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100s of 7"s

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:30 pm    Post subject: 100s of 7"s Reply with quote

a mix of NWOBHM, death, black, grind. not in any order, but if you take the time to look through it all you will find some hidden gems among the junk like Dawn (germany) proclamation/teitanblood, test presses, etc.

DO NOT ask for my wantlist or how much $, i do not have one, send me your trade list or make me a sale offer (ebay/pops. prices, no lowballing):

A II Z – im the one who loves you
Alcatrazz- no parole from rock n roll
Anal fist- flying sandwich
Angel rot – screw drive
Angel witch- loser
Brain implosion- sand grains
Cheetah-spend the night pic
Cheetah-spend the night
Dedringer- Maxine
Dedringer –Sunday driver
Dedringer- hot lady
Diamond head- makin music
Diamond head- in the heat of the night
Expatriate – no sleep til chugwater
Hellhammer buried and forgotten
Hellion- driving hard
Impiety- salve the goat
New England –record bar pic
Nunslaughter- trifurcate
Radiation sickness- bounds of reality
Raven-crash bang wallop
Raven- hard ride
Raven/udo –born to be wild
Raven/udo born to be wild pic
Rock goddess- heavy metal rock n roll
Rock goddess- my angel
Rock goddess- I didn’t know I loved you
The rods- winds of fire pic
Samson- little big man
Thor- let the blood run red pic
Tigers of pan tang –paris by air pic
Tyson dog- eat the rich
Capitalist casualties/unholy grave
Witchfinder general- burning a sinner omr
Split beaver-hounds of hell
Barricade- abolition
Abominog –grotesque humanity
Absurd-drained of body chemicals
Accept- metal heart
Agothocles-fascination of mutilation flexi
Arrival –
Asocial –det bittra slutet
Asphyx- mutilation process test
Atomic rooster- the rock
Autograph- turn up the radio
Bad brains- pay to cum
Balvaz- phlegmous
Barbatos- warmetal drinkers
The boyz- bustin out
Cathederal- twilight songs
Celestial season –flowerskin
Cirith ungol –im alive
Corpus rottus- mutilation
Dead –poserslaugher rec
Disembowel –matter of splatter
Disharmonic orchestra -test
Disharmonic orchestra –successive substitution + green vinyl
Drusus spleen
Enthroned- goatlust
Escalation anger-violent breed
Eterne –as the silence fades
Exit 13 –spare the wrench test
Fates warning –no exit flexi
Goreaphobia –polterchrist entrapment
Gravewurm –warbeast
Havohej –unholy darkness and impurity
Hearse –torch
Hyrax –blasted in Bangkok
Horrified –the ancient whisper of darkness
In aeternum demon possession pic
Impetigo –buio omega
Iron maidein –interview pic x2
Keel –somebodys waiting pic flexi
Korihor –warmageddon
Lord belial –purify Sweden pic
Maggot sandwich
Menegele –senseless extermination
Necrony –mucupurulent mis carriage
Necropsy never to be forgotten
Necrotion- prelude to apocalypse
Nocturnal –slaughter command
Rhenium –brutal deception
Suppression –mechanized flesh
Systematic marsmurder –hor horn
Ultra head
Voxhumana –lost
White wolf-standing alone flexi pic
Kerrang 281 gamma ray/lisa Dominique
Kerrang 309 almighty /overkill
Kerrang 259 vain/tigertailz
Kerrang 256 anthrax/d.a.d
gillian /gary moore / telephone flexi
anarchus –final fall of the gods
asystole –higher form of hatred
the sounds machine 2 living colour queensryche voivod screaming blue messiahs
baphomet –spectral maniac
crawlnoise demo ii
demise –furnace of tension
heretical response –envision
headbangers against disco III
stryper –always there for you
gonkulator haemorrhage
mixomatosis/ neuropathia
black Sabbath –tv crimes
kerrange black Sabbath the beyond terrorvision claytown troupe
black Sabbath –devil and daughter
black Sabbath –devil and daughter pic
black Sabbath –turn up the night
black Sabbath- headless cross
black Sabbath –trashed
venom –nightmare
mindsnare broken promises
wolfsbane –shakin
bestial desecration –soldiers of death
proclamation teitanblood
exmortes –lord of temptaion
varathron- one step beyond dreams

acid death –apathy murders hope
gonkulator /lymphatic phlegm
agathocles /black army jacket
celestia- evoken grace and splendor
at war/barbatos

ugly Americans –philadelphia
wild horses –the rapist
young and moody –all the good friends
scapegrace /conniption
the end of the century
hellchild /gomorrha
inquisition –we got a bomb
malignant tumor –murder for you to eat
malignant tumor –swarming virulency
impaler/ripsnorter “666 dreary lane/when there is no…”
impaler/ripsnorter “black leather monster/beyond the grave”
v/a soundblast 3 (cerebral fix, pussy galore, etc)
hypochristians/chupacabra/throat leach/b. ridiculed
ian Gillian –living for the city PICDISC
nocturnal howling/odes of ecstasy
aurora –ill cry alone
born of fire
damonlord –aarstrand
dawn –tresspass infinity (germany!)
drusus –spleen
fog –from within the darkness..
geneticide –circle of insult
guidance of sin
hammerhawk –war
hirax-el diabolo negro pic
iron maiden –the number of the beast
judgement day –to conjure…
jumalhamara-vanity of humanity
loits –legion estland
infernal necromancy –freezing bloodstained universe
mastic scum –tilt
nightfall-oh black queen
mindsnare –worst enemy
misery omen –to worship stone gods
nunslaughter-hell on Switzerland
nunslaughter –hell on germany
pagan rites- sodomy in heaven
purgatory-psychopathia sexuals
pus- the real scapegoat
rotten flesh- holy tears
satans bake sale
sarcasm-scattered ashes PIC
satanel- war ceremonial hail
screams over northland
soulgrind- santa sangre
tears of Christ
shadows over my sky
wings-thorns on thy oaken
vinnie Vincent invasion- animal promo
zander tribute (enslaved, lubricant, necromance, cadaver corpse)
benediction/pungent stench
sanctimonious order/isegrim
numskull/sea of tranquility
necrobiosis/intense agonizing
nut screamer/pissed off orgasm
sheer terror/crawl pappy (no cover, orig. came with surbaban voice #29)
testament/acid reign (kerrang flexi)
nuclear assault/salty dog (kerrang flexi)
quireboys (kerrang flexi)
tankard/celtic frost (metal hammer flexi)
sabbat/vendetta (rock hard flexi)
stryper –reason for the season PIC/autographed
stryper- honestly
cheech and chong –from the ODE album
MSG –dancer PIC
Morbid angel –thy kingdom come PIC
My dying bride –unreleased bitterness FLEXI
Impaled Nazarene- profanatica error press, no cover
Profanatica- as tears of blood stain
Pungent stench –extreme deformity
Pus –3rd world
Putrifact- visceral devourment
Quiet riot- mama weer all crazee now JPN press
Revenant- distant eyes
Saxon- and the bands played on PIC
Saxon- nightmare PIC
Skeptical schizo- withdrawn
Sorath –horns of the goat
Suffer on sour ground
Transgressor- morbid brochus
Venom-manitou PIC +black vinyl
vomiturtion- flesheaters musicians…
vorphalack-under the sight
warhate-biological decimate
wasp- chainsaw Charlie 3pack
witchburner- dead city
wombath- several shapes
apocalyptic raids/gravewurm
shit hits vol 1 (belial, autumnfire, irstas, plan e, etc)
gravewurm/derketa/witchburner/sadomaniac-behold the legions…
14” of fury-double 7” twisted tire dire, mood, naevus, revelation
artch- metal forces flexi

Abigail/unholy grave –tribute to acid
Abominant –storms of calamity
Alttari /kadotus
Angel of damnation
Animus –homo homini deus (499/500)
Apocalypse command
Aptorian demon
Aquer/the true endless
Arkenstone Lusitanian pride
Arsonist lodge –lihaa pedolle
Astriaal –the throne to perish
Astrofaes- shu nun
Atanatos –castle in the sky
Audiopain/dead to this world
Autumnblaze –every silent moment I weep
Axis powers/ill natured
Bestial mockery/ karnarium
Betray my secrets
Black angel- picdisc
Black beast
Botulistum/domini inferi
Blood red fog/musta kappeli
Blodarv- beyond life
Brainstorm –live day of darkness III 1995
Brain police –bullet
Church bizarre –enigma of hades
Church bizarre –the liberating darkness
Cyanide /machetazo
conquest –bad girls
cut throat –anal electrocution
cutthroat- branded then whipped
cutthroat –show me your pussy
Dangerous force/solitude
decayed-remnants…of a past
deceased –the premonition
diocletion –sect of swords
Diskord –hdfh
Dust –the endless fall
Eisregen –fleischhaus
Endwarfment –world downsfall
Erhabenheit –verhallend mit des todesboten kunde
Evil army –under attack
Ex inferiis –ngul a crist
Exterminate –nwn
flauros-3rd curs
flauros-behind my eyes
front beast/staub
funerary pit –winds of hell
gehennah –10 years of fucked up behaviour
grenjar/kargvint (lyderhorn rec, 6/300)
grim morstua –repulsive sounds of satanic worship
guidance of sin –acts
handful of hate –death from above
hellen –the fortune/liar
horned almighty –in the year of our horned lord
in aeternum –covered in hell picdisc
inferno-thrash metal dogs of hell
irmingot –posercrushing blackmetal
kerberos/sadistic grimness (ordealis rec 144/333)
key of mithras/daemonlord
legacy of blood/revenge
lord satanael -
Lobotomized- (nor)
Made of iron –
Mantas –emotional 1984
The meads of asphodel –life is shit
Macabre omen/ad inferos
Mindsnare/worst enemy (lim. 444)
Minotaur –the oath of blood
Morte incandescente/arrivial of satan
Nerkroth –eterno ritual Negro (chile)
Nocturnal –temples of sin
Nocturnal/pagan rites
Nunslaughter /mutilated messiah
Nunslaughter/brodys militia picdisc
Obliteration –total fucking obliteration
Opus forgotten –demon of destruction
Pagan rites -dancing souls
Obtest- dvylika juodvarniy
Old pagan- (50/182)
Plague –into the deathkult
Proscriptor –thoth musick
Pyre/ nihil nocturne
Rabbath ammon –ammonites knights nights
Ravenous –armageddon rising
Redrum –ghettoblaster
Revocation- reincarnated souls of hell
Ravening –forbidden arts
Sanctimonious order
Sacriphyx –lone pine
Sarath –husk du skal do
satan in man/minotauri
satanic warmaster/krieg (blk or blue vinyl)
sauron –true hate embodiment
somnus/theatre of the macabre
suicidal winds –misanthropic anger
taarma-in death I submerge
thralldom –a murderous magus of the morphogenetic grid
titan steele –fallen star
trench hell –alcoholic disaster reg +pic
unearthly trance –frost walk with me
vomination –yog sothoth
Walhalla –war over nordland
Wolves (germany)
Incriminated/wolves (505/666)
Yersinia / Barastir
Yersinia/total hate
V/a the evil conquest world (behalf fiend/blashemiam/grave desecration/bestial holocaust)
V/a outbreak of evil III (evilangel/gravewurm/nailgunner/ Grippiud
V/a outbreak of evil IV (possessor/strikemaster/metal skull/bludwulf)
V/a Thrash metal blitzkrieg II (bloodthirst/witchtrap/death thrashers kuopio/hangman)
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Flesh, eyes, tongue, hands fly in the air... his shadow appears, death is a moment away!

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