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Tons of CD,tape,LP's for TRADE/SALE (+some rare shits)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:27 am    Post subject: Tons of CD,tape,LP's for TRADE/SALE (+some rare shits) Reply with quote

CDs + VINYLS + TAPES for trade (possibly sale)........
99% of presented items are in perfect condition. I'm located in Europe.
Some shits are rare, so I'm waiting reasonable offers for them.
Contact via PM, no reply = no interest.

ASTAARTH (Fra) - Gloria Burgundia (Blood Fire Death / CD 2007)
BAEL (Fra) - Bleeding For Him (D.U.K.E. / MCD 2003)
BATHOMET (Gre) - Bathomet (Unisound / CD 2003)
CRUENTION (Fra) - Promo CD 1998 (Selfreleased, limited to 500)
DEFACER (Bra) - Nocturnal Mysteries (Southern Spirits / CD 1998)
DIABOLOS RISING (Gre) - Blood, Vampirism & Sadism (Osmose/Kron-H / CD 1996)
EVIL DEAD (Svk) - Spomienky na Predkov (Osiris Prod., limited to 1000 / CD 2006)
GOATMOON (Fin) - Finnish Steel Storm (Werewolf Prod. / CD 2007)
GOATMOON / RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) - In the Spirit... (Bestial Burst, ltd.to 500 / CD 2008)
HROMOVLAD (Svk) - Ohna Hlad, Vody Chlad (Ketzer / CD 2007) still sealed!
KRIEG (Usa) - The Church (Cicatrix / MCD 2001)
MÖRKER (Swe) - Den Sista Utfärden (Northern Silence / CD 2005)
MYSTIFIER (Bra) - Goetia & Wicca (Osmose, limited A5 digipack / double CD 2001)
PRIMIGENIUM (Spa) - All Your Tears... (Fullmoon / MCD 2000)
RAISM (Gre) - The Very Best Of Pain (Osmose/Kron-H / digiMCD 1996)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Verdandi/Berustet av... (B.O.P. & Grievantee Prod. / CD 2006)
REVENGE (Usa) - Attack.Blood.Revenge (Dark Horizon / MCD 2001)
SOMRAK (Slo) - The Abhorred Blessings (D.T.R. / CD 2007)
THOU SHALT SUFFER (Nor) - Into The Woods Of Belial (Nocturnal Art / CD 1998)
***UNGOD (Ger) - Conquering What Once Was Ours (Shiver Rec. / MCD 1996) ---GONE---
VOID OF SILENCE (Ita) - Criteria ov 666 (digiCD, Code666 / 2002)
WEREWOLF (Pol) - The Temple of Fullmoon (No Colours / CD 2005)
WOLFNACHT (Gre) - Night of the Werewolf (Battlefield / CD 2002)
ZYKLON-B (Nor) - Blood Must Be Shed [re-release + bonus] (Blackend / MCD 2004)
V/A FROM THE ENTRAILS TO THE DIRT - 4 way split digipack CD (End All Life Prod. / digiCD 2005)
V/A THE UNHOLY BIBLE - Label Sampler (Cacophonous / CD 1997)
bands: Bal-Sagoth, Sigh, A.Ceremony, Bloodstorm, Abyssos, 13 Candles...etc.
V/A TORMENTING LEGENDS II - W.T.C. + Blut & Eisen Prod. Compilation (digiCD / 2006)
bands: Wolfsmond, Puissance, Eternity, Arckanum, Katharsis, Luror, Nyktalgia, Musta Surma...etc.

Official CD-R's : Will gladly trade all 5 for one original CD or 7"EP
ACHAEMENID (Usa) - As Night Sets... (CD-r with full coloured pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Beverina Prod.)
RAVENCULT (Gre) - Despise The Blindfold (demo CD-r with pro cover, ltd.to 300 / Selfreleased.)
URSKUMUG (Lit) - Passover (CD-r with full coloured pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Heidens Hart Prod.)
WOLFHORD (Bra) - Realm of Pagan Storms (CD-r with pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Eisenvolk Prod.)
V/A Deep In The Spirit Of UGBM (various) - (CD-r with pro cover, ltd.to 500 / Krutoslav Prod.)
bands: Grimlair, Hordagaard, Funeral Forest, Ymber Autumnus, Rabennacht

ALTAR OF PERVERSION (Ita) - Adgnosco Veteris... (Ajna Offensive, 10"MLP)
*** ASSESOR (Cze) - Invaze (Globus, 12"LP, rare czech death metal from 1990) ---GONE---
ASTROFAES (Ukr) - Dying Emotions Domain (Zyklon-B Prod., 12"LP limited to 300)
CAEDES (Ger) - Blood, War, Perversion (Christhunt, 12"DLP)
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) - Kenose (Noevdia, 12"MLP)
DISASTROUS MURMUR / EMBEDDED (Aut/Ger) - Split EP (Perverted Taste, 7"EP ltd.to 1000)
DROWNING THE LIGHT (Aus) - Through the Noose of Existance (Slava Satan, 12"LP, limited to 300)
EXHUMED / NYCTOPHOBIC (Usa/Ger) - Totally Fucking Dead/Sterility (Revenge Prod. / rare 7"EP from 1998)
EXHUMED / RETALIATION (Usa/Swe) - Pray For War/Tales of the Exhumed (Headfucker / rare 7"EP from 1998)
FLAUROS (Fin) - Third Curse (Dark Horizon, 7"EP)
FORLORN IN SILENCE (Nor) - Forlorn in Silence (Mournful Silence, 7"EP)
HORNA / TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM (Fin/Ita) - Split EP (Obscure Abhorrence, 7"EP)
HORNA (Fin) - Sanojesi Äärelle (Deviant Rec. / 12"DLP - TEST PRESS !!!) GOOD TRADE ONLY!
LIFELOVER (Swe) - Erotik (Eternity/Blut und Eisen, 12"DLP, limited to 500)
MUTIILATION (Fra) - Destroy your Life For Satan (Dark Adversary, 12"LP ltd.to 666)
SERPENT OBSCENE (Swe) - Serpent Obscene (Necropolis, 12"LP)
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (Rus) - Pre-natal Whittling (From Beyond, 7"EP ltd.to 500)
THE ROCKING DILDOS (Fra) - On Speed (Osmose, 12"LP, limited to 1000)
Project of Herve, owner of the French label Osmose and Mika Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene, Blackened Punk Metal...

AEIOU (Rus) - F.H.T. (side project of Wewelsburg, color pro-glossy cover, lim.to #500)
AION (Pol) - Midian (original tape)
BELETH/NOCTURNAL (Pol) - Gott Ist Tod (split demo limited to 150, profi BW cover)
BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – Ahnenerbe (tape EP version lim.to #500)
BLUTEN (Svk) – Years of Hate & Misanthropy (reh.tracks from 2000-2002, lim.to #500, glossy cover)
BRUME D'AUTOMNE/TEUTATES (Can) – Unis par le Lys (split tape EP, lim.to #500)
CANDLEMASS (Swe) - Dactylus Glomerata (original tape)
CARCHAROTH (Esp) - My Father was a Wolf (demo, profi BW cover)
COMMAND (Bra) – Sturmangriff (tape vers. including demo tracks, limited)
DARKTHULE (Gre) – Beyond The Endless Horizons (tape vers., lim.to #500)
DAWN OF DIVISION (Gre) - Outrage Of Desolation (demo, xerox cover)
EISENWINTER/HOLOCAUSTUS (Swi/Ger) - Teutsch-Helvetischer Kampfbund (split demo)
ERADICATION (Fra) - The Great Cleaning (tape edition, Ad Hominem project, limited to 200)
EVIL (Bra) – Depression and Mourning (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
EVIL/ARYAN BLOOD (Bra/Ger) – Ancient Empire (tape EP, lim.to #500, glossy B/W cover)
EVIL/S.A.R./THALLIUM (Bra) - Chaos to Unleash a New Age (split tape, lim.to #500)
EVIL/THORNWIRE (Svk) - Zlo/Wheel Of... (split demo) (coloured PC cover, limited to 66 copies)
FINIST (Ukr) – Awakening (tape lim.to #500, comes with color pro glossy cover, special hard-paper box)
FJALLSTORM (Fra) - Reise (viking BM, tape edition limited to 500, profi BW cover)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Der Kampf Kapitel 1 (collect.of old, new & unreleased tracks, lim.to #250)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Heil Deutschland, hoch in Ehren (demo 2005, lim.to #500, color pro glossy cover)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Rot von Blut das Winterkleid (demo 2003)
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (Ita) - Death Is Coming (great BM act, tape edition with profi coloured cover)
GENOZID (Spa) - Reigns Of Black Metal (demo lim.to #500)
GRAFENSTEIN (Ger) - Silence Endless (tape vers., lim.to #500)
GRIMLAIR (Fra) - Demo 2002 (depressive BM, limited to 150)
HATE FOREST (Ukr) - Battlefields (tape edition of this masterpiece, profi BW cover)
HEIDENBLUT (Ger) – Freesenleed (almost hour of original BM, glossy color cover)
HERJAN (Fra) - Vision naturelle du monde (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
HILDEROG (Ice) - Tsormenkvadur (demo lim.to 500, profi BW cover)
HORDAGAARD (Nor) – Ravnablod/Trollskap (tape LP cont.2 demos, lim.to #500)
HRIMTHURSEN (Ger) - Weisses Reich (cold german pagan metal!!!, lim.to #500)
HROMOVLAD (Svk) - Ohna Hlad Vody Chlad, tapeLP 2007 (Stuza Prod., profi tape, ltd.to 500)
HROMOVLAD (Svk) – Vladca Lesov... (tape vers., slavonic BM, color pro-glossy cover, lim.to #500)
HYPERBOREAN (Ger) – Völkermord (demo lim.to# 8
IMMORTAL HAMMER (Svk) – Immortal Past (unrel.& rare tracks, lim.to #500, glossy cover)
KAOSRITUAL (Nor) - Svøpt Morgenrød, tapeLP 2008 (Terratur Prod., profi tape, ltd.to 500) SEALED!
KATHARSIS (Pol) - Ex Potestati Inferni (demo, raw BM, profi BW cover)
KORIUM (Svk) – Hradby Samoty (demo 2, lim.to #500)
KORIUM (Svk) – Mraziva noc prinasa pokoj (demo 1, lim.to #500)
KRODA (Ukr) – Do Nebokraju Zhittja (tape lim.to #500, comes with color pro glossy cover, in special hard-paper sleeve)
KRYPTEIA (Gre) - Hellenic Martial Virtue (demo, with Stutthof & Der Stürmer member)
KULT (Por) - Submit+Obey (orig.tape, ltd.to 200, industrial electro ambient)
LEBENSESSENZ (Bra) - Einsamkeit, Hass und... (primitive ambient, profi BW cover)
LOITS (Est) - Ei Kahetse Midagi (tape version of this genial material, lim.to #500)
LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) - The Supreme Art of Genocide (antihuman BM, profi BW cover)
LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) - Vector 33 (antihuman BM, profi BW cover)
LUGUBRE ECLIPSE (Bra) - O Adocicado E Enjoativo... (demo, primitive UGBM, profi BW cover)
LUTOMYSL (Ukr) – Decadence (limited to 666 hand-numbered copies)
MALVEILLANCE/VORAGO (Can/Por) - Split Tape (xerox cover, limited to 400)
MOONTOWER (Pol) – Antichrist Supremacy Domain (tape vers., lim.to #500)
MORTAL WISH (Bra) - Dez Cranios Humanos... (black metal, coloured profi cover)
NACHT UND NEBEL (Can) - Totalen Krieg (demo EP lim.to #500, color pro glossy cover)
NIHILUM (Swe) - Dead and Forgotten (suicidal ambient, profi BW cover, Hypothermia member project)
OAK (Hol) - Their Death...Our Freedom (limited to #500, cont. Absurd cover)
ORNAMENTS OF SIN (Fra) - Inhale Zyklon-B (tape version lim.to #800)
PROFANE SOLITUDE (Ukr) - Awakening In Emptiness (tape vers., lim.to #500)
PYOPOESY (Svk) – Tyrannus (demo 1999, melodic death metal)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Ruler's Age (killer russian NSBM!!!, tape version)
SINISTER (Hol) - Cross The Styx (original tape)
SKYCLAD (Uk) - The Prince Of The Powerty Line (original tape)
SLAVIGROM (Svk) - Kraj Temny (EP) (PC cover, limited to 66 copies only)
SLAVIGROM (Svk) - Navrat Slovanskej Nenavisti (PC cover, limited to 66 copies only)
SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fra) - Mémoire Paienne (re-release, demo limited to #214)
STRIGOR (Svk) – Povstan rod Strigorov (great fantasy/ambient, lim.to #500)
STUTTHOF (Gre) - Devotion to Black Arts 1997-2005 (compilation of old and unreleased tracks)
SVARGA (Ukr) - Simvol Voli (slavic BM ala Temnozor, profi coloured cover)
TEMNOHOR (Svk) - Do ponurych smrecin... (limited to #500)
TESSARACT (Ukr) - Sudden Outcome (tape LP, lim.to #500)
THALLIUM (Bra) - A Howling From a Thousand Years (tape LP 2002, lim.to #500)
TOREVA (Svk) - Skryte Brany... demo 2008 (Krologh Prod., profi tape, ltd.to 150) SEALED!
V/A: Blazebirth Hall – Hammerkrieg – tape version of BlazebirthHall bands compilation (lim.to #1000, pro-cover)
V/A: The Night and the Fog, vol. II – tape version of this legendary P.Front compilation (lim.to #1000, pro-cover)
VALAR / URUK-HAI (Fin/Aut) - To Whatever End / Enslaved... (split tape, pro cover)
VARATHRON (Gre) - Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (tape version, best off songs, incl. EP 1991)
VIKE TARE (Ger) - The Tide of Revelation (tape vers.of CD 2005)
WEWELSBURG (Rus) - Im deinst der Deutsche Wehrmacht (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
WEWELSBURG (Rus) - The Anti-Architect (tape vers.of killer NS industrial/BM..., lim.to #500)
WINTERFROST (Spa) - Worship The Blood Of The Pagan Supremacy (demo 2004, lim.to #500)
ZWENZ (Ger) - A Life's Work of Natrgaard (tape edition limited to 100, profi BW cover)

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