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Massive Sale List + updates: vinyl, CDs, tapes

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:55 pm    Post subject: Massive Sale List + updates: vinyl, CDs, tapes Reply with quote

-I accept cash, check, mo and paypal.
-All packages sent w/ tracking via first class or priority in USA / Airmail elsewhere
-Prices do not include postage.



New Items
These items are unplayed/unused.

Gallery of the Grotesque #4 Massive black metal zine with a touch of dark sarcasm. $4

CDs I (all CDs $7 each unless noted otherwise)
Ares Kingdom-"Return to dust"
Black Crucifixion-"Faustian dream"
Blood of the Black Owl-"S/T"
Celestiial-"Desolate North"
Crimson Moon-"The Choice Of Spirit"
Dark Messiah-"Rise of Black Dawn"
Darkest Grove-"Pain and Suffering Shall be Known"
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr-“Transformalin”
Electric Sinners- memento Mori (demo CDr) $3
Front Beast-"Black Spells of the Damned"
Kadotus-"Twilight Depths"
Nosvrolok-"The Luciferian Doctrine"
Ohtar-"Petrified Breath of Hope"
Sacriphyx-"Pine Hill" (demo CDr) $4
Symphoniae Sarcrosanctae Phasmatvm-"Path to Yirah"
Velvet Cacoon-"Dextronaut" double CD $8
Wolfhetan-"Entruckung" (digibook, high quality item) $16

LP's I
Averse Sefira-“Tetragrammatical Astygmata" $15
Salem-"Kaddish" $25 (picture disc)
Velvet Cacoon- Northsuite dbl LP limited $18
Velvet Cacoon- Genevieve dbl LP limited $18

Plague Bearer-“Rise of the Goat” $7
Myrkr-"Rituals of Undeath" $8
Victimizer- "Communist Crusher" $8
Devilry- "Muslim Genocide" $8

Cassettes 1 (all tapes $5)
AEP/Absttrakt Torment-"split demo"
ADP- "Grey"
Alioth-"Channeling unclean spirits"
Darkest Grove-"The Rudimentary of Pessimism"
Glaukom Synod-Obsessism
Isolation-"Striding the path of Nihil"
Killers-"Habemus Metal"
Maledicere- "demo"
Necromancy-“Satan Crush Usless God”
Necromancy-“Into Apocalipsis”
Stormheit-“The awakening of the conqueror”
Uno Actu-"Inexistence"

CDs (all CDs are $7 unless otherwise noted)
Absonis Noctis- “penumbral inorgantia” (dreamlike black metal)
Anti-Christian Assault- "s/t" mcd (Swedish black metal)
Breath of Sorrows-”through darkness to battle I ride” (black metal)
Black Witchery- "Desercration of the...." (black metal)
Devastator- Nuclear proliferation (death/thrash)
Drunkard- Hellish Metal Dominate
Eat My Fuk-wet slit and a bottle of whiskey
Extinction "Down Below the Fog" (depressive/dark black metal)
Godless North- "Summon The Age Of Supremacy" (Raw black metal)
Grotesquephoria- "conquered by corruption" (death metal) $5
Holocaustia-"The sacrament Seed" mcD (black metal)
Lugubrum- De Totem (unplayed CD- black metal) $8
Nachtymystium "Demise" (black metal)
Nex-Zero (new CD- death/doom metal)
Primal Dawn-"Zealot" mcd (death/black metal)
Running Wild-"Gates to purgatory" (classic heavy metal) $10
Sathanas-"black earth" (black metal)
Sathanas-"the dark heavens" (black metal)
Svartpest-"ved den..." (black metal)
Octinomos-"Welcome to my planet" (Swedish black metal)
Woldulf-”wargus esto” (Greek Satanic black metal)
Wolfe-"s/t" (black metal)
Witchcraft-carpathian fire (black metal)
Zoroaster- "s/t" (black metal)

Nargaroth-"Fuck nowadays black metal" $20 (cult black metal release-Picture Disc)
Ravager-storm of sin was $12 (brutal death metal)

7" EPs (All eps $5 each unless otherwise noted)
Desolation Hymn-Purgatory Despairing (black metal)
Hellsermon-brimstone, sulphur and blood (thrash/black metal)
Redrum-ghettoblaster (thrash/death metal)

Demos/Cassette (all tapes are $5)
Almighty Emperor- “at battlefields of the abysmal realm” (old style black metal)
Arkham- ”born to hate + live evil” (intense black metal)
Bael- ”caida de cristo” (extreme black metal)
Black Orbit- "Monumental Mass Genocide" (black metal)
Black Howling- “flagellation reigns eternity” (black metal)
Difunter- “Amo de sombra nocturna” (South American black metal)
Etmenns Derokwis- "Demo I & II" MC (ritualistic music)
Hilderog- "Tsormenkvadur" (Black metal)
Kulto Maldito- “demo” (black metal)
Killers-"Habemus Metal"
Lucifugo- “demo” (black metal ala early Black Funeral- CDr)
Malveillance- "Insignifiance" MC (black metal)
Mephisto "Tyrant's Return" MC (ancient black metal)
Muinainen Ruhtinas- "Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin" MC (depressive black metal)
Maleficencia- ”apostasia” (raw black metal)
Nokturnal- ”under the unholy black ritual” (black metal ala old Samael)
Primigenium- "intolerance" MC (black metal from Spain)
Skaldic Curse- "Contagious Psychic Misery" (killer black metal)
Sjalvmord- "Sjalvnatets Skonnet" (depressive/dark black metal ala Burzum)
Shine In Darkness- “ancient forgotten presence” (black metal)
Vorago- "Lobos da Guerra" MC (ambient/raw black metal)

USED Items
These items are used (played and in varying condition)

Antiseen-Hell $6
Adumus-besieging abominations $5
Abazagorath-sacraments.... $5
Armaggedon - Anthems Of The Black Order- $5
Axis Of Advance-strike $6
AC/DC-Stiff Upper Lip $5
Acheron-Xomaly $6
Armaggedon-the tribute to Destruction $5
Avenger-pad oddcrosti/fall of devotion $6
A guitar oddysey-tribute to Yngwee malmasteen $4
Angel Dust-of human bondage $5
Aerosmith- big ones $5
Aerosmith-permanant Vacation $5
Blood Feast-face fate $6
Bruce Dickinson-accident at birth $5
Bloody Victim-bound for blasphemy $5
Blood Storm-pestilence of....$5
Baphomet-trust $5
Conqueror- War Cult Supremacy $8
Chamber Metal-neoclassical metal guitar $5
Coldness / Irae - Our Putrefacted Essence split $5
Circle Of Dust-brainchild $5
Circle Of Dust-s/t $5
Dusk- The shadow soul $6
Dimientianon-seven suicides $5
Dead Zepplin-a tribute to Led Zepplin $5
Deep Purple-the battle rages on $5
Draconis-highest of all dark powers $5
Demon Realm-a legend of power $5
Dio-lock up the wolves $5
Despirited- demo cd 2000 $4
Death Penalty-conviction $5
Enecar- Dawn of creations ruin $5
Emperor-Live in frost land $8 (rare live album)
Eternal Oath-so silent $5
Fear Factory- Obsolete $5
From The Dark- in the shadow of chaos $5
Gardy Loo-perverts on parade $5
Gardy Loo-stool sample $5
Gotmoor- Vlacmsche Premilieven $5
Gorefest-erase $5
Guns & Roses-use your illusions I $5
GWAR-carnival of chaos $5
Heroes In The Snow- that's how it goes $5
Hidden-spectral magnitude $5
In The Sign Of The Horns-a tribute to Venom $4
Iron Maiden- a real LIVE one $5
Inbreed-deliverence $5
Inquisition- Anxious death / forever underground $5
Jimmy Hendrix- his greatest hits $5
Journey- best of.... $5
Kiss-hotter than Hell $5
Kiss- revenge $5
Kiss- double platinum $5
Kiss-Alive III $5
Kinsiun-black force domain $5
Lord Of Worms-wormaggedon (mCD) $4
Lords Werre-demon crusade $5
Led Zeppelin- s/t $5
Motorhead- 1916 $5
Motorhead- Rock ‘N' Roll $5
Megadeth-cryptic writings $4 (booklet has small cutout at top)
Mercyful Fate- Sabbath of all Witches (make offer)
MOD-rythm of fear $5
Misanthrope-the cleansing $5
Misery's Omen- s/t $5
Metallica- some kind of monster $3
Nokturne-curse of nazarene $5
Napalm Death-fear, emptiness, despair $5
Onirik - Walking As A Shadow- $5
Ozzy Osbourne- down to earth $5
Overload II-tribute to metallica $5
Onheil- the threat $5
Pink Floyd- dark side of the moon $5
Pantera-reinventing the steel $5
Pantera-101 proof live $5
Pro-Pain-best of $5
Pessimist-blood for the gods $5
Project Infinity part 2-dissension $5
Portal-forthcoming $5
Queensrych-rage for order $5
Rancid-...and out come the wolves $4
Rein-exit claus $5
ROK- this is Satanic $8
R.E.M.- Monster $4
Styx-best of.... $5
Silverstein- when broken is easily fixed $3
Sepultura-chaos a.d. $5
Skid Row-Slave to the grind $4
Sammy Hagar-unboxed $5
Suicide Culture-hallowed be thy name $5
Souls At Zero-a taste of the perverse $5
The Cure- wild mood swings $5
The Cure- wish $5
Twisted Sister-Big hits & nasty cuts $5
Tearstained-final thoughts $6
Ted Nugent- Great Gonzos/The Best Of
Testement-low $5
Testement-live at the filmore $5
Upon A Dark Horizon-d.h. records vol. I $5
Under Moonlight Sadness-after the cosmic gate $5$6
Unpure- s/t $6
Uriah Heap- the magicians birthday $5
Wolfen Society-conquer divine $5
ZZ Top-xxx $4
ZZ Top-Eliminator $5

Anael/Lust-split LP $25
Bathory-s/t (picture disk-gold version-VERY RARE) $45
Christian Death-skeleton death (10") $15
Demon-the unexpected guest $20
Dust-hard attack $20
Exciter-heavy metal maniac $12
Inner Helvete-total bloodsheding devastation $12
King Diamond- No presents for christmas (European version) $20
Motorhead-s/t $20
Unleashed-victory (picture disk) $20

70's/80's rock & metal LP's (all LP's $6 each)
Adam Bomb fatal Attraction
Aldo Nova- s/t
Alice Cooper-Billion Dollar baby
Alice Cooper-Killers
Bad Company- 10 from 6
Black Sabbath- Heaven & Hell
Black Sabbath-Live at last
Black Sabbath-Technical ectasy
Blue Oyster Cult- on your feet or on your knees
Coney Hatch- outa hand
Deep Purple- Nobody's perfect
Def Lepard- Pyromania
Diesel- watts in the tank
Dokken- back for the attack
Gravedigger- war games
HSAS- through the fire
Hades- Resisting Sucess
Jeff Beck- flash
Judas Priest- defenders of the faith
King Kobra- thrill of a lifetime
Kingdom come- s/t
Kiss- s/t
Krokus-one vice at a time
LA Guns- s/t
Led Zeppelin- III
Led Zeppelin- In through the back door
Mass- take you home
Nasty Savage- Abstract reality (has small saw cut)
Nasty Savage-Indulgence (has small saw cut)
Nazereth- hair of the dog
Night Ranger- 7 wishes
Night Ranger- midnight
Night Rangers- Big life
Ozzy Osbourne- blizzard of ozz
Pink Floyd- the wall
Rainbow- bent out of shape
Rainbow- rainbow rising (gatefold)
Rainbow- straight between the lines
Ratt- dancing undercover
Ratt- invasion of your privacy
Ratt- out of the cellar
Rush- Permanent waves
Rush- hold your fire
Rush- s/t
Rush-moving pictures
STARS- hard rock comp.
Saxon- crusader
Schon & Hammer- hear to stay
Scorpions- black out
Scorpions- fly to the rainbow
Scorpions- love at first sting
Scorpions-animal magnetism
Scropions- World wide live (dbl LP)
Stephan Wolf- the second
Takashi-Kamikazi killers
Ted Nugent- intensities in 10 cities
Tesla- mechanical resonance
Van Halan- 1984
Van Halen 12"
Van Halen- 5150
Wasp-Inside the elctric circus
White Lion- pride
Whitesnake- slide it in
Winger s/t
Y & T- in rock we trust

EPs ($5 each unless noted)
Angelkill-lady cadavar
As Prophecies- igne natura renovatur integra
Damned, The-shut it (limited red vinyl version) $10
Lord Astaroth/Cryptic Wintermoon-Franconian Frost
Twisted Tower Dire/Cold Mourning- split (make offer)
Virgin Sin-make ‘em die slowly

Demos/Cassettes (All tapes $5 each)
Aberrant Path- a death of reason to come
Aberrant Path-the winds that defy god
Accursed-forever following the forgotten paths of darkness and evil
Ad Infinitum-I
Ah Dzam-Nek tar Uknar
Aminion-the return of total desolation
Asgard-to a golden age
Bastard Sons-ya valio madre
Bestial Mocker-war....the final solution
Biastfear-a worthless emotion
Callenish Circle-lovelorn Descend-hate for your blood (in slip cover)
Creepfog- A yearning is whispered (contains "sleepwalker bonus track)
Crypt Howl-tragedies beheld the cemetery
Cryptic Tales-the tales
Cult of the Lizard God-Blood red winter
Cultus- De Zwaarden Spreken
Cultus-a seat in valhalla (demo on CDR-includes tape cover)
Darkest Hate-total destruction
De Occulta Philosophia-obscura simphonia
Dead and Forgotten-s/t
Draconis-promo tape (was sent to me w/o cover- pro tape)
Drohm-Winter's burial
Dust-A wandering through the dark realm
Ebony Poison- demo 1996
Embrace Of Fear- the mysterious underflesh emotions (w/ bonus material)
Empire Of Hate/Morthond-split tape
Empire of Hate/Morthond-split demo
Eternal Hatred- the eve of destruction
Evolutions End- the world you see
Fogg-Stormgaurde (Cdr demo- includes tape cover)
Forsaken Art-the awakening of a new era
Goatwhore- Serenades to the tides of blood
Godless North-summon the age of supremacy
Grim Winter / Autumn Mist (two demos on one Cdr- includes tape covers)
Haat-recidiuus in obscurum
Hate For Humanity-s/t
Hatework-thrashers' attack
Hellsermon-caressed by hellfire
Homincide-self determined breed
Inbreed, The-“new stuff” (promo- has tracks typed on j card)
Inbreed, The-deliverance
Inferior/Front Beast-split tape
Insane Vesper-Unholy procession (demo on CDR-includes tape cover)
Irate-demo 1996
Kataxu-roots thunder
Kharon-the fullmoon curse
Lado Obscuro-o Inferno por...
Lilitu-our vessels of the sea
Lultus-comp. Tape (contains various material- Cultus parody band?)
Minotauri-live August 98
Misanthropy-stench of humanity
Misanthropy-stench of humanity (I have several copies!)
Morning Star-Promo 1994
Morning Star-promo 97
Mortuary Oath-once upon a dreary
Noctus-demo 98
Octinomos-demo #2 $10
Old Pagan-thrash black metal holokaust
Pagan Hellfire- a voice from centuries away
Perdition-demo 2000
Psykodeth-Welcome to death
Recrucifier-Tape worm race
Satan's God-s/t
Satans Vind-forenade I hat mot gud
Savior Sect-The Scare
Savior Sect-lis ard
Servent Fear-s/t
Sexistor-illustrated guide to indecent assault
Shambles-blasphemous vengeance
Shine In Darkness-ancient forgotten presence
SnowFall-Black Terror Art (demo CDR- includes demo cover)
Song of Melkor-bled dry
Stradion-the end of the beginning
Tenebrae/Thy Black Blood- split
Tenebrosus/Angnar- split
Uncreation's Dawn-demo
Unholy Archangel- blessed by aris
Unpure-promotape 1998
War Blasphemy-for the glory of the unpure
War Master-the black horde reigns supreme
Wrath Ritual-the irruption

Miscellaneous cassettes (All tapes $5 each)
Anthrax-attack of the killer B's
Anthrax-persistence of time
Anthrax-Armed and dangerous
Anthrax-among the living
Anthrax-spreading the disease
Anthrax-State of euphoria
Disgust-brutality of war
Evil Incarnate-blackest hymns of god's disgrace
Impaler-charnel deity
Iron Maiden-s/t
Iron Maiden- The number of the beast
Iron Maiden- piece of mind
Iron Maiden- Maiden japan
Judas Priest-turbo
Mistrust-spin the world
Masters Of Metal-strikeforce Vol. I
Megadeth-peace sells....but who's buying?
Nasty Savage-indulgence/abstract reality
Natural Born Killers- soundtrack
Queensrych- operation mindcrime
Queensrych- mini LP
Queensrych- the warning
Quiet Riot-s/t
Quiet Riot- III
Slayer-Hell awaits
Slayer-south of heaven
Scorpions-world wide live
Scorpions-crazy world
Scorpions- Animal magnetism $2 (No cover)
Van Halen-s/t
Van Halen-driver down
Van Halen-women and children first
Van Halen-Fair warning
Van Halen-II
Y&T-open fire
Yngwie Malmsteen-the collection

Berzerker #8/1998 (Iron Maiden, Dio, Pro-Pain....) $3
Brutalized #5/1998 (Groinchurn, Witchhunt, Deaden....) $2
Dragons flight #4/2001 (Nile, Morgion, Koan.....) $2
Fantasies of Tragedy #1 (Azure, Abyssos, Korp......) $5
Goetia #4 (Mortuary Drape, Theatre of tragedy, Tad morse....) $5
Heresy #2/1997 (Satyricon, Immortal, Conqueror.....) $7
Iron Pages #2/1999 (Rockbitch, Deep Purple, Dimple Minds....) $5 *in German
Inner Void #3/1999 (Sepultura, Death, Covenant) $2
Metal Revolution #2/2002 (Dwell, Lacuna coil, AnoxiA....) $1
Metal Fafia #9/? (Somnus, Fleshgrind, Deep red....) $2
Mighty #10/1997 (Alastis, Satyricon, The great kat....) $4
Metalcore #27/2000 (Ceremonium, Metal Mafia, Razorback records....) $2
Metalcore #28/2000 (Blood storm, Violence, New Rock fanzine....) $2
Midwest metal #18/1998 (Eternal hatred, Hypocrisy, Disinter.....) $2
Nocturnal Empire #2/1996 (Lunatic, Decay, Tiamat....) $3
Near Dark #4/Goetia #3_1996 (Mefisto, The darksend, Revelation....) $5
Promethean Crusade #2/1998 (Therion, Sadus, Borknagar....) $2
Read Between the lies #7/2003 (Zyklon, Behemoth, Cult of luna....) $1
Static Zine #19/1998 (Sabbatic feast, Lilitu, Jungle Rot.....) $4
Static Zine #20/1999 (Twisted Tower Dire, Sermon, Lifeless.....) $4
Seventh Sign #2/1997 (Rotting Christ, Cannibal Corpse, Fatal opera...) $5
Short wave warfare #1/1998 (Emperor, Sadistic Intent, Dawn....) $2
Sloth #4/1998 (Bill zebub, Hatred, Darkseed) $2
Sloth #6/1999 (Amorphis, Evergrey, Blind Guardian....) $2
Satans Candy Basket #4/1999 (Beseech, Hell on earth, Soilent Green....) $4
Treats From the underground #5/2000 (Amen, GWAR, The crown....) $3
Unholy Destruction #1/2001 (Watain, Tsjuder, Dominator....) $2
Vampiria #4/2000 (Anubi, Ildfrost, Novembre.....) $5
Wretched Corpse #37/1998 (Mortician, Varathron, Iced Earth.....) $3
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Profanatica-Profanatitas.... CD $7
Judas Iscariot- the cold earth.... CD $8
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