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Large Set Sale Mostly Hardcore & Punk Some Metal

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:14 pm    Post subject: Large Set Sale Mostly Hardcore & Punk Some Metal Reply with quote

I am a new selling on NWN, but I have been selling and trading records for 17+ years. You can check my feedback on ebay and discogs under the name 'redburnsthepirate' you will see that I have very good feedback and reputation. I am also actively selling on vivalavinyl.com which you could easily ask about my reputation on there. Anyway, shipping is usually $2 or $3 bucks in the USA. It costs a ton of money to ship outside of the USA, but if you really want something just ask and I can get you a shipping quote. If you want anything please PM me or you can email me at redburnsthepirate@hotmail.com

Thanks for looking.

P.S. some of these are on ebay right now, but I would be willing to pull them if you are willing to pay what I want off of ebay.

5150 lil' Miss Bootleg $1.00
After The Bombs Terminal Filth Stench Bastard Sjakk Matt Gray vinyl $2.00
Aghast Suffocating Authority Desolate Legacy Green vinyl $2.00
Aghast Sacrificed on the Altar of State Powers Agipunk $2.00
Aghast Desolate Legacy Distort Reality $2.00
Algae Afterbirth & Playpen Sloppy Seconds Black & Blue $1.00
Amdi Petersens Arme Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film Havoc $1.00
Amoba s/t Hardware $1.00
Amoba En Doende Varld Hardware $1.00
Anger Burning/Discover Split D-takt & Rapunk $15.00
ANS Romancing The Phone Banal Existence $1.00
Asbest Klaustrofobi Kick'n'Punch $2.00
Balance of Terror/Straight To Hell Split Partners In Crime $1.00
Besthoven Depois De Um Ataque Aereo Room 101 2nd press $2.00
Besthoven To Hell With Them All Game of The Arseholes $2.00
Beyond Description More Power to Your Elbow Desperate Attempt $2.00
Beyond Description Fine Day Nostalgia Forest $1.00
BG And That's What I'm Here To Do 625 $1.00
Black Cobra s/t Blackflash Green vinyl $10.00
Black Donnellys This Business of Music Audio Fell $1.00
Bloodpact As Good As Dead Element $1.00
Bloodtype s/t Cowabunga $1.00
Bombed Out Human Disease Capitalcide $1.00
Bombenalarm/Dean Dirg Split Hate $1.00
Bondage-T Les Bouches De Verdun Memoire Neuve $1.00
Caustic Christ s/t Havoc $1.00
Chainsaw Just Say No Even Worse $1.00
Chainsaw Monopolized Even Worse $1.00
Christian Mistress s/t Nasjonal $25.00
Claysea Slave State Detonate Blue vinyl $5.00
Clorox Girls Eva Braun Burning Sensation clear vinyl $3.00
Cluster Bomb Unit Distortorama tribal War Orange/blue vinyl $5.00
Constant State of Terror s/t Tadpole $1.00
Consume/Resolve Split Distort Reality $1.00
Crow Flock of the beast Prank white vinyl $10.00
Crow/See You In Hell Split Insane Society $5.00
Cursed Final No Idea purple vinyl $5.00
Cyclops Second Son of Poseidon, Splinter $25.00
Damad Centric Clean Plate $3.00
Darge Desespero Black Seeds $1.00
Deadfall Keep telling yourself It's OK Tank Crimes blue/black vinyl $1.00
Deadfall s/t Self $1.00
Deathreat s/t Prank red vinyl $3.00
Deathreat s/t Partners In Crime $3.00
Deathsquad s/t Gloom white vinyl $1.00
Demon System 13 Aborted Teen Generation Havoc $1.00
Demon System 13 Thrash & Burn Enslaved purple vinyl 6 $10.00
Desperate Hours The Ironies of Life Konton Crasher $1.00
Deterrorformed Temple of No Gods The Defector white/gray vinyl $1.00
Dirty BS s/t Slasher red vinyl $1.00
Disciple Scarab SA Mob $2.00
Disclose/Framtid Split Whisper In Darkness $20.00
Diskaaos Sota on Sotaa Nightstick Justice $1.00
Disnihil future cancers Lifeline white vinyl $1.00
Doraid The Dictator Torture Machine $12.00
Doraid/Digraphia Split Torture Machine $20.00
Doraid/Syphilitic Vaginas Split HMSS sealed $40.00
DSB No Fight No Get Deranged $2.00
Ecoli Swarm On The Swine Stress Domain $2.00
Eighteen Visions No Time For Love Trustkill $5.00
Encroached Shoot The Icons Shock The System $1.00
Epileptic Terror Attack The Racket PFC $1.00
Epileptic Terror Attack We Are The Attack Deranged yellow vinyl ltd cvr $10.00
Episode s/t Self $1.00
Exit 13/Multiplex Split HG Fact $1.00
Ferocious X w/ Guilty C Svart Kaosla Overthrow $15.00
Final Conflict The American Scream Nemesis $5.00
Final Massakre The Bells of Hell Toll tribal War $1.00
For The Worse s/t Bridge Nine Blue vinyl $1.00
Fork Knife Spoon Black Stork Attack Born To Die $1.00
Forward What Are You Gonna Get Fast Nail $15.00
Framfor Flotet s/t Ken Rock Reissue $10.00
Fucked Up Litany Test Pattern white vinyl $10.00
Fucked Up Police Deranged 1st press $5.00
Fucked Up/Haymaker Split Deep Six 1st press $5.00
Function s/t Crisis Green vinyl $10.00
Funeral Cry State of Desperation Self $1.00
Germ Attak A Bleak Future Capitalcide red vinyl $1.00
Germ Attak Canadian Concentration Camp Capitalcide $5.00
Germ Attak Molokai Desolate Legacy yellow vinyl $1.00
Germ Attak Zapatista Whisper In Darkness $1.00
Germ Attak Canadian Concentration Camp Capitalcide $5.00
Giant Haystacks/Outnauts Split Snuffy Smiles $1.00
Gobierno Militar s/t crust as fuck $1.00
Godstomper/He Who Corrupts Split Blind Date $1.00
Half Gorilla Graceless Beasts Barbarian Green vinyl $1.00
Hatewaves Taste The Beast A389 clear vinyl $1.00
He Who Corrupts Master of Profits Forge Again ltd cvr $5.00
He Who Corrupts/Fork Knife Spoon Split First Blood Family $1.00
He Who Corrupts/Infestation of Ass Split Rescued From Life $1.00
He Who Corrupts/Infestation of Ass Split Rescued From Life $1.00
He Who Corrupts/Tusk Split self $1.00
He Who Corrupts/Tusk Split Self $1.00
He Who Corrupts/Wilbur Cobb Split Vendetta $1.00
Head On s/t Lifeline orange vinyl $1.00
Hell Division La Solucion Final Trabuc $2.00
Hellshock World Darkness Black Water ltd cvr 24/200 $20.00
Heroin s/t Gravity $2.00
High On Crime s/t Hungry Ghosts $1.00
Himei 1st HG Fact $15.00
Hipshakes/Cococoma Split Tic Tac Tally $2.00
Hjertestop Aarh..Fuck It's Hjertestop Kick'n'Punch $1.00
Hollywood Squares Hillside Strangler Bootleg $15.00
Hostage Situation s/t Third Party $1.00
I-Attack American Dream Southkore $1.00
Impalers s/t Self white vinyl $5.00
Internal Affairs Causality of The Core Malfunction Blue vinyl $1.00
Internal Affairs/Alligence Split Rival $1.00
Internal Affairs/Last Nerve Split Resist $1.00
Iron Fist Die Wasted On Doomsday Muerte Negra red vinyl 76/100 $1.00
Johns Town Aloha Bloody Ravens Wander HG Fact $3.00
KG Beasley & Leather Violence Sonic Bondage Heavy Leather $3.00
Kikeiji s/t ADK 2012 Reissue $15.00
Kill Your Idols Salmon Swim Upstream Vicious Circle $2.00
Kill Your Idols/Modern Life Is War Split Lifeline clear vinyl $15.00
Killed In Action s/t Self Pink vinyl $1.00
Kollaa Kestaa Yllatys Combat Rock $20.00
Koro 700 Club Sorry State Blue/white vinyl $10.00
Kriegshog/Dog Solider Split HG Fact $25.00
Kruw japanese Partners In Crime $5.00
Kunfu Rick s/t Up Jumps The Devil $2.00
Kungfu Rick Statues To Stones, Soldiers To Bones Gloom white vinyl $2.00
Kungfu Rick/Curtainrail Split 625 $2.00
Kylesa Point of Stillness Prank Gray vinyl $20.00
La Peste Better off Dead Bacchus $10.00
Last Sentence Beginning of the Close Mind Guerilla $5.00
Latin Dogs Warning Bootleg $5.00
Less Than Jake Chicago Halloween self orange/black vinyl $15.00
Life Crisis Churchstate Deep Six $1.00
Life Crisis Unpeaceful Protest Get Revenge ltd cvr $1.00
Life Crisis Churchstate Deep Six $1.00
Life's Halt/No Reply Split 625 Tour cover $10.00
Long Pigs s/t SMRT $5.00
Look Back & Laugh Street Terrorism Deranged $2.00
Lyme Regis s/t Smart Guy $1.00
M.A.P. Kaasua Fight $15.00
Martyrdod/Sunday Morning Einsteins Split Instigate $10.00
Massgrave Your Freaks Now Too Detonate $20.00
Masskontroll Warpath Havoc red vinyl $2.00
Mayhem I Heart Transylvania Bootleg Blue vinyl $20.00
Mayhem In Memorium Bootleg purple vinyl $20.00
Melee One Way Dead End Lengua Armada $1.00
Mental Rescue A New Age of Terror Toxic State $5.00
Migraine s/t Stress Domain $1.00
Migraine Weird Tales Cowabunga white vinyl $1.00
Millenial Reign Bones Dust Nothing A389 white vinyl $1.00
Modern Life Is War s/t Lifeline red vinyl tour cvr $20.00
Motards I'm A Criminal Self $5.00
Nasum/Abstain Split Yellow Dog $5.00
Nasum/Skitsystem Split No Tolerance $30.00
Negative Lifestyle End Up Like Them Fran Oven clear vinyl flexi $1.00
New Lows s/t Lockin' Out $5.00
Nightmare/Skitkids Split HG Fact $5.00
No comply/Christmess Split 625 $1.00
No For An Answer You Laugh Revelation 3rd press $25.00
No Justice Still Fighting Underestimated $2.00
No Slogan National Threat Southkore $1.00
No System Dead Bands Tell No Tales No Way orange vinyl $1.00
Non Fiktion Nois Contaminacion Mundal Southkore $2.00
Oath/Total Fury Split Bootleg clear vinyl $3.00
Off With Their Heads/Blotto Split Snuffy Smiles $15.00
Opstand s/t Praxis $1.00
Overthrow Empowerment Cover Up Race $1.00
Payback s/t Big Hurt $1.00
Payback s/t Big Hurt orange vinyl 32/34 $2.00
Peripherique Est Demos Vol. 2 Rob's House $5.00
Peripherique Est EP 1 Close Up $15.00
Phobia Enslaved Slap A Ham $5.00
Phoenix Bodies/Shikari Split Electric Human Project red vinyl $3.00
Pig Heart Transplant Weapon/Gut Pleasures Iron Lung $5.00
Pigeon Religion Crystallized Meth Video Disease ltd cvr $5.00
Pist Destroy Society Eugene $2.00
Pist/Brutally Familiar Split Six Weeks $1.00
Powerhouse Pandemonium Resurrection AD $1.00
Pressure Release Prison of My Own New Age $1.00
Private Jesus Detector How Evil Can One Get Urban Alert $10.00
Protestant/Get Rad Split Barbarian Gray vinyl 12 $5.00
Psychopunch The Gun Cries Justice Superbeast $1.00
Quadrajets 61 Blues Reservation $1.00
Reagan SS s/t Coalition Green vinyl $1.00
Rebel Truth s/t Bootleg $5.00
Redemption 87 The Spidey Session Breakout $2.00
Regress Look Who's Pulling The Strings Lengua Armada $1.00
Release The Pain Inside Axtion Packed #261 $35.00
Rocky & The Sweden 844 Blood Sucker $15.00
Rot Shit Have You Scene Fashionable Idiots $2.00
Ruido/Insult Split Know $1.00
Ruination Dead Horse No Idea clear vinyl $2.00
Ruination/They Live Split Dead Alive $2.00
Sacriphyx Lone Pine Nuclear War Now $1.00
Salvation Smoke & Mirrors Youth Attack white vinyl $20.00
Sanctum Enslaved Self $5.00
Sanctum s/t PFC $5.00
Say Goodbye Anti Social Western Front yellow vinyl $1.00
Say Goodbye Misanthropy Western Front $1.00
Seven Days of Samsara/Destroyer Split Flower of Charnage $1.00
Severed Head of State Charge Ahead la Vida Es Un Mus $2.00
Severed Head of State Fucking Butchery Hardcore Holocaust $2.00
Severed Head of State No Love Lost Ebullition $2.00
Sex Messiah Abysmal Ritual High Society Satanic $10.00
Sidewalk Time Spent Organized Crime $2.00
Sin Orden Somos La Mayoria Lengua Armada $2.00
Skate Korpse s/t Punks Before Profits Green vinyl $1.00
Skinless Miscreant Hater of God $1.00
Snobs Control My War $2.00
So Be It s/t Rocket Punch Green vinyl $1.00
Social Unrest Making Room For Youth Self 1st press red cover $90.00
Soviet Valves Sight That Harms Smart Guy $1.00
Stench of Decay Visions Beyond Death Detest $15.00
Strength In Numbers The Youth Underestimated $1.00
Strength In Numbers/Trepan Nation Split Self $1.00
Suburban Death Machine Fuck the Scene Urban Death Mission $1.00
Suicide Party You're All Invited Dead Alive $1.00
Sunday Morning Einsteins Set Ar Synd Om Rika Prank orange vinyl $1.00
Sunday Morning Einsteins Sunday Morning Tour Prank orange vinyl $1.00
Svart Sno/Starved and Delirious Split Consensus Reality $2.00
Sweet Rot Drug Fiend Square Wave $1.00
Systemic Infection Declaration Self $1.00
They Live Blurred cowabunga $1.00
Third Degree s/t Indecision $1.00
Threatener The Fastening 625 $5.00
Threatener And The Bending of the Throats 625 $5.00
Threatener The Fastening 625 $5.00
Tomorrow/Steam Pig Split FFT $15.00
Totalitar Klass Inte Ras Prank $5.00
Totuus s/t Fight $1.00
Totuus Kun Kuolema Fight $1.00
Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys Split Selfless 2x7 $5.00
Trailer Park Tornados Don't Mind The Maggots Big Neck $1.00
Trioxin 245 Ward Off The Evil Destroy $1.00
Truthdealer s/t F&S $1.00
Tuberculosis Disfrasandose Lengua Armada purple vinyl $7.00
Tuomiopaivan Lapset Vastusta Ti Pakene Consensus Reality $2.00
Tyvek Duck Blinds Sub Pop orange vinyl $5.00
Uber 2nd Sell Our Souls $3.00
Underdog s/t New Beginning all inserts $100.00
Unicef Kakimassaa Combat Rock $25.00
Usuals s/t Mangrove Blue vinyl $3.00
UV Rays Are Sick of Humans Feral Kid $1.00
V/A Barbaric Thrash Demolition 625 $2.00
V/A Chicago Is Killing Me Softly Underestimated Green vinyl $1.00
V/A No Bullshit Vol. 2 No Way $1.00
V/A Tomorrow Will Be Worse Sound Pollution 4x7 $20.00
V/A Fresh Cuts & Cigarette Burns Criminal IQ $1.00
V/A Bands That Don't Give a Shit about Being Social Napalm $1.00
V/A The New Breed DC Records $1.00
V/A No Bullshit Vol. 1 No Way $1.00
V/A Onslaught Blind Date $1.00
V/A Unsafe At Any Speed Bootleg $3.00
V/A Yo Hablo Lengua Armada $2.00
V/A The Action Ningen Records $12.00
V/A Painkiller Vol. 2 Devastating Soundworks Green vinyl $3.00
V/A It's Japan Noise Maniacs Bong Green vinyl $5.00
V/A Mein Comp Youth Attack red vinyl $3.00
V/A Mass Confusion Big Hurt red vinyl $1.00
V/A Hepatit D Hepatit gold vinyl $1.00
V/A Growing Stronger Teamwork $3.00
V/A Distance, Outbreak, Some Kind of Hate Bridge Nine yellow vinyl $2.00
V/A Complacency Tuttle $2.00
Virgin Witch s/t Free Cake $1.00
Walls Tour Iron Lung $3.00
Walls of Jericho A Day And A Thousand Years Underestimated $3.00
Wallside s/t Lonely Kid clear vinyl $2.00
War of Destruction Normalisering Hjernespind $1.00
Warsquad s/t Punks Before Profits $1.00
Wartorn Banzai Crust $2.00
What Happens Next No Cash, No Thrash Found & Lost $2.00
White Walls The Milk of a Loneyman Video Disease Blue vinyl $3.00
Winterstorm Demo Stomp $1.00
Wolfbrigade/Audio Kollaps Split Estrophy $3.00
Wolfmother Mind's Eye Modular $2.00
Wolfpack Blood Stained Dreams Feral Ward $25.00
Wolves/Incriminated Split Don't Care Green vinyl $2.00
World Burns To Death No Dawn Comes Prank $2.00
World Burns To Death s/t Fight white vinyl $10.00
World Downfall 6 Trax Self $1.00
Wound Up s/t Painkiller $2.00
Wretched In Nome Del Bootleg $10.00
XFilesX NBC Mayhem Self $7.00
X-O Toxins s/t Signal Sound $2.00
Young Wasterners s/t Hjernespind $2.00
Youth Brigade/No Labels split Bootleg green/orange vinyl 2x7 $10.00
Youth of Today Disengage Revelation $5.00
Yuckmouth s/t Conversion Green vinyl $3.00

Disfear A Brutal Sight of War Feral Ward 10 $17.00
Headfirst Live Rebound 8, flexi $2.00
Kill Your Idols Skinnier Years Vicious Circle tan vinyl 10,tour cvr $15.00
Oath Korper Kultur Coalition 10, pump cvr $10.00
Stack Kronket Flower of Carnage 10 $3.00

Acursed Tunneln I Ljusets Slut Prank clear/gray vinyl $7.00
After The Bombs Relentless Onslaught The Total End $5.00
Akimbo Reinventing The Bronze Alternative Tentacles $3.00
Annihilation Time This One's For You Dead Alive $25.00
Artimus Pyle Civil Dead Prank Green vinyl $2.00
Assault S/t Partners In Crime $2.00
Asta Kask Rock Mot Svinen honhie $7.00
Asunder A Clarion Call Nuclear War Now 2xLP $50.00
Balance of Terror A Better Tomorrow Paralogy $2.00
Besthoven In Order To Satisfy Room 101 $5.00
Besthoven/Skeleton split Total End $5.00
Big Boys Wreck Collection Gern Blandsten 2xLP $10.00
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Borre Fen What We Do Is Secret single sided $10.00
Bone Awl/Ashdautas split Klaxon W/ 7 $25.00
Briefs Off The Charts Dirtnap $12.00
Capitalist Casualties Disassembly Line Six Weeks $7.00
Career Suicide/Jed Whitey split Deranged $5.00
Caulfield s/t A389 $2.00
Caustic Christ Can't Relate Havoc Green vinyl $5.00
Channel 3 After The Lights Go Out Posh Boy No Cover $2.00
Chronic Decay Justify your Existence Some Spanish Label $8.00
Clorox Girls This Dimension Smart guy $5.00
Clorox Girls s/t Smart guy $5.00
Corrosion of Conformity Technocracy Death $12.00
Criaturas Oscuridad Eterna Lengua Armada Purple vinyl $17.00
Cripple Bastards Your Lies In Check Haunted Hotel black/yellow vinyl $5.00
Crude Attitude Feral Ward $8.00
DC Snipers Missile Sunset Dead Beat $2.00
Deadfall Destroyed By Six Weeks $2.00
Deadfall Destroyed By Six Weeks $2.00
Deep Wound Discography Damaged Goods black/yellow vinyl $20.00
Demon System 13 Killed By The Kids Havoc Orange vinyl ltd cover $35.00
Despite The Destroyers Six Weeks $2.00
Direct Control You're Controlled Feral Ward $5.00
Disassociate Symbols, Signals World Grind Fed $1.00
Disciple The Revelation organized Crime Red vinyl 431/500 $10.00
Disclose Tragedy Vinyl Japan $35.00
Diskonto We Are The People Six Weeks $3.00
Dropdead 2nd Armageddon Purple vinyl $12.00
Enslave/Realized split ??? $5.00
Epileptic Terror Attack No Faith Deranged $2.00
Extortion Sick Deep Six Purple vinyl $10.00
Fabulous Poodles Mirror Stars Epic $1.00
Faithealer Bound Inkblot Orange vinyl $3.00
From Ashes Rise/Victims split Havoc Green vinyl $15.00
Fuck On The Beach Endless Summer Slap A Ham $7.00
Funeral Shock S/t Six Weeks $1.00
Gasmask Terror Black Sun Solar Funeral $5.00
Ghoul Splatterthrash Tank Crimes $30.00
Giuda S/t Agipunk Clear vinyl $2.00
GO! Time To Suffer First Strike $7.00
Gouka Program PFC $5.00
Gunmoll/Fifth Hour Hero split No Idea Red vinyl $5.00
Hangnail/Sound Like Shit split TVG $3.00
Harvey Milk My Lover Is Higher Chunklet Blue vinyl Ltd 150 $30.00
High On Crime Until No Flags Fly Hungry Ghosts $2.00
His Hero Is Gone Monument To Thieves Prank $7.00
Holding On Just Another Day Havoc yellow vinyl ltd cover $10.00
Holier Than Thou The Hating of The Guts Six Weeks $2.00
Holy Shit s/t Criminal IQ $3.00
Humpty Dumpty Earth's Haywire Human $20.00
I Attack S/t Self $2.00
In My Eyes The Difference Revelation Orange vinyl $50.00
Isterismo Tokyo Crusties 540 $7.00
Jigsore Terror World End Carnage Power It Up $5.00
Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos Havoc Orange vinyl $12.00
Kaaos Totallian Kaaos Honhie Blue vinyl $5.00
Kill Your Idols Funeral For A Feeling Side One Dummy Blue vinyl $10.00
Kill your Idols No Gimmicks Needed Blackout tour ed. #/60 $30.00
Kill Your Idols From Companionship Side One Dummy Red vinyl $15.00
Kill Your Idols For Our Friends Lifeline Clear vinyl $5.00
Kin Ping Meh Virtues & Sins Nova $30.00
Kungfu Rick Coming To An End 625 $7.00
Kungfu Rick Motivation To Abuse 625 $7.00
Kyklooppien Sukupuutto s/t Hate $5.00
Kylesa S/t Prank $25.00
Lair of the Minotaur The Ultimate Destroyer Southern Lord $10.00
Life Sentence No Experience Necessary Walkthrufire $15.00
Life's Halt/What Happens Next split 625 $5.00
Littleman Complex S/t Harmless $3.00
Liturgy Dawn of Ash Barbarian Test press $50.00
MDC Millions of Dead Cops Rradical 2nd press $15.00
Memento Mori s/t I Don't Feel A Thing $10.00
Midnight Satanic Royalty Hell's Headbangers picture disc $35.00
Mind Eraser Glacial Reign Pain Killer $20.00
Modern Life Is War My Love My Way Lifeline Black/Gold vinyl $10.00
Municipal Waste Waste Em All Six Weeks $7.00
Nightrage Sweet Vengeance Century Media $12.00
Nocturnal Blood True spirit of Old Hell's Headbangers Gray vinyl $10.00
Nuclear Death Terror S/t Plague Bearer $10.00
Nyogthaeblisz Apocrypal Progentors SSP $30.00
Old Man Gloom Meditations In B Magic Bullet $25.00
Outbreak Riot S/t Torture Machine $50.00
Paintbox Singing Crying Ugly Pop White vinyl $12.00
Pedestrians s/t A Wrench in The Gears $2.00
Pedestrians Future Shock Residue $2.00
Plan of Attack Working Dead organized Crime Purple vinyl $3.00
PMRC Politics Money Motorchest White vinyl $5.00
Porkeria La Mierda De Siempre Adelante $3.00
Punch In The Face At War With Everybody Lengua Armada $5.00
Punch In The Face At War With Everybody Lengua Armada Green vinyl ltd cover $10.00
Rambo Wall of Death 625 $5.00
Repos s/t Youth Attack cow vinyl $50.00
Resist Ignorance Is Bliss Profane Existence $5.00
Revolt Gate of Holocaust Awesome Mosh $10.00
Rites S/t Dead Alive Blue vinyl $7.00
RNR The Infamous Manic Ride $5.00
Royal Arch Blaspheme S/t Hell's Headbangers red/gold vinyl $17.00
Salvation Of Unforgiving Wind Youth Attack Purple vinyl $20.00
Sanctum On The Horizon Self #ed/381 $10.00
Satanic Warmaster Nachzehrer Werewolf $20.00
Sayyadina Fear Gave Us Wings Yellow Dog $7.00
Selfish Cause Pain Feral Ward $5.00
Selfish Cry For Love Dead Alive $3.00
Selfish Burning Sensation Feral Ward $7.00
Selfish Cry For Love Dead Alive Blue vinyl $3.00
Seven Days of Samsara/Since By Man split Harmless $5.00
Severed Head of State Anthema Device Hardcore Holocaust $10.00
Sex Drome Grown Younger Youth Attack $15.00
Signal Lost Children of The Prank yellow vinyl $2.00
Sigur Ros Inni XL Clear vinyl 3xLP, w/ DVD $60.00
Sista Sekunden 2006 Instigate $2.00
Skinless Foreshadowing Our Soulreaper Orange vinyl $8.00
Skitkids Onna For Pleasure Kick'n;Punch $10.00
Skitsystem Alt E Slkit Havoc tour ed. #/300 $30.00
So Much Hate How We Feel Norwegian Leather $10.00
Social Scare S/t Radical $1.00
Song of Zarathustra The Birth of Tragedy Troubleman Gray vinyl $8.00
Stikky Where's My Lunch Lookout $12.00
Stop and Think Both Demos Pain Killer $50.00
Stormcrow/Massgrave split Mangled Ankle $10.00
Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem split bootleg $15.00
Subhumans (CA) Death Was Too Kind bootleg $10.00
Submerge S/t Abstraction $1.00
Suicidal Tendencies S/t Frontier $12.00
Sunday Morning Einsteins Swedish Hardcore Sin Fronteras $3.00
Sunday Morning Einsteins Kangnave Prank putty vinyl $3.00
Sunn 0))) Grimm Robe Demos Southern Lord Blue vinyl 2xLP $35.00
Television Marquee Moon Elektra 1st press $50.00
Tipper's Gore S/t Flat Black $1.00
Tortyr Ingen Kommer Undan D-Takt $12.00
Tragedy Nerve Damage Self $15.00
Tragedy s/t Self green letter $15.00
Trauma S/t Feral Ward $7.00
Under Pressure Still No Future Sound Pollution $3.00
Uniform Choice Screaming For Change Wishingwell green letter $15.00
V/A Another Shot For Braken Positive Force $5.00
V/A Histeria Lengua Armada $5.00
V/A Godzilla bootleg $7.00
V/A Eye of The Thrash Gorilla bootleg $17.00
V/A Hardcore From Early Days Cold Sweat $2.00
V/A Histeria Vol. 2 Lengua Armada $5.00
V/A Killed By Finnish HC bootleg $10.00
V/A Las 4 Bandas Lengua Armada White vinyl $20.00
V/A The Tundra Sessions Doomedelic Blue vinyl $3.00
V/A Killed By Hardcore 3 bootleg $15.00
V/A Start A Riot Clean Plate $7.00
Verse Rebuild Rival Orange vinyl $40.00
Victims In Blood Havoc Orange vinyl $7.00
Vile Solution Parts Unknown $25.00
Voorhees Spilling Blood Armed With Anger $5.00
Vverevvolf Grehv Zombie Aesthetics Relapse Splatter vinyl $3.00
Warcollapse Divine Intoxication Mind Control $25.00
Warcry Deprogram Feral Ward $10.00
Warfear Dead, Unburied, Forgotten Crust War $7.00
Warhead What To Do With This Ugly Pop $17.00
Warpriest Archaic Revival Streetcleaner Purple vinyl $5.00
Weekend Nachos Punish & Destroy Cowabunga $17.00
What Happens Next Street Justice Sound Pollution $5.00
White Guilt S/t Video Disease $10.00
Wolfbrigade A D-Beat Odyssey Havoc $8.00
Wolfpack Allday Hell Farewell $10.00
Wolves In The Throne Room Malevolent Grain Southern Lord Green vinyl $20.00
World Burns to Death The Sucking of the Hardcore Holocaust $5.00
Wormwood Requiescat Power It Up $10.00
Yaphet Kotto The Killer Was In Ebullition $8.00
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