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Trade me your Grindcore CDs for my Metal CDs (in Canada)

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:11 pm    Post subject: Trade me your Grindcore CDs for my Metal CDs (in Canada) Reply with quote

I'm finding I barely listen to these metal CDs of mine anymore. Most of these were purchased used from local shops or acquired through trades. ONLY interested in trading for grindcore and grindcore related CDs; this includes goregrind, cybergrind, noisecore, crust punk/d-beat etc. etc.

Send me a PM if interested. I will provide pictures, condition descriptions and pressing info on demand. Also if you need any references, just ask.


-Abigail / Evil Damn - Apocalyptic Necroholocaust
-Amon - Zrození Smrti
-Angelcorpse - Exterminate
-Atomizer - The Only Weapon Of Choice
-Axis Of Advance – Obey
-Baphomets Horns - Perpetrators Of Genocide
-Bastardator - Identify The Dead
-Bathory - Blood Fire Death
-Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
-Blackmass - Gloria Diaboli
-Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear
-Bohemian Grove - The Eternal Search For An Elusive Understanding
-Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos
-Church Bizarre – Sinister Glorification
-Coke Bust - Lines In The Sand
-Conflict - The Ungovernable Force
-Crumbsuckers - Life Of Dreams
-Cutthroat - Rape! Rape! Rape!
-Cyclone - Brutal Destruction
-D-Trash Records 'Rising Tide' Compilation
-Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
-Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive
-Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
-Dead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels
-Death Beast - The Wakening
-Deceased - Corpses, Souls & Other Strangeness
-Deceased - The Blueprints For Madness
-Deicide - Deicide
-Demonthrone / Necrólisis - Split CD
-Derketa - Goddess Of Death
-Deströyer 666 - Phoenix Rising
-Desolation - Crucifucked
-Destruction - Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation
-Destruction - Release From Agony
-Devastation - Idolatry
-Devil Lee Rot - Metalizer
-Disfear - Everyday Slaughter
-Disgorge - Chronic Corpora Infest
-Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity
-Enthroned - Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan
-Exhumed - Platters Of Splatter [2 Disc Version]
-Funeral Mist - Salvation
-Gospel Of The Horns – Eve Of The Conqueror
-Gospel Of The Horns - Realm Of The Damned
-Gravewürm - Ancient Storms Of War
-Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.
-Helstar - A Distant Thunder
-Hirax - Raging Violence/Hate, Fear & Power
-Immolation - Close To A World Below (Signed by Ross Dolan)
-Impiety – Paramount Evil
-Infinitum Obscure - Sub Atris Caelis
-Jig-Ai - Jig-Ai
-Judas Iscariot - Thy Dying Light
-Kataklysm - Shadows And Dust
-Katharsis - VVorldVVithoutEnd
-King - Sufferance Obsolescent
-Kreator - Pleasure To Kill / Flag Of Hate
-Krisiun - Conquerors Of Armageddon
-Lapidate - Taxidermy Tea Party
-Lapidate - Sex Sells But Who's Paying?
-Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus
-Martire - Martire
-Mausoleum - Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness
-Megiddo - The Atavism Of Evil
-Messiah - Powertrash / The Infernal Thrashing
-Mortician - Domain Of Death
-Nasum – Human 2.0
-Nasum - Helvete
-Nocturnal Graves - Satan's Cross
-Nuclear Assault - Game Over
-Nunslaughter - One Night In Hell
-Nux Vomica - A Civilized World
-Obituary - Frozen In Time
-Onslaught - The Force
-Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power (Signed by Vinnie Paul)
-Phantom Lord - In Twilight World
-Possessed - Beyond The Gates / Eyes Of Horror
-Profanatica - Profanatitas De Domonatia
-Pungent Stench - Club Mondo Bizarre
-Ravenous, The - Assembled In Blasphemy
-Repulsion - Horrified [2 Disc Version]
-Revenge - Infiltration.Downfall.Death
-Rush - 2112
-Sacrifice - Soilders Of Misfortune
-Sargatanas – The Enlightenment
-Scepter - Metal Supremacy
-Schizoid - All Things Are Connected
-Sepultura - Schizophrenia
-Serpent Obscene - Serpent Obscene
-Sinister - Aggressive Measures
-Slayer - Live Undead
-Sodom - M-16
-Squealer - The Prophecy
-Terrorama - Horrid Efface
-Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose Of Death
-Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth
-Transmetal - Dante's Inferno
-Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells / And The Laughter Has Died...
-Victimizer - Unholy Banners Of Victimizer
-Waco Jesus - Receptive When Beaten
-Xasthur / Leviathan - Split CD

Thanks for looking.
Trade / Sale List: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7938
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