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Looking for Goat Molestor 7 inch EP

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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:23 pm    Post subject: Looking for Goat Molestor 7 inch EP Reply with quote

Looking for:

Goat Molestor - Realm of Evoked Doom EP

If you can't find anything of interest but you would consider trading your copy please send me your wantlist.


7 “ records
Cerecloth(UK) – Encrusted in an Oaken Legend 7” ’93 (Killer!)
Dead Christ(UK) – Satans Hunger EP
Deviser(Grc) – The Revelation of Higher Mysteries 7” ‘94
Ex Inferiis - Bitches From Hell 7" (Die hard red vinyl)
Funeral (Swe)/"Forgotten Abominations" 7"
Iron Head (Can)/"Second to None - Double to Nothin'" 7"
Itnos - Christ Mary Bitch 7” ‘94
Lucifer(Swe) – The Dark Christ EP
Mortal Mutilation – Katie King 7” ‘93
Mortem(Per) – Demonolatry 7”
Nepenthe (US) – Ligeia 7 “ ‘95
Nominon(Swe)/"Blaspheming the Dead" 7"
Nyogthaeblisz - Apocryphal Precursor to the Great Tribulation 7”
Occult(Fra) - Intersincarnael EP (Ex-Decomposed)
Repulsion(Us) – Excruciation EP (Relapse ’91)
Revokation - Reincarnated Souls Of Hell EP
Sinister (Hol) - Putrefying Remains/Spiritual Immolation
Supuration - The Creeping Unknown 7“ ’91
Proclamation / Teitanblood split 7“ EP
Thou Art Lord/Ancient Rites EP
Thou Art Lord – Diabolous… EP
Thy Feeble Saviour(Usa)/Jhesu Masturbator(Usa) split EP
Ungod(Ger)/Cabal(Ger) split 7” ‘95
Wings(Fin)/"Thorns on thy Oaken Throne" 7"

12” records
Funebre(Fin)/”Children of the Scorn” LP
Minotaur (Can)/"83 - 87" black Lp
Powersurge(Usa)/"Snow God..." gatefold black Lp
Powersurge(Usa)/"Targeted in Termination" gatefold coloured or black Lp
ON HOLD Repugnant (Swe)/”Epitome of Darkness LP & pic LP
Septicemia (Grc) - Sabbath Conventions mLP

Centinex - Malleus Maleficarum (Wild Rags)
Goddefied(Swe) – Abysmal Grief mcd (Wild Rags)
Gorement - Darkness of the Dead cd (Necroharmonic)
Gorguts(Can) – Erosion of Sanity
Morbid Scream - The Signal to Attack (Tarot productions)
Mortifier(Ita)/"Darkness My Eternal Bride" cd (it fucking kills!)
Nifelheim - Nifelheim cd (NWN version)

Blasphemer (UK) – Dominion ‘94
Catacomb (Fra) - In The Maze Of Kadath ’93 (Mystical death metal, pro tape & insert)
Demolition (US) - When The Tomb Beckons... ‘92
Envenom - Envisioned... The Hellternity (Devil’s Art productions, pro tape & cover)
Harmony (Swe) - The Radiance from a Star ‘94
Hazael – Clairvoyance ‘92
Hypocrite - Dead Symbols ‘94
Inertial Mass - Guest for Autopsy (DROWNED productions)
Morstice - As My Suffering Grows ‘92
Unholier - Revelations Of She ;Ohl ‘93

other items:

EP 7 inch records:

Ancestral Fog(Fra)/Temple of Baal(Fra) split 7"
Awakening(Neth)/"Swimming Through the Past" 7"
Barbatos (Jpn)/Mantak(Mal) - Baptized By Beers split EP
Behalf Fiend(Bra)/"A Step to Chaos" 7"
Black Angel (Per) - Reign Of Satan pic 7"
Black Angel (Per) - Art and Fire 7”
Bestial Raids – Order of Doom 7”
Bestial Raids/Hellish split 7”
Buried God (Ger)/"Sacrificed" 7"
Cauterizer - Then the Snow Fell... 7” (Blood Harvest)
Church Bizarre - The Liberating Darkness 7” gatefold
Crucified Mortals (Usa)/"Kill Upon Command" 7"
Crucifire(Oz)/”Thy Curse Denied” EP
Crypt of Kerberos (Swe)/" Cyclone of Insanity" 7"
Cultes des Ghoules(Pol) - Odd Spirituality 7”
Decieverion(Usa)/"...despondent" 7 "
Denial(Mex) – Immense Carnage Vortex EP
Depravity (Fin)/"Remasquerade" 7"
Desolation Hymns (Usa)/"purgatory despairing" 7 "
Dew of Nothing (Mex)/"The Hatehunter" 7 "
Dr Doolittle (Bul)/"Every Man Needs a Woman" 7"
Envenom(Mal) - Christfukk 7 “
Ex Inferiis - Bitches From Hell 7" (black version)
Excavation (Neth)/"Psychotic Possession" 7"
Excidium (Ita)/"Infecting the Graves" 7"
Fallen Souls/Necromancer((El Salvador)) split 7”
Front Beast(Ger)/Black Howling(Por) split 7 "
Goatlord Corp.(Fra)/"Horns of Ressurection"7"
Karnarium(Swe)/ s-t 7"
Lado Obscuro(Bra)/"Senhor das Trevas" 7 "
Ligeia(Usa)/" In Death Overshadow Thee" 7"
Mantak(Sin)/Amputator(Usa) split EP
Mercy(Swe) – Session ’81 7” (NWN)
Morbosidad(Usa)/”Legiones Bestiales” gatefold EP
Movarbru(Bra)/” Eterno Gerreirro” EP
Nocturnal Vomit(Gre)/”The Art of Tenebrous” EP
Nunslaughter(Usa)/"Metal Assault on Canbera" 7"
Outbreak of Evil/"volume II" (Force of Darkness, Midnight, Abigail & Villains)
Profanation(Arg) – Devastation of Purity 7”
Shackles(Oz) – Inquisitor’s Curse 7”
Sovereign(Bra)/”Disgrace Command” EP
Surrender of Divinity(Thai)/Impiety(Sin) split double Ep
Tears of Christ - Within my forgotten Woods of Mystery EP
The Satan's Scourge(Col) - ... of Kaos and Karnage EP
Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. 2 7”
Warfist(Pol) – Hell Tyrant Rising 7”
WytchcraftHun) – Mortuus 7”

LP 12 inch records

Abigail/"Unholy Death" gatefold LP
Aggression (Can)/"Forgotten Skeleton" Lp
After All (Bel)/"The Vermin Breed" blue Lp
Armaggedon(Fra)"Kill Yourself or Die" pic LP
Assault (Chi)/"Nuclear Deaththrash" gatefold + poster Lp
Azul Limão(Br)/"Vingança" Lp
Azul Limão(Br)/"Ordem e Progresso" Lp
Azul Limão(Br)/"Pegasus, The Tapes Vol. 1 (83-89)" Lp
Azul Limão(Br)/"Amazona, The Tapes Vol.2 (83-89)" Lp
Beastcraft(Nor)/"Dawn of the serpent"gatefold Lp
Bestial Warlust(Oz)/"Blood and Valour" gatefold Lp
Bloodstone(Swe) – Hour of the Gate LP (Blood Harvest)
Bone Awl - Meaningless Leaning Mess LP
Buried God(Ger)/"Dark Revelation" Lp
Dead Congregation (Gre)/"Purifying Consecrated Ground" 10" mLp $
Delirium Tremens (Ger)/"Thrashing Warthogs" gatefold Lp
Dorsal Atlantica(Bra)/"Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985" Lp
Drowned(Ger) - Viscera Terrae LP
Evocation (Swe)/"Evocation" Lp
Excalibur (Br)/"Excalibur" Lp
Fallen Souls (El Salvador)/"god is Dead" gatefold LP
God Macabre(Swe) – Winterlong LP (Blood Harvest)
Goetia(Pol)/"Hail Satan" Lp
Heathen Hoof(Fin)/"The Occult Sessions" 12" EP
Hellstorm(Nor)/"Fucking Bleed" Lp
Kohiror(Phi)/"Kult Razor" Lp
Imperator (Pol)/"The Time before Time" Lp
In Aeturnum(Swe)/"Forever Blasphemy" gatefold Lp
Incantation (Usa)/"Live Blasphemy" double Lp
Maniac Butcher (Cze)/"Live in Germany" Lp
Moondark(Swe) – The Shadowpath LP
Mystifier(Bra)/"Wicca" double
Nauseous Surgery (Bra)/"Immortal Warriors" gatefold Lp + Ep
Necrovation(Swe) – Breed Deadness Blood LP
Nominon(Swe)/"Recremation" Lp
Order From chaos(Usa)/"Imperium: The Apocalyptic Vision" Double gatefold Lp
Profanatica(Usa)/"The Enemy of Virtue' DLp 1st press
Rotor (Hun)/"Semmi Nem Elég" Lp
Sabbat/”Evoke” Lp
Sabbat/”Karmagmassacre” gatefold Lp (Iron Pegasus)
Sabbat/Forever Winter(Fin) split picture Lp
Sadogoat(Dnk)/"Et in Arcadia Ego/Malleus Maleficarum" pic Lp
Sadomator(Den)/"Sadomatic Goat Cult" LP
Southern Storm of Evil compilation gatefold LP
Stress(Br)/"Stress ('82)" Lp
Toxic Holocaust (Usa)/"Hell on Earth" gatefold LP
Toxodeth(Mex)/"Phantasms" Lp
Tudor (Cze)/"Ultra Black Metal" double Lp
Victimizer (Dnk)/"Unholy Banners Of Victimizer" Lp
Vomit(Nor)/”Still Rotting” LP
Witches Hammer (Can)/"Streching into infinity" gatefold Lp
Witchtrap(Col)/"Sorceress Bitch" picture disc 12"
Wytchkraft(Bra)/ “Inquisição Satânica“ gatefold Lp


Abandon(Uk)/"Never-ending Black Torrent of Death"
Anima Damnata(Pol)/"Tormenting Pale Flesh"
Ares Kingdom(Usa)/"Return to Dust"
A Mors Et Bello(Mex)/”Sounds of Horror” cd
Azrael(Usa)/"Obdurate" mcd
Beast Petrify(Sin)/”Webbed In Living Hell”
Bellum (Chl)/”Voluntad de Poder”
Belzec(Per)/Dark Faith(Spa)/"Storm of Hatred and Hunger" split cd
Bestial Raids(Pol)/Blasphemophager(Ita) split cd
Black Empire(Mex)/”Into the Jails of Past” cd
Black Funeral(Usa)/"Belial Arisen"
Bombarder(Bosnia)/"Ledena Krv" Cd
- Awesome speed/thrash from Sarajevo! -
Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos (Unsilent records)
Chainsaw(Chi) – The Announcement cd (Recommended)
Deamonlord(Spa)/"Of War and Hate"
Devil Lee Rot(Swe)/”The Devil has landed” cd
Evil(Bra)/"Iron and Thunder"
From Forgotten Being(Mex)/”Black Cataclysm” cd
Goetia(Pol)/"Hail Satan"
Ildhur(Mex)/”The Wandering” cd
Imperial Sodomy - Tormenting the pacifist cd (Criminal records)
Inquisition(Usa)/"Forever Under/Anxious Death"
Kaamos(Swe) – Scales of Lucifer DIGI cd
Kranium(Per)/"Mundo Interior" cd
Kratornas(Phi)/Balberith(I-LOVE-PENIS)/"Southeast Worship" cd
Lugubrum(Bel)/"De Vette Cuecken"
Metal on Metal (Fin)/"Finninsh Underground Metal Compilation" Cd
Mystifer – The World is so good… cd (Genocide Prod)
Pagan Rites(Swe)/”Pagan Metal – Roars of the Anti Christ” cd
Proclamation(Spa)/"Advent of the Black Omen"
Rev. Kriss Hades(Oz)/"The Wind of Orion"
Sadistic Grimness(Neth)/"Vicious Tortue"
Senderos del Mal(Chi)/”Pacto, Blasfemia y Guerra”
Teratism(Usa)/"Invocatum furae Diabolis"
Throneum(Pol)/The Light of the Dark()/”Brotherhood in Darkness” cd
Thy Antichrist(Col)/"Wicked Testimonies"
Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Wake Up in the Night of Walpurgis ((7" insert)
Volkeinblucht(Us)/"To Consume the Darkness Whole..." cd (7 inch insert)
Wolthorn(Spa)/"Spiritual Supremacy"


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cursed blood

Joined: 13 Mar 2007
Posts: 455

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