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WANT: Impaled Nazarene "Goat Perv." 7" EP

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:41 pm    Post subject: WANT: Impaled Nazarene "Goat Perv." 7" EP Reply with quote

Priority: Impaled Nazarene "Goat Perv." 7" EP

current other 7" wants:

Anal Vomit 7"
Agatus 7" EP (ONLY coloured vinyl)
Emperor "As the..." 7" (no pic)
Sadistik Exekution 7"
Marduk "F... me Jesus" 7"
Merciless (swe) old 7" EPs (also Bootlegs...etc)
Mortem "Slow Death" 7"
Mortuus 7"
Slaugher "Nocturnal Hell" 7"

Or send me your tradelists...I'm mainly after greek/norwegian/columbian/brazilian/ 7" EPs, just offer them...or anything else - LPs, Demos, etc.....

Also looking for:

Winter "Eternal Frost" MCD

will add more wants later...

7"s for trade:

Absu „...and shineth unto the cold Cometh...“ 7“ EP
(with lycric-sheet, black vinyl, Osmose Prod.'95)

Algaion „Demo 1993“ 7“ EP
(Lim.525, Miriquidi Prod. / City of the Dead Rec.)

Anatomy / Long Voyage Back „Poison Blood“ Split 7“ EP
(Lim.500, Bleed Rec.)

Astriaal „The throne to perish (an icon of disease)“ 7“ EP
(Lim.666, Dark Horizon Records)

Autumn Nostrum „Dead Eyes Shining“ 7“ EP
(German Death Metal, Lim.200 on heavy vinyl, with sticker & lyric-sheet, released independent)

Baltak „Macedonian Legions Rise!“ 7“ EP
(Lim.500, From Beyond Prod.)

Bannerwar „Chronicles of Pagan Steel“ 7“ EP
(Gatefold, Lim.500, Blazing Prod.)

Barastir / Yersinia Split 7“ EP
(with printed inner, Lim.400, Bloodlust Distro/Irminsul Rec.)

Darkthule „The Gospel of Heretic Storm“ 7“ EP
(Gatefoldcover, Lim.500, Blazing Prod.)

Desolation Triumphalis / Bekhira „Leading the Plague of Yahweh to its Grave...“ Split 7“ EP
(Aura Mystique Prod., Lim. 660/666)

Emperor „As the Shadow Rise“ PIC 7“ EP
(Lim. 300, Hell Slaughter Rec.)

Emperor "Reverence" 7" EP
(Candlelight Rec. '96, Lim.1000)

Emperor "Forgotten Centuries" 7" EP
(Rehearsal 1991, Bootleg)

Exmortem „Killstorms“ 7“ EP
(Gatefold-cover, with a great Autopsy Coverversion, Ancient Darkness Prod.)

Gorgoroth "A Sorcery Written in Blood" 7" EP

Har Shatan / Wolfsschrei Split 7“ EP
(with lyric-sheet, Lim.666, Darkland Rec.)

Impaled Nazarene „Sadogoat“ 7“ EP
(Osmose Prod. '93, Lim. 1000))

Impaled Nazarene „Satanic Masowhore“ 7“ EP
(missprint/firstprint with Profanatica sticker on the disc, Osmose Prod. Original '93)

Maniac Butcher „The Beast“ PIC 7“ EP
(Limited to 200 handnumbered copies, with Patch & Poster)

Mysteries „In the Dark and Sodomy“ PIC 7“ EP
(with EP-sized lyric-sheet, Lim. 366 copies, handnumbered, private press)

Necromass "Bhoma" 7" EP
(Miscarraige Records '94)

Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution „Tribute to Slayer Mag.“ Split 7“ EP
(Die Hard, heavy red vinyl, Poster, embroided patch, NWN Prod.)

Nocternity / Nastrond Split 7“ EP or PIC EP
(normal EP with Poster & Gatefoldcover, PIC EP with silver-printed mini-book & poster,Debemur Morti Prod.)

Paragon Impure „In Commemoration of Ish Kerioth“
(Lim.400, Painiac Rec.)

Regnum / Kältetod Split 7“ EP
(Lim.400, Nightfog Prod. / Bloodlust Distr.)

Sorath „Horns of the Goat“ 7“ EP
(Pre- Black Funeral, Miscarriage Rec. '93)

Stutthof „An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddes“ 7“ EP
(Eclipse Prod., Lim. 500 handnumbered copies)

Teitanblood / Proclamation Split 7" EP
(with Poster, Red vinyl, Kiss of Shame Rec., lim. 525)

Teitanblood / Necros Christos Split 7“ EP
(with lyric-sheet, Poster, Lim.500, Sepulchral Voice Rex.)

Thou Art Lord „Diabolou Archaes Legeones“ 7“ EP
(Red Vinyl, Molon Lave Rec.'93)

Thou Art Lord / Ancient Rites Split 7“ EP
(Red Vinyl, Molon Lave Rec.'93)

V/A Awating the Glorious Damnation of Mankind
(with Garwall, Axis of Advance, F.R.O.S.T., Demon Realm, Lim. 500, Daimonion Prod.)

V/A Überthrash II double 7“ EP
(with Nocturnal Breed, Audiopain, Aura Noir, Infernö – Gatefoldcover, Duplicate Rec.)

Vordr / Heidenwelt „HateBlood“ Split 7“ EP
(Obscure Abhorrence Prod., Lim. 500 handnumbered)

Vordr / Orodruin „Split“ 7“ EP
(Hearse Records)

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