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Demos and CD to sell/trade

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:04 am    Post subject: Demos and CD to sell/trade Reply with quote

Hello, this is my sale/trade list, I have some punk/hc/grind and metal/thrash/death to give away. Everything is original and in perfect conditions...
if you see some prices, they are stated in Euros. If there's no price beside an article, just get in touch and discuss it.


-Acroholia/Lixo Urbano: Split Demo (EU 91 Prod. Brazil + Ex-Yugoslavia grind legends)
-Active Minds: Death to capitalism and other tales (A.O.N. Productions)
-Agathocles/Notoken: Split Live Tape (Chivolo Records. Notoken = hc/grind legends from Ecuador. Very very rare split tape)
-Burian: Promo Demo 1998 (self released, black metal from Italy. Original demo, only 15 copies ever printed. Never came out officialy. With cover)
-Burst Of Noise: Bastarditalia Demo 1997 (self released, noisecore from Italy. Only real Demo ever released, with cover)
-Burst Of Noise: Live at Festival Rock di Montemarciano 10-05-1997 (normal C-46 tape, no cover)
-Carburetor Dung: Songs for friends Demo 1993 (Kassim Selamat Productions, Punk/HC from Malaysia)
-Carburetor Dung: The allure of manure Demo (The Ricecooker Productions, Punk/HC from Malaysia, recent reprint on Tape of the 1996 demo)
-C.C.M.: Demo 1983 + Live 1987 (EU 91 Prod./Provinciattiva Recs. Italian raging HC legends. Official release licensed by the singer)
-Cripple Bastards: Mundo de mierda
-Cripple Bastards: Punk's not music Collection Tape (Upground Records)
-Cripple Bastards: From 88 to 92
-Cripple Bastards/KSG/Dissonance: Split Demo 01
-Cripple Bastards/Agathocles: Split Demo 02
-Cripple Bastards/Dark Season
-Cripple Bastards/Grimcorpses/Harsh Feelings/Filthy Charity
-Crise Total: Live before death 1982-1989 (Punk/HC legends from Portugal, various Live Sets from 80's. R.I.P. Records very hard to find!)
-Disrupt/Comrades: Smash divisions night Split Live Tape 1993(Bad Taste Production, impossible to find, only 150 copies made, most of them never sold, think no more than 50-60 copies survived)
-Electro Hippies: Dead end Tape (Dubbed from original tape, rare rehearsal/demos/unreleased/live from 1985-1988)
-Frayeurs: Collective hypnosis (dubbed from original Demo 1991)
-Genital Masticator: From originality to vulgarity (Cadaverizer Records 1993! Legendary tape, legendary label. Impossible to find nowadays)
-Green Scum: The best green wish (Exotic Underground Records, one of the earliest grindcore act from Bulgaria)
-Heterodox/Denigrate/Skatanixs: 3 way split Tape (HC/Punk from Malaysia, 2001. Demise Records)
-Kokosha Glava: Punk anarchy nihilism 1989-1995 (A.O.N. Productions, cool Punk/Hc from bulgarian legends)
-Meat Shits: Meet the shits
-Meat Shits: Mentrual sampler
-Meat Shits: Bowel rot
-Meat Shits: Let there be shit Live Tape
-Meat Shits: Fuck frenzy
-Meat Shits: Frectate fumes (dubbed from original demo, with cover)
-Meat Shits: Regurgitated semen (dubbed from original demo, with cover)
-Pesmenben IV/Eskape Del Matadero: Split Cassette (Lasergrind Rec/Grabaciones Insalubres, Noise from Ecuador 1999)
-Pulmanx: Demo 1992 (cool Punk/Hc from Italy, Paul Chain's friends. Very, very rare demo)
-Putrid Cadaver: Vous aimez la mer but who's buying Demo 02 1989 + Baboocha Rehearsal Demo 03 1989 (great noisecore/grind from France: 2 demos on 1 tape, with 2 covers. Directly from the original singer)
-Savage Death: Mass genocide Demo 1985 (original! Sent directly from the singer)
-S.T.D.: Kun for the barske (Climax Records, raging HC from Sweden, original 1991 Demo!)
-T.R.B.U.H./Gruuthaagy: Split Demo (EU 91 Prod. Noisecore legends from Yugoslavia)
-VV.AA.: Rovina Hardcore Compilation (44 Italian bands live 1981-1985, EU 91 Prod. Lots of legendary italian HC/Punk bands from the 80's)
-VV.AA.: The Belgian Campaign For Musical Destruction (Agathocles, Hiatus, Acoustic Grinder, Provate Jesus Detector)
-VV.AA.: What do you want for Christmas? (Early 90's Punk/HC from Philippines, original tape with G.I. & The Idiots, Cantoots, Putang Inas, Bad Omen, Aggressive Dog Attack...Middle Finger Records)

CD-R (original, licensed by the band or official CD-R editions only)

-Ataque Frontal: S/T (classic HC/Punk from Peru 1987. Ep + video tracks. CD-R with professional printed cover and xerox on CD. Official edition made by the band itself)
-VV.AA.: Nordland Compilation (198x R.A.C. compilation from Sweden: Dirlewanger, Agent Bulldog, Pro Patria, Vit Aggression. CD-R with professional printed cover and xerox on CD)

-Assuck: Misery index (Sound Pollution)
-Blood: Impulse to destroy (Morbid Records, original sleeve box 1994, rare to find)
-Discordance Axis: Reincarnation (Devour Records, rare)
-Discordance Axis: Original sound version 1992-1995 (Devour Records)
-Grinder Mafia: The first reich (Sun Blast Records/Mortesecca Rec. First part of discography, noisecore gods. Rare import from Chinese label, hard to find)
-Lack Of Interest: Trapped inside (Slap A Ham)
-Stack: Konkret lichtgeschwindigkeit (Six Weeks Records, complete discography)
-Kaos: Kaos (10) Old chaos-punk from Peru, 1985, complete discography, very very rare CD (Illy Joker Records)
-The Kids (Belgium): Living in the 20th century (private release, very rare!!) 10
-Avulsion: The crimson foliage hit (5)
-Mule Skinner: Abuse (5)
-Dropdead/Totalitar: Split CD (6)
-Spazz/Sbuversion: Split CD 15 SUPER RARE!!!!!
-Capitalist Casualties: Subdivisions in ruin 7
-Agents Of Satan: The old testament (complete discography) 7
-Ulcer: Discography 8
-Charles Bronson: Complete discography 2xCD 10
-Unseen Terror: Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit/Dutch East India Trading) 15
-Intense Degree: Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit/Dutch East India Trading) 15
-Grinder Mafia: The first Reich (Sun Blast Records, very rare) 10
-Yacopsae: Fuck punk rock, this is turbo speed violence (various labels, very rare) 10
-Agathocles: Theatric symbolisation of life (Cyber Music, original 1992, very rare) 10
-VV.AA.: Atrocity government culination (Grand Theft Audio: Cripple Bastards, P.E.L.M.E., Urban DK, The Dread. Out of print since years! Rare)
-VV.AA.: Fucking noise terror (Sound Pollution Records)
-VV.AA.: Fiesta comes alive (Slap A Ham Records)
-VV.AA.: Cry now, cry later vol. 1+2 (Pessimiser Records)
-VV.AA.: Cry now, cry later vol. 3+4 (Pessimiser Records)
-VV.AA.: No one can decide for you - Furious years of italian HC in 7 inches (Antichrist Dyonisus Prod., super rare!) 20

-Omas Kojas: 1987-89 Discography CD-R (signed by the singer)
-Nimrod: Times of changes official CD-R discography (professionally printed with booklet)
-Atrophy: Socialized hate (Displeased Records)
-Fool Stench: The beginning 1993-1996 (Areadeath)
-Ritual Sacrifice: The early years 1988-1992 (Areadeath)
-Armour: The sonichouse tapes (Areadeath)
-Glasgow: Zero four one (bootleg CD)
-Desire (Malaysia): Slow rock terbalik CD (BMG Malaysia)
-Foul Stench: The beginning 1993-1996 (Areadeath) 7
-Helstar: Burning star (Century Media)
-Helstar: Remnants of war (Century Media)
-Thresher: Here I am + Demo 1989 Bonus CD (Roxx Productions, 100 copies only) 15
-Target/Holy Moses: Mission executed/Queen of Siam Split CD (greek bootleg, very rare) 12
-Aggression: The full treatment (Old Metal Records OMR 20) rare 10
-Chernyii Kofe: Svetlyii metall (Misteriya Zvuka Records) Recordings 1984-1986 10
-Antacid/Hatred: Split CD (Areadeath, China, not easy to find) 10
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