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Anyone from Essex/London want my tape collection?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:19 am    Post subject: Anyone from Essex/London want my tape collection? Reply with quote

I have no space whatsoever to store them and therefore I cannot hold onto these guys any longer. Ideally speaking I'm looking for people in the Southend or Chelmsford area as I would rather drop the lot off in person or have the buyer come pick them up so, if you know anyone, drop them a line and get them to contact me via PM here.

If someone wants it who is further afield then postage will have to be sorted though it will be very costly.

All I want is 10 for the lot.

Also got a couple of patches I will throw in as well: Burzum "Det Som..." backpatch and a Bloody Sign, Cruciamentum, Werewolf, Mayhem and Marduk (x2) standard patch.

AKA MANAH - Stygian Darkness (De Umbris)
AMENOFIS - Wretched Soul Desertion (Daemonokratia)
AREA BOMBARDMENT - Area Bombardment (Sombre March)
AURORE FUNESTE - Infame Objection Humaine (Deamonokratia)
AVULSE - Thousand Year Goatreich (Darkness Shade)
AYYUR - Agurzil Screams (De Umbris)

BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism (Propaganda)
BLACK GRAVE - Black Grave (Sinister Stench)

CIRRHUS - Live Rehearsal 05/02/09 (CW)
CIRRHUS - Promo 2012 (CW)
CRYFEMAL - Escucha la Muerte Persigue!! (War)

DARK MYSTERY - The Sign of Satanas (Funeral)
DEATH FORTRESS - Pulling Ancient Stone (Fallen Empire)
DEEP VEIN/BLOODY SIGN/OPPRESSION - Split (Nihilistic Holocaust)
DEEP VEIN - Symbols for the Dead (Self)
DEGGIAL - Upon the Path of Damnation (Demented Omen of Masochism)
DEPRESSION _ Das Relikt (Slava)
DESOLATE ONE - Demo (Darkness Shade)
DEUS IGNOTUS - Worship the Fall of Man (Frozen Darkness)

EISIGWALD - The Mystery of the First Blizzard (Osolon)
ENCHANTED - Breed my Sorrows (Vox Mortiis)
ENSHADOWED - Dressed in Blood (Alastor Rex)

FLAGELADOR - A Noite do Ceifador (Herege Warfare)
FLAMMENTOD - Flammentod (Heidens Hart)
FURDIDURKE - Compilation 2010 (CW)

GHEESTENLAND/TERDOR - SPlit Tape 2008 (Wolfsvuur)
GHOUL - Into the Crypts of the most Blasphemous (De Umbris)
GRAVELAND - Dawn of Iron Blades (Night Birds)

HALOPENT - COmpilation 2006-2009 (Self)
HECATOMB - As the Ash Feeds (Self)
HELL BELL - Devilish Metal (Winterreich)
HERPES - Doomsday (Carbonized)
HEXERIJ - Demo (Self)
HRAPP - Wrath of Hrapp (Southamerican Holocaust)

IMMOLITH - The Ghost Tower (Frozen Darkness)
IMPIOUS BAPTISM - Seventh Seal of Abominable Extermination (Self - 1st press)
IN RUINS - The Abyss Stares Back (War Flagellation)
INCARION/ANNULAR ECLIPSE - Sixth Hell of the East III (Hellhouse666)
INFERIUS TORMENT - War Against Christianity (Battle Hymn)
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - The Demonization Conquers (De Umbris)
INTRA TENEBRAE - In Darkness Night, In Darkest Hour (Self)
ISTIDRAJ - Blasphemous Ritual (Sabbathid)

KESTREL - Weather Eye (CW)
KURHAN - Szlam (Skeleton Plague)

MAPHORION - Baphomet (Self)
MOLOCH - Cosmic Depression (Frozen Darkness)
MORBUS MUNDI _ Vergeltungswaffe (No Music)
MORKTAR _ Fra Denne Mork (Self)
MORKTAR - Reaped by Death (self)
MOULDED FLESH - Death is Redemption (Skeleton Plague)

NEITZSCHEAN REPIRSAL - The Great Hopelessness (Sombre March)
NIGHTSIDE - Oneiric Reign (Self)
NIHIL DOMINATION - Bestial Alcoholnihilation Rehearsal (Self)

OMEGA _ The Beginning of the End (Herege Warfare)
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - Decadent Religious Archetype (Impious Desecration)
ON HORNS IMPALED - Total World Domination (De Umbris)

PACTUM - Rehearsal 99 (Self)
PANTHEON OF BLOOD - Pantheon of Blood (Saturnian)
PROFANE RITUAL - Church Burning (Darkness Shade)

RAGGRADARH - Към Вечната Нощ (Croquemort)
RITUALMORD/PVD - Primitive Hate March (Racheschwur)

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD/DEMONIC MORTUARY - Eternal Hell and Damnation (Rusty Axe)
SADIZTIK IMPALER - Demonic Sadistic Onslaught (Alastor Rex)
SATURN FORM ESSENCE - Plutonium Shadows (Self)
SEARING SKULL - Then Frost Shall Be (D.U.K.E.)
SKOGEN - Wolf's Lair (Werewolf)
SKOGEN/RAGGRADARH - United Ancient Hatred (Werewolf)
SLAUGHTER COMMAND - Bitch Instructing Lessons (Impious Desecration)
SPECTRE - Abyss (Legion Blotan)
SPLATORGY - Petro Girlfriend (Frozen Darkness)
STURMGEWEHR 666 - My Honour is Fidelity (Malktross)
SUCCULENTO BORCHIA - Pure Hate & Madness (Self)
SYMPHONIC OF BLACK SCULPTURES/ZURIARTS - Satanity Diabolical Siamese Malaysian Unholy Split (Mutilationary) (TWO COPIES)

TARTARUS - Satan Blood (Self)
TERDOR - Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 (Krieg Distro)
TERDOR _ The Combat Action of 5 October 1944 (Wolfsvuur & War Flagellation) (BOTH VERSIONS)
TOMHET - A Dark Serenity (lafawijn)
TRANSITUS MORTALIS - Overwhelmed by Hatred and Disgust (Lafawijn)

UNHOLY IMPALER - Collection of Mephistopheles (Self)

WARFRONT - Incendiary Warkommand (Southern Warfare)
WARGOATCULT - The Law of Nuclearmageddon (Mutilationary)
WILT _ She Walks the Night (Must)
WINTER DEPRESSION - ...Твої Стомлені Очi...(Depressive Illusions)

XIBALBA - Demo 2010 (Nuclear War Now)

ZETA RETICULI - Through Twilight Openings (Mooncult)
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