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RARE DEMOS(some 80's) for TRADE/SALE!!!

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Sun's Blood

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:37 am    Post subject: RARE DEMOS(some 80's) for TRADE/SALE!!! Reply with quote


Hey there all,I decided to get rid of, prefer some trades, some old and original demos that are quite rare by now I suppose.
I will put the list here first of what i have and beneath it my wants.
You can PM me and i'll try to check back asap,okay.I made some descriptions with them so i dont get all kinds of unwanted questions.
If you do have some serious questions you are welcome.
Here we go...

Tapes: (All originals , otherwise indicated,No bootlegs)

NORDOR(gre)- ceremony of demonic brutality demo ’91 + sticker [ b/w cover,Lyrics printed on inside,Tape is transp.deadstock tape]

CORPSECANDLE(nl)- Lethal approach demo ’96 [pro-printed cardboard cover,Transp. Deadstock tape with stickering on it]

CRUCIFER(usa)- Beyond the realms (adv. demo ‘90/’91) [b/w cover, Transparent deadstock tape]

DESECRATION(usa) – Psycho demo ’85 (Possessed members) [b/w cover,Black deadstock tape,with dirt on it/ Sent to me by Bob Yost]

BEHERIT(fin) – The 7th blasphemy demo ’90 [b/w xeroxed cover,TDK tape, sent to me by Black crucifixion member in ’92 or so..]

SENTENCED(fin)-Rotting ways to misery demo ’91 [b/w cover,transparent deadstock demotape]

AMPUTATION(nor,pre-Immortal) - Slaughtered in the arms of god demo ’90 [b/w xeroxed cover,Black deadstock tape, Friend of mine has a real red paperprinted cover,i guess they were all out of those,coz we ordered them at the same time and i got this one,the tape is a real black demotape though..].

CADAVER(nor) – Abnormal deformity demo ’89 [b/w cover, Sony tape]

DEATH(usa)- Reign of terror demo 2 ’84 [b/w cover, Very old BASF ferro-tape,It sais inside the cover that there’s a Live Oct.’84 gig on it after the real demo tracks,but unfortunately they didn’t put it on there,bummer!!Nonetheless a real rarity] !!!

MASOCHIST[usa]-Sucking the tongue of the ancient one demo 93/94 [b/w pro-print 2-sided thick cardbourd cover,Sony HF tape]

MORTHRA(nl) - Alteration of faith demo ’91 [b/w cover,Black deadstock tape with stickering by the band, A real dutch death gem!!!]

INTERNAL BLEEDING[usa]-Invocation of evil demo ’93 [colour pro-printed 2-sided thick cardboard cover with lyrics inside,Transp.deadstock tape]

EXPULSER(bra) - Bloody cross of J. Christ demo ’90 [b/w xeroxed cover,Unbelievable pink see-through tape written on with a marker pen,Don’t know what brand tape.It’s like straight from the fleamarket,There’s also previous recordings on the other side,I think S.Reich(very blurry).I cannot verify if this is an original one,but i got it from Brazil years and years ago,not yesterday]

EXPULSER(bra) - Fornications demo ’89 [b/w xeroxed cover,old BASF ferro-tape,not a black one like the realy old ones,but a transparent one,I got this together with the other Expulser demo,I am guessing these are original as i got both of them in the early 90’s,but cannot verify,you decide]

HELLER[yugo/ser] - Heller (Off. And Org. cass.lp ’89 (VERY RARE speed thrash) [colour pro-printed j-card,Official deadstock tape with printed stickering].

AFFLICTED[fin]-The odious reflection demo ’90 [blue colour pro-printed paper cover,Transp.deadstock tape]

DONOR(nl) - Demo ’88 (Rare dutch speedmetal) [yellow/black thick paper print cover,old TDK tape]

DONOR(nl) - Inexplicable knowledge demo ’90 (Rare dutch speedmetal) [pro-printed glossy coloured unfoldable cover,Transparent deadstock tape,Booking contact sticker on the casing]

SINISTER(nl) - Perpetual damnation demo ’90 [b/w pro-printed glossy cover with lyrics,Black deastock tape]

ARES KINGDOM[usa]-demo ’98 [b/w pro-printed glossy cover with lyrics printed inside,Maxell UR tape,Sent to me by Chuck Keller].

MORTUARY DRAPE(ita) - Necromancy demo ’87 [b/w xeroxed cover,Sony HF tape]

BARATHRUM(fin) – Live at Kuopio Finland 08-11-1991 (Official live) [b/w xeroxed cover,Maxell UR tape,Sent to me by the band,This is not even on the M.Archives site!!]

MUTILATED[fra] - Pychodeath lunatics demo ’88 (Very rare Deathmetal) [coloured pro-printed glossy cover,Grey deadstock tape with pro-printed stickers on both sides.Printed in France.Try and find another of this classic deathmetal one]


AT THE GATES(swe) - All original 1st print vinyls,except 1st mini-lp

BOLT THROWER(uk) - Peel sessions '88 ,4-track ep with insert

CELTIC FROST(swi) - Emp. Return mini-lp with Poster,Actually just the POSTER !!! ###
- A night in the dark bootleg,Multi colour vinyl !!! ###

INQUISITION(col/usa) - Anxious death 12" ep 1990 ###

NECROMANCER(fin) - Downfall/Liquid sky,2-track 12" ep '90 ###

XYSMA(fin) - Above the mind of morbidity mini-lp '90

ABHOTH(swe) - The tide 7" '92

ABHORRENCE(fin) - Abhorrence 7" '90

ETERNAL DARKNESS(swe) - Doomed 7" '92

TRAUMATIC(swe) - The morbid act of a ....7" '91

DISSECTION(swe) - Into infinite obscurity 7" '91 (not the bootleg)

STARGAZER(aus) - Borne 7" '97

MY DYING BRIDE(uk) - God is alone 7" 91

GOREMENT(swe) - Obsequies 7" '92
- Into shadows 7" '92

DEMIGOD(fin)/NECROBSY(fin) - Split LP '92

MASACRE(col) - Ola de violencia mini lp '91

PROWLER(usa)-Prowlin' death squad mini lp '88

NEMESIS(swe) - The day of retribution mini lp '84(there's 2 versions)

VENOM(uk) - Italian Assault mini lp '08 (bootleg)

And als FLAMES OF HELL - Fire and steel LP , But that is untraceable so forget it!!

Other stuff:

SATYRICON-Poster from Shadowthrone LP
CELTIC FROST-Into the Pandemonium Promo poster '87 ###
BATHORY-Poster from the In Memory cd ox set

### are my main wants from this list,but if you think you have any other cool stuff to offer,let me know.

I know these are some serious wants , but i offer some seriously rare demos too.I am more into vinyl then demos so lets see what happens.
I'll try to dig up some more if i have them...
I also have a list of cd's,and some vinyl (1st URFAUST LP!!!!) of which some rare.
Okay feel free to make (serious) offers.I accept money offers too,but I prefer some of these wants.If this is no succes I will auctions all of this off on ebay so here's your chance.

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Scott K

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You'll probably get better results in the trade section...
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