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Collection purge: LP's for sale including many RARE items

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:38 am    Post subject: Collection purge: LP's for sale including many RARE items Reply with quote

I'm going to sell a part of my collection again. There are some great collectors for sale e.g. Manilla Road,Slough Feg, etc etc. US metal, Death and Black Metal.

Shipping has become expensive these days. Shipping to Germany, Belgium, France,Sweden,Spain,UK for max 4 LP's is 13 euro's. Shipping to other countries in Europe is 19 euro's for max 4 LP's. Shipping outside Europe is bloody expensive unfortunately: 25 euro's for max 4 LP's. When buying multiple items (>100 euro) we can arrange a deal.

Payment: Bank-transfer in Europe and Paypal outside Europe

Did already a lot of trades and selling in the past. For instance:

Also sold a lot through The Corroseum which is defunct now

PM or mail me if interested



AMEBIX No Sanctuary NM/NM Including 7'' € 17
AMEBIX Monolith EX/EX- Rare original € 50
ARCHGOAT Heavenly Vulva NM/NM € 17
BLUT AUS NORD Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age NM/NM Debemur Morti € 17
BOLT THROWER War master NM/NM Reissue € 15
BROKEN BONES Dem Bones EX/EX Rare original € 20
BURZUM Hvis Iyset Tarr Oss NM/NM Reissue BOB € 15
CHAOS UK CHAOS UK LP EX/EX Original Riot City € 15
CRYPTOPSY None So Vile NM/NM Reissue € 15
DARKTHRONE Under A Funeral Moon NM/NM Reissue € 17
DECEASED The Blueprints For Madness NM/NM 2LP € 30
GRAND BELIAL'S KEY Judeobeast Assassination NM/NM Reissue Drakar 2012 € 20
GRAND BELIAL'S KEY Kosherat NM/NM Reissue Drakar 2012 € 20
IMPALED NAZARENE Latex Cult NM/NM Reissue Osmose 2013 € 15
INQUISITION(COL) Anxious Death/Forever Under NM/NM € 20
KATHARSIS(GER) Worldwithoudend NM/NM € 20
KATHARSIS(GER) Fourth Reich NM/NM € 17
KRISIUN Black Force Domain NM/NM Reissue € 15
MACABRE Dahmer NM/NM Reissue Hells Headbangers € 15
MAGNUS Scarlet Slaughterer NM/NM € 17
MARDUK Dark Endless NM/NM Reissue € 15
NAPALM DEATH Mass Appeal Madness EX/EX MLP € 17
POISON (GER) Further Into The Abyss NM/NM 2LP, rare reissue Iron Pegasus lim. 433/500 € 50
RATOS DE PORAO Crucificados Pelo Sistema NM/NM € 15
SACRIFICE Torment in Fire EX/EX Canadian 80's thrash metal, original € 15
SCHIZO Main Frame Collapse EX/EX Rare original € 65
SEXTRASH Sexual Carnage NM/NM Reissue Osmose 2014 € 15
THE ACCUSSED More Fun Than An Open… EX/EX Original € 15
SIGH Scorn Defeat EX/EX Reissue Hammerheart € 25
VADER Reborn in Chaos NM/NM Hammerheart € 15
VLAD TEPES/BELKETRE March to the Black Holocaust NM/NM Reissue Drakar € 20
VOMITOR Devil's Poison NM/NM Pic-LP € 15
VOOR Evil Metal NM/NM € 15


ASSASSIN The Upcoming Terror EX/EX € 15
ATLAIN Living in the Dark EX/EX € 12
ATOMKRAFT Future Warriors EX/EX € 15
AXE WITCH Visions of the Past EX/EX € 12
BITCHES SIN The First Temptation NM/NM € 15
BLACK HOLE Land Of Mystery EX/EX Very rare original € 125
CITRON Radegast EX/EX Rare Czech version € 20
DARK QUARTERER S/T NM/NM Rare reissue Eat Metal Records € 30
DEATH SS In Death of Steve Sylvester NM/NM Reissue picture disc Horror records € 15
DEATH SS Black Mass NM/NM Reissue picture disc Horror records € 15
DEATH SS Heavy Demons NM/NM Reissue picture disc Horror records € 15
DEATHROW Riders Of Doom EX/EX € 12
DEMON Night of the Demon EX/EX € 8
DESTRUCTION Live Without Sense EX/EX € 12
EXODO The New Babylon EX/EX Very rare Spanish record € 80
EXUMER Possessed By Fire NM/NM Reissue with 7" € 20
HEAVY LOAD Metal Conquest EX/EX MLP, including poster € 40
HIRAX El Rostro De La Muerte NM/NM € 15
HIROSHIMA Taste of Death EX/EX Rare € 50
JAGUAR Power games EX/EX € 12
JAGUAR Opening the Enclosure NM/NM Compilation € 15
KATEDRA Mors Ultima Ratio EX/EX € 50
KRUIZ(RUS) Kruiz-1 EX/EX Rare record from 1987 € 20
LEADER Out In The Wasteland NM/NM Very rare Dutch collector piece € 100
LET DRAKA Dragon Music of Prague EX/EX Rare original Czech version € 30
MANINNYA BLADE A Demonic Mistress From the Past NM/NM Rare piece with the rare 7" on it € 30
MAGNET(RUS) Dies Irae EX/EX Rare Russian record € 40
MASTER (RUS) S/T EX/EX Rare debut from this Russian band from 1988 € 25
MIDNIGHT DARKNESS Holding the Night EX/EX € 15
NEMESIS The Day of Retribution NM/NM Reissue € 20
OZ III Warning EX/EX € 12
PARADOX Product of Imagination NM/NM € 15
PROUD EXISTENCE The Trial EX/EX Very rare Dutch collectors piece € 80
RAVEN Live NM/NM 2LP live recording € 15
RUNNING WILD Port Royal EX/EX € 15
RUNNING WILD Ready For Boarding EX/EX Live recording € 15
SOLSTICE Lamentations NM/NM Metal Supremacy release € 35
STORMQUEEN Compilation NM/NM Rare OPM records, Including sticker,book,patch € 40
TRAITORS GATE Devil Takes the High Road NM/NM Reissue € 15
TRIAL Scream For Mercy EX-/EX Very rare record € 75
TYRANT Days At the Farm NM/NM NWOBHM compilation € 25
UNREAL TERROR Heavy and Dangerous EX+/EX+ Very rare Italien MLP € 75
V/A Metal Knights The Resurgence of Swedish Steel NM/NM Rare sampler with ancient Swedish bands € 30
V/A NORWAY ROCKS Metal Sampler EX/VG Very rare sampler, some water damage back cover, includes insert € 50
V/A New Electric Warriors Metal Sampler NWOBHM EX/EX € 20
WARRANT The Enforcer EX/EX € 15
WILCZY PAJAK (WOLF SPIDER) S/T EX/EX Rare Polish record € 30
WYXMER the Syre Of NM/NM Very rare Italien record € 60


ANVIL Hard N΄ Heavy EX/EX € 8
ARMOURED ANGEL Wings of Death EX/EX Underground records version € 20
ARMOURED ANGEL Baptism In Blood NM/NM First demo on wax € 15
ATTIKA S/T NM/NM Cult Metal Classics € 15
AVALANCHE Pray For The Sinner EX-/EX € 12
AVALON Live Or Die NM/NM Very rare private release € 100
BLACK TASK S/T NM/NM Reissue EP + demo € 20
BLACK VIRGIN Must Likely To Exceed EX-/EX Remnants of price sticker, nothing serious € 30
BOSS TWEED Die You Bitch NM/NM Compilation € 20
BROCAS HELM Defender of the Crown NM/NM € 20
BREAKER In Days Of Heavy Metal NM/NM Very rare private release € 250
CEREBUS Too Late Too Pray EX/EX € 15
CHASTAIN The 7th of Never EX/EX € 15
CHOZZEN PHATE S/T NM/NM Steel Legacy Lim. 103/330 € 20
CITIES Annihilation Absolute EX/EX € 15
COMMANDMENT Engraved in Stone NM/NM Rare OPM records € 60
COVEN Blessed Is The Black EX/EX Cut out right corner € 15
DARK AGE S/T EX Rare original picture disc € 35
EXCALIBUR S/T NM/NM Metal from Brazil € 20
HAWAII One nation Underground EX/EX € 40
INNER SANCTUM 12 a.m. NM/NM Very rare private release € 100
ION BRITTON Eat Metal EX/EX Very rare private release € 250
JAG PANZER Tyrants NM/NM Reissue € 17
KRATOS Iron Beast EX+/EX+ Very rare private release € 125
LAAZ ROCKIT No Stranger To Danger EX/EX € 12
LIZZY BORDEN Menace To Society NM/NM OBI € 30
LIZZY BORDEN Murderess Metal Road Show NM/NM 2LP with OBI € 30
MADD HATTER S/T NM/NM Rare private release € 80
MALICE In the Beginning EX/EX € 10
MALICE License To Kill EX/EX € 10
MANILLA ROAD Spiral Castle NM/NM Black Widow release € 25
MANILLA ROAD Out Of The Abyss EX/EX Rare original € 40
MANILLA ROAD Mark of the Beast NM/NM Rare 2LP Monster records € 50
MANILLA ROAD Metal EX/EX Very rare original € 75
MANILLA ROAD Invasion NM/NM Reissue € 17
MANILLA ROAD The Courts Of Chaos NM/NM Reissue € 17
OBSESSION Scarred For Life EX/EX Sticker upper corner € 10
PURGATORY Tied To The Trax EX/EX € 25
RELLIK Killer NM/NM Rare compilation Doomed Planet Records € 35
RIOT Fire Down Under EX/EX € 12
SA SLAYER Prepare To Die EX+/EX+ Very rare record € 130
SAVAGE GRACE After The Fall From Grace EX/EX € 20
SLOUGH FEG Hardworlder NM/NM Die Hard edition € 40
SLOUGH FEG Traveller NM/NM Very rare Metal Supremacy release € 75
SLOUGH FEG Down Among The Deadmen EX/EX Doomed Planet Records € 50
SLOUGH FEG S/T NM/NM Metal Supremacy release € 50
STEEL ASSASSIN From the Vaults NM/NM € 15
STEEL PROPHET Inner Ascendance NM/NM € 20
STYGIAN SHORE The Shore Will Arise NM/NM Including 7'' € 20
SYRUS Demo Compilation NM/NM Steel Legacy Records Lim.287/500 € 20
THE MEZMERIST The Innocent,The Forsaken,The Guilty NM/NM Very rare MLP € 250
THRUST Fist Held High EX/EX € 15
TYRANT'S REIGN Year Of The Tyrants NM/NM Reissue € 20
V/A Iron Tyrants Metal Sampler US bands EX/EX Rare picture disc World Metal Records € 35
V/A New York Metal - 84 Metal Sampler New York bands EX/EX € 20
V/A Pacific Metal Project Metal Sampler Seattle bands EX/EX € 15
V/A S.P.METAL Metal Sampler Brazil EX/EX Rare metal sampler with 80's Brazilien bands € 35
V/A S.P.METAL VOL.II Metal Sampler Brazil EX/EX Rare metal sampler with 80's Brazilien bands € 35
V/A US METAL VOL.II Metal Sampler EX/EX € 15
VICE/THE KILL 1983-1986 NM/NM Compilation € 30
VIRGIN STEELE S/T EX/EX Debut on Music For Nations (MFN1) € 20
VIRGIN STEELE Wait for the Night EX/EX MLP including poster € 15
VIRGIN STEELE The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell part 1 EX/EX 2LP, very rare € 60
WARLORD Deliver Us NM/NM Rare picture disc lim.384/700 € 25
WASP The Last Command EX/EX € 12
WASP The Headless Children NM/NM 2LP blue vinyl, rare reissue lim. 864/1000 € 30
WIKKA S/T MLP NM/NM Very rare MLP € 75
WILD DOGS Reign Of Terror EX/EX € 15
WOLF (JAPAN) S/T NM/NM Very rare MLP from Japan € 75
XCEL Deliver This Dream NM/NM Rare original € 100
ZIONS ABYSS Tales NM/NM Steel Legacy Records lim.167/330 € 30
Good deals: bMz, Humus, Fils de Metal, Tireheb, CR99, Sv, Stormbringer, MickO, Overdubz, The Exorcist, Darkrider, Panzerdeath, NWN

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Joined: 17 Jan 2009
Posts: 388
Location: The Netherlands

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've put the list in the opening post. Some prices are adjusted.
Good deals: bMz, Humus, Fils de Metal, Tireheb, CR99, Sv, Stormbringer, MickO, Overdubz, The Exorcist, Darkrider, Panzerdeath, NWN
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