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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:01 am    Post subject: RARE VINYLS SALE, LONG LIST! Reply with quote

Hi there,

I'm selling some items from my vinyl collection. Lots of rare stuff. List below. Prices are mentioned, but I'm open to negotiation, of course.

If you're interested, please get in touch through: infectingthegraves@gmail.com


NM Near Mint (practically equals MINT condition – but no record can ever be in perfect condition, right? Not played more than three times)
VG+ Very Good Plus (used but handled with great care, almost NM … errrm, sometimes I am actually not sure whether it's “NM” or already “VG+”)
VG Very Good (minor signs wear)
G Good (some signs of wear)
G- Good Minus (stronger signs of wear)

Always feel free to ask for details, photos, pressing info etc. and what else might crawl through your mind.

Band // Title // Format // Grading cover // Grading vinyl // Release date // Label // Comments // Price

Abhorer Upheaval of Blasphemy 7” NM NM 1994 Shivadarshana EUR 14
Absu … and shineth unto the cold Cometh 7” NM NM 1995 Osmose EUR 30
Abyssic Hate Suicidal Emotions LP NM NM 2000 No Colours EUR 60
Acheron Rites of the Black Mass LP NM NM 1992 Turbo EUR 40
Acrostichon Lost Remembrance 7” NM NM 1991 Seraphic Decay Bluish/greyish/purpelish vinyl EUR 30
Adramelech Spring of Recovery 7” NM NM 1992 Adipocere EUR 30
Agressor Neverending Destiny LP NM NM 1990 Noise EUR 30
Altar Of Perversion From Dead Temples Gatefold VG NM 2001 End All Life EUR 45
Amorphis Vulgar Necrolatry 7” NM NM 1991 Relapse EUR 27
Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus Pic LP – VG+ 1992 Nuclear Blast EUR 50
Anathema They Die / Crestfallen 7” NM NM 1992 Withhunt EUR 35
Anathema Serenades LP NM NM 1993 Peaceville EUR 60
Angelcorpse The Inexorable LP NM NM 1999 Osmose Lim. no. 964/1000 EUR 50
Angelcorpse / Martire Split Split 7” NM NM 1999 – EUR 30
Apocalyptic Raids … Only Death is Real LP NM NM 2000 Dies Irae EUR 18
Apokalyptic Raids The Return of the Satanic Rites Gatefold LP NM NM 2002 Dark Sun Hand-numbered no. 7 / 1000 EUR 22
Archgoat Whore of Bethlehem Gatefold LP NM NM 2007 Blasphemous U. EUR 60
Asphyx The Rack Gatefold LP VG+ VG+ 1991 Century Media EUR 45
Asphyx On the Wings of Inferno LP NM NM 2000 Century Media Hand-numbered 197 / 350 EUR 120
At The Gates Gardens of Grief 12” MLP NM NM 1992 Dolores Purple vinyl, 300 copies, white label OFFER
At The Gates The Red in the Sky is ours LP NM NM 1992 Peaceville EUR 60
At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul LP NM NM 1995 Earache EUR 60
Atheist Piece of Time LP NM VG+ 1990 Active EUR 25
Atheist Unquestionable Presence LP NM NM 1991 Active EUR 40
Atheist Elements LP NM NM 1993 Music For Nations EUR 70
Autopsy Severed Survival LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Peaceville EUR 45
Avenger Shadows of the Damned LP VG+ NM 2001 Breath of Night/Merciless EUR 20
Axegrinder The Rise of the Serpent Men Gatefold LP NM NM 1989 Peaceville EUR 50
Bathory The Return … LP G VG+ 1985 Under One Flag EUR 20
Bathory Blood Fire Death Gatefold LP VG+ NM 1988 Under One Flag EUR 45
Bathory Twilights of the Gods LP NM NM 1991 Black Mark EUR 50
Bathory Blood on Ice LP NM NM 1996 Black Mark EUR 70
Benediction Subconscious Terror LP NM NM 1990 Nuclear Blast EUR 35
Black Witchery Summoning of Infernal Legions 7” NM NM 1999 Dark Horizon EUR 33
Blasphemy Gods of War LP NM NM 1993 Osmose EUR 75
Blind Guardian Follow the Blind LP VG VG+ 1989 No Remorse EUR 35
Bolt Thrower In Battle there is no Law LP VG+ NM 1992 Vinyl Solution EUR 40
Bolt Thrower … for Victory LP VG+ NM 1994 Earache EUR 65
Bulldozer Fallen Angel 7” NM NM 1984 BWQ Bootleg EUR 40
Bulldozer The Day of Wrath LP VG+ VG+ 1984 Roadrunner EUR 45
Bulldozer IX LP VG+ VG+ 1988 Disomagic EUR 45
Burning Witch Rift.Canyon.Dreams LP NM NM 1998 Merciless EUR 50
Cadaver Hallucinating Anxiety LP NM NM 1990 Earache Test pressing EUR 40
Candlemass Nightfall LP NM NM 1987 Axis EUR 22
Candlemass Ancient Dreams LP NM NM 1988 Active EUR 17
Candlemass Tales of Creation Pic LP – VG+ 1989 Music For Nations EUR 50
Candlemass Live 2LP VG+ NM 1990 Music For Nations EUR 17
Carcass Reek of Putrefaction LP NM NM 1991 Rock Brigade EUR 30
Carcass Necroticism – Descanting … LP VG+ VG+ 1991 Earache EUR 40
Carcass The Heartwork EP 12” EP NM NM 1993 Earache EUR 30
Carcass Heartwork LP NM NM 1993 Earache EUR 60
Carcass Swansong LP NM NM 1996 Earache EUR 150
Carnage Dark Recollections LP VG+ VG+ 1990 Necrosis EUR 100
Carnivore Retaliation LP VG+ VG+ 1987 Roadrunner EUR 40
Celtic Frost Emperor's Return 12” MLP NM NM 1985 Noise EUR 50
Crematory Denial 12” MLP VG+ NM 1992 M.B.R. EUR 100
Cultes Des Ghoules Odd Spirituality 7” NM NM 2007 Flagellum H. No. 366/500 EUR 35
Dark Angel We have arrived Pic LP – VG+ 1985 Azra EUR 70
Darklord Symphony Satanikka Gatefold 2LP NM NM 2002 Blaspehmous Underground Lim. 500, black vinyl EUR 35
Darkthrone Soulside Journey LP NM NM 1991 Peaceville EUR 80
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky LP NM NM 1992 Peaceville EUR 150
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon LP VG+ NM 1993 Peaceville Poster OFFER
Darkthrone Panzerfaust LP NM NM 1995 Moonfog Poster OFFER
Darkthrone Plaguewielder Gatefold LP NM NM 2001 Moonfog First press EUR 30
Death Was good for you!!! 7” NM NM ???? Made in Hell EUR 35
Death Reign in Terror Demo II 7” NM NM ???? Made in Hell EUR 50
Death Leprosy LP G-VG VG+ 1988 Under One Flag EUR 20
Death Live in Horst 1.3.89 LP VG+ VG+ 1990 Bootleg EUR 50
Death Early Demos LP VG+ NM 1990 Bootleg EUR 50
Death The Final Gigs LP NM NM 1991 Bootleg (Arminius) Black vinyl, lim. 500 EUR 30
Death Human LP VG+ VG 1991 Relativity EUR 50
Death SS 1977-1984 Gatefold LP NM NM 1988 Minotauri EUR 100
Death SS … in DEATH of Steve Silvester LP VG+ VG+ 1988 Metalmaster EUR 70
Death SS Horror Music – The Best of Death SS Gatefold 2LP NM NM 1996 Lucifer Rising EUR 60
Death SS Black Mass LP NM NM 1997 Metalmaster EUR 35
Death SS Do What Thou Wilt LP NM NM 1997 Lucifer Rising Lim. 666 copies, includes poster EUR 100
Delirium Zzooouhh LP NM NM 1990 Prophecy EUR 40
Dismember Like an Ever Flowing Stream LP VG+ NM 1991 Nuclear Blast EUR 60
Dismember Pieces 12” MLP NM NM 1992 Nuclear Blast EUR 25
DoomSword Debut album Gatefold LP VG+ VG+ 2000 Underground Symphony Signature by bassist Dark Omen EUR 80
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse Gatefold LP NM NM 1995 Candlelight EUR 80
Evildead Annihilation of Civilization Gatefold LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Steamhammer EUR 20
Evildead The Underworld LP NM NM 1991 Steamhammer EUR 22
Funebrarum Dormant Hallucination 7” NM NM 2003 Midnight Red vinyl EUR 20
Funebre Children of the Scorn LP VG+ NM 1991 Spinefarm EUR 50
Genφcide Submit to Genφcide LP VG+ NM 1987 New Renaissance EUR 33
Goatfire Sacrophobic Initiation LP NM NM 2001 Sombre Hand-numbered 338 / 350 EUR 30
Goatlord Reflections of the Solstice Pic LP – VG+ 1991 Turbo Music EUR 30
Goat Molestor Realmof Evoked Doom 7” NM NM 2005 Bestial Onslaught EUR 60
Gospel Of The Horns Monuments of Impurity 7” NM NM 1999 Morbid Production EUR 35
Gospel Of The Horns Eve of the Conqueror 12” MLP NM NM 2000 Damnation / Hand-numbered, no. 251/500 EUR 40
Grand Belial's Key Judeobeast Assassination Gatefold LP VG+-NM NM 2001 End All Life EUR 120
Grotesque Incantation 12” MLP NM NM 1990 Dolores / Violet vinyl EUR 100
H Bomb Attaque LP VG VG+ 1984 Rave On EUR 25
Helstar Nosferatu LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Metal Blade EUR 27
Helstar Multiples of Black LP NM NM 1995 Massacre EUR 20
Impaler Charnel Deity LP NM NM 1992 Deaf EUR 25
Impiety Salve the Goat 7” VG+/NM VG+ 1994 Shivadarshana EUR 25
Impious Havoc The Great Day of Wrath LP NM NM 2002 Sombre EUR 12
Impulse Manslaughter Logical End LP VG+ VG+ 1988 Nuclear Blast / Ŵalkthrufyre EUR 11
Inquisition Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan LP VG+ NM 2002 Iron Pegasus Splatter vinyl lim. 777 EUR 100
Kaamos Debut single 7” NM NM 1999 Dauthus No. 125/397 EUR 60
Kaamos Debut album Gatefold LP NM NM 2002 Imperium 500 copies EUR 35
Kaamos Lucifer Rising Gatefold LP NM NM 2004 Imperium 1001 copies EUR 30
King Diamond Abigail LP VG+ NM 1987 Roadrunner EU 25
King Diamond Conspiracy LP VG+ NM 1989 Road Racer EU 20
King Diamond The Eye LP NM NM 1990 Roadrunner EUR 30
Kraken LP-Demo 1983, Toronto CANADA LP NM NM ? Hellhammer Maniac Blue vinyl EUR 70
Legend Frφm the Fjφrds LP NM NM ? Unknown Unofficial re-release EUR 80
Limbonic Art Moon in the Scorpio Gatefold 2LP NM NM 1996 Nocturnal Art EUR 70
Macabre End Consumed by Darkness 7” NM NM 1991 Corpse Grinder EUR 40
Manilla Road Atlantis Rising Gatefold 2LP NM NM 2001 Iron Glory EUR 50
Massacra Enjoy the Violence LP VG VG+ 1990 Shark EUR 20
Massacre From Beyond LP NM NM 1991 Earache Promo EUR 70
Master's Hammer Ritual LP NM NM 1991 Monitor EUR 50
Mayhemic Truth In Memoriam LP NM NM 2000 Iron Pegasus Hand-numbered, no. 441/500 EUR 80
Merciless The Awakening LP NM NM 1989 Deathlike Silence EUR 300
Messiah Psychomorphia 12” MLP NM NM 1991 Noise EUR 20
Messiah Rotten Perish LP NM NM 1992 Noise EUR 30
Molested Blod Draum LP NM NM 2009 Galgenstrang Red vinyl, no. 439/500 EUR 18
Molested Stormvold / Unbord Woods in Doom LP NM NM 2009 Galgenstrang White vinyl, no. 266/500 EUR 17
Morbid Angel Abominations of Desolation LP NM NM 1991 Satanic Records EUR 80
Morbid Angel Blessed are the Sick LP NM NM 1991 Earache EUR 30
Mortal Sin Mayhemic Destruction LP NM NM 1987 Vertigo EUR 20
Mortem Demon Tales LP NM NM 1996 Merciless EUR 35
Mortem The Devil speaks in Tongues LP NM NM 1998 Merciless EUR 25
Mortem De Natura Daemonum LP VG+ NM 2005 Iron Pegasus EUR 25
Mortuary Drape All the Witches dances LP VG+/NM NM 1994 Unisound EUR 80
Mόtiilation New False Prophet 7” NM NM 2000 End All Life No. 212/300 EUR 75
Mythic Mourning in the Winter Solstice 7” NM NM 1993 Relapse EUR 50
Necrodeath Fragments of Insanity LP NM NM 1989 Metalmaster EUR 40
Necrophagia Season of the Dead LP G VG+ 1987 New Renaissance EUR 25
Necrophagia Ready for Death LP VG+ NM 1990 – EUR 60
Nemesis Aeterna … and the Trip begins 7” NM NM ?? Calabozo EUR 4
Nihilist Drowned 7” VG+/NM NM 1990 Bloody Rude Defect EUR 40
Nifelheim Unholy Death 7” NM NM 2000 Primitive Art EUR 25
Nifelheim Servants of Darkness LP NM NM 2000 Black Sun EUR 30
Nifelheim Servants of Darkness LP NM NM 2000 Black Sun EUR 30
Nifelheim MCMXC – MMIII Pic LP NM NM 2003 I Hate Lim. edition EUR 50
Northwinds Great God Pan Gatefold LP NM NM 1998 Black Widow EUR 35
Nuclear Assault Game Over LP NM NM 1986 Under One Flag EUR 20
Nuclear Death Bride of Insect LP VG+/NM NM 1990 Wild Rags EUR 40
Nuclear Death Carrion for Worm LP VG+ VG+ 1991 Wild Rags EUR 33
Nuclear Simphony Lost in Wonderland LP NM NM 1990 Steamhammer EUR 20
Obscurity Damnations Pride 7” NM NM 1997 To The Death EUR 60
Obscurity Ovations to Death 7” NM NM 1998 To The Death EUR 30
Ofermod Tνamtό Gatefold NM NM 2008 Norma Evangelium Diaboli EUR 35
Oliver Magnum Debut album LP NM NM 1989 New Renaissance EUR 25
Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine Gatefold LP NM NM 2008 Nuclear War Now! Incl. Poster EUR 50
Overkill Feel the Fire LP NM NM 1985 Noise EUR 25
Pan.Thy.Monium Khaooohs LP NM NM 1993 Osmose EUR 100
Parabellum Un uevo Mundo para las Cucarachas 12” MLP NM NM 2008 Discos Gonorrea EUR 25
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise LP VG+/NM NM 1989 Peaceville EUR 40
Paradox Product of Imagination LP VG+ NM 1987 Roadrunner EUR 8
Pentacle The fifth Moon 12” Pic LP – VG+ 1996 Damnation Hand-numbered, no. 412 EUR 30
Pentacle … rides the Moonstorm Gatefold 2LP NM NM 1998 Damnation Hand-numbered, no. 419 / 500 EUR 40
Pentacle Ancient Death 12” MLP NM NM 2000 Damnation Hand-numbered, no. 163 EUR 40
Pentagram Day of Reckoning LP VG VG+ 1987 Napalm Sharp cut out of upper right corner EUR 50
Pentagram Review your Choices Gatefold LP VG+ VG+ 1999 Black Widow Blue vinyl EUR 45
Pentagram Sub-Basement Gatefold LP NM NM 2001 Black Widow Red vinyl EUR 50
Pentagram A Keg full of Dynamite LP NM NM 2003 Black Widow Blue vinyl EUR 30
Pestilence Malleus Maleficarum LP NM NM 1988 Roadrunner EUR 35
Pestilence Consuming Impulse LP NM NM 1989 Road Racer EUR 60
Portal The Endmills 7” NM NM 2006 Dissident EUR 22
Possessed Seven Churches LP NM NM 1985 Roadrunner EUR 35
Possessed Beyond the Gates LP VG+ NM 1986 Under One Flag EUR 20
Possessed The Eyes of Horror 12” MLP VG VG+ 1987 Under One Flag EUR 12
Post Mortem Coroner's Office LP VG+ NM 1986 New Renaissance EUR 30
Powerlord The Awakening 12” MLP VG+ VG+ 1986 Shark EUR 45
Powermad Absolute Power LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Reprise EUR 40
Profanatica / Masacre Tormenting Holy Flesh / Ola de Vio ... Split LP NM NM 1992 Osmose EUR 60
Prophecy Of Doom Acknowledge the Confusion Master LP VG+ NM 1990 Deaf EUR 28
Protector A Shedding of Skin LP – NM 1991 C&C Test Pressing EUR 50
Prowler Prowling Death Squad 12” MLP VG+ NM 1988 New Renaissance EUR 35
Psychotic Waltz I remember Promo 7” NM NM 1990 Rising Sun EUR 25
Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace Pic LP – VG+ 1990 Rising Sun Lim. 1500 EUR 30
Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace LP VG+ VG+ 1990 Rising Sun EUR 35
Psychotic Waltz Bleeding Pic LP – VG+ 1996 No label EUR 35
Pungent Stench / Disharmonic O. Split LP VG NM 1989 Nuclear Blast No inner sleeve EUR 25
Purtenance Crown waits the Immortal 7” NM NM 1991 Drowned EUR 50
Repugnant Hecatomb 7” NM NM 1999 To The Death EUR 80
Repugnant / Pentacle Dunkel Besatthett 7” NM NM 2002 To The Death EUR 45
Repugnant Epitome of Darkness LP NM NM 2007 Soul Seller EUR 60
Repulsion Horrified LP NM NM 1989 Necrosis EUR 60
Repulsion Excruciation 7” NM NM 1991 Relapse EUR 22
Revelation Salvations Answer LP VG+ NM 1991 Rise Above EUR 45
Revenge Infiltration.Downfall.Death LP NM NM 2008 Nuclear War Now! EUR 15
Rigor Mortis Debut album LP NM NM 1988 Capitol EUR 40
Rigor Mortis Freaks 12” MLP NM NM 1989 Roadrunner EUR 20
Ritual Trials of Torment LP NM NM 1992 Massacre Blue vinyl, no. 457/1000 EUR 10
Rotting Christ Dawn of the Iconoclast 7” NM VG+/NM 1992 Decapitated with insert EUR 50
Rotting Christ Visions of the dead Lovers 7” NM NM 1993 Osmose EUR 30
Rotting Christ Satanas Tedeum MLP NM NM 2006 Kyrck Productions Lim. edition, no. 52, one side edged EUR 40
S.O.B. / Napalm Death Peel Sessions Split 7” NM NM ???? ???? EUR 15
S.O.B. / Napalm Death Split Split 7” NM NM ???? Sound Of Burial EUR 23
S.O.B. What's the Truth? LP NM NM 1989 Rise Above European tour ed., diff. inner sleeve EUR 50
Sabbat Dreamweaver LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Noise EUR 15
Sabbat Mourning has broken LP VG+ VG 1991 Noise EUR 12
Sabbat (I-LOVE-PENIS) The Sabbatical Rites LP NM NM 1999 Iron Pegasus Lim. edition, no. 169/333 EUR 50
Sabbat (I-LOVE-PENIS) Evoke Pic LP – NM 1999 Iron Pegasus Lim. edition, no. 067/333 EUR 45
Sabbat (I-LOVE-PENIS) Envenom LP NM NM 1999 Iron Pegasus Lim. edition, no. 270/333 EUR 120
Sabbat (I-LOVE-PENIS) Disembody LP NM NM 2001 Iron Pegasus Lim. golden vinyl edition, no. 004/666 EUR 100
Sabbat (I-LOVE-PENIS) Disembody LP NM NM 2001 Iron Pegasus Lim. black vinyl edition, no. 582/666 EUR 60
Sacrifice Forward to Termination LP VG+ VG+ 1987 Fringe EUR 32
Sadist Black Screams 7” VG+ VG+ 1991 Obscure Plasma EUR 25
Sanctuary Into the Mirror black LP VG+ VG+ 1990 CBS EUR 22
Sanctum On the Horizon LP NM NM 2008 Lim. Crust Crusher Tour Edition / no. 348 / 381 EUR 30
Satan Court in the Act LP VG+ VG+ 1983 Roadrunner EUR 40
Satan Suspended Sentence LP VG NM 1987 Steamhammer Cut out EUR 10
Satan Into the Future 12” MLP NM NM 1987 Steamhammer EUR 12
Satan's Host Metal from Hell LP NM NM 1986 Web Clear vinyl EUR 80
Sathanas Ripping Evil 7” NM NM 1994 Reaper Records EUR 15
Savage Grace After the Fall from Grace LP VG+ VG+ 1986 Black Dragon EUR 18
Sempiternal Deathreign The spooky Gloom LP VG+ VG+ 1989 Foundation 2000 EUR 30
Sepultura Morbid Visions /Bestial Dev.) LP VG+ VG+ 1986 Road Racer Catalogue no. RO9276-1 EUR 25
Slaughter Strappado LP VG+ VG+ 1987 Fringe / Diabolic Force EUR 80
Slaughter Nocturnal Hell 7” NM NM 1986 Fringe EUR 45
Slaughter Lord / Morbid Angel Raging Death 7” NM NM ???? Dolores Marie Clear vinyl EUR 45
Slaughter Lord Thrash 'til Death 86-87 LP NM NM 1998 Invictus EUR 100
Sodom Expurse of Sodomy Pic 12” EP – VG+ 1987 Steamhammer EUR 17
Sodom Persecution Mania Pic LP – NM 1987 Steamhammer EUR 40
Sodom A Mortal Way of Life 2LP NM NM 1988 Steamhammer EUR 22
Sodom Agent Orange 2Pic LP Metal box NM NM 1990 Steamhammer No. 2244/8000, everything except wristband EUR 70
Sodom Tapping the Vein LP NM NM 1992 Steamhammer EUR 60
Sodom Marooned (Live) Gatefold 2LP NM NM 1994 Steamhammer EUR 50
Solitude Aeturnus Into the Depths of Sorrow LP VG+ VG+ 1991 Roadracer EUR 60
Sortilθge First EP 12” MLP VG+ VG+ 1983 Rave On EUR 40
Sortilθge Mιtamorphose LP VG VG+ 1984 Steamhammer EUR 17
Soulburn Feeding on Angels Pic LP – NM 1998 Century Media EUR 20
Sovereign In the Influence of Mars LP NM NM 2001 Independent Production Disgrace Command EUR 15
Stargazer / Arghoslent Split Split 7” NM NM 2002 Hellflame EUR 30
Thanatos Emerging from the Netherworlds LP VG VG 1990 Shark EUR 25
Thanatos Realm of Ecstacy LP VG+ VG+ 1992 Shark EUR 25
The Accόsed Martha Splatterhead Maddest Stories .. LP NM NM 1988 We Bite EUR 22
The Lord Weird Slough Feg Twilight of the Idols LP VG+ NM 1998 Doomed Planet Signatures of all band members EUR 45
The Obsessed Debut album LP VG+/NM VG+ 1990 Hellhound EUR 50
Thee Plague of Gentlemen Primula Pestis Gatefold LP NM NM 2005 I Hate Poster EUR 45
Triumphator Wings of Antichrist Gatefold LP NM NM 2000 Merciless EUR 40
Trouble Psalm 9 LP VG VG+ 1984 Steamhammer Small EUR 30
Turbo Ostatni wojownik LP G-VG VG+ 1987 Pronit EUR 10
Unleashed Where no Life dwells LP VG+ NM 1991 Cenury Media EUR 50
Vectom Speed Revolution LP VG NM 1985 Gama EUR 30
Venenum Debut EP 12” MLP NM NM 2011 Sepulchral Voice EUR 12
Venom Black Metal LP VG VG+ 1986 Roadrunner EUR 13
Venom At War with Satan Gatefold LP VG+ NM 1984 Roadrunner EUR 12
Venom Die hard 12” EP VG+ BN 1983 Neat / Roadrunner EUR 12
Venom Warhead 12” EP VG NM 1983 Neat EUR 20
Venom Canadian Aussault 12” EP VG NM 1985 Neat / Banzai EUR 15
Venom Official Bootleg LP VG+ NM 1986 American Phonograph EUR 10
Venom The Singles 80-86 LP NM NM 1986 Raw Power EUR 15
Venom Calm before the Storm LP VG+ NM 1987 Filmtrax EUR 7
Venom Prime Evil LP VG VG+ 1989 Under One Flag EUR 12
Verminous Smeel the Birth of Death 7” NM NM 2003 Nuclear Winter EUR 30
Vital Remains The Black Mass 7” NM NM 1991 Thrash EUR 20
Vital Remains Let us Pray LP NM NM 1992 Deaf EUR 45
Voivod Nothingface LP NM NM 1989 MCA UK Pressing EUR 20
Vorphalack Under the Sign of Dragon 7” NM NM 1993 Molon Lave EUR 14
Vulpecula Phoenix of the Creations 7” VG+ NM 1996 Eternal Darkness EUR 25
Waffenweihe / Wod Terror 7” NM NM 2004 Scythe Of Death No. 22/333 EUR 30
Watain Rabid Death's Curse Gatefold LP NM NM 2000 End All Life 148/350 EUR 260
Watain Casus Luciferi LP NM NM 2004 N.E.D. First pressing EUR 45
Watchtower Control and Resistance LP NM NM 1989 Noise EUR 14
Whiplash Insult to Injury LP NM NM 1989 Road Racer EUR 13
Wind Of The Black Mountains Force Fed into Blasphemy 7” VG+ NM 1992 Moribund EUR 8
Witchcraft No Angel or Demon 7” NM NM 2002 Primitive Art EUR 60
Witchcraft Debut album LP NM NM 2004 Rise Above EUR 100
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