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Von worship bands
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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 4:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Von Goat? Cool
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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2011 4:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Latest Releases:
GRAVE001: Zelfhaat - Van Jammerklacht en Wanhoopsgeschrei CD
GRAVE002: Obskure Torture - Spilling the Blood of the World CD
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


More than just VON worship.
Goat is actually the dude in the shades on guitar in this.

For those who doubt.Ask him yourself.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

who was banned by VON MUSIC GROUP of playing old VON covers? Fraternal Union of TEITANFYRE was banned on youtube dot com because of covering Satanic Blood track.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

D.N. wrote:
who was banned by VON MUSIC GROUP of playing old VON covers? Fraternal Union of TEITANFYRE was banned on youtube dot com because of covering Satanic Blood track.

Hahaha, what a kikė. I'm still confused by that stupid VMG shit.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

heres a HILARIOUS interview that might clear things up

VON Interview By Warren Schofield. June 2010.
First off, where have you been for the past 20 years? Have you been in other bands maybe (metal or otherwise)?

- Venien: 20 years in the desert of Arizona making money
- Goat: Many years developing as person, musician and painter.. My bloodly band Von, has always been an big part of my guitar and song writing style metal or otherwise.
When did you first find out about the VON material being already released by NWN (and others) without your knowledge?

- Venien: 2006
- Goat: Funny you ask that. I remember seeing a 12" Von record in the metal section @ Amoeba records circa 90's. Since then, I have been aware of the many copies of the original Von demos circulated among Von listeners.

Until recently it was thought that all former members of VON had vanished (with only Joe Allen/Kill being still active in metal). When and how did you both (Goat/Venien) get back in touch with each other and for how long had you lost contact?

- Venien: I had last seen Goat and Kill back in 1993, the last time I had spoke to both of them was on the telephone back in 1996. I had only recently spoke with Goat in 2009, and actually met with him this year 2010.
- Goat: I have remained anonymous but vanish, i did not. Venien and I got in touch for the Sweden show. Before that, the last time i had seen him was when he came out to LA in the 90's. So it's been some years.
Any news on the whereabouts of Snake?

- Venien: No news as of yet, not really sure what happened to him and hope one day to be able to see and speak with him. So if you're out there and you're listening contact me
- Goat: I havent seen or heard the where abouts of the snake. I hope he's alive and well.
Have you had contact with Kill? Any chance he may re-join VON.
- Venien: Funny story actually, but an important one. I had not spoke with Joe since 1996, and the main reason behind that story, was that the last time we communicated over the phone it did not end good at all, in fact we argued and he ultimately hung up on me and that was the last I spoke with him ever. Prior to my conversation with Joe, I had spoke with Goat, and even he did not feel we should do anything with the demos at that point, so actually we both were not comfortable with him taking the demos and doing things with them outside of VON. Joe did not like being told that decision, and as you can see years later, he finally gave in and took them to his friends at NWN, who in turn attempted to master the cassettes for re-release as an unauthorized vinyl titled "Satanic Blood Angel" in 2003. I personally learned about that release the second time around in 2006 through associates that were still active within the metal scene. After establishing contact with Goat again 3 years after that in 2009, I spoke with him about the record and he stated even he had no knowledge of the story behind the releases either, but was fully aware of them. So I took it to the next level and contacted NWN, and that's where I guess the story continued. NWN along with Kill contacted Goat, but in this process did not want to deal with me or my company on any level. Goat asked me to terminate any legal actions, and in turn they would only sell what they had remaining in stock and that was it. All of this information is true to my knowledge and this is what I was told. So the answer is no, I still have not made any contact with Joe, and really have no reasons or plans too.
- Goat: I have had contact with Joe. He came to Los Angeles and introduced me to Yosuke last year. We discussed the Von materials that Yosuke had at that time. It was good to see Joe after so many years. I recently talked with him on the phone when Von Goat was recording in San Francisco, but we didn't discuss the possibilities of him rejoining Von.
At London you played some new material. Is a new VON album in the works? Please tell us as much as you can on this subject (titles, studio, line-up etc)

- Venien: We have discussed the subject; we actually recorded the very first VON studio album "Satanic Blood" that included tracks: Satanic Blood, Blood Von, and Veadtuck. Goat on vocals/guitar, J. Giblet G. on guitar, Blood on drums, and myself on bass. Took it over to Rainbo Records in L.A. and pressed up 500 copies as a 7" vinyl to bring to the Armageddon Festival. We recorded it at Don Salter's Saltmine Studio in Mesa, Arizona with the engineer Jason Levine. As far as a new VON album, only time will tell if we record more or put out a new album for that matter, not 100% positive at this point to tell you the truth.
- Goat: We played a different arrangement of old Von material exclusively for London. We also played a new song i wrote at that show. The material on the 7" as Venien pointed out, consists of new arrangements/recordings of old Von tracks and is definitely not a new album. We have discussed it, but a new album is not in the works.

Where did you find the 2 new members (Blood and Giblet G?) Are they from other bands we may know about?

- Venien: I went into Metal Devastation in Phoenix, AZ and there was Blood. He appreciated VON and was down to jam. Goat told me he had a guitarist from his side called J. Giblet G.
- Goat: I met John through our drummer friend Sergio (who was playing for Von goat) here in LA. Originally John was to play with Von Goat and he agreed to play 2nd guitar at the Von London performance.
I believe blood has his own music project and also played drums with Sodom and Gomorrah in Phoenix.
As you know, a LOT has been said about VONMUSICGROUP. Can you tell us about it? How many people are involved? From the look of things it sounds like some big company...but are we mis-interpreting all this?

- Venien: I can see where people might be a little confused but it's simply the core foundation for my art, music, and associates that I feel need a place to call home. I created this small independent company to give a platform for a creation that Goat and I created so long ago, and that simply was VON. Goat is involved with the company when it comes to VON, but I have few other key partners that also have helped me start it up, as well as run the company from day to day. VMG has a few things in development and essentially will be bringing those things to light as we go through the rest of this year and next. It is a process and within any situation dealing with art, music, or anything that deals with spending or making money, you have to have some sort of wheel to make it spin, VMG is the wheel. I will not lie to you by telling you that the bootlegging was not a factor in some of the reasoning behind my decisions, yes it was in fact. For example, when a few t-shirt guys contacted VMG to get VON shirts made, they advised us before we can do business we needed to clear up the squads of bootlegging of our band. They simply stated they will not compete with Mexico and other bootlegging organizations that have been selling VON for years, so once again, these are factors and reasoning for creating a company to help do these type of things so that we can move forward and do what we want to do, make sense? But being a big company, not sure about that, but I can tell you we are just trying to bring what we are and what we know, with what we can artistically, financially, and mentally.
- Goat: Far too much has been speculated about VMG. VMG is Venien's company for promoting his art, music, and associates. Since he was an original member of Von, I chose to collaborate with him for this show. We decided a 7" recording woud be special since London was to be the only performance. That has been the only involvement of Goat/Von and myself with VMG. VMG is not Von or the other way around. Legion Guitars are not Von guitars, they are jason's guitar line designs/VMG. My focus is my work, my band Von and Von Goat.
Legion Guitars, this seems like a very ambitious project. How far has this come to date? What kind of numbers are you considering manufacturing? How many different designs? (there has been talk of 2 Von signatures and a Hendrix one already). When will we see the finished products?

- Venien: I started Legion to simply make a few guitars for my friends, and if people took an interest in them, I was willing to create more for those willing to respect what I created. Legion has since evolved (not much), but the essential elements and knowledge I gained from my builder was that making custom hand-crafted/hand-made guitars is a process and needs to be respected. I designed a few versions on paper, some will not come to light and some will be made, and as far as the initial expectation for a VON signature, well that still remains to be seen. Since then, there have been many other developments with other customs; unfortunately I cannot discuss it until a later date. But I can tell you, that I still have designs in mind for VON, but they might be on the next go around. The project I am currently building on and will hopefully debut by October is an exciting project for me and will hopefully come to see the light of day with tons of support. Manufacturing will be determined at a later date and the circumstances that will surround that particular item is secret among a few, so it really is hard to give you info let alone a number per say. My partner in Legion is a Hendrix (related to Jimi Hendrix) and we are developing that guitar as well, but again can't reveal too much at this point about that either, but it's in the works for sure so stay tuned.

Goat: I have no true stake in Legion guitars. at this point we haven't spoken seriously on a signature Von guitar. Like he said it remains to be seen. Obviously he has other designs in mind not just Von style guitars.

The big question, A good while ago there was written that VMG would be distributed by WARNER. Now of course for such an underground act as Von this seemed very unlikely. However, it was mentioned that Venien already owned a label with Warner distribution. So, can you elaborate on this? Are we under-estimating you? Have you been involved in the music industry for some time? away from VON...??
- Venien: VMG music was initially going to be distributed in conjunction under another label that I also started with my partner Hendrix, which we currently distribute records under WEA/ADA. I have had some issues with them under the latest releases of records we pushed. I am not one for censorship, so I recently discussed the decision to distribute independently outside of WEA/ADA. VMG is in talks with a few distribution labels for North American and International releases, and I feel there has to be a strong understanding and arrangement with an overall ban on the religiously peddled censorship propaganda mentalities. Those talks are in the works and will be revealed once they are made soon enough.

Why 3 versions of VON? Von Venien, Von Goat and of course Von? Explain the differences between each band. Is Venien a solo project? (you handling all instruments/vocals) or does each band have full (and different line ups)?

- Venien: There is one VON, and that is Goat and I with brand new additions Blood and J. Giblet G. I can tell you that my solo project Von Venien is a creation inspired with a little encouragement from Goat as well as an overpowering persona that I have had locked inside me for some time now. I feel this is a perfect outlet to establish my demented visions, my artistic expressions, and release deeds of evil intent. Honestly, as Goat and I have been talking over the past year, and whatever organically started to feel natural, we have worked out to release as VON together. But as far as any more VON material for the future, we will see. There are in fact three entities brewing among us, but they all come from different places, minds, and people for sure. I have been working with different people for different aspects of my solo project, but it's really too early to tell who in fact will be in the final line-up for me. I am too busy developing the album and everything around it right now. I will have to refer any Von Goat questions to its creator Goat.
- Goat:Theres one version of Von. The others are totally separate entities.Von was the original band. When I started Von, I went by Von alone and later became Goat. Von Goat is a merging of these identities and my new band, Venien is not a part of this band. Von Goat is not a continuation of the band Von, but a new exploration while remaining profoundly influenced by Von. Von Goat is myself on 1st guitar and vocals, J Giblets G on 2nd guitar, Wrest on drums, and B.S. on bass.
What are your plans for upcoming live shows? Will the stage be like the old photo's we have seen?

- Venien: Again, we do things collectively within VON. We all must feel naturally doing them, as within the context of any future shows, appearances, performances, the set and even the atmosphere, all will be determining factors at that given moment. When it comes to what I personally will do with Von Venien, that's an entirely different element and story itself, but as far as VON nothing is set in stone and nothing is planned.
- Goat: Unfortunately there are no plans for future Von shows. If there should be another show, whether the stage will look like those old photos has not been decided. Von Goat will be playing the NWN festival in Berlin.
Is the VON DVD still coming out on NWN? Can you tell us what it will contain? Are you planning on releasing a DVD yourselves sometime in the future?

- Venien: I myself or my company VMG is not involved in any VON DVD with NWN and not really sure what is involved if anything. Yet another troubling aspect that deals with the NWN management, which actually sets itself even further apart from what we are doing with VON in my opinion. I have the same questions as well but all I can tell you is that I am just not privy to that information. We collectively wanted to release a new VON DVD with footage from any new shows, rehearsals, interviews, and even a possible music video of a new song, but not sure since we did not tape the show in London and are not certain on the next step, again only time will tell.
- Goat: The Von DVD is still coming out on NWN. I provided Yosuke with the original Von performance footage from The Stone in San Francisco and the Omni in Oakland from the first days. Jason had left the band prior to these performances so he does not appear on the Von DVD. Joe Kill also contributed photos to this project. I expect the DVD will contain the original footage and photos.
A Venien video shoot is taking place so it seems. Again another ambitious (and expensive) project. Tell us what to expect. Who is directing it etc?

- Venien: Tribal Blood is a video I am producing throughout the next few months of the summer to help support the album and song of the same name from the project Von Venien. I am attempting to finish the album for a November release, but it might go into a Feb-March release at this point not sure. I am producing, writing, and performing in the video, and with support of a few camera operators and a production crew, I will be able to pull it off. I am in talks with a couple independent filmmakers about the treatment and story I have planned, and it's a work in progress over the next few months. I have posted an event page on Facebook to recruit possible extras for one of the scenes in the video (which is massive), but nonetheless an essential aspect to the story I am trying to tell.

Venien, seems you have a lot of projects in the pipeline, how many bands are you working on or with?

- Venien: Actually, my focus is on my solo project "Von Venien" right now, I am also working on another project out of VMG called Regiment. Regiment is a work in progress; the creator/producer who goes by the same name "Regiment" is currently seeking a line-up for that album. Regiment is also on the VMG team, as a producer and an artist. In fact he co-produced Tribal Blood with me, and worked pre-production on the track, and I cannot leave out the master engineer, John Grey of the Saltmine Studios, who engineered and mastered the track to vinyl.
What have you to say to all the folk who have rubbished the very idea of a band like Von doing things by the book so to speak (setting up legal representation, a company etc)?

- Venien: Since there are many that passionately voice their opinions and viewpoints on matters of "How to" produce, distribute, and manufacture product or music by people like us, well that's the real issue and not simply a question. It took many years to realize that even though you might harbor sentiments and feelings of anti-establishment, revolution, and simply F*ck everyone and everything attitudes, things become a blur when it comes to order under chaos. If you personally knew me, I was the first one to speak my mind and sometimes it put me into some heated situations, but never have I backed down to the simple fact that I do everything independently and with my own free will and on my own terms. Then there comes this word "legal"...again if you knew me this is the better of the two choices/paths for those that are out to F*ck me or my associates. Establishing a company opposed to establishing ourselves as high ranking forum members was an easy choice for me, and we simply do not have the luxury to sit and trade everything we produce. Things cost money and time is not something I have to throw away.
- Goat: Again, VMG is Venien's company. Only very recently did I start to work with companies to release Von music. I want to get it right for Von and myself, whether its by the book or not. So far, all I have done for Von was to release one studio 7". My concern remains Von and my music.
How did NWN go from being a legal target to a working partner in such a short time? Was this misunderstanding from both sides? And has this been smoothed out?

- Venien: NWN...well, well, well, this is a tricky one since my friend is currently doing an album under their flag. But yes I did in fact have issue with them when this all was started, and really still do. I have been told by Goat that whatever NWN has done in the past, or any remaining merch in terms of VON are left in inventory is pretty much the end of that debacle. As far as I am concerned (I only speak for myself), I will never personally work with NWN any shape or form. I do everything myself, and really have some strong, negative, and personal feelings towards those people and the propaganda they blabber about. That includes gossip involving VON, Von Venien, and anyone related or associated with me in the past or the present. I received an email from a VON fan that NWN stated on their forum I did not exist and was a fraud, poseur, and some other retro 80's phrases. Also that Goat and I hated each other, or the Armageddon Festival was a fake/hoax and some other ridiculous verbal diarrhea that is ultimately confusing fans even more, it's a shame NWN is in on it. Not sure what's up with their management over there. They are either pissed VON is real and they are not part of it and their little cash cow has surfaced and raised a flag and asked some questions? Not sure? Or are they confused on how to acknowledge their handful of online sheep and all the lies, misdirection's, all-in-all statements and rants which really seem to contradict everything they say to each other and what is actual fact? What is very interesting is that no one within the forums challenges it, and I have been told that's because no one really cares about a handful of NWN natives that are getting restless with us, not sure? I would love to see those that actually support us take the VON flag and post it on their doorsteps and let them know they are misled and are in need of reconditioning in the dark with a sock and some coins. It's pointless to educate and inform those that are mislead I know, it's sort of like telling one of my friends that stutters to talk straight, it's just not going to happen. Again, I acknowledge freedom of speech and would not want to see anything censored by any shape or form, but I am suspicious that this is idiotic propaganda by those within a certain flock within the ranks of Nuclear War Now! and they are pissed that their revenue stream has been severed, well you know what I mean.
- Goat: I met with Yosuke personally in 2009 and we quickly agreed on the best way to deal with the Von materials that he had in his possession. Again, Venien did not appear musically on these recordings and has no part in them. It was Joe, snake and myself, playing all Von songs i wrote. Since then, I have had a positive experience working with NWN to create new music. I am not responsible for any of the comments above, that is between Venien and NWN.
What about Karmageddon media etc who have put out Von materials...your reaction please.

- Venien: Again, the same thing, people doing whatever they wanted to do. Here is an experiment, all the people that back that concept and philosophy and have music published or not, please if you have music send me you're CD and I will give it to some guys down in Juarez and they can sell it online and on the streets, not sure they will pay you but you can go visit them and ask. Are you f*cking kidding me? Man, those that oppose artists and their creations from being respected chew on that scenario for a minute and see if it tastes good in your mouth.
- Goat: I respect Venien's opinion, but I don't support his position. I am aware of the copied Von products that exist. I support those who promote the entropy that is Von, especially those in areas that might not have access to Von through traditional means.

What was the reason for printing the Von-Varg shirt? Is this maybe a thank you to Vikernes? Are you in contact with him? (Any chance he will turn up at Hole in the Sky? Wink

- Venien: Varg wore a VON shirt in the past, it had stirred the pot to say the least, so this is a sort of nod to him, simply just that. I personally have been back and forth with him through emails about the design on the image and he has no issues, in fact he demanded that he did not want to take any of the proceeds from the sales, but not sure if I can do that. For those that do not understand, it is an amalgam of a current photo of Varg merged with the VON Demon from the original shirt he wore. It's just that, nothing more, purely self serving. It only comes in the form of a "Giclee" print at this point.
- Goat: It was Venien's idea to capture Varg through the primary Von drawing that I had done so many years ago. I have not been in contact with Varg.
What are your opinions on the amount of cover versions there are out there of Von? When are the LEGION OF VON tribute albums coming out? There is mentioned a Vol 1...so are we to expect a Vol 2?

- Venien: Legion of VON is simply something I felt to address all the VON material that other bands have performed and/or recorded. I personally feel good about it and my opinion and thoughts on the matter of covers, is that it is interesting to hear so many bands, styles, and approaches to the songs that are out there. I am reaching out to those bands that made it through the years that can send me the material and I would be honored to put it out and give back to those artists themselves in way of proceeds from the sales of the project.
- Goat:It's cool that they cover Von songs. I have my favs. I encourage bands interpret Von. I do not endorse any statements provided stating otherwise. Legion of Von is a idea created by Venien. Von or myself has little stake in it.
The words used in Von lyrics only seem to exist just there (Watain, Veadtuck, Venien, etc) where do they come from? Are they from any ancient text or just the mind of Goat??

- Venien: I will have to kindly refer that question to Goat
- Goat: My mind. It comes from a power beyond and over me. Subconscious mysticism forging new words.

The Terrorizer interview a few months back stated that VON was not going to re-form. How did the reformation come about?

- Venn: Again, Goat and I have been speaking for a year or so and there were no definitive plans to reunite at the time, but there were possibilities, options, and scenarios on the table for sure. As with the show in the UK, which was spearheaded by Erik of Watain, which I feel, was really a defining point in the relationship between Goat and I once we said yes to the show. Then came the schedule and logistics of actually meeting up with each other after all these years and then eventually put it together in the studio. All of this in relative limited time we had, since he lives in L.A. and I live in Arizona, but we gave it a shot anyways.
- Goat: The reformation happened when we agreed to do a show in Sweden with Watain, later moved to London. We were lucky to have Giblets and Blood playing songs with us, the reformation happened quickly. I made some decisions and committed for better or for worse.
How important has the band WATAIN been do you think? In regards to where VON are now. Seems they had a hand in your reformation and London come back gig.

- Venien: Erik and I have been talking for awhile now, and I have told him personally on many occasions and even in London, that Watain is epic in terms of the connection with VON. I personally feel Watain, along with Varg, have been a huge factor in people actually knowing what and who VON is throughout the years. The sound of VON through the demos stood the test of time and bands and people have taken root in some aspects to just that. What Goat created in his guitar notes/riffs along with the lyrics, have been influential in more ways than appears on the books. The same would go for Watain, and then The Devils Blood, and the next relationship that will follow suit, it is all relative to the basic dark format and world we are all in. It is a circle of people including the fans that are stronger than I feel most metal mythos, and I will forever be grateful to Goat, Watain, and any one that adds to the legacy of VON in the past or the future.
- Goat: Watain is very important band in regards to where we are now. They had a hand in the reformation and also the "return" gig in London.
Was the London show initially going to be a one-off show? (Until offers came in from elsewhere)?

- Venien: I feel and still would like to see VON perform on stage again, as well as record more old and new material, but yes, London was considered a special engagement.
- Goat:Yes,absolutely. When London was arranged, there were no official plans for future shows, nor are there plans now. It was a one time performance also a one time musical arrangement especially for that show.
You stated recently you're planning on putting on festivals etc...tell us more. Again this is ambitious stuff, have you a lot of financial backing?
- Venien: There are many options out there and many people that are in and out with ideas, so we will see, and until it is locked in it's really hard to go into details about anything at this point. My parents always told me to not talk to strangers about my money, but I will tell you the music industry is flat across the board. If anyone thinks they can get into the music business for money, they are going to be bitten in the testicals by the snakes of industry. The proud international society of torrent junkies and the league of hate groups that will tip you over like the stupid cow that you think you are not.
- Goat: The festival was something Giblets and i talked about. I think we were inspired, and ambitious coming up with that crazy idea that Venien liked. There were never any further talks or even the vague beginning of a plan for a festival. There is no financial backing behind this idea.
How come you've been able to sit back and read the amount of shit talking this past year and not react to it? Wink

- Venien: Darkness and Chaos are things of a natural occurrence, and even though I do get emails from fans and friends that are forum hungry and possessed with rage among the blogs, I take it as a form of expression and would never change it for the world. Censorship is woven within the fabric of the communities of oppression and I will not take part within that frame of mind. My reaction is no reaction with the exception of a couple little blurbs and burps I let out during the past few years. Those that are passionate enough to talk about VON, have either an unbreakable affinity and an impenetrable deep admiration for the work, and they will NOT listen to anything or anyone on the subject at hand. So why tempt the un-relentless blabbering hecklers, we all know they mean well, at least some.
- Goat: There was opinions and misunderstanding regarding Von and the Von London peformance and it's future with VMG/Venien's company. There are no future plans for Von and VMG at this time. I respect Von listeners and all of their opinions and expressions.
Can you please clear up that it is you yourself who is behind any posts on forums under the name VONPROPERTIES. (also, why so many different names, website addresses etc...is this not just more hassle than it's worth? or is there an agenda behind it all??

- Venien: My web team and some fans emailed me to respond to some comments they read online, so I wrote up a few words and nothing more. Von Properties is the company I started and under that is many things, including VMG. Under the company we have secured many things related to VON and other projects that we are going to be launching throughout the next few years, the simple business decisions are that, divide and develop. Some things relate while some things do not. Some projects will need more attention, some will not. So the balance is going to be just that, and with online domains, urls, social networks, marketing, promotions, it's a process that many are boggled by but that's ok. It will all work itself out in the end

How far are you planning on taking everything? All projects related to VON. Is this a new beginning and a long road ahead?

- Venien: My plans for everything are going to be one step at a time. Projects related to what I want to do will happen naturally and things change day to day, demand and supply are key.
- Goat: I'm involved in Von and Von Goat. This is not a new beginning but a continuation. Von Goat is the expression of all the dark pandemonium in my spirit. I remain committed to Von.
Anything else you would like to clear up, any rumors you would like to crush, please feel free to do so here.

- Venien: I have spent enough time ranting, but if you want to support just let us know
- Goat:I'd like to clear up why we sounded nothing like Von during live performance in London. The musical arrangements were exclusively for Armageddon performance and for the 7"recording. I also apologize if my musical choices offended any true listeners.
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Any good new ones in the last few years? I haven't found any.
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Witchmaster wrote:
Any good new ones in the last few years? I haven't found any.

Zygotical-Catacomb Worship
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Were Satanize from Portugal mentioned here? Their "Inverted Fidelity" cs is cool as is all their material
"Black cum? Is he sick?"
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RiteOfDarkness wrote:
Witchmaster wrote:
Any good new ones in the last few years? I haven't found any.

Zygotical-Catacomb Worship

Good find! I can't believe this is from Los Angeles. Really rotten stuff.
Give me the amulet, you bitch!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Teitanblood's demo is very much influenced by Von.
Give me the amulet, you bitch!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hymnsoftheneedlefreak wrote:
RiteOfDarkness wrote:
Witchmaster wrote:
Any good new ones in the last few years? I haven't found any.

Zygotical-Catacomb Worship

Good find! I can't believe this is from Los Angeles. Really rotten stuff.

I released the demo on cassette actually. Copies currently in stock here at NWN!
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sect Pig would be a no-brainer
Look: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53041
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

vein - into the vein
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

probert wrote:
heres a HILARIOUS interview that might clear things up

I fixed up the formatting of this interview to make it a bit more..... readable, for those interested.

Solid traders/sellers: SlevinKelevra, Backwards, likeweeds

Bostitch wrote:

I quit before starting such a Bullshit, i get an Orgasm otherwise or buy some other Tapes from other Labels.
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