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I'd sell or trade these items from my collection...

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:23 am    Post subject: I'd sell or trade these items from my collection... Reply with quote

1. Aborted (Bel) – The purity of perversion (black vinyl)
2. Aeternus (Nor) – Shadows of old (gatefold black vinyl)
3. Akerbeltz (Esp) – Spreading the eternal mayhem (black vinyl – 227/300)
4. Autopsy (USA) – Mental funeral (black vinyl) GONE TODAY!
5. Beatrik (Ita) – Journey through the end of life (black vinyl – 234/500)
6. Callenish Circle (Ned) – Graceful… yet forbidding (picture with insert)
7. Centinex (Swe) – Decadence – Prophecies of cosmic chaos (black vinyl – 111/666)
8. Daemonlord (Esp) – The end of the era (black vinyl – 167/500)
9. Darkestrah (Ger) – The way to paganism 12” MLP (black vinyl – 228/300)
10. Empaligon (Ger) - Black dominated annihilation (black vinyl)
11. Endstille (Ger) – Frόhlingserwachen (gatefold black vinyl – 40/500)
12. Evil Incarnate (USA) - Blackest hymns of god's disgrace (black vinyl)
13. Fearer (Ger) – Descent (black vinyl)
14. Haemoth (Fra) – Satanik terrorism (picture – no sleeve)
15. Hati (Ger) - Trauer, Krieg, Verzweiflung & Hass (black vinyl)
16. Hearse (USA) – All soon to be dead (black vinyl – 218/400)
17. Hetroertzen (Chi) - Flying across the misty gardens (black vinyl)
18. Impious Havoc (Fin) – At the ruins of the holy kingdom (black vinyl)
19. In The Woods (Nor) – Omnio (gatefold double black vinyl)
20. Incriminated (Fin) – Hypocride 12” MLP (black vinyl – 397/400)
21. Infernal Regency (Ger) – Feel my blazing sword (black vinyl – 322/333)
22. Limbonic Art (Nor) – In abhorrence dementia (double gatefold black vinyl – 816/1000?)
23. Melechesh (Isr) – Sphynx (black vinyl)
24. My Dying Bride (UK) – Like gods of the sun (black vinyl) HOLD
25. Naer Mataron (Gre) – Skotos aenaon (black vinyl – 145/666)
26. Napalm Death (UK) – From enslavement to obliteration (black vinyl)
27. Nasheim (Swe) – Evighet/Undergang (gatefold compilation black vinyl)
28. Nifelheim (Swe) – Devil’s force (black vinyl)
29. Nocturnal (Ger) – Arrival of the carnivore (black vinyl)
30. Nordisches Blut (Ger) – Our banners will rise (black vinyl)
31. Nox Mortis (Ger) - Im Schatten Des Hasses (gatefold black vinyl)
32. Paradise Lost (UK) – Draconian times (double black vinyl)
33. Sargatanas Reign (Swe) – Euthanasia …last resort (black vinyl)
34. Secrets Of The Moon (Ger) – Stronghold of the inviolables (black vinyl – 127/200)
35. Seeds Of Hate (Ger) – Persecution of christian filth (black vinyl)
36. Skullview (USA) – Consequences of failure (double black vinyl)
37. Spear Of Longinus (Oz) – Nada brahma (black vinyl)
38. Throneum (Pol) – Old death’s lair (black vinyl)
39. Torturer (Chi) – Rise from the ashes (black vinyl)
40. Triumphator (Swe) – Wings of the antichrist (gatefold black vinyl)
41. Usurper (USA) – Necronemesis (black vinyl)
42. Usurper (USA) – Skeletal seasons (gatefold black vinyl)
43. Usurper (USA) – Visions from the gods (compilation black vinyl)
44. Valhalla (Rus) – Winterbastard (black vinyl)
45. Xasthur (USA) – Suicide in dark serenity 12” MLP (black vinyl)
46. Zavorash (Swe) – In odium (gatefold black vinyl)

All records are in excellent condition, the covers/sleeves are in mainly acceptable - good - excellent condition!
No PMs please, only email: stygian@t-online.hu
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