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New CDs, $5 each

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:40 am    Post subject: New CDs, $5 each Reply with quote

I need to clear out space, so I'm selling all CDs in my distro for $5 each. Minimum order of 2 CDs. Postage not included. Please send all orders to lyderhornrecords@yahoo.com

Please do not send PMs

Paypal only.

Acrimonious - Perdition Gospel MCD
Aetherius Obscuritas - Viziok CD
Aidan Baker (Nadja) - Exoskeleton Heart CDr
Aggression - Forgotten Skeleton CD
Ares Kingdom - Return to Dust CD
Aura Noir - Live Nightmare On Elm Street CD
Black Death Ritual - Profound Echoes of The End CD
Black Elk - s/t CD
Black Flame - Conquering Purity CD
Blodfest - I Kong Skjolds Navn CD
Blodulv - s/t CD
Blood Freak - Multiplex Massacre CD
Burmese/Fistula - Split CD
Burning Saviours - Hundus CD
Charnel Valley - The Igneous Race CD
Chelmno - Under Our Cemetary CD
Cianide - Divide and Conquer CD
Dataclast vs. The Earwigs - s/t CD
Dead Beat Project - Breaking The Shell CD
Dead Raven Choir - Selenoclast Wolves CD
Death Yell - Morbid Rites CD
Deiphago - Satanik Eon CD
Denouncement Pyre - Hells Infantry MCD
Desaster - A Touch of Medieval Darkness CD
Diapsiquir - Virus STN CD
Dimentianon - Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum CD
Diskord - Doomscapes CD
Enoid - Dodssyklus CD
F.K.U. - Metal Moshing Mad CD
Garlik De'th - While God Sleeps CD
Gates of Slumber, The - ...The Awakening CD
Gates of Slumber, The - Suffer No Guilt CD
Gheestenland / Grim Funeral - split CD
Goatlord - Distorted Birth: The Demos 2xCD $10
Goatlord - Reflections of the Solstice CD
Goatlord - Last Sodomy of Mary CD
Grimfaug - Defloration of Life's Essence CD
Havohej - Dethrone The Son of God CD
Hemlock - Lust For Fire CD
Impious Havoc - Manifestations of Plague and War CD
Kadotus - Twilight's Depths MCD
Krieg - Destruction Ritual CD
Lysergene - Critical Mass CD
Martire - s/t MCD
Meads of Asphodel, The - The Mill Hill Sessions CD
Midnight - Complete and Total Fucking Midnight CD
Monarch! - Dead Men Tell No Tales 2xCD $10
Mord - Imperium Magnum Infernalis CD
Mortem - The Devil Speaks in Tongues CD
N.I.L. - s/t CD
Necromessiah - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad CD
Ninnixu - Collection CD
Nordicwinter - Threnody CD
October Falls - The Streams of The End MCD
Orcrist - Black Blood Raised CD
Procer Veneficus - Ghostvoices CD
Resuscitator - Iniciation CD
Rigor Sardonicus - Principia Sardonica CD
Ruins of Beverast, The - Unlock The Shrine CD
Runemagick - Requiem of the Apocalypse CD
Skullflower - Orange Canyon Mind CD
Stalaggh - Nihilistik Terrror CD
Striborg - Embittered Darkness / Isle de Morts CD
Stroszek - Songs of Remorse CD
Stumm - I CD
Teratism/Lugubre - Templi Omnium Hominum Paris Abhas CD
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa - s/t CD
Tyrants Blood - s/t CD
Uvall - October Turns... Ruined CD
v/a - Doom Capital CD
Vomit - Still Rotting CD
Vulpecula - In Dusk Apparition CD
Weedeater - Sixteen Tons CD
Wijlen Wij - s/t CD
Witchfinder General - Live 83 CD
Wodulf - Wargus Esto CD
Worms of Sabnock - Dark Harmonies CD
Wreck of The Hesperus - The Sunken Threshold CD
Written in Torment - The Uncreation CD
Xasthur - The Funeral of Being CD
Xasthur - Suicide in Dark Serenity MCD
Zarathustra - Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy MCD
Zarathustra - Contempt MCD
Zarathustra - In Hora Mortis CD
Zarathustra - Perpetual Black Force CD
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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