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SALES/trade-LIST anno 2013, nov. CD/LP/MC/TS/LS/HSW

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:54 am    Post subject: SALES/trade-LIST anno 2013, nov. CD/LP/MC/TS/LS/HSW Reply with quote

Everything is in prestine condition unless mentioned otherwise.

Ask for further details, pressing information, colour, etc.

Including everything which they came with. Nothing is missing.

Bestial Summoning "Live in Venray"
Crucifer "Pray for the dead"
Flooded Church of Asmodeus/Prodeath split
Goatmoon/Godless North split
Godless North "World in Flames"
Malediction "System Fear"
Nembrionic Hammerdeath "Themes of an occult theory"
Wombbath "Several Shapes"

Social Infestation “S/T”

Angmar/Alcest “Aux Funerailles du Monde… / Tristesse hivernale” split 2-LP
Accidental Suicide “Deceased”
Amnion "Cryptic Wanderings"
Anti "The Insignificance of Life"
Antaeus “Blood Libels”
Arkhon Infaustus “Orthodoxyn”
Assaulter “Boundless!”
Amebix “Arise!”
Abysmal Grief “Mors Eleison” 12”
* Blue Öyster Cult “Fire of Unknown Origin”
Behexen “By the Blessing of Satan” pic LP
Behexen “Rituale Satanum”
Behexen “My Soul For His Glory”
Beatrik "Requiem of December"
Bestial Holocaust "Temple of Damnation" LP #219/222
Bilskirnir “Wotansvolk”
Black Helicopter ”Don’t Fuck With the Apocalypse”
Belenos "Chemins de Souffrance"
* Boris with Merzbow “Rock Dream” 3-LP
Circle of Dead Children "Human Harvest"
Cryptopsy “Blasphemy Made Flesh”
Claws “Absorbed In the Netherworlds”
* Damnation “Destructo Evangelia”
Dusken "Pyrimanes"
Decrepitaph “Condemned Cathedral”
Decrepitaph “Beyond the Cursed Tombs”
Deicide "The Stench of Redemption"
Debustol “Protest LIVE”
DoomThrone "Skeleton Veiled In Flesh" 12"
Eschaton "Causa Fortior"
* Excruciate/Epitaph split LP
Finnish – German Alliance comp. LP
Gauntlet’s Sword “Theosophy”
Grand Nocturne “Despair And Demise”
Grenade “The Howling Damned”
Gospel of the Horns “The Satanists Dream” pic LP
* Hades (Norway) “…Again shall Be” 2-LP
Hammer “Shoax”
Hellvetron “Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties”
House of Broken Promises "Using the Useless"
Iron Hearse “Lunar Funeral”
Incantation “Blasphemy In Brazil Tour 2001 – LIVE” 2-LP
* Kataklysm “The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation”
Kathaaria “The Complex Void of Negativity”
Krieg “Sono La Scherno”
Luciferi Excelsi “S/T”
Malkuth “Mutus Liber”
Misery Index “Overthrow + bonus”
Mortuus “De Contemplanda Morte”
Nasum “Human 2.0” orig.
Nasum “Inhale/Exhale” orig.
Nocturnal “Violent Revenge” ltd. w/ OBI #115/200
Nailed Down “Perth Wolfpack”
Necros Christos “Doom of the Occult” 2-LP
Nokturne "Embracer of Dark Ages"
Ondskapt "Arisen From the Ashes"
Oneida “The Human Factor”
Paragon Belial “Nosferathu Sathanis”
* Pisschrist “Victims of Faith”
Paria/Prosatanos “Messe Noire”
Phlegethon “Fresco Lungs”
Rodovest "Here is the Russian Land..."
Righteous Pigs ”Live And Learn”
Revenge of the Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outerspace! comp. LP
Sodomizer “The Dead Shall Rise To Kill”
Sekhmet “Opus of Monstrosity”
Stalaggh "Projekt Terror"
Spektr "Near Death Experience" 2-LP
Slayer "Christ Illusion"
Scurvy "Tombstone Tales"
Sombre Chemin “Notre Heritage Ancestral”
Struggle “S/T”
The Chasm “Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm” 2-LP
The Devil's Blood "The Time of No Time Evermore" 2-LP
The Royal Arch Blaspheme “S/T”
Toxic Holocaust “Hell On Earth” picture LP
Totalselfhatred "Apocalypse in Your Heart"
Ufo Gestapo “Vatependr!”
* Utumno “Across the Horizon” #315/500 w/ sticker, patch, etc.
Vulpecula “In Dusk Apparition”
Wendy O. Williams' Ultra Fly And the Hometown Girls "Deffest and Baddest"
Walls of Jericho "All Hail the Dead & With Devils Amongst Us All" 2-LP


Death ritual
* Death thrashers Kuopio “zombies… apocalypse and other nice things” demo
* Death thrashers Kuopio “necromancy…blood…vengeance!”
Fornicator “Hell Metal”
Garden of Worm “fresh maggots”
Graveyard “one with the dead”
Harsh “Proclamation”
Ill Omen “spear of salvation”
Nacht “S/T”
Nacht “The Exorcist”
Pagan Skull “Cry for the northern lands”
Proclamation “black conjuration” rehearsal tape
Proclamation “Messiah of Darkness and impurity” diehard
Proclamation “Advent of the black omen” diehard
Prodeath demo 1
Raven Dark “Berustett av Kriegsdronnet”
Saltus “Imperium stonca”
Sanguis Imperem “the stagnation of centuries”
Sacrificial dagger “Order of the black sun”
temple below “temple”
Warhammer “no beast so fierce”
Wraithen “Cult of the elevent dawn”
Zygoatsis/Nuclear Warfare/Defamation split cass.

Six Feet Under “Double dead” DVD + CD
Nocturno Culto’s The Misanthrope
Dismember “Live Blasphemies” bootleg
Cannibal Corpse “monolith of death” bootleg
Immolation “bringing down the world” bootleg


Astrofaes “The attraction of heavens and earth”
Anu “Opus Funaerum”
Almighty Sathanas/Blasphemophagher/Tyrant’s Blood 3-way split
Amon “Zrozeni Smrti”
Adramelech “Pure Blood Doom”
Antropophagus “no waste of flesh”
Ammit “Extreme Speed Satan”
Astarte “Sirens”
Abigail “Alive in Thailand”
Abigail “Alive in Italy”
Axis Powers “Pure slaughter”
Black Angel/Black Empire split
Brutal Truth “Need to control”
Brutal Truth “Goodbye cruel world” 2CD
* Branikald “To Kampf”
* Branikald “The triumph of the will”
Black Flame “Torment and glory”
Black Vomit “The Faithful servant”
Black Angel “S/T”
Blood thirsty demons “let the war begin”
Blood thirsty demons “in the grave”
Black Soul “Antichrist Warriors”
Brachland “s/t”
Blessed offal “S/T”
Blackwinged “S/T”
* Baptism “as the darkness enters”
Bannerwar “To honour fatherland”
Corpus Christii “Torment belief”
Corpus Christii “The torment continues”
Conqueror “Hammer of Antichrist”
Contempt “The secret around us”
Cannibal Corpse “The bleeding”
Cannibal Corpse “Eaten back to life”
Deeds of Flesh “Inbreeding the antropophagi”
Deeds of flesh ”Mark of the legion”
Deeds of Flesh ”path of the weakening”
Deicide “Insineratehymn”
Deicide “In torment in hell”
Deicide “Serpents of the light”
Disgorge “Cranial impalement”
Demigod “shadows mechanics”
Downlord “grind trials”
Downlord “Random dictionary of the damned”
Despondency “God on acid”
Deceased… “Supernatural Addiction”
Deathspell omega “kenose”
Dying fetus “Infatuation with malevolence”
Dying fetus “purification through violence”
Dying fetus “killing on adrenaline”
Dying fetus “grotesque impalement”
Dawn “entrance to malevolence”
Dominion Caligula “A new era rises”
End “I”
End “II”
Epäkristus “Untame the beast” cd-r
* Forest “S/T”
Finngalkn “Horns against heaven”
Fiend “Black abhorrent metal”
Gut “the cumback 2006”
Goatmoon “Son of the northwind”
Goatmoon “Tahdon Riemuvoitto”
Hemdale “Rad Jackson”
Hate Eternal ”Conquering the throne”
Hellspirit “demo I” cd-r
Hellspirit “Demo II” cd-r
Hermaphrodit “fekal party”
Hellbox “helvetium” cd-r
Hellbox “Servevil” cd-r
Hellbox “Fleshphemy”
Internal suffering “supreme knowledge domain”
Infernal “Exelsus diaboli “The reapers of god”
Infinity “The birth of death”
Infernal “Whipping the sacred law”
Impaled “the dead shall dead remain”
* Impaled “Choice cuts”
Inquisition “Nefarious dismal orations” digisleeve + poster
Inverted “Revocation of the beast” mcd
Inverted “there can be only one” promo
Infernö “Downtown hades”
Infernö “Utter hell”
Internal Bleeding “perpetual degradation”
Kroda/oprich split
* Kroda “Towards the firmaments verge of life”
Kroda/Velimor split
Krisiun “Conquerors of Armageddon”
Krieg “ The black house”
Krieg “Blue miasma”
Krieg/morte Incandescente split
Korihor/Abigail split
Kuuraparta “demo I”
Lustful “The almighty facets”
Lust “S/T”
Lithuria “Ceremonial rape” cd-r
Malign “divine facing + fireborn”
Munruthel "Yav' Nav' I Fray'"
Mournful Congregation “The dawning of mournful hymns”
* Martire/Throneum split
Melektaus “transdescence through ethereal scourge”
Marttyyrioperaatio demo cd-r
Motörhead “bite the bullet” 2CD
Morbius “sojourns through the septiac”
Nocturnal vomit “Divine profanation”
Night must fall “Dissonance of thought”
Napalm Death “the peel sessions (1-2)”
Netherealm “the occultist omnibus”
Necrotomy “indecent exposure”
* Nile “amongst the catacombs of nephren-ka”
* Nile “black seeds of vengeance”
Negative reaction/When the deadbolt breaks split
Ophiolatry/Abhorrence split
Portal “Swarth” DIGI
Pantheon “Draugrs daug”
Phlegein “Ancient battlegrounds”
Pentagram “turn to stone”
Pentagram “day of reckoning”
Pheochromocytomazed demo cd-r
Pyrotoxic demo cd-r
Pestkreuz “perdition discipline”
* Quorthon “purity of essence” 2CD
Rhestus “embryo of the endless sands”
Rhestus “games of joy….games of war”
Rotten Sound “Drain”
Rotten Sound “Murderworks”
Reincarnation “seeds of hate” mcd
Resurrection “embalmed existence” promo
Until death overtakes me “monolith”
Urgrund “the graven sign”
Urgrund “Unchangeable fate”
Uncreation’s Dawn “holy empire of rats”
Ungod “Conquering what once was ours” ltd. w/ patch, pin
Totten korps “tharnheim:athi-land-nhi, cyclopean crypts of citadels”
The Gates of Slumber "Like a plague upon the land" DIGI + PATCH
* Throneum “pestilent death”
* Throneum “Decade of necrostuprumical madness”
Tyrant’s blood “prophecy”
Tyrant’s blood “s/t”
* Tankard “Zombie attack”
Torn “Violent ecstasy”
Todesstoss “spiegel der Urangste”
* Todesstoss “Stelldichein”
* Todesstoss “selbstentleibung – der annäherung erster teil”
Todesstoss “jenseitslüge”
* Shackles “Coup de Grace”
Severe Torture “Feasting on Blood”
Severe torture “misanthropic Carnage”
Severe torture “butchery of the soul” mcd
Strapping young lad “heavy as a really heavy thing”
Sacrilegious impalement “total annihilation” demo cd-r
* Shining “I”
* Shining “II”
* Shining “III”
Soulgrind “La matanza, el himno pagano”
Soulgrind “latid ad 1999, bihttpotb”
Soulgrind “Whitsongs”
Velimor “Ancestry”
Vaginal jesus “affirmative apartheid”
Vomiturition “head tales” mcd
Vomiturition “´A leftover”
Vader “Reborn in chaos”
Vader “Litany”
Vader “Live in Japan”
Vader “De profundis / future of the past”
Vader “Black to the blind & the Darkest age life 93”
Vader “The ultimate incantation”
Warhorde “death rattle”
Winterblut “teutelseinterbung”
Wizzard “songs of sin and decadence”
Weltbrand “Radiance of a thousand suns”
Wömit angel demo cd-r
Wraith of the ropes “adi”
Xenophobia “reclaiming celtic glory”
Xerion “Palida morte, negra sombra”
Xerion “cantares des loitas esquecidas”


* Absurd "Die sonne ist..." XXL (fits XL!)
* Abyssic Hate "A Decade of Hate" L
Anael "hope is a bitch" L
Anal Nosorog "Are you Ready?" White shirt XXL (fits M/L!!)
Armour "Heavy Rock Is the Law" GOLD PRINT XL
Amesouers "Ruines Humaines" XL
Acheron "Celebration of Damnation" L
Arghoslent "War is to Man..." L
Abigail "eastern black metal" RED L (motörhead design!)
Acheron "Satanic Victory" WHITE L (kbtmt diehard!)
* Absurd "Facta Loquuntur" XL
Anal Nosorog "Heil Nosorog! Europa tour 2008" L
Arckanum "May the world burn..." L
Antaeus "Words As Weapons" L
Anal Cunt/Anal Nosorog "All our fans are gay" L
Hellhammer "Apocalyptic Raids" XL
Entrails "Serpent Seed" XXL (fits L!)
Vulcano "demon" XL
Soulgrind "baptised" XL (worn, but fine!)
* Black Witchery "goatrider" L
* Katharsis "Ascend from Ghoulgatha" RED L
King Diamond "The Puppet Master" BOOTLEG mexican XL (fits L!)
* Death In June "Totenkopf 6" BROWN SHIRT WITH SILVER PRINT, L
* Nihilist "Premature Autopsy" GREY SHIRT WITH RED/BLACK PRINT, XL
Necros Christos "Necromantic Doom Eternal" RED L
Old Wainds "Wolves in White" L
* Troll "Drep De Kristne" L
Degial "Dark Prophets of the Hidden Mist" XL
Demigod white logo L
Demigod red logo L
Impiety "Kaos Kommand 696" M
Lugubrum finland tour BROWN SHIRT L
Iron Monkey logo L
Extinction "The Black Hex" XL
* Clandestine BLaze "The Falling Monuments" XL
Repugnant "horrid eyes" red print L
Dead Congregation "demon" RED XL
Nidrosian Black Mass II L
Skepticism "live pic" L
* Watain "tour 2010" white L (FITS M/S!!!)
Bestial Holocaust "Primigenium Invocation" XXL
Blood Ceremony "hands/Face" design - L
Vader "InVaders in the North 2004" XL
Kuolema "logo" XL
Barbatos "pentagram 666" L (fits M!)
* Nocturnal "Arrival of the Carnivore" L (Diehard edition, kbtmt!)
Rhestus L
Morrigan "The Damned" XL
Slugathor girlie M & L
Blüdwülf "D.U.M.E." L
Lifelover "Pulver" white L
Sadomator goatcataklysm L (rim removed)
Gospel of the Horns "Realm of the Damned" L
Gospel of the Horns "The Satanist's Dream" L (Diehard kbtmt!)
Zemial logo L
* Urfaust "praise Intoxication" GOLD PRINT L
Secrets of the Moon "Sortokausi Antithesis 2008" L
Hellhammer "Apocalyptic Raids, 1990 A.D." XL
Dead Congregation finland tour 2009 WHITE L
Ondskapt "Dödens Evangelium" L
Entombed "Left Hand Path" XL
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "Nocturnal March" L
Ravenbanner album cover XL
Deathspell Omega "Infernal Battles" L
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "Follow the Calls for Battle" L
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "The Pest Called Humanity" XL
Blasphemy "20 years of Blood upon the Altar" L
Macabre "Murder Metal" GIRLIE S
Devil "Time to Repent" S
Kroda "White Thunder Roars over Finland 2009" S
* Uncreation's Dawn "Holy Empire of Rats" L
* Sarcofago "graveyard" L
Godless North "New logo/KILL THE WEAK" S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL
Godless North "logo" WHITE TANK M
Drastus "Sigil" S
Black Flames of Blasphemy II M
Black Flames of Blasphemy III M
Black Witchery "upheaval of Satanic Might" L
* Teitanblood "Black Putrence of Evil" RED XL (fits M/L!)
Kill "logo" XL
Sarcofago "Satanic Lust" L
* Destroyer 666 "Defiance" L
Infinity "The Birth of Death" L
Demoncy "skull/cross" XL
Cutthroat "logo" L (fits M!)
* Urfaust "Ashes to ashes, doom to dust" L
Decomposing Serenity "Fragrance of the Deceased" L
Dead Congregation "tridemon" L
Root "Ancient Mysteries" L
* Inquisition "nefarious Dismal Orations" XL
Suffocation "And Jesus Wept" BOOTLEG L
Incantation "Decimate Christendom - Primordial Domination tour brazil 2006" L
Sarcofago "I.N.R.I." silver print XL
* Torsofuck "I Fucking Love To Eat Pussy" L
Necros Christos "Triune Impurity Rites" L
* Von "Satanic Blood Angel" L
Mystifier "T.E.A.R." BOOTLEG L
Watain "Rabid Death's Curse" XL
Perdition Temple "Burning graves.." L
Hellboozer Union logo L
Shub Niggurath "Unknown Adorer" L
Graveland "In the Glare of Burning Churches" L
Esoteric "...Reflect the journey..." XL
Cadaveric Incubator "Graveviolating Deathgrind" XL
Kaamos "Scales of Leviathan" L


Nehëmah "Light of A Dead Star" XL
Throneum "The Unholy Ones" XL
Loits "Militant Flak n' roll" XL
Brutal Truth "Choice of a new generation" XL
Six Feet Under "Revenge of the Zombie" XL


Nokturnal Mortum "Voice of Steel" XXL (fits XL/L!)
* Kroda "Fünfjahre Kulturkampf" XXL ZIPPER (fits XL/L!)
* Black Witchery "beheaded jesus" XL ZIPPER
Black Witchery "Altar" XL
* Incantation "Moyen nuns" ZIPPER XL
* Revenge "Infiltration.Downfall.Death" XL
* GG Allin & The Murder Junkies XL
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult "Saldorian Spell" ZIPPER XL
* Ride For Revenge "The King of Snakes" XL
* Goatpenis "Blessed by War" XL
* Urfaust "Nidrosian Black Mass IV" ZIPPER L
Denial of God "Cloaked In the Moonlit Night..." XL
Morbosidad "Morboso Metal" ZIPPER L

For the time being I'm trying to clear room here to see what there still lies beneath, so sales come in first!

I am NOT stating a price for any item for the time being, everything will be calculated as demands start to build.
Contact godlessnorthvinland et gmail dot com
Death is certain
Life is not

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Joined: 20 Feb 2011
Posts: 284
Location: Helsinki, Finland

PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

UP the dose!


If you get some goodies here, I can get them for you in BLACK FLAMES OF BLASPHEMY without any further charges!
Death is certain
Life is not
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Joined: 20 Feb 2011
Posts: 284
Location: Helsinki, Finland

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Time to get UP and RISE.
Death is certain
Life is not
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