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The library of "Forgotten Path"

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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 3:10 am    Post subject: The library of "Forgotten Path" Reply with quote

"Forgotten Path" is Black Metal oriented, professionally printed underground magazine. However, we also try supporting other zines/fanzines as well, so don't hesitate to order if interested. We are located in Lithuania. All orders should be done through email - forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com. PayPal accepted.


Antichrist #6 [Ukr, 2008] – 2 Eur
(A4, 34 pages, b/w; interviews with Nunslaughter, Bestial Raids, Alastor, Moder, Hate, Dimentianon, Empheris, Sathanas, Old Temple Records, Rigor Sardonicous, Slaughter Brute, Draco Hypnalis + reviews; underground metal magazine from Ukraine)

Antichrist #7 [Ukr, 2008] – 3 Eur
(A4, 34 pages, coloured, professionally printed; interviews with Pathogen, Goretrust, Lividity, Metal Church, Sauron, Abrasive, Utlagr, Scratching Soil, Aasgard, Dead to this World, Adastra, Scared to Death + reviews; international underground metal magazine from Ukraine)

Antichrist #11 [Ukr, 2011] – 4 Eur
(A4, 46 pages, semi-coloured, professionally printed; interviews with Ares Kingdom, Anal Vomit, Sõjaruun, Autumnal Reaper, Bloody Sign, Nalvage, October Falls, Incantation, Savage Machine, Deiphago, Ophis, Disfigured Dead, Dissidium, Asphyx, Inferno, Nuclearhammer, Hell-Torment, Pesta Porcina, Adversarial, Grave Desecrator, “Forgotten Path Magazine”, Scorched-Earth + reviews; so far the best issue of this known Ukrainian magazine, made in an old underground style)

Antichrist #12 [Ukr, 2012] – 4 Eur
(A4, 42 pages, semi-coloured, professionally printed; interviews with Obsessor, Demona, Teitanfyre, Denouncement Pyre, Vassafor, Pek, Moonreich, Blasphemous Noise Torment, Affliction Gate, Witchrist, Blasphemophagher, Hellish Crossfire, Nunfukritual, Tyranex, Proclamation, Pseudogod, Die Hard, Vietah, Skull Fist, Morbosidad, Nargaroth + reviews, reports; pre-last issue of this Ukrainian fanzine, with much more interesting content than the previous ones)

Aquelarre Zine #15 [Per, 2014] - 3 Eur
(A4, 44 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Tombstoners, Perversion, Faethom, Anatomia, Nihilifer, Rigor Mortis, Evil Army, Morgengrau, Suture, Morbosatan, Kraken, Cobra + veteran zine from Peru, standard texts, standard, but interesting reading)

Black Art #10 [Ned, 2009] – 4 Eur
(A4, 46 pages, semi-coloured, professionally printed; interviews with Dødheimsgard, Urgehal, Svartsyn, Samael, Anael, Enslaved, Shining, Manegarm, Gorgoroth, Melechesh + new and old reviews, gigs and fest reports; anniversary and fortunately the last issue of this Dutch magazine)

Blessed Altar Zine #3 [Por, 2013] – 2 Eur
(A5, 50 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with “Caverna Abismal Records”, Front Beast, Nox Illunis, Saattoväki, Scent of Death + reviews, reports from dose of festivals, and some other stuff; totally underground zine with easy reading content)

Blessed Altar Zine #4 [Por, 2013] – 3 Eur
(A5, 50 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Antropofago, Cristalys, Dawn of Ruin, The True Endless, The Sorcerer, Skoll, as well as reviews, reports from live shows, and some other stuff; still, not anything special, but getting better with each copy)

Blessed Altar Zine #5 [Por, 2014] – 3 Eur
(A5, 50 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Garden of Grief, Obsecration, Ataxia F., “Iron Tyrant”, “The Sinister Flame Zine”, Blizzard, Hatevömit, Moloch; as always some bunch of reviews, scene reports (this time Lithuanian Death Metal scene), and some other stuff; simple, easy reading for underground maniacs)

Blutvergießen #2 [Ger, 2006] – 4 Eur
(A4, 26 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Forefather, Nocternity, Tumulus + compilation CD and a poster; not so many, but very long and prudent interviews, one of the most popular zines in Europe)

Blutvergießen #3 [Ger, 2006] – 5 Eur
(A4, 42 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Ancient Rites, Grand Belial’s Key, Impaled Nazarene, Lathspell, Moriorr, Primal Dawn, Sorgsvart + compilation CD and Dark Domination poster; again, “Blutvergießen” proves his highest, well known German quality)

Blutvergießen #5 [Ger, 2009] – 5 Eur
(A4, 26 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Celestia, Goatpenis, Infinity, Kroda, Törr + compilation CD and Kroda poster; the newest issue of German super magazine)

Bylec – Tum #14 [Ita, 2007] – 3 Eur
(A4, 26 pages, b/w; interviews with Akitsa, Mord, Marblebog, Cryfemal, Lathspell, Pestnebel, Dusk, Graupel, Funeral Procession, Bahimiron, Acrimonious, Nae’blis, Bloodaxe, Wolok, Sombre Chemin; cult underground Black Metal magazine from Italy)

Chronicles Zine #1 [Nor, 2015] - 3 Eur
(A4, 58 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Ares Kingdom, Pentagram, Patrons of the Rotting Gate, Blood Mortized, Sol Negro, Audiopain; totally old-school publication from Norway; no (!) reviews, just six, but awesome and long interviews)

Cry of the Wolf Zine #1 [Ger, 2014] - 5 Eur
(A4, 78 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Acheron, Asphyx, Balmog, Battlelore, “Bowel of Noise Shop“, Drengskapur, Hex, Hildr Valkyrie, Iron Youth, “Primitive Reaction“ label, The Equinox ov the Gods, Vociferian, Wodulf + some articles on life and death, audio/video reviews and some other compulsory writing for the underground publication; sincerely made d.i.y. fanzine from Germany)

Escritas do Subsolo #1 [Por, 2008] – 4 Eur
(A4, 34 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Gwydion, Balmog, Marblebog, Remmirath, In Tha Umbra, Sombre Labyrinthe, Epping Forest, Exile, Concealment, Dark Forest, Slidhr, Omitir, Mons Lvnae, Hunok + reviews, articles; nicely made, good choice of bands, interesting magazine from Portugal)

Escritas do Subsolo #4 [Por, 2011] – 4 Eur
(A4, 62 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Annthennath, Drünken Bastards, Einsamtod, Dér, Empty, Mandibula, Entrails, “Egg of Nihilism Productions”, Mandatory, The Frost, Cult of Erinyes, Grotesque Communion + reviews, articles on Ancient Lusitania, tribute to Drudkh; already with the 3rd issue Nuno went to more underground way and here is the continuation. However, the 4th chapter carries the most solid content)

Extreme Metal Magazine #2 [Usa, 2014] – 6 Eur
(A4, 48 pages, b/w, printed; interviews with Terdor, Killgasm, Festerguts, Autopsy, Cursed Scrolls, Gökböri, Nordafrost; as well as different articles and writings on Thergothon, Haiduk, Infidel, Gorgon, Bestial Warlust, Deathhammer, Wormwood, October Falls, Embalmed, Dämonenblut, Israthoum, Hate Forest, Sacramentum, and many more; comes with a free compilation from “No Sleep till Megiddo Records”)

Forgotten Chapel #8 [Pol, 2011] – 4 Eur
(A4, 68 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Evil Offering, Shackles, Carpe Noctem, Excoriate, “Reality Impaired Records”, Destruktor, Underdark, Disgod, Proclamation, “Bestial Invasion Records”, Architecture of Aggression, The Nihilistic Front, Nocturnal Vomit, Diabolical Demon Director, Ketzer, Ugra Karma, Ancestor, Dying Embrace + reviews for tapes, CDs and of course magazines, different scene reports, etc.; one of best known magazines from Poland, done in their local style – underground, chaotic, but with tones of useful and interesting information, and of course – a good dose of humor)

Forgotten Path #2 [Ltu, 2009] – 7 Eur
(A4, 132 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Skyforger, 1349, Impiety, Krater, Hekel, Livsnekad, Niroth, Blood Stained Dusk, Argharus, Pagan Heritage, Thyrgrim, Berserk, Besatt, Elhaz, Argus Megere, Abigor, Black Messiah, Bloodthirst, Fearbringer, Hellbox, Chthonic, Novembre, Paroxysmal Descent, Angantyr, Har Shatan + reviews, reports; sick number of reviews, amazing layout and thick contest)

Forgotten Path #3 [Ltu, 2011] – 6 Eur
(A4, 120 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Shining, Loits, Bestial Raids, “Antichrist/Dead Center Prods.”, Enslaved, Luctus, Keep of Kalessin, Graveland, Code, Empty, “Supremacy Through Intolerance”, Strix, Animus Mortis, Teloch, Lebensessenz + reports, more than 200 reviews; the newest issue of Lithuanian Black Metal supporters)

Forgotten Path #4 [Ltu, 2012] – 6 Eur
(A4, 124 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Cult of Erinyes, Phlegein, Balmog, Warthane, Wodensthrone, A Winter Lost, Lunar Aurora, “Soleil Tryste Zine”, Adamus Exul, “Dunkelheit Produktionen”, Skon, Lord Beezanborgh, Celestia, Amžius, Pseudogod, Beastcraft + reports, reviews and an article on the new generation of Polish Black Metal scene; definitely the best and most intriguing issue so far)

Forgotten Path #5 [Ltu, 2013] – 6 Eur
(A4, 100 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Christicide, Demonic Slaughter, Eternity, Division, Monstraat, “Paragon Records”, Nyksta, Gone Postal, Svartidauði, “Call to the Infernal Hordes Zine”, Rotting Christ, Lux Divina, Selbst, Patria, Sanctophoby, Entartung, Pact + reports, reviews; the anniversary issue of the zine, not as thick as usually, but with a better concentration on the quality of the content)

Forgotten Path #6 [Ltu, 2014] – 6 Eur
(A4, 132 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Nivlhel, Anthro Halaust, Pestilential Shadows, Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary), “Oaken Throne Zine”, Gorrch, Necrohell, Thorybos, Graveborne, Saligia, Inthyflesh, Serpents Lair, Popravčí Vrch, Zargof, “Grom Records”, Slidhr, Grave Miasma, Norman Shores, A.M.S.G., Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and three Lithuanian bands - Devlsy, Inquisitor and Living Altar + three special articles, reports from local Metal festivals, and tones of reviews; the thickest issue so far!)

Heathen Hammer #1 [Gbr, 2008] – 3 Eur
(A5, 50 pages, b/w; interviews with Skyforger, Graveland, Arditi, Forefather, Sig:Ar:Tyr, Hunok, Pagan Reign, Frostkrieg, Carved in Stone + literature and music reviews, articles; magazine dedicated to pan-European ideology)

Iron Hammer #5 [Ger, 2014] – 5 Eur
(A5, 78 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Varathron, Domains, Abyssous/Heretic, Aggressa, Ravencult, Ghast, Scythian, Tunjum, Vulcano, Supplicium, Offence, Morbid Funeral, „Of Crawling Shadows Records“, Propoved/„Odmetnik Records“, Convent Guilt, Anaboth, „Bells of Acheron Zine“, Lord of Pagathorn, Paganfire; bunch of reviews and extremely good reports from festivals; excellent German humour and a real and good quality underground zine)

Krvestreb #2 [Tur, 2009] – 5 Eur
(A4, 84 pages, b/w; interviews with Vomepotro, Pitiful Reign, Anatolian Wisdom, Tsubo, Dark Vision, Imperious Rex, Autoeroticasphyxium + tons of press and audio reviews, articles, reports; Turkish underground magazine keeps on rolling with their newest, third issue)

Metal Horde Zine #12 [Por, 2013] – 4 Eur
(A4, 40 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Iron Kobra, Outrage, Darkest Era, Tankard, Christophe Szpajdel, Arkham Witch, Ravensire, Alchemist, Eulen, “Necroscope Zine”, Agresiva + reviews, article on new born patrol bands, etc..; underground quality and spirit from Portugal, absolutely new issue)

Metal Horde Zine #14 [Por, 2014] – 4 Eur
(A5, 58 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Inner Blast, Destroyers of All, Enraged, Uzala, Napalm Death, Denial of God, Kaapora, The Quartet of Woah!, “Pitch Black Records”, Arrayan Path, “Forgotten Path Magazine” + audio/press/cinema reviews; one of the most consistent publications of the underground, many news on the scene of South European countries and massive interview with “Forgotten Path Magazine”)

Metal Horde Zine #15 [Por, 2014] – 4 Eur
(A5, 66 pages, , b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Obituary, Head:Stoned, Enchantya, Terra Caput Mundi, Witches Brew, Sacred Steel, Sardonic Witchery, Gang, Aggressive Mutilator, Blackfinger, Speedtrap, Domains; as always a dose of reviews and some reviews; so far the thickest issue from these Portuguese lads)

Metal Horde Zine #16 [Por, 2014] - 4 Eur
(A5, 70 pages, , b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Darkened Winter, Serrabulho, Sartegos, Ereb Altor, O Cerco, Deathhammer, Xerion, Mist, Machinergy, Drengskapur, Seven Sisters, Kratherion, Putrid Matt + reviews; another dose of underground information from the distant lands of Portugal)

Old Temple Magazine #1 [Pol, 2013] – 4 Eur
(A5, 80 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Shaxul (Annthennath, Arphaxat, Manzer, ex-Deathspell Omega, “Legion of Death Records”), Dark Fury, Clandestine Blaze, Resuscitation, Lectern, Insorcist, Undecayed, Kurhan, Sinful Souls, Whalesong, Hate them All, Ignovomous; legendary label “Old Temple“ presents its English written version of the self-made magazine)

Requiem Zine #3 [Rus, 2014] - 4 Eur
(A5, 62 pages, b/w, professionally printed, Russian written; interviews with Grond, Kauan, Хладновзор, Tartharia, Teslathrone, Forgotten Tomb, Abigor, Psychonaut 4, Raison d‘Être, Grace Disgraced, Лешак, Alkonost, Калевала, Грай, Mysteria Mortis + reviews; you will gone the new album from Монсальват together with this fine and of high quality zine from Russia)

Riddle of Steel #6 [Tur, 2013] – 6 Eur
(A4, 48 pages, b/w, printed; interviews with Graveland, The Flight of Sleipnir, Inquisition, Vemod, Woodtemple, Arkona, Abhor, Antinomian, Acheron, Ars Macabra, Dismal, Darenhöld, Hecate Enthroned, Lamia Vox, Moon, Morok, Old Forest, Nabaath, Raventale, Posthum, Stworz, Raventale, Vali + reviews; probably the best ever and definitely most professionally printed underground magazine from Turkey)

Rock Prospekt #24 [Rus, 2010] – 4 Eur
(A5, 62 pages, b/w, Russian written; interviews with Alex Kantemirov, Hell’s Thrash Horsemen, Navjarmaahr, Demonic Slaughter, Morbid Tendency, Torture Killer, The Rigor Mortis, Septory, Grenouer, Stanislav, Sargatanas, Evildark, + reviews, Israel scene report and several cognitive art articles; magazine from Russia, mostly oriented to local scene. Just for Russian speaking metalheads)

Shrunken & Mummified #10 [Hun, 2008] – 3 Eur
(A4, 42 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Lantern, Black Sister / “Problem? Records”, Vulvathrone, Graveyard Dirt, “Zapisnik Fanzine”, Perverted Son / “Demons Jail Fanzine”, “Zero Budget Productions”, “Terror from Hell Records”, Death Invoker, Cacodaemon, Persecutor, Paediatrician + loads of reviews, gig and scene reports; the anniversary and sadly the last issue of this already defunct cult Hungarian underground fanzine)

Slowly We Rot #2 [Rou, 2012] – 5 Eur
(A4, 58 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Debauchery, Ragnarok, Vore, Enthroned, Fleshcrawl, Mystical Fulmoon, Winds of Genocide, Belphegor, Cianide, Hatriot, Chapel of Disease, Varathron, The Day of the Beast, Morgoth, Crypt Infection, Dissectrophy, Fumigation, Lelahell, Masteriis, Methods of Massacre, Necrodemon, Necrosadik, Paimonia, Viper Venom, Acrostichon, „Abyss Records“, „Eldricht Lunar Miasma Records“, „Necrocosm Productions“, „Winterkalt Records“, „Selfmadegod Records“, „Vacula Productions“; a zine, coming from Carpathian forests – of high quality, still dwelling with underground spirit, oriented to Death/Black scene mostly; ill quantity of interviews + a CD compilation)

Slowly We Rot #6 [Rou, 2014] - 5 Eur
(A4, 58 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews Amon, Obituary, Gra, Rippikoulu, Exciter, Nervosa, Usurper, Sorcery, Attila Csihar, Titus Constantinescu, Centinex, Kampfar, “Cold Raw Records”, “Metallic Media”, “Psycho Records”, “Terrorghoul Productions”, Hades, Poppy Seed Grinder, Blodorn, Dasap, De Profundis, Frostwork, Killrazer, Miserable Failure, Nerocapra, Plagues, Serpentrance, Sidious, Skinlepsy, Solace of Requiem, Solemn Curse, Sons of Famine, Taatsi, Terrorfront, Thy Legion, Winter Deluge + reviews; this Romanian zine definitely has gone far beyond the low level of underground publication - interesting and covers much wider scene than usual + CD compilation)

Soleil Tryste #2 [Ger, 2011] – 5 Eur
(A5, 62 pages, semi-coloured, professionally printed; interviews Menace Ruine, Towers of Flesh, Swallowed, Persistence in Mourning, Aurvandil, “Total Rust Records”, Mournful Congregation, Odpörovät 1968; amazingly nicely done superb magazine from Germany – a must!)

Stilet Zine #4 [Blr, 2010] – 3 Eur
(A4, 26 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Sagntid, Pagan Hellfire, Beyond Black Void, Hellish, Nazxul, Pagan + music reviews, articles on Mercury and LLN; good looking and interesting zine from Belarus lands)

Terror Zine #2 [Ltu, 2012] – 5 Eur
(A4, 42 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with IRM. Jake Vida, Slogun, Sick Seed, Barrikad, Dieter Muh, Mikko Aspa, Impulsy Stetoskopu; local Lithuanian product, so far the only zine here, oriented to Noise/Power Electronics and other weird music scene)

Viceral Vomit Zine #12 [Crc, 2014] - 2 Eur
(A5, 50 pages, b/w, xeroxed, English/Spanish written; interviews with Loits, Casus, Arallu, Mixomatosis, Morbid Funeral, Sawhill Sacrifice, “Traumatic Records”, “Hecatombe Records”, Cursed Scrolls + biographies, articles, reviews, and CD compilation; half English, half Spanish written underground zine - standard and simple exotics from Costa Rica)

Virus Zine #5 [Mas, 2009] – 5 Eur
(A4, 62 pages, b/w; interviews with Inferis, Necrolisis, Enshadowed, Spearhead, Witchcurse, Black Abyss, Hellghast, Grave Desecrator, Shackles, As Sahar, Maniak, Abhorer + news, reviews, articles, scene reports, and CD sampler; absolutely informative zine, with tones of interesting material from Malaysia)

Widmo Zine #4 [Pol, 2012] – 4 Eur
(A4, 44 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Arkona, Biały Viteź, Dark Fury, Darkthrone, Duszę Wypuścił, Fjord, Flame of War, Forefather, Iperyt, Kalot Enbolot, Khors, “Necroscope Zine”, Seges Findere, Skyforger, Stabat Mater/“Nothern Heritage Records”, Темнозорь, The Wolves of Avalon, Varathron; no ads or space wastes, yet lots of reading for devoted maniacs)

Xiuhcoatl Zine #6 [Mex, 2013] – 5 Eur
(A5, 140 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Azarath, Aura Noir, Vomitor, Suicidal Winds, Poisonous, Chainsaw, Diabolical Force, Riotor, Infernal Conjuration, Ominous Crucifix, Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni, Hercobulus, Swamp; thick as a pig fanzine from Mexico, with some massive interviews and several hundred monster long reviews, made in underground spirit)
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