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Vinyl Trade List

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:19 pm    Post subject: Vinyl Trade List Reply with quote

Abstain/Agathocles – Fuck Your Values/Society of Steel Blue Wax 7” (Uxicon)
Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions Pic Disc LP
Acheron – Deprived of Afterlife 7” (Corpse Grinder)
Acid Death – Apathy Murders Hope Blue Wax 7” (Molon Lave)
Adramelech – Spring of Recovery 7” (Adipocere)
Agathocles/Morbid Organs Mutilation 7” (Rodel)
Animosity – Get Off My Back LP (Most Pit)
Awakening – Swimming Through the Past 7” (Adipocere)
Bad Brains – I Against I LP (SST)
Bal Sagoth – A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria LP (Cacophonous)
Banished – S/T 7” (Olympic)
Baphomet – Boiled in Blood 7” (After World)
Benediction/Pungent Stench – Confess All Goodness/Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice 7” (Nuclear Blast)
Blood – Impulse to Destroy Red Wax LP (Wild Rags)
Brain Dead – S/T Mint Green 7” (Perverted Taste)
Brujeria – Machetazos 7” (Alternative Tentacles)
Brutal Truth – Need to Control 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9” Box Set
Celtic Frost – The Collector’s 12” LP (Noise)
Cock & Ball Torture/Grossmember – Analcadaver/Make Victims Not Love 7” (No Weak Shit)
Cock & Ball Torture/Squash Bowels – Parental Advisory/Regulation 7” (Bizarre Leprous)
Crucifer – Pray For the Dead Blue Wax 7” (Wild Rags)
Damnatory – Hybridized Deformity Clear Wax 7” (Infestation of Evil)
Dead – Slaves to Abysmal Perversity Red Wax 7” (Malodorous Mangled Innards)
Dead Raven Choir – Casket Strength Black Metal 3LP Box Set (Weird Forest)
Dead World – S/T 7” (Relapse)
Decrepit – The Wake Clear Wax 7” (P.S.)
Depression/Rot – Und Keiner Weint uns Nach Blue Wax 10” (Deadly Art)
Devolution/Grave – S/T LP (Prophecy)
Disastrous Murmur/Embedded – Landshark/Death Unfolds 7” (Perverted Taste)
Disemboweled Corpse – Black as the Coals of Hell 7” (Mint Tone)
Disfigured/Repudilation – Restrained by Invention/Decimation 7” (Another Numb Cum)
Entombed – Left Hand Path LP (Earache)
Exhumed/Nyctophobic – Totally Fucking Dead/Sterility 7” (Revenge)
Exhumed/Pantalones Abajo Marinero – Indignities to the Dead/Lujuria de Chivo Clear Wax7” (Al Pacino)
Exhumed/Retaliation – Tales of the…/Pray for War 7” (Head Fucker)
Gehenna – Ancestor of the Darkly Sky 7” (Necromantic Gallery)
General Surgery – Necrology 7” (Relapse)
Godflesh – S/T LP (Swordfish)
Gothic Slam – Just A Face in the Crowd LP (Epic)
Groinchurn – 6 x 9 + 5 10” Pic Disc (Fudgeworthy)
Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno Pic Disc LP (Morbid)
Haemorrhage/Groinchurn – Surgery for the Dead/I Don’t Think So 7” (Morbid)
Haemorrhage/Ingrowing – Putrefaction/Creation of Another Future Red Splatter Wax 7” (Copremesis/Shindy)
Headrot – S/T 7” (Dissonant)
Heretic – Torture Knows No Boundary LP (Metal Blade)
Horror of Horrors/Judecca – Old Burnt Church Road/The Evil is Born Maroon Wax 7”
Houwitser – March to Die Olive Green Wax 7” (Displeased)
Ildjarn – 1992-1995 2LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn – Nocturnal Visions LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn – 93 LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn – Ildjarn is Dead 2LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn – Minnesjord-The Dark Soil LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn-Nidhogg – S/T LP (Northern Heritage)
Impetigo – Ultimo Mondo Cannibale LP (Wild Rags)
Impaled/Cephalic Carnage – S/T 7” (Head Fucker)
Incantation – Entrantment of Evil 7” (Relapse)
Indestroy – S/T LP (New Renaissance)
Infester – Darkness Unveiled Red Wax 7” (Moribund)
Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio 3LP Pic Disc (EMI)
Joyless – Wisdom & Arrogance LP (Selbstmord)
Lizzy Borden – Visual Lies LP (Metal Blade)
Ludichrist – Immaculate Deception LP (Combat)
Macabre – Drill Bit Lobotomy 7” (Hater of God)
Macabre – Nightstalker 7” (Relapse)
Machetazo – Realmente Disfruto Comienco Cadaveres Pink & White Splatter Wax 10”
Malediction – Mould of an Industrial Horizon 7” (Mangled Beyond Recognition)
Merciless – Realm of the Dark 7” (Iron Fist)
Merciless – Behind the Black Door 7” (Iron Fist)
Monstrosity – Burden of Evil 7” (Relapse)
Monumentum – In Absentia Christi LP (Misanthropy)
Morgue/Last Days of Humanity – Splitted Up for Better Digestion 7” (Evil Biker)
Morticite/Drogheda – Suffrage/Unabomber 7” (Extremist)
Mucupurulent/Cabal – Remind the Bizarre 7” (Bizarre Leprous/Cho-Jin/GKP)
Nasum – Inhale/Exhale Yellow Wax LP + 7” (Distortion)
Nasum/Abstain – The Black Illusions/Religion is War 7” (Yellow Dog)
Nasum/Warhate – The Nasum/Warhate Campaign White Wax 7” (Relapse)
Necropsy – Some Dark Impressions 7” (Century Media)
Nembrionic Hammerdeath – Themes on an Occult Theory 7” (Displeased)
Nihilist – Radiation Sickness 7”
Nortt – Hedengang 7” (Sombre)
Nortt – Graven 10” Pic Disc (Maggot)
Nuclear Death – For Our Dead (Wild Rags)
Nunslaughter – Radical Rapture Ruptures LP (HMSS)
Obscure – Global Obscurity 7”
Occult – Intersincarnael 7” (Thrash)
Oppressor – Valley of Thorns 7” (Funeral Mask)
Phobia – All That Remains 7” (Relapse)
Poltergeist – Depression LP (Century Media)
Profanity/Lividity – Drowned in Dusk/The Urge to Splurge 7” (Cudgel/United Guttural)
Prophecy/Perversist – Short Ways to Death Blue/Yellow Splatter Wax 7” (Pigeon Shit)
Pungent Stench – Extreme Deformity Yellow Wax 7” (Nuclear Blast)
Repulsion – Excruciation 7” (Relapse)
Resurrected – Bloodline 7”
Rotting Christ/Monumentum – S/T LP Pic Disc
Rottrevore – Copulation of the Virtuous & Vicious 7” (Relapse)
Sabbat – F.E.T.U. Red & White Wax 10” Shaped Star
Secrets of the Moon – Stronghold of the Inviolables LP Pic Disc (Sombre)
Skeletal Earth – Drighphuck 7” (Desperate Attempt)
Slowgate – Confusion 7” (To the Death)
Soul Demise – Farewell to the Flesh 7” (Millennium)
Squash Bowels/Birdflesh – Wo-man/Morbid Jesus Blue Wax 7” (Fudgeworthy)
Superchrist – Ladycutter Red Wax 7” (Famine)
Teitanblood/Necros Christos – S/T 7” (Sepulchral Voice)
Thou Art Lord/Ancient Rites – S/T 7” (Molon Lave)
V/A Rodrigo D. No Futuro Compilation LP (Tiempos Modernos)
Vinterriket – Kalte 7” (Parasite)
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

do you have a want list?
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