Rec. M/M 20€
Venom- The way of the tiger 2-LP M-/M-/M- 80€
Venom- Worship of evil LP Green Vinyl M-/M- 35€
Vixen(Fr)- French Warriors LP M-/M- 20€
Vortex- Hammer of the North LP Orange Vinyl M/M 16€
Vortex- Metal Bats Pic.-LP M/- 18€
Vortex- The Mill Pic.-10" M-/- 12€
Vortex- Welcome to Metalland LP White Vinyl m/m 16€
Vulcain- Live Force LP M-/EX+ 16€
Whitecross- Triumphant Return LP M-/M- 12€
Wilczy Pajak- Wilczy Pajak LP M-/EX+ 40€
Wilczy Pajak/ Dragon- Metalmania '87 M-/VG+ 12€
Witches- Wind of time MLP French fem. Fronted Thrash Lim.100 M-/M- 20€
Xibalba- Ancients LP M/M 10€
Xyster- Black Bible MLP EX+/EX 15€
Zarpa- Infierno LP Purple Vinyl Lim. 100 M/M 18€
Zions Abyss- Tales LP M/M 14€


Annihilator- Double Live Annihilation 10€
Anvil- Back to basics CD+DVD 12€
Aria- MP3 Collection 2-CD 13€
Aria- ? Compilation with rare tracks (Incl. 1 Track feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 12€
Autumn Tears- Promotional Sampler Compilation (with ex-Ignitor Vocalist) 5€
Belladonna- Belladonna 10€
Belladonna- Spells of fear 10€
Black, Vivian- Princess of Hell against the paradise EX+/M- 20€
Dark Angel- Live Scars 14€
Deadly Dark- Eternal Dark Mexico Death 10€
Deceiver- Deceiver Thrash in the vein of Korrozia Metalla 10€
Desert- Prophecy of the madman Epic Metal from Israel, Pro-made CD-R with Info-sheet 3€
Desperation- The first Battle Epic/Power Metal 10€
Destillery- Immortal Sun 10€
Freakhate- It comes from the grave 10€
Hammerwitch- The Demos- 1989/91 (poor sound) 5€
Hayagriva- Red Heaven 10€
Headshot- Emotional Overload (Ex-Protector) 12€
Hellion- Will not go quietly 8€
Hetman- Do ciebie gnam Polish HM 5€
Hetman- Live Polish HM 5€
Jason- Justiciero Arcaico 8€
Judas Priest- Angel of Retribution + Bonus DVD 15€
Koltum- Funeral of Flesh 8€
Kuni- Lookin for action/ Masque 12€
Lethal Aggression- Ad Nauseum 8€
Lφrihen- Paradigma Argentinian HM 8€
Magick- Of deceit and love CD-R Turkish Metal 5€
Mental Funeral- Mental Funeral 10€
Metalucifer- Heavy Metal Bulldozer Japanese Line up/English Lyrics Digi 12€
Necroholocaust/ Deiphago- Gods of Holocaust 13€
No Trouble- Looking for trouble but watch out 10€
Nocturnal Breed- The tools of the trade 12€
Nocturnal Breed- Triumph of the Blasphemer 12€
Noisehunter- Rock Shower 12€
Noisehunter- Spell of noise 12€
Odprφdovδt 68- Elend 12€
Overkill- Hello from the gutter (Live CD) 14€
Overlord- Aggressive Assault VERY RARE Pro-factured CD-R from PARAGUAY 10€
Rapid Tears- Honestly/Cry for mercy Christian HM w/Infernδl Majesty Drummer 12€
Rottweiler- Rage of War US-Metal 12€
Serpent Cult- Trident nor fire 12€
Tarantula- Light beyond the dark (Potugese HM) 7€
V/A- Heavy Metal Maniacs 2 (Dutch Sampler) 14€
V/A- Heavy Metal Maniacs 3 (Dutch Sampler) 14€
V/A- Outstanding Metal Gems Vol.3 Solar Eagle/Matakopas/Zen Venom 10€
V/A- Outstanding Metal Gems Vol.15- Militia/Iron Cross/ Childhood's End 12€
V/A- US Metal- The vinyl years 2 (rare singles of Czar, Voyer, Minotaur, Hades, Druid...) 12€
V/A- US Metal- The vinyl years 3 (rare singles of Odin, Hades, Siren, Sabre...) 12€
V/A- US Metal Vol.5 Shire/Traitor/Firststryke 10€
Valhalla(US)- Keeper of the Flame US Metal 12€
Volcano- Tales from the Black Book CD thin cardboard slipcase cover 5€
Xcaliber- Warriors of the Night US Metal 12€
X-Wild- Savageland (Ex-Running Wild members) 12€


Iron Maiden- The early days 2-DVD 15€
Judas Priest- British Steel 10€
Megadeth- VH-1 Behind the Music Extended Edition 18€
Motφrhead- Everything louder than everything else 12€


Beer Corpse- Rough Guts 4€
Calamitous- Aspirant Decease 4€
Kambing- Black Himatayon Ritual 4€
Kat- Roze milosce... w/autograph 8€
Black Horizon- Lost in Shadows grim 6€
M-16- Invasao dos mortos Metalpunk 5€
Purification Kommando/ Offerkult- Nuclear War 6€
Teofobia- El arte de matar a dios 10€
Turbo- One way 10€
Witches Sabbath- I: Black Rituals 5€
Witchmaster- Witchmaster 5€
For actual Sales-/Tradelist or check:

Out now:
Blackfire- Lahir dari api 2-LP
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Feudal Throne

Joined: 22 Aug 2010
Posts: 40
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For actual Sales-/Tradelist or check:

Out now:
Blackfire- Lahir dari api 2-LP
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