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Lots of rare items for sale

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:12 am    Post subject: Lots of rare items for sale Reply with quote

Items for sale from my personal collection. Please send all offers to lyderhornrecords@yahoo.com
Payment via paypal. Serious offers only, please. Unsold items will be ebayed in a week or so. No trades, cash only. All sales will go towards putting out new releases on Lyderhorn Records.

Bone Awl - Meaningless Leaning Mess LP+7" (testpress, #5/20, purple vinyl, 7" white vinyl w/ big hole)
Boris - Pink 2xLP (Inoxia-version, thick cardboard cover, 500x, seal broken)

Dodheimsgard - Kronet Til Konge MC (Mystic, 100x)

Gorgoroth - Under The Sign of Hell promo CD (Malicious)
Graves at Sea - Cirrhosis 7" (red vinyl, 300x)

Isis - SGNL>05 12" (grey vinyl, original press)

Legion of Doom - Kingdom of Endless Darkness (#108/200)
Loincloth - Church Burntings 7" (clear vinyl)

Midnight - Funeral Bell MLP (leather sleeve version, only 30x made)
Midnight - White Hot Fire b/w Endless Slut 7"

Orcustus - World Dirtnap 7" (red vinyl)
Outlaw order - Legalize Crime 7" (gray vinyl)

Pelican - March Into The Sea 12" (first press, alternate silkscreened sleeve, purple vinyl)
Pelican - Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw DLP (solid blue vinyl)

Satanic Warmaster - Opferblut pic-LP
Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness LP (red vinyl, w/ giant poster)
Sigur Ros - Aegetis Byrjun 2xLP (signed promo LP, ultra rare, has some signatures and "Sigur Ros," "Takk..." and a sun drawn on it. Originates from a radio station. Corners have sustained some wear due to being shipped to me in sub-par packaging)
Striborg - Tragic Journey / Through the Forest CDr (official Finsternis release, #65/100)
Striborg - isle De Morts / Cold Winter Moon CDr (official Finsternis release, #64/100)
Striborg - Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia CD (original, 500x)
Striborg - Spriritual Catharsis CD (original, 500x)
Striborg - 10 Years of Roaming the Forest CDr (official Finsternis release, #40/50)
Sunn O))) - Live Aktion Sampler 2xCDr (CDr with pro-printed cover self made by Stephen O'Malley and limited to 50 copies)
Sunn O))) - Flight of the Behemoth 2xLP (clear vinyl, 150x, shrinkwrap with sticker intact, but cut along side so vinyl could be taken out)
Sunn O))) - Veils it White testpress 12" (#3/5, rejected testpress, different from the approved press, plays from the inside out! Comes with white DJ sleeve and UK white1 tour poster)
Sunn O))) - LiveWhite CDr+3"CDr (original blue cover, 200x)

Thee Plague Of Gentlemen - Pressure & Time 7" (gold/yellow vinyl)

v/a - Champions of Sound 7" (Pelican-cover, pink vinyl 053/233/799. Bought from Pelican on tour)

Zyklon-B/Swordmaster - split MC (Mystic, 100x)
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A bunch of these are now on eBay:


I have not listed the Midnight MLP in the leather sleeve and I am still taking off-eBay offers for it.
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