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Tapes for sale/trade

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:12 pm    Post subject: Tapes for sale/trade Reply with quote

like mentioned in the cultsette topic,
here are some tapes I have for sale/trade
I'm looking for Speed/Thrash/Death metal tapes...

Cash or Paypal or Banktransfer (in europe)

I'm from Belgium - europe

3 euro

Anthrax - Persistance of Time
Anthrax - among the living
anthrax - state of euphoria
anthrax - armed and Dangerous
anthrax - spreading the disease
Armored Saint - Delirious nomad
Armored Saint - Saints will conquer
Armored saint - raising fear
Armored Saint - Symbol of salvation
Angkor wat - corpus christi
Accept - Eat the heat
Carcass -Symphonies of sickness
Cannibal Corpse - tomb of the mutilated
cradle of filth - Dusk and her embrace
Cro-mags - near death experience
Death - Spiritual Healing
Defiance - Beyond Recognition
D.a.m. - Inside out
Diamond head - Behold the Beginning
Deicide - S/T
Deicide - Legion
Demon - Night Of The Demon
Demon - British standard approved
Death Angel - Fall From Grace
Death Angel - Frolic Through The park
Dio - Sacred Heart
Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
Exodus - Pleasures of the flesh
Estrus - Enter The Rage
Flotsam and jetsam - Doomsday For the Deceiver
Flotsam and Jetsam - No place for disgrace
Forbidden - Twisted into form
Forbidden - Forbidden Evil
Fates Warning - Awaken the guardian
Fates warning - no exit
fates warning - the spectre within
fates warning - perfect symmetry
gorefest - mindloss
gorguts - the erosion of sanity
Heathen - Breaking the silence
Heathen - Victims of deception
helloween - pink bubbles go ape
helloween - live in the uk
helloween - keeper of the seven keys part I
helloween - i want out - live
helloween - keeper of the seven keys part II
helloween - chameleon
helloween - the best the rest the rare
Judas priest - sin after sin
judas priest - british steel
judas priest - defenders of the faith
judas priest - ram it down
judas priest - stained class
judas priest - painkiller
kreator - coma of souls
king diamond - the dark sides
king diamond - fatal portrait
king diamond - them
Laaz rockit - know your enemy
laaz rockit - no stranger to danger
Laaz rockit - City's gonna burn
laaz rockit - annihilation principle
megadeth - countdown to extinction
megadeth - so far so good so what
megadeth - rust in peace
megadeth - peace sells... but who's buying
megadeth - youthanasia
metallica - and justice
metallica - kill em all
metallica - the $5.98 ep
metallica - master of puppets
metallica - black album
metallica - creeping death
Ministry - psalm 69
ministry - the mind is a terrible thing to taste
metal church - the human factor
metal church - blessed in disguise
metal church - S/T
metal church - the dark
meliah rage - kill to survive
meliah rage - solitary solitude
Motorhead - the best of
motorhead - iron fist
motorhead - another perfect day
morbid angel - covenant
macabre - sinister slaughter
mercyful fate - return of the vampire
napalm death - fear emptiness despair
napalm death - harmony corruption
nuclear assault - handle with care
nuclear assault - survive
nuclear assault - game over
nuclear assault - out of order
onslaught - in search of sanity
overkill - i hear black
overkill - horrorscope
obituary - cause of death
Omen - teeth of the hydra
phantasm - the abominable
Running wild - port royal
raven - nothing exceed like excess
ravage - wrecking ball
saxon - destiny
S.O.D. - speak english or die
sadus - chemical exposure
sadus - swallowed in black (still sealed 4 euro)
sacred reich - independent
sacred reich - the american way
sacred reich - a question
S.A.D.O. - sensitive
sorrow - hatred and disgust
slayer - haunting the chapel
slayer - reign in blood
slayer - decade of aggression dcs (5 euro)
Sepultura - beneath the remains
Sepultura - arise
sepultura - chaos ad
slaughter house - S/T
solitude - from within
tourniquet - psycho surgery
Type o negative - october rust
tygers of pan tang - wild cat
testament - the legacy
testament - low
testament - the ritual
testament - practice what you preach
testament - souls of black
testament - the new order.
Therion - Of Darkness (still sealed 4 euro)
vio-lence - oppressing the masses
vio-lence - eternal nightmare
vio-lence - torture tactics
Venom - The book of armageddon
venom - prime evil
watchtower - control and resistance
Wrathchild America - climbing the wall
Wrathchild america - 3D
wasp - inside the electric circus
wasp - live in the law
wasp - the headless children
wasp - the last command

1 euro
Accidental Suicide - deceased
anthrax - i'm the man
anthrax - attack of the killer b's
body count - violent demise
body count - born dead
biohazard - state of the world address
biohazard - urban disipline
crimson glory - strange and beautiful
crimson glory - transcendence
cerebral fix - bastards
cjss - praise the loud
cjss - world gone mad
coroner - grin
dead youth - writhing
exodus - force of habit
flotsam and jetsam - drift
flotsam and jetsam - cuatro
flotsam and jetsam - when the world comes down
jersey dogs - thrash ranch
king diamond - no presents for christmas
king diamond - the family ghost
lawnmower deth - kids in america
lizzy borden - visual lies
lizzy borden - terror rising
miserycore - civilization torture
metallica - one
nailbomb - point black
ozzy osbourne - the ultimate sin
ozzy osbourne - no rest for the wicked
ozzy osbourne - the ultimate sin
pitch shifter - submit
prong - cleansing
prong - beg to differ
prong - force fed
primus - sailing the seas of cheese
rage against the machine - S/T
suicidal tendencies - lights camera revolution
suicidal tendencies - controlled by hatred
suicidal tendencies - the art of rebellion
slayer - divine intervention
soulstorm - darkness visible
samhain - november coming fire
skyclad - the wayward sons of mother earth
the black crowes - amorica
voivod - dimension hatross
voivod - angel rat
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