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FPR cult; NOX - Ancestral Arte Negro 7" EP OUT NOW!

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:41 pm    Post subject: FPR cult; NOX - Ancestral Arte Negro 7" EP OUT NOW! Reply with quote


new 4 song EP

NOX (Colombia) - Ancestral Arte Negro 7" EP

Limited to 300 hand numbered copies


"NOX from Colombia, not to be confused with any other bands of that name, represent pure Satanic and evil black metal from South America, bringing to you true art and standards: traditional hateful black metal done by acolytes of true vison and beliefs, lost but not forgotten within the deep underground! We won't bore you with comparisons and similarities to other artists that came before, because we at FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS are confident that our standards of black metal, even in the 21st century, are held to high value within the worldwide undergroun,d and with NOX, you can expect true black metal the way it's supposed to be: aggressive and dark, with feeling and hatred that reverberates through their raw sound and screams! Tired of the digitalized sounds and improvisations? Then support NOX! May your dark soul be consumed!

Their new EP, Ancestral Arte Negro comprises four tracks and is presented on a black-vinyl 7" record. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, it also comes with a 7"x 7" insert. Support true black metal the way it was meant to be and buy a physical copy."


1. What is your conception of "black metal"?

Is the means to connect ourselves with the dark one channelling the potentiality that lies in our interior and that manifest itself through feelings created by our perception of the universe.

2. Is Nox your idealization of black metal? Or an abstraction of it?

Maybe an abstraction. Black Metal is big as a universe. Inside Black Metal you can find different kind of "keys" to open the doors to liberate the darkness inside us. As a personal vision, Black Metal must sound dark and evil, bringer of pestilence devouring of the demiurge's creation and spark of the inner fire.

3. Black metal is a music of extremes; both the extreme depths of the abyss and the extreme heights of transcendence and spiritual transformation; but what is the bridge that connects these two extremes?

The bridge is the learning about how can be used the primal human feelings, The Metal is the means to give them a tangible form, but to get this goal these feelings must be controlled, first at all, immersing ourselves into the darkness in the depths of the (Our) abyss getting inner knowledge to transform them into destructive and destructive powers to ascend to the heights.

4. A related question; black metal is fuelled by primal/extreme energy and emotion, but is usually musically sophisticated; how do you reconcile those two sides of the music?

Black Metal is an inner exploration, as I said, is the means to channelling dark feelings and manifest it as evil and dark sounds, sounds that must take you away and must be able to weak up your inner beast.

5. For songs like those on Ancestral Arte Negro, is composition/songwriting an intellectual or an instinctive process?

Both of them, some concepts on LHP were used to give form of one perception under different mental states, to express the entities involved in our spiritual way of life.

6. Black metal bands often identify themselves as a kind of elite, what do you think it is about the music and the people it attracts that gives a relatively obscure and marginalised subculture/subgenre such a grandiose self-image?

Tell me what you brag about and I'll tell you what you lackÖ Some people sucks.

7. The Ancestral Arte Negro EP is very much in the classic black metal style, including all aspects of the release (vinyl format etc), what do you think Nox brings to black metal in 2016 that fans canít get from listening to the classic albums from the 1990s?

We donít offer anything, we donít cares about it, we just play what we know to do thatís play Black Metal in the old vein. No fucking compromises.

8. Black metal attracts uncompromising, volatile people but they often manage to work well together in bands, how do you think these misanthropic and social elements manage to function without bands immediately splitting after the first rehearsal?

Just can be united elements that understand the mastermindís purpose and share the same philosophy. Everyone have to know what is his role inside a band if you donít could understand that just go away, anybody is indispensable, sometimes is better to be alone that to be surrounded by useless persons.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!
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