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Black Metal Sale! 13th May 2017 UPDATE - PRICES LOWERED
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:34 am    Post subject: Black Metal Sale! 13th May 2017 UPDATE - PRICES LOWERED Reply with quote

you can also contact me per mail: misanthrophic-violence AT web DOT de


Label-releases of Ratten Im Gemäuer:
RAT001: Profundis Tenebrarum: Devoted Black Metal Ritual - XV Years Of Darkness (4 tapes in wooden box with poster, button, patch + insert limited 39) 40Eur
RAT002: Hirntod: I - Gefängnis (carbon disc in wooden box limited 66) 15Eur
RAT003: Astarium: Reverie (tape with sticker in handmade cardboard limited 27) 3,5Eur
RAT004: Jute Gyte: Works and Days (6 tapes in wooden box with big booklet + patch limited 39) 45Eur
have a look here: http://nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42048


Ancestral Fog/Temple Of Baal: Split (limited ep) (Battlesk'rs Productions) GONE
Bestial Raids: Order Of Doom (black ep) (Bird Of Ill Omen Recordings, Nuclear War Now! Productions) GONE
Deathgate Arkanum/Todesstoß: Split (ep limited 400 - # 277) (Horned Records) GONE
Deathgate Arkanum: Stillhallen (bind gatefold transparent lp with poster limited 150 - # 85) (Blutvergießen Productions, Unholy Black Art) 25Eur
Denial Of God: The Red Terror (bloody clear/red lp) (Horror Records) GONE
Eisregen: Buehnenblut - "Live In Leipzig" (2lp limited 500) (Massacre Records) 15Eur
Electric Wizard: Witchcult Today (black 2lp) (Rise Above Records) GONE
Erhabenheit: Missgediehen (lp limited 99 - # 45) (Black Devastation Records) GONE
Erhabenheit: Tractat Zum Brandtmale(white cardboard limited 33 - # 15) (Black Devastation Records) GONE
Flammentod: Sturmschild (lp with poster limited 33) (Flammentod Produktionen Teutschland) 80Eur
Fornicatus: Down Again (ep limited 300 - # 210) (Self Mutilation Services) 7,5Eur
Goat Horns: The Nocturnal Call (ep limited 500) (Aphelion Productions) 3Eur
Hacavitz: Ojpanna (ep limited 300) (Self Mutilation Services) 4,5Eur
Hellsaw: Phantasm (lp with poster limited 500) (Bloodred Horizon Records) GONE
Horna/Legion Of Doom: Ilman Arvoa Ja Arkkua/Kinaidos (Horna-military box with clear ep (sealed), shirt (sealed), pendant, sticker, poster) (Zyklon-B Productions) GONE
Katharsis: VVorldVVithoutEnd (lp, sealed) (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) 20Eur
Kawir/Nocternity: Split (ep limited 400, no insert) (Sombre Records) 20Eur
Khors: Return To Abandoned (black 2lp limited 300) (Osmose Productions) 16,5Eur
Morte Incandescente: ...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquerido (clear lp limited 90) (W.T.C. Productions) 10Eur
Nocturnal Depression/Kaiserreich: Split (ep limited 500) (Wotanstahl Klangschmiede) GONE
NunSlaughter/Haemorrhage: Cut God Out/Feasting On Purulence (black ep) (Hells Headbangers) 6,5Eur
Ossea Cyphus/Nigrum Ignis Circuli: Split (ep limited 150 - # 100) (Skull Productions, Black Gangrene Productions) GONE
Peste Noire/Diapsiquir: Rats Des Villes VS Rats Des Champs (lp with poster + 2 sticker) (La Mesnie Herlequin) GONE
Profundis Tenebrarum: Pathogenesis (lp with poster limited 500 - # 38) (CDG Records) 10Eur
Simple Existenz: Das Leben Vor Dem Tod (lp) (Ván) 7,5Eur
Skeletonwitch: Forever Abomination (Prosthetic Records) 17Eur
Total Hate: Necare Humanaum Est (still sealed, lp limited 300 - # 153) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede, Eternity Records) 10Eur
Tschernobyl: 100 Suns/Genesis Revived (ep with bonus sleeve limited 50) (Triumph Of Death) ‎10Eur
*V.A.: United By Blood, Gathered By Iron (ep limited 300) (Thule Records, Frenteuropa, Thor's Hammer Productions) 5,5Eur
Winterblut: Von Den Pflichten, Schönes Zu Vernichten (2lp with poster) (Nuclear War Now! Productions) 11,5Eur
Winterblut: Der 6. Danach, Opus I: Leidenswege (lp limited 250) (Nuclear War Now! Productions) 12,5Eur
Winterblut: Der 6. Danach, Opus II: Geistermusik & Opus III: Orgelmusik (lp limited 250) (Nuclear War Now! Productions) 12,5Eur
-> both Winterblut-releases Opus I & Opus II will only be sold together! -> 25Eur

CDs/DVDs: (I don't grade jewelcases, they also can be easily replaced or shipped without the case)

1349: Beyond The Apocalypse (Candlelight Records) GONE
Abaiuon: Axasheon (mcd in mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 1) (Svartgalgh Records) 8Eur
*Abbadon: Godless Demo 2001 (vinyl-style-disc in sleeve) (Self Released) 4Eur
Abigail Williams: In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns (2CD-edition) (Candlelight Records) GONE
Abusus: Lichter, Gedanken Und Lieder Schicken Wir Weit, Weit Hinüber Zu Euch Durch Dunkelheit (digisleeve with sticker) (Ván) 10Eur
Acrimonious: Sunyata (Agonia Records) 10Eur
Aedh: Au-Delà Des Cendres (limited 500) (Werewolf Promotion, Dying Sun Records) GONE
Aegeon: Entrance To The Gardens Of Death (vinyl-style-disc limited 200 - # 38) (Mortis Humanae Productions) 5Eur
Aetherius Obscuritas: Víziók (Paragon Records) GONE
*Agael: Lebensnacht/Apathologie (limited 100) (Naturmacht Productions) 5Eur
Agrypnie: F51.4 (Supreme Chaos Records) GONE
Agrypnie: Aetas Cineris (cd-dvd-digibook limited 1000 - # 226) (Supreme Chaos Records) 17Eur
Ah-Puch: Ancestral Full Moon (limited a5-digibook) (Predator Records) GONE
*Aisuragua: Mesmerized (digipak limited 200) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 8Eur
Ajal: Jahannarakah (slim-dvd-case limited 100) (Nihil Interit Records/Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 11Eur
Akitsa: Grands Tyrans (digipak) (Hospital Productions) GONE
Akromusto: Signos.Razor.Hate (dvd-case limited 100 - # 21) (Rigorism Production) 4Eur
Al-Kamar: Abstract Speed (dvd-case limited 50) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Alastor: Noble North (digipak, sealed) (No Colours Records) 2,5Eur
Alcest: Le Secret 2011 (limited digibook in slipcase + free postcard) (Prophecy Productions) 13,5Eur
Alcest: Les Voyages De L'âme (Prophecy Productions) GONE
Alcoholism: Abhängigkeit (dvd-case limited 33) (Cvlminis) 6Eur
All The Cold/Deep-Pression: Deep Cold (dvd-case limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services) GONE
Allfather: Weapon Of Ascension (Invictus Productions) 4Eur
Allvaters Zorn: Geburt (digipak) (Lost Souls Graveyard) 5Eur
*Alptraum: Von Melancholie, Depression und Suizidalität (dvd-case) (self-released) 10Eur
*Alptraum/Klangwerk Finsterwalde: Fragmente/Demo 1 (dvd-case limited 33 - # 5) (self-released) 10Eur
Amelnakru: The Prisoner (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Amnis Nihili: Christological Escalation (digipak) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Anchoreth: Гимн Анахорету (Hymn To An Anchoret) (dvd-case limited 99 - # 91) (De Profundis Productions) 5Eur
Andras: Of Old Wisdom (Perverted Taste) 2Eur
Andras: Iron Way (Einheit Produktionen) 3Eur
Angew: A Night Voyage (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Angew: A Dream Voyage (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Animo Aeger: Impuls (Ashen Productions) 3,5Eur
*Anti-Society/Macáes: Dulce Nostalgia (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Antiquus Scriptum: Immortalis Factus (digipak limited 100) (Pesttanz Klangschmiede) 10Eur
Antiquus Scriptum: Ars Longa, Vita Brevis... (digipak limited 100) (Pesttanz Klangschmiede) 10Eur
Aparthate: Walking The Path Of Warrior (cardboard) (På Gamle Stier) 4,5Eur
Apocynthion: Sidereus Nuncius (digisleeve limited 500) (Pest Productions) 8Eur
Apofolis: Geburt des Todes (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Apokrypha: To The Seven (Black Attakk Records) 3Eur
Aquila: L’Aurore (limited 500) (Hass Weg Productions, Werewolf Promotion) 4Eur
Ares/Extol Vice: Split (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black-cd limited 51, A-Type - # 23) (Fallen Angels Productions) GONE
Arkanis Funebris: Triumphus Mortis (dvd-case limited 22 - # 20) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Arkha Sva: Gloria Satanae (digipak limited 300) (Those Oppsed Records) 10,5Eur
*Armaghumil: Those Joyless Years (slim-dvd-case limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 8Eur
Art Imperial/Northern Forest: Vagando Nas Brumas Do Noctivago Crepusculo (a5-cover limited 30 - # 18) (Smell The Stench) GONE
Artisian: The Cave Sessions (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 1) (Svartgalgh Records) 8Eur
Artisian: A Plague On All Your Houses (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Artisian: Changing Seasons (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Arvorar: Recede (slim-dvd-case limited 50) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 9Eur
Aryan Art: ...И Берем Плодовете На Нашето Нехайство (limited 800) (Thor's Hammer Productions, Death Cult Records) 8Eur
Aschefall: Fäden Gen Unendlichkeit (limited - # 268) (Metallkatharsis) 7Eur or with Patch for 8Eur
Asofy: Percezione (sealed) (Avantgarde Music, Bruma Music) 4,5Eur
Astarium: Monolith Of Abysses (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
Astarium: Dethroned Of Impostor (limited 500) (Margin Art Records) 2,5Eur
Astarium: Invasion To Forbidden (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
*Astarium/Spasm Of Charity: Tribute – The Heart Of A Dog (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
Astarium: On The Edge Of Chasm (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
Astarium: Permafrost (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
Astarium: Atenvx (limited 1000) (Metallic Media) 3,5Eur
*Astarot: Into A Deep Melancholy (dvd-case limited 33 - # 8) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Astral Plague/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Crater/Cascades (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 4€
*Astral Plague/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Mantle/Hero (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 4€
Astrofaes: The Attraction: Heavens And Earth (limited digipak with bv) (Battlelord Productions) 6Eur
Atomizer: Death – Mutation – Disease – Annihilation (slipcase with bt) (Drakkar Productions) 4Eur
Atomtrakt: Sperrstelle Nordost (digipak) (Steinklang Industries) 4Eur
Atras Cineris Monolith (ARTicaz) 5Eur
Atritas: Where Witches Burnt (Cartel Media) GONE
*Aum Arrhythmia: Pathway To Tryptamines (a5-digisleeve limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 12Eur
Aura Negativ: Aura Negativ (dvd-case limited 15) (Fallen Angels Productions) 18Eur
Aurvandil: Yearning (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) GONE
Autumn's Dawn: Gone (embossed 2cd-digipak limited 500) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 18Eur
*Azif: Unholy Night Of Blasphemy – Rehearsal MMIX (dvd-case limited 33 - # 17) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Beastcraft: Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen (digipak) (Drakkar Productions) 10Eur
Begotten In Pain: Esquecimento (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Benighted in Sodom/Nocturnal Depression/Deathrow: Dismal Empyrean Solitude (limited 500, CD has scratches, but plays perfect) (Self Mutilation Services) 3,5Eur
Bergrizen: Scherbengericht (a5-digibook limited 99 - # 46) (Purity Through Fire) 15Eur
Beyond Helvete: Self-Therapy (digipak) (Dusktone) 4Eur
Beyond Life: Ravens (slim dvd-case with 5 cards) (Le Crépuscule du Soir Production) 9Eur
Beyond The Ninth Wave/Leichenstätte/Obehag/Totgeburt: Doomed To Die (dvd-case limited 500, disc itself with surface wear) (Self Mutilation Services) 3Eur
Beyond The Ninth Wave/Leichenstätte/Obehag/Totgeburt: Doomed To Die (dvd-case limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services) 4,5Eur
Beyond Ye Grave: Raping The Creation Of God (Cold Breath of Silence) 3,5Eur
Bishop Of Hexen: The Nightmarish Compositions (CCP Records) 9Eur
Black Astrology: Kingdom Of Ghosts (Taiga Sounds) 2,5Eur
Black Autumn: Cult Of Nihil (a5-digibook with poster, 2 sticker limited 150) (ISO666 Releases) 15Eur
Black Autumn: Aurora - Morgen Rothe Im Auffgang (digipak with poster) (Heyst Productions) 9Eur
Black Folly: Le Fardeau (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Black Hate: Los Tres Mundos (digipak in slipcase) (Dusktone) GONE
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (Sanctuary Midline) 5,5Eur
Black Wood: Religious (a5-digibook limited 111 - # 94) (Thou Shalt Kill! Records) 14,5Eur
Blaze Of Sorrow: Fulgida Reminiscenza (digipak limited 500) (Sun & Moon Records) 6,5Eur
Bliss Of Flesh: Emaciated Deity (Twilight) 3Eur
Bloodrain: De Vermis Mysteries (dvd-case with bonus-vcd limited 101 - # 101) (De Profundis Productions) 4Eur
Bloodthorn: Genocide (Red Stream Inc) 3,5Eur
Blut Aus Nord: Debemur Morti (misprint digifile, no cd) (Debemur Morti Productions) 7Eur
Blut Aus Nord: 777 - Sect(s) (digipak) (Debemur Morti Productions) GONE
Blut Aus Nord: Ultima Thulee (Candlelight Records) 12Eur
Blut Aus Nord: Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Ages (Candlelight Records) GONE
Blutengel: Nachtbringer (Out Of Line) GONE
Bluteszorn: Victory Of The Dead (CCP Records) 3Eur
Blutfahne: The Circle Of Eternal Return (digibook with slipcase limited 500) (På Gamle Stier) 5Eur
Blutklinge: Reflection Of A Bleak Mind (Funeral Moonlight Productions) 19Eur
Born Of Sin: Imperfect Breed Of Humanity (Unexploded Records) 3,5Eur
Bustum: Demonic Awakening (cardboard/digisleeve) (Stunde Des Ideals) GONE
Camulos: Leichenlieder (digipak limited 300 - # 271) (Blasphemous Terror Records) 22Eur
Cannibal Corpse: The Wretched Spawn (Metal Blade Records) 6,5Eur
Cantenebra: I (a5-digibook limited 100) (Frozen Veins Records) 8Eur
*Carnage: Profane War Of Satan Live (dvd-case limited 33 - # 5) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Carpathian Forest: Skjend Hans Lik (Season Of Mist) 6Eur
Celebratum: Instinct (Metal Age Productions) 3,5Eur
Celeste: Morte(s) Nee(s) (digipak limited 1000) (Denovali Records) 13Eur
Celestia: Archaenae Perfectii (digipak) (Apparitia Recordings) GONE
*Cementimental Feat. 55 Blues: Molecramp (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 4Eur
*Cemetary Desekrator: Nocturnal Sleep Until Autumn (cardboard limited 100 - # 31) (Black Metal Cult Records) 5Eur
*Cemetary Desekrator: The Dark Hand Of Satan Reaches Far... (cardboard lim. 100 - # 53) (Black Metal Cult Records) 5Eur
*Cernunnos: Promo 2012 (Self Released) 1Eur
Chadenn: Aux Portes De La Mort (with bt, sealed) (Hass Weg Productions) 2,5Eur
Chaoscraft: Procreation Through Disaster (digipak limited 50 - # 2) (War Against Yourself) 9Eur
Chefkirk: The Word “Veganism” Denotes A Philosophy And Way... (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Cities Of Sleep: Fear:Suicide:Life (Blodmorfogh Productions) 2,5Eur
Clouds Collide: Until The Wind Stops Blowing (ambrosia edition with poster + cards in envelope limited 25 - # 10) (Khrysanthoney) GONE
Code: Nouveau Gloaming (Spikefarm Records) 5Eur
Code: Resplendent Grotesque (digipak) (Tabu Recordings) 8Eur
Cold Wind: Irreal (limited a5-super-jewel-box with bv) (Self Mutilation Services) 11Eur
Coldfells/Winter Depression: In The Darkest Corners Of Human Nature (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
ColdWorld: The Stars Are Dead Now (Wolfsgrimm Records) GONE
Conspirator: Exorcism (Evil Spell Records) 3Eur
Control Human Delete: The Prime Mover (digipak) (Code666) 7Eur
Corpus Christii: The Fire God (limited digipak) (Hiberica) 7,5Eur
Cradle Of Filth: Damnation And A Day (Sony Music) 2Eur
Cristalys: In Hoc Signo Vinces (digipak) (Pagan Pride Productions) 8Eur
Crucifier/Throneum/Sathanas/Bestial Mockery: Deep Grave Dungeons (Time Before Time Records) 5Eur
Crux Dissimulata: Les Lauriers Sont Coupés (digipak limited 1000) (Christhunt Productions) 3Eur
*Crystal Moors: Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem (Blood Fire Death Productions) 6Eur
Cyhiraeth: The Druid Path (dvd-case with bt limited 33 - # 6) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Daath: Psychiatric Ward (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Daemonheim: Hexentanz (digipak limited 500) (Black Tower Productions) GONE
Daemonolith: By Order Of Decimation (digipak limited 300 - # 262) (Frozen Blood Industries) 3Eur
Dark Armageddon: The Past Empire - Maiorum Obscuritas & Unerreicht von Gottes Licht (2cd in dvd-case with sticker, poster, metal-pin limited 150) (Immortal Blood Records) 9,5Eur
Dark Armageddon: Flammenmeer (metal-box limited 99 - # 74) (Immortal Blood Records) 10Eur
*Dark Fury: W.A.R. (slipcase limited 300) (Lower Silesian Stronghold) 14Eur
Dark Fury/Evil/Pagan Hellfire: We Know How To Hate (slipcase limited 300) (Hammer Of Damnation, Lower Silesian Stronghold) 14Eur
Dark Woods: В холодном тумане (dvd-case) (Ruevit Productions) 2,5Eur
Darkest Grove: Coming Of 2012 (Forever Plagued Records) 6Eur
Darkthrone: The Cult Is Alive (limited clambox with poster, bv) (Peaceville, Tyrant Syndicate) GONE
Darvulia: Belladone (digisleeve limited 499 - # 183) (Battlesk'rs Productions) 5,5Eur
Dawn Of Svarogh/Heldentod: Pacta Conventa (Eastside) 7Eur
Days Of Our Lives/Shadow Frost/Demoniacal: Cold Empire Of Negativity (a5-digibook limited 42 - # 41) (Predator Records) 4,5Eur
*De L'enfer: Quand La Nuit Dévore Tout (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
De Magia Veterum: Migdal Bavel (a5-digibook) (Transcendental Creations) 8,5Eur
Dead Man's Hill vs. The Earth King: Cycling Between Sun And Moon (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records) GONE
*Death And Glory: Wotans Söhne (Fight-Back Reocrds) 6,5Eur
Deathrow: Void (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 2) (Svartgalgh Records) GONE
Deathrow: Primordial Lifecode (a5-digibook with stickers, poster limited 100) (ISO666 Releases) 12Eur
Decaying Theory : Melodies From Seventh Feet (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Deeper Down: Evocation (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Deicide: When London Burns (dvd) (Earache) 6Eur
*Deities Of Flesh: Misanthropic Savior (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Delinquentes Infernae: Crime Orgy (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 1) (Svartgalgh Records) 10Eur
*Demorian: Frost (promo) (Self Released) 2Eur
Den Saakaldte: Ol, Morke Og Depresjon (digipak with bt limited 1000) (Aesthetic Death Records) GONE
*Der Einsiedler/Mhnunrrn/Stormgrind: Split (7”-sleeve limited 33) (Nihil Interit Records, Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions) 10Eur
Desolate Fields Of Beauty: Decrepitude (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 1) (Svartgalgh Records) 5,5Eur
Desolation: Desolation (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 42) (Svartgalgh Records) 14Eur
Deviator: Fehu-Fohat-Fire (limited 101) (Depressive Illusions Records, Kundalini Records) 5Eur
Dhyamara: The Last Embrace (with promo-sticker) (Caput Medusae) 3Eur
Dies Nefastus: The Hour Before The Dawn (covers made of hanji-paper, cd limited 114 - # 31) (Fallen Angels Productions) 13Eur
Dim Arcana: Ars Populi (digipak) (Black Drone) 3Eur
(Dolch): I & II (embossed digisleeve limited 300, still wax-sealed) (Ván) GONE
Dominus Ira: Negotium Parambulans In Tenebris (digipak limited 100) (Eerie Torture) 5Eur
Doomsday Axe: Total Holocaust (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-back cd limited 44, B-Type - # 38 ) (Fallen Angels Productions) GONE
Dornenreich: Freiheit (2cd-book with bt limited 2000 + free Flammentriebe-postcard) (Prophecy Productions) 22Eur
*Draugluin: The Deep Ones (flexbox limited 100 - # 33, box itself heavily damaged due to shipping, but CD and cover still in new condition) (Black Metal Cult Records) 3Eur
*Draugluin: The Deep Ones (flexbox limited 100 - # 52, one teeth of the tray is broken, but still hold the disc) (Black Metal Cult Records) 7Eur
*Draugluin/Weidervereihegung: Banishment Of Existence (cardboard limited 100 - # 43) (Black Metal Cult Records) 5Eur
Draugurz/Marblebog: Split (Tour De Garde) GONE
Draupnir: In Culpa Versari (limited 666 - # 387) (PC Records) 7Eur
Drowned In November: Beyond The Skyline (dvd-case limited 40) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Dunkelheit: Mors Aeterna (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) 3Eur
*Dust Of Eden: Dust Of Eden (lightscribe) (Nerbilous Production) 2Eur
Dysangelium: Leviaxxis (cardboard) (W.T.C. Productions) 3Eur
Dysphoria: Descending Into Asylum (The Funeral Of Sanity) (CVLMINIS) 7Eur
Earthenwomb: Disdain By Rote (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
East Forest: Whispers From The Forest (dvd-case limited 33 - # 5) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Echoes Of Yul: Cold Ground (cardboard box with icelandic musk, stones limited 50 - # 13) (Avantgarde Music) 19,5Eur
EgoNoir: A New Philosophical Thunder (digipak limited 1000) (Temple Of Torturous) GONE
EgoNoir: Reste... (Was Vom Sturme Übrig Blieb) (digisleeve with sticker) (Ván) GONE
Einfall: The Art To Enslave (digipak limited 50 - # 32) (Black Devastation Records) 9Eur
Einsam Gestorben: Isolation (dvd-case limited 22 - # 5) (Depressive Illusions Records) 11Eur
Einsam Gestorben: Einsam Gestorben (vinyl-style disc in dvd-case limited 100 - # 11) (Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen) 4Eur
Eïs: Bannstein (2cd-book with bt limited 500) (Lupus Lounge) GONE
Eisheilig: Eisheilig (Napalm Records) 3Eur
Eismond: Behind The Moon We Are Looking Into The Distance (blue dvd-case limited 200) (Kristallblut Records) GONE
Eismond: As We Hide The Moon (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records) GONE
Eisregen: Fleischfestival (Last Episode) GONE
Eisregen: Eine Erhalten (digipak) (Massacre Records) 7Eur
Eisregen: Knochenkult (limited digipak with poster + bt) (Massacre Records) 6Eur
Eisregen: Schlangensonne (limited digipak with bt, sealed) (Massacre Records) 6Eur
Eisregen: Bühnenblut - "Live In Leipzig" (limited 2cd-digipak) (Massacre Records) 6,5Eur
Eisregen: Todestage (a5-digibook with bt limited 5000 - # 4955) (Massacre Records) 17Eur
Eisregen: Madenreich (digipak limited 2000 - # 1014) (Massacre Records) GONE
Eisregen: Krebskollektion (embossed 2cd-digipak limited 3000 - # 1470) (Massacre Records) 16Eur
Eisregen: Flötenfreunde (limited embossed digipak with bv) (Massacre Records) 7,5Eur
Elane: The Silver Falls (limited digipak with bt) (Curzweyhl) 9,5Eur
2x *Eldrig: Urlagarne (digipak limited 500) (Darker Than Black) 8Eur
Ellende: Ellende (digipak limited 1000) (Talheim Records) GONE
Embalmed Salvation: Spiritual Burial (lightscribe-disc with poster in slim dvd-case limited 50) (Decrepit Productions) 10Eur
Eminenz: Nemesis Noctura (self-released) 8,5Eur
Emptiness Soul: Without You (lightscribe-disc in slim-dvd-case limited 50) (Negra Nit) 10Eur
Emptiness Soul: No Future (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 6,5Eur
Ende: Whispers Of A Dying Earth (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) 3Eur
Endless Battle: Шляхами Безодні (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Endless Funeral: Messenger From The Oblivion Gates (a5-digibook with patch limited 50) (Self Mutilation Services) 12Eur
Endstille: Navigator (digipak limited 1000) (Twilight) 26Eur
Enthroned: XES Haereticum (Icarus Music) 8Eur
Enthroned: The Blackend Collection (4cd) (Candlelight Records) 18,5Eur
Ephel Duath: On Death And Cosmos (digipak) (Agonia Records) 5,5Eur
Ephel Duath: Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness (digipak) (Agonia Records) GONE
Epiphanie: Fragmente: Von Lebenslichtern Und Den Liedern Toter Kinder (dvd-case with lightscribe disc, signed, limited 100 - # 66) (Der Neue Weg) 8Eur
Epiphanie: Der Deutsche Michel (digipak with signed lightscribe disc limited 100) (Der Neue Weg) 12,5Eur
Erhabenheit: Vom Tempel Zum Throne (Black Devastation Records) GONE
Erhabenheit: Missgediehen (Nykta) GONE
Erhabenheit/Vinterkrig: Epitaphien Der Wintergeister/Ashes Of Non-Existence (a5-digibook with lightscribe disc limited 99 - # 14) GONE
Essenz: Mundus Numen (cardboard in box) (Svart Records) GONE
Eternal: Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age (Sinister Sounds Inc) 3,5Eur
Eternal Fire: Eternal Winter (vinyl-style-disc in dvd-case limited 30) (NitroAtmosfericum Records) 4Eur
*Eternal Funeral: Going Back To Zero (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Eternum: Arms Of Sacrifice (Darker Than Black) 6Eur
*Eternity: Live In Gamma 2004 & In Ellrich 2006 (2dvd-r limited 33 - # 3) (Kristallnacht Distribution) 20Eur
Ethereal Forest: Across The Pagan Labyrinth (sealed) (Darker Than Black) 8Eur
Ethereal Woods: Kenilworth (Supernal Music) GONE
Evil Wrath/The True Endless/Gromm: Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath (digipak limited 1000 - # 26) (Slava Productions) 5Eur
Ewigkeit: Land Of Fog (Metal Age Productions) 2Eur
Eyelessight: i-i (digipak limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services) GONE
Eyes Of Ligeia: A Fever Which Would Cling To Thee Forever (Paragon Records) 2Eur
*Failure: Sleeping Reached Life (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Fall To November Sky.../Thehappymask: 9 Ways To See The Light Behind The Urban Clouds (dvd-case limited 50) (Rigorism Production) GONE
Feigur: II, Desolation (digifile) (Deus Ex Machina Division) GONE
Fistfuck/Aberrant: Split CD (Grind It! Records) 4,5Eur
Flame Of War: Long Live Death! (slipcase limited 300) (Lower Silesian Stronghold, Werewolf Promotion) 6,5Eur
Flammentod/Heidenblut: ...Im Sturm / Legacy Of The Elvenqueen (dvd-box with bonus tape limited 100 - # 69) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) GONE
FolkLord: Resistance (slipcase) (Somber Music) 4Eur
Forgotten Deity: The Gates Of Ice (a5-digibook limited 101) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 17,5Eur
Forgotten Deity: Silent Forest (a5-digibook limited 200) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 17,5Eur
Forgotten Tomb: Darkness In Stereo – Eine Symphonie Des Todes (dvd with poster and postcard in a5-digibook limited 200 - # 161) (Agonia Records) 18Eur
Forgotten Winter: Origem Da Inexistência (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records) 5,5Eur
Foscor: The Smile Of The Sad Ones (Temple Of Darkness Records) 3,5Eur
Fragments Of Unbecoming: Skywards - Chapter II - A Sylphe's Ascension (Metal Blade Records) 1Eur
Frijgard: Nebelwacht (Black Tower Productions) GONE
Frost: Maître des illusions (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
*Frostagrath: A Depiction Of Melancholic Reality (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Frostmoon Eclipse: Another Face Of Hell (a5-digibook with poster, 2 stickers limited 150) (ISO666 Releases) 9Eur
Frostmoon Eclipse: The Legacy (dvd-case with sticker limited 500) (God Is Myth Records) 4Eur
*Frozen Mind: Стены Веков (vinyl-style-disc in dvd-case with video on bonus disc limited 70) (NitroAtmosfericum Records) 10Eur
Funeral Tormently: Black Tears Of Hate... (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Funeral Winds: Nexion Xul - The Cursed Bloodline (a5-digibook limited 500) (Sadolust Records) 10,5Eur
Funereal Moon/Circle Of Ghosts: From Darkness They Are (cd in 7"-sleeve limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services) 4Eur
Gallhammer: Ill Innocence (digipak) (Peaceville) GONE
Gallhammer: Gloomy Lights (digibook) (Peaceville) GONE
*Gergovia: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (2cd with bt + bonus video) (Endless Sound Records) 10Eur
Geriht: Forgotten Ways (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 5Eur
Geriht: Sinret Eid (dvd-case limited 50) (Rigorism Production) 6Eur
Gillingr: Amsvartner (slim-dvd-case with poster limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) GONE
Glass Coffin: Remnants Of A Cold Dead World (art-zine set: dvd-case with stickers, 2 buttons limited 200 - # 15) (Crucial Blast) 8Eur
Glemt: Comatose Visions (mcd in digipak and sac limited 50 - # 47) (Dunkelkunst) GONE
*Gmork: Dressed In The Wolf Skins (dvd-case with bt limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Gmork: ...In Embrace Of Cold White Dust (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 4Eur
Gmork/Astarium/In Tenebriz: Misterious Winds From Ancient Past (Hell Division Productions, Firstborn Chaos Production) 4Eur
Gmork/Astarium/In Tenebriz: Misterious Winds From Ancient Past (a5-digibook limited 212) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 12Eur
Gnieu: In The Vortexes Of Existence Awarness (with bt limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion, Hass Weg Productions) 2Eur
Goatmoon: Hard Evidence - Illegal Live Activities 2009 (limited digipak) (Bestial Burst) 16Eur
Goatmoon: Voitto Tai Valhalla (limited day one edition in dvd-case with poster, signed postcard, no shirt - # 178) (Werewolf Records) OFFER
Goatwhore: Blood For The Master (digipak) (Metal Blade Records) 7,5Eur
Goatwhore: Carving Out The Eyes Of God (Metal Blade Records) 6Eur
Gonfanon: Call To Arms (Werewolf Promotion) 2Eur
Gorrch: Nera Estasi (limited 500) (Altare Productions, Schattenkult Produktionen, Dancing In The Trees) 4Eur
Grafvolluth Long Live Death! (digipak limited 1000) (Regimental Records) GONE
Gram: May I Never Hear Your Voices Again (digipak limited 1000) (Temple Of Torturous) 4Eur
Gratzug: Mondtore (a5-digibook with poster limited 100 - # 29) (Hammerbund) 20Eur
Graveland: Spears Of Heaven (a5-digibook limited 1000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Graveland: Memory And Destiny (a5-digibook limited 2000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Graveland: Pamięć I Przeznaczenie (limited digipak with Thors Hammer Necklace limited 20 or 66?) (Warheart) GONE
Graveland: Will Stronger Than Death (a5-digibook limited 2000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Graveland: Prawo Stali (digipak with signed poster limited 100) (Warheart) 19Eur
*Graveland: Creed Of Iron (a5-digibook limited 200 - # 179) (No Colours Records) 33Eur
*Graveland: Creed Of Iron (digipak limited 2000) (No Colours Records) 14Eur
Graveland: Thousand Swords (digipak limited 1000) (No Colours Records) 12,5Eur
Graveland: Carpathian Wolves (digipak with bt limited 666 - # 238) (No Colours Records) GONE
Grave: As Rapture Comes (Century Media) 5,5Eur
Graven Dusk: Graven Dusk (digipak in envelope limited 100 - # 18) (Kunsthauch) 8,5Eur
Gravesideservice: Masters In Lunacy (signed) (Church Of The Immaculate Deception) 4Eur
Gravesideservice: Masters In Lunacy (self-released) 3,5Eur
-> every order with Gravesideservice-stuff will contain free-stuff that I've got directly from the artist
Grimlair: Tragedy In Silence (dvd-case limited 50 - # 8) (Rigorism Production) 5Eur
Grimlair: Inside (dvd-case limited 150) (Beneath the Fog Productions) 12Eur
Grimlair: Locked Up And Forgotten (dvd-case limited 500) (Occultum Productions) 6,5Eur
Grimness: Ashes Of A Black Cult (a5-digibook limited 50 - # 5) (No Colours Records) 15Eur
*Grimoir: Demo MMIX (a5-digisleeve limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 10Eur
Grímsvötn: From English Soil.. (dvd-case limited 50) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Grívf: Yggdrasil (Det Germanske Folket) 4,5Eur
Griz+zlor: CXXIV: Untitled (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Groza: Geçmişin Kasvetli İzleri (Poem Productions) 2,5Eur
Hail Spirit Noir: Oi Magoi (digipak) (Code666) GONE
Hail Spirit Noir: Pneuma (digipak) (Code666) GONE
Happy Days: Happiness Stops Here... (limited 1000) (Self Mutilation Services) GONE
Happy Days/Eindig: The First Step Towards Suicide (limited 1000) (Self Mutilation Services, Galgenstrang Productions, Funeral Industries) GONE
Harkonin: Ghanima (Chunks Of Meat) 5Eur
Hat: The Demise Of Mankind (digipak) (Antichristian Front Records) 4,5Eur
Hate Forest: Battlefields (limited digisleeve) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Hate Forest: The Most Ancient Ones (limited digisleeve) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Hateful: Hatred Heritage (limited 500) (Werewolf Promotion, Witches Sabbath Records) 5Eur
*Hateful Agony: Vazio (dvd-case limited 50 - # 6) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Hatul: Widergeist (carbon disc limited 1000 - # 156) (self-released) 9Eur
Have A Nice Day/Unending Hatred/Suicidal Anorexia: 3 Days Of Suicidal Hatred (dvd-case elimited 100) (Rigorism Production) 8,5Eur
Heartless: Anaesthetization (digipak limited 500) (Pest Productions) GONE
Heiden: Tinne (Naga Productions) GONE
*Heidenblut: In The Dead Of The Night (digipak limited 44) (Stunde Des Ideals) 7Eur
Heidenblut: The Hadnur-Daimos Complex (golden jewelcase limited 50 - # 45) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 17,5Eur
Heirdrain: Désolation (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 28) (Svartgalgh Records) 4Eur
Hell In A Cell/Hatework/Vexed/Alea Jacta - Hellblasting Revenge #1 (Ashen Productions) 3Eur
Hellbeast/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Burning In Unholy Flame/Ephemera (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Hellige: Demo (envelope limited 50) (Kunsthauch) 5Eur
Helslakt: D'Une Mélomanie Perverse Au Leitmotiv D'Helslakt (limited 500) (Forges Productions) GONE
*Hentai Lacerator: 10/21/07 @ Lemp In St. Louis (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Hermitage: Blood Of The True (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Hermitage: The Stone Raven (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Heroina: Demo 2007 [Remastered 2011] (limited 100) (Mountain Goat Productions) 2,5Eur
Hesperus Dimension: The Cyclothymic Panopticon (digipak limited 1000) (Sérpéné Héli) 2Eur
Hoarfrost: Last Message... (Unknown) (mcd in cardboard packaging limited 200 copies - # 37) (Exploratory Drilling Productions) OFFER
Holdaar: Путь к солнцу (Way To The Sun) (digipak with poster, sticker, bt limited 100 - # 28) (Barbatos Productions) 10Eur
Höllenpoetik: Höllenpoetik (slipcase with special disc limited 500 - # 455) (Ewiges Eis Records) 3Eur
*Holocaustus: Die erste Dekade (flexbox limited 88 - # 66) (self-released) OFFER
Honor/Graveland: Raiders Of Revenge (digipak 1st press) (Resistance Records) 25Eur
Honor: 27 Years Under The Sign Of The Eagle 1989-2016 (2cd) (Pagan War Distro) GONE
Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse: Dancing Demons In The Grey-lit Glade (Dark Horizon Records) GONE
Horned Almighty: Contaminating The Divine (digipak limited 300) (Obscure Abhorrence Productions, Art Of Propaganda) 6,5Eur
Hornwood Fell: Hornwood Fell (digipak) (Bruma Music, Avantgarde Music) 6,5Eur
Horrorthrone: Рождение Нового Зла (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 4Eur
Hortus Animae: The Blow Of Furious Winds (cd+dvd-digipak) (Sleaszy Rider Records) 4,5Eur
Hovert: Больше ничего (Nothing Else) (a5-digibook limited 200) (Le Crépuscule du Soir) GONE
Howl: Desolation And Perversion (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 4,5Eur
Hrossharsgrani: The Ancient Path (10cd-box limited 10) (Kadaath Records) GONE
*Hunger: Endless Paths Of Desolation (flexbox limited 100 - # 27, tray damaged, but still holds the disc) (Black Metal Cult Records) 5Eur
*Hunger: Endless Paths Of Desolation (flexbox limited 100 - # 26, new) (Black Metal Cult Records) 10Eur
Hunting Season: Fear The Return (digipak limited 500) (Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede) GONE
Hyperborean Desire: ...V Kruhu Veškerenstva... (Naga Productions) GONE
i AM esper: Swept Beneath The Black Waters (slim dvd-case with poster limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 15Eur
Iceland: Old Temples Of Pagan Gods (self-released) 3,5Eur
Idisenfluch: MMIX (dvd-case with patch limited 50) (Self Mutilation Services) 18Eur
Ildhur: The Wandering (limited 1100) (Azermedoth Records) 4,5Eur
Illness/S.I.R.S.: Drowning In Schizophrenic Depression (slim dvd-case with postcards, poster limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 7,5Eur
Immortal: Sons Of Northern Darkness (steel-box limited 1000 - # 930) (Nuclear Blast) 150€
Impaled Nazarene: 1999 : Karmakeddon Warriors (vhs) (Osmose Productions) 9Eur
Impaled Nazarene: 1990-2012 (2dvd) (Osmose Productions) 15Eur
Impaled Nazarene: Latex Cult (limited metal-box) (Osmose Productions, SPV GmbH) 11Eur
*In Tenebriz: Kingdom Of Cold (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
In Tenebriz: Astral Solitude (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
In Tyrannos: Die Maske Fällt! (PC Records) GONE
Inanna Unveiled: Inanna Unveiled (digipak) (Solistitium Records) 2,5Eur
Incinerator: Incinerator (thick dvd-case limited 100 - # 47) (Apocalyptic Art) 4Eur
Indolenz: Fleisch (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 2Eur
Infaust: Des Schmerzes Macht (digipak) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 4Eur
Inferno: Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness (digipak) (Agonia Records) GONE
Infernum: Farewell (digipak limited 1000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Infinite Hatred: Hateful Spell (Kerzakraum Records) GONE
Infinitas: Journey To Infinity (a5-digibook limited 100) (Self Mutilation Services, Razed Soul Productions) GONE
Infinitas: Ardeur (digipak with bt limited 500) (Selfmutilation Services, Razed Soul Productions) 3,5Eur
Inmitten Des Waldes: Traumgarten (slim dvd-case with carbon disc and bv limited 100) (Nordsturm Productions) 13Eur
Inpitch: Disillision (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Inpitch: Good Days Are Gone Forever (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Integral Neglection: Particles Of Grief (dvd-case limited 33 - # 5) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Inquisition: Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer (digipak with bt limited 200 - # 198) (No Colours Records) GONE
Inquisition: Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan (limited digipak) (Hells Headbangers) GONE
Inquisition: Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult (limited digipak) (Hells Headbangers) GONE
Inquisition: Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult (a5-digibook limited 1000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Яр (Jar): Panavannie Pahanstva (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) 2,5Eur
Johnston: Welcome To The Weaseldome (limited 1000) (Dead Master's Beat) 3,5Eur
Kaamos: Kaamos (Candlelight Records USA) GONE
Kältetod: Reue (limited digipak - # 445) (Eternity Records) GONE
Kanashimi/Happy Days: The Great Depression II (digipak limited 50 - # 37) (Zero Dimensional Records) GONE
Кархарот: Переосмислення (dvd-case limited 50) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Karelian Warcry: Kylmä Rautainen (digipak limited 500) (Seven Gates Of Hell) 8,5Eur
Karlheinz: The Calm And The Storm (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 3Eur
Kataxu: Hunger Of Elements (digipak limited 500 - # 98) (self-released?) GONE
Katharsis: Fourth Reich (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) GONE
Katharsis: Kruzifixxion (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) GONE
Kawir: Νυχτος Τελετησιν - 20 Years Of Recordings (2cd-digipak) (Those Opposed Records) 14Eur
Kawir: To Cavirs (Προς Κάβειρους) (golden a5-leatherbook limited 50) (Kyrck Productions) 33Eur
Kawir: To Cavirs (Προς Κάβειρους) (oversized a5-book) (Nyx) GONE
KBM: Katharos (slim-dvd-case with carbon disc limited 50 - # 1!!) (Svartgalgh Records) GONE
Kerbenok: O (a5-digibook limited 1000) (Northern Silence Productions) GONE
Khors: Abandoned Leaves (digipak with poster + etched disc limited 500 - # 228) (Eclectic Productions) GONE
Khors: The Flames Of Eternity’s Decline/Cold (2cd in slipcase) (Paragon Records) GONE
Kirlian Camera: Ghlóir Ar An Oiche (digipak) (Out Of Line) GONE
Kladovest: Winterwards (a5-digibook limited 99 - # 43) (No Colours Records) 18Eur
Klär: Lifetime Regret (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) GONE
KoldVoid: Ghost Staring At The World (digipak - # 82) (Valse Sinistre Productions) 3Eur
Kolldbaakhel: Bajo El Crepusculo De La Vida Fria (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Kolp: The Valley of Plague (digipak limited 50 - # 2) (War Against Yourself) 8Eur
Kolp: The Covered Pure Permanence (digisleeve limited 1000) (Temple Of Torturous) 7Eur
Kolp: The Outside (digisleeve) (Temple Of Torturous) 4,5Eur
Korium/Semai/Fonnia/Holomráz: Split (carbon 3cd+dvd-r in book-format limited 33 - # 18) (Nomad Skies Diaries) OFFER
Krater: Nocebo (digipak) (Eternity Records) 7Eur
Kres: Na Krawędziach Nocy (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Krew: Demo 2010 (self-released) 3Eur
Krieg: Blue Miasma (digipak) (Forever Plagued Records) GONE
*Kristallnacht: Warspirit (digipak) (Darker Than Black) 18Eur
Kroda: Fimbulvinter (1st press digipak) (Hammermark Art) 10Eur
Kwelhekse/Flammentod: Ooghen Van Vuur/Feuersturm (limited 200 - # 199) (Black Stone Records) 23Eur


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recommended seller/trader.
successful deals with: bMz, Warghoul, Grav, 61514, Somberlain, Lyset_forsvinner, THANORR999, Wavin, DTD, Weltbrand, the_flesh, Golgotha, Humus, Kerker_aus_zeit, Lucko, Division_Lykanthrop, addison, $$, Iscariah, Manta, krall, siax2.0, Magui, Vampallens
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Laburinthos: Augoeides (digisleeve) (Avantgarde Music) 2,5Eur
Leatherhell: Metal Warrior (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 5,5Eur
Lebenswinter: Carved In Wood And Stone (Northern Fog Records) 5,5Eur
Lebenswinter: Ohnmacht (digipak) (Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur) 5,5Eur
Leichenstätte/Balnasar/Frozen Burial/Trauer: Chöre des Niedergangs (dvd-case with carbon disc limited 225 - # 159) (self-released) GONE
Legion Of Sadism: The Great World Of Satan (digipak) (Christhunt Productions) 1,5Eur
*Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions: Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Lifelover: Konkurs (2cd-digipak) (Prophecy Productions) 15Eur
Lönndom: Fälen Från Norr (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 7Eur
Lucifugum: Acme Adeptum (digipak in slipcase limited 2000) (Propaganda) GONE
Lunar Aurora: Andacht (Cold Dimensions) GONE
Lunar Portals Of The Astral Mirror/Winter Depression: Split (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Lupus Nocturnus: Suicidal Thoughts Pt I (dvd-case limited 1000 - # 362) (Self Mutilation Services) 4Eur
Luror: The Iron Hand Of Blackest Terror (limited digipak) (Nebelfee Klangwerke) 8Eur
Lux Divina: Possessed By Telluric (wooden box with poster+2 postcards lim. 250 - # 168) (Einheit Produktionen) 19Eur
*Lux Omega Perpetuam: Nuclear Hammer (dvd-case limited 22 - # 6) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Lycanthropy: Former Glory (a5-digisleeve limited 113 - # 104) (Gnosis Records) 9Eur
Lyfthrasyr: The Engineered Flesh (limited cd+dvd-digipak in slipcase) GONE
Macabrum: Monument Of Eternal Grief... (2cd-digipak limited 100 + free sticker + postcard) (Stunde des Ideals) 18Eur
Macabrum: Epoch (dvd-case with bt limited 50) (Rigorism Productios) GONE
Maggot Shoes: A Shoe Full Of Maggots (MSSM Recordings) 4Eur
Magog: Artglauben (digipak) (Christhunt Productions) 3,5Eur
Maim: From The Womb To The Tomb (Soulseller Records) 9,5Eur
Make A Change... Kill Yourself: Fri (digipak limited 1000) (Black Hate Productions) GONE
Malhkebre: Revelation (digipak limited 500) (I, Voidhanger Records) 7,5Eur
Manes: Solve Et Coagula (golden a5-leatherbook limited 50) (Kyrck Productions) 24Eur
Manes: How The World Came To An End (slipcase) (Candlelight Records) 5Eur
Manes: Svarte Skoger (limited red a5-leatherbook) (Kyrck Productions) 25Eur
Marblebog: Csendhajnal (digipak limited 50 - # 2) (War Against Yourself) 12Eur
Marduk: Obedience (limited embossed jewelcase) (Blooddawn Productions) GONE
Marduk: Panzer Division Marduk (limited digipak with embossed metal-shield) (Osmose Productions) GONE
*Marduk: Babylonian Death Gods Live (dvd) (Black Metal DVDs) 10Eur
Marienbad: Werk 1: Nachtfall (2cd-a5-digibook limited 3000 - # 435) (Massacre Records) 9,5Eur
Martyrium Christi: Reward (Vlastní Náklad) 4Eur
Martyrum Omnium: Soul Wandering (Antichristian Front Records) GONE
Martyrum Omnium: Human Darkness (limited 100 – # 7) (Antichristian Front Records) GONE
Martyrum Omnium: War Code (slim-dvd-case with button, stickers lim. 100) (Antichristian Front Records) GONE
Massenhinrichtung: Закон Зброі (digipak, sealed) (Darker Than Black) 9,5Eur
Mauri: Breathless (sleeve) (Kubernoise) 1,5Eur
Mayhem: Chimera (limited digipak) (Season Of Mist) GONE
Mayhem: Ordo Ad Chao (metal-slipcase with red jewelcase + red disc limited 3000) (Season Of Mist) GONE
Mayhem: Mediolanum Capta Est (digipak) (Peaceville) GONE
Mayhem: Live In Leipzig (digipak) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Mayhem: Mediolanum Capta Est (printed jewelcase) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Meaning Of Life: The Liberation Of Soul (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 6,5Eur
Means To An End: Weathered By Time (golden disc in digisleeve limited 300) (Pest Productions) 7Eur
Медитация: Видения/Без Названия (vhs+cd limited 22) (Trash Can Dance) 16Eur
Megiddo: Subterranean Empire (With Us Omniscient Monarch) (Rawforce Productions) 3,5Eur
Melechesh: Djinn (limited 2cd-digisleeve) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Menschentod: Staub (metal-box with carbon disc limited 70) (self-released) OFFER
Midnight Odyssey/Aeon Winds: Aeon Odyssey (digipak with insert in envelope limited 50 - # 8) (Kunsthauch) GONE
*Minblod: Apparition And Aberration (dvd-case with sticker) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Mirkwood: Mirkwood (limited 500) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Mistake: Empty Visions (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Moder: Ewiger Tod (self-released) 6Eur
Moloch: Spectral Shades Of The Spiritual Negativism (promo in digipak limited 20) (Cold Woods Productions) 6,5Eur
Moloch: Somewhere On The Forgotten Paths (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd lim. 50 - # 47) (Fallen Angels Productions) 11Eur
Moloch: Spectral Shades Of The Spiritual Negativism (a5-digibook limited 33 - # 3) (Predator Records) GONE
Moloch/Koltum/Silberbach/Mourning Soul: Possessed By The Unholy Black Art (digipak limited 500 - # 111) (Christhunt Productions) GONE
Moloch: A Journey To The Vyrdin (metal-box limited 33 - # 12) (Predator Records) 7Eur
Moloch: Traurer (a5-digisleeve with envelope which contains parts of rotten bird limited 33 - # 30) (W.A.R. Productions) OFFER
Moloch: Meine Alte Melancholie (slim-dvd-case limited 50) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) OFFER
Moloch: Humane Too Sheeps (lightscribe disc in digipak limited 100 - # 79) (Der Neue Weg) GONE
*Momentum Mortis: Fabulas (promo limited 55) (Occultum Productions) 4Eur
Moon: Devil's Return (2cd-digipak) (Witching Hour Productions) 5Eur
Morbid: Year Of The Goat (2cd-a5-digibook) (Century Media) GONE
Mörker: Skuggornas Rike (digipak limited 200 - # 188) (Northern Silence Productions) GONE
Mörker: Höstmakter (a5-digibook limited 1000) (Northern Silence Productions) GONE
Morkt Hedensk: For An Obscure World I (vinyl-style-disc in dvd-case limited 100 - # 96) (Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen) 3Eur
Morphinist: The Pessimist Session (digipak limited 500) (Throats Productions) GONE
Morrigu: ...Blood Shall Be Spilled... (NephereX) 2Eur
Morte Incandescente: ...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido (W.T.C. Productions) GONE
Mortifera: Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera (carbon disc in digipak limited 500) (Apparitia Recordings) 8,5Eur
Mortifera: Bleüu De Morte (digipak limited 250) (Apparitia Recordings) 13Eur
Mortifera: IV: Sanctii Tristhess (digipak limited 500) (Apparitia Recordings) 10Eur
Mortuary Drape: Spiritual Independence (digipak) (Iron Tyrant) 9,5Eur
Mosaic: Old Man's Wyntar (limited a5-digibook) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) GONE
Movimento D'avanguardia Ermetico: Torri Del Silenzio (box with prints, stone, a5-digibook limited 100 - # 57) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
*Mugen/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Ryu/Freedom (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Murk: Unholy Presences (No Colours Records) 4,5Eur
Murk: All Is Löst (digipak limited 99 - # 98) (No Colours Records) GONE
Mütiilation: Performing Live In Germendorf, Germany 7/7/01 (dvd) (blackmetaldvds) 5Eur
Mütiilation: Black Millenium Grimly Reborn (digipak with bt limited 333 - # 303) (Tragic Empire Rex, Nihil Records) 17,5Eur
Mütiilation: Remains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (digipak with bt limited 333 - # 332) (Nihil Records) 20Eur
Mütiilation: Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood (digipak with bt limited 333 - # 189) (Nihil Records) GONE
Myrk: Icons Of The Dark (Ketzer Records) GONE
Mysterium: The Glowering Facades Of Night (Sturmesflügel) 3,5Eur
*Naaghan: Demo 1 (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Nachtmystium: Silencing Machine (limited digipak with bt) (Century Media) GONE
Nachtmystium: Assassins - Black Meddle Part 1 (Candlelight Records) GONE
Nachtmystium: Assassins - Black Meddle Part 1 (sealed) (Candlelight Records) GONE
Naer Mataron: Kai O Logos Sarx Egeneto (digipak) (BlackSeed Productions) GONE
Nailgunner/Wounds: Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare (Bestial Burst) 4,5Eur
*Nameless City/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Dimensional Shambler/Birds (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
*Nameless City/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Black Sacrament/Gateway (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Nargaroth: Spectral Visions Of Mental Warfare (a5-digibook limited 1000) (No Colours Records) 17Eur
Nargaroth: Geliebte Des Regens (limited digipak) (No Colours Records) GONE
Nargis: Was Lange Lag Im Dunkeln... (limited 500) (Lycaner Records) 7Eur
Narvik: Triebe Nach Der Endlichkeit (Lupus Tonkunst) 4,5Eur
Nasheim: Solens Vemod (digipak limited 1900) (Northern Silence Productions) GONE
Nation War: Satan's Soldiers SS (a5-digibook limited 100) (Thor's Hammer Productions, Death Cult Records, Ancient Honor Productions) GONE
Nazxul: Totem (limited digipak) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 13,5Eur
Nebula Orionis: Summer (digipak limited 50) (Kunsthauch) GONE
Nebula Orionis: Glacie (envelope limited 50) (Kunsthauch) GONE
Nebula VII: Dawn Of A New Era (limited 500) (Kadaath Records, AREA 51) ‎1,5Eur
Necromantia: IV: Malice (digipak with bt limited 1000) (Black Lotus Records) 4Eur
Necromessiah: Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad (cross-shaped-digipak with carbon disc limited 1000) (Blasphemous Underground Productions) 3Eur
Necrophagia: Nightmare Scenarios (dvd) (Red Stream Inc) GONE
Necros Christos: Trivne Impvrity Rites Or The Grand Nine Cvltmysteries Of The Templvm Necromantorvm (Sepulchral Voice Records) 8,5Eur
Necrosadik: Cold Sordid Pleasure (dvd-case limited 33 - # 8) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Nefarium: Ad Discipulum (digipak) (Agonia Records) 4,5Eur
Negator: Gates To The Pantheon (box with earthenware slab (unbroken) with bt limited 500 - # 56) (Viva Hate Records) 30Eur
Negator: Panzer Metal (limited digipak) (Remedy Records) GONE
Negator: Die Eisernen Verse (limited slipcase with dvd) (Remedy Records) 15Eur
Negură Bunget: Poartă De Dincolo (digipak) (Code666) GONE
Negură Bunget: Măiestrit/Măiastru Sfetnic (2cd-artbook limited 1000) (Lupus Lounge) 28Eur
Negură Bunget: Vîrstele Pamîntului (earthbox with poster, 2 sticker, button, sealed digipak limited 555) (Code666) GONE
Negură Bunget: Măiastru Sfetnic (digipak) (Lupus Lounge) 7Eur
Neige Et Noirceur: Solstice Hivernal (digipak, poster, insert in envelope limited 100 - # 7) (Kunsthauch) GONE
Niederleib: Aera Leid II (dvd-case limited 100 - # 28) (Vama Marga Productions) 11Eur
Nifelheim: Servants Of Darkness (Blackend) GONE
Night Must Fall: Night Must Fall/Funeral Of Mankind (golden disc with etching) (Endless Desperation) 3Eur
*Night Troll/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Circle Of Witches/Armor (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
No Pleasure In Life: Happiness Is Not an Option (digipak limited 40 - # 37) (War Against Yourself, Midwinter Records) GONE
Nocte Obducta: Sequenzen Einer Wanderung (wooden box limited 1000 - # 968) (Supreme Chaos Records) 31Eur
Nocte Obducta: Sequenzen Einer Wanderung (Supreme Chaos Records) GONE
Nocte Obducta: Umbriel (Das Schweigen Zwischen Den Sternen) (digipak) (MDD) 9Eur
Nocternity: Crucify Him (digipak limited 600 - # 166) (Kyrck Productions, ISO666 Releases) GONE
Nocternity: Onyx (golden a5-leatherbook limited 100) (Kyrck Productions) 28Eur
Noctivagant: The Dark Descent (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Nocturnal Delirium: Abyss (dvd-case limited 33 - # 18) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Spleen Black Metal (limited digibook) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Nocturnal Depression/Myrd/Vspolokh: Longing For Death (a5-digibook limited 75 - # 35) (Purity Through Fire) 16Eur
Nocturnal Depression: The Cult Of Negation (digipak with sticker, poster, patch limited 180 - # 39) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Noktiis Eterna: Les Larmes Du Tyran (limited 1000) (Slava Satan Records) 2,5Eur
Nokturnal Mortum: Lunar Poetry (a5-digibook limited 1000) (No Colours Records) 20Eur
*Nokturnal Mortum: Мировоззрение Weltanschauung (2cd-digi) (Oriana Productions) 13,5Eur
Nokturnal Mortum: Коловорот (2cd-digi) (Oriana Productions) GONE
Nokturnal Mortum: The Taste Of Victory (dvd-case) (Oriana Productions) GONE
Nokturnal Mortum: Return Of The Vampire Lord/Marble Moon (dvd-case) (Oriana Productions) 23Eur
Nokturnal Mortum: Twilightfall (dvd-case) (Oriana Productions) GONE
*Nokturnal Poetry: The Last War (dvd-case with bt limited 100) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Nokturne: Kruelty Kampaign (digipak limited 500 - # 95) (Self Sacrifice Distro) 12Eur
*Noldor: Lorien (blu-ray-case limited 37 - # 26) (Fallen Angels Productions) 12Eur
Nommam Erytz: Nomman Erytz (Insidious Poisoning Records) 2,5Eur
*Nordfrost: Ruf unserer Ahnen (golden vinyl-style-disc in digipak with sticker limited 100) 7Eur
Nordreich: Wiederkehr (2cd in carton box) (Ewiges Eis Records) 18Eur
Nordreich: ...Und Es Bleibt Nur Aas (digipak) (Hammerbund) GONE
Nordreich: Verschlungene Pfade (dvd-case with poster limited 100 - # 74) (Wotanstahl Klangschmiede) OFFER
*Nordward: Северныеветра (dvd-case limited 120) (Nitroatmosfericum) 10Eur
*Northern Forest/Noldor: Sovereign Nature (dvd-case limited 33 - # 3) (Nihil Interit Records) 10Eur
North: Demo'ns Of Fire 93/94 (Werewolf Promotion) 4,5Eur
Nortt: Galgenfrist (digipak with patch, poster, button, postcard in bag limited 100) (Avantgarde Music) OFFER
Nortt: Gudsforladt (digibook limited 1000 - # 577) (Diehard Bloodline) 19Eur
Nosophoros: Nosophoros (mini-dvd-case limited 100 - # 28) (Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen) 3Eur
Nostalgic Darkness: Nostalgic Darkness (a5-digibook limited 50 - # 20) (War Against Yourself, Midwinter Records) 13,5Eur
Nostalgiend: Overdrugses (dvd-case limited 44) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
NunSlaughter: Fuck The God In Heaven (shape-cd) (Hells Headbangers) 6Eur
Nydvind: Sworn To The Elders (digipak) (Trollzorn) 8,5Eur
Nyktalgia: Peisithanatos (digibook limited 2000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Nyktalgia: Nyktalgia (digipak limited 1000) (No Colours Records) GONE
Oblitus Memorias: Forgotten... (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Oblomov: Communitas (Deconstructing The Order) (digipak limited 300) (Werewolf Productions) 6Eur
*Obscure: Alone (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Obsidian Gate: Whom The Fire Obeys (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records) GONE
Odal: Sturmes Brut (digipak) (Darkland Records) GONE
Odium Malum: Oath For The Goat (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Ofdrykkja: A Life Worth Losing (a5-digibook limited 1000) (Avantgarde Music, War Against Yourself) 9Eur
Old Forest: Into The Old Forest (digipak) (Mordgrimm) GONE
Old Man's Child: Revelation 666 (The Curse Of Damnation) (digipak) (Century Media) 3,5Eur
Old Man's Child: Born Of The Flickering (first press digipak) (Century Media) 8Eur
*Ölüm/Annorkoth: A Funeral Within Deep Forest (dvd-case limited 50) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Ölüm: Veda (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Ölüm/Amelnakru: An Elegy... To The Sceptic Visions Of Failure (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Ölüm/Annorkoth: A Dark Tribute (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Omegathrum Moon: Tetra Epcilcis/Cult Ov Teloch (2cd in slim-dvd-case + envelope) (Nihil Interit Records) GONE
*Омут: Насыщение (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
On A Ledge: An Eternal Way for Alcoholic Life (digipak limited 16) (Abstrakte Wunden) 10Eur
Ophiuchus I Am Thou Art They Will (limited a5-digisleeve with bt) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) GONE
Order Of The Death's Head/Elitism: Antisémite/L'odeur Des Déportés (digipak limited 100) (Honour And Hate Productions) GONE
Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus: Cosmic Horror (red disc in jakebox limited 100) (Bergstolz) 12Eur
Ordo Templi Orientis/Iad Uroboros: Vex Irritation (dvd-case limited 50) (Rigorism Production) GONE
Ordo Templi Orientis: Where Eternally Autumn Winds Blow (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 4,5Eur
Ormgård: Ormblot (a5-digibook limited 1000) (Forever Plagued Records) GONE
Oskal: Stahlkrieg/Blazes Of Sunset (limited 1000) (Dark Hidden Productions) GONE
Oskoreien: Oskoreien (digisleeve limited 500) (Pest Productions) 8,5Eur
Ostie: Ostie (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Ostie: M.B.M.N.R. (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Ov Hollowness: The World Ends (digipak limited 1000) (Code666) 7Eur
Overhaul In Damnation/Desolate Fields Of Beauty/Desolation: Magick Rituals II: The Ouroboros (mcd in mini-dvd-case limited 33 - # 15) (Svartgalgh Records) OFFER
Pagan Forest: Pure Harmony Of The Night/Pośród Złowieszczej Ciszy (with bt) (Alles Stenar) 2Eur
Pale Mist: Spreading My Wings Into The Abyss That Calls (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion, Sinister Stench Productions, Equinox Discos) 5Eur
*Paleowolf: Primordial (digipak) (Echoes Of Koliba Productions) 7Eur
Paragon Belial: Nosferathu Sathanis (Bloodred Horizon Records) 16,5Eur
Paria: VerminRace (limited digipak) (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GONE
Paysage D'Hiver: Einsamkeit (a5-digibook with envelope (opened)) (Kunsthall Produktionen) 16Eur
Paysage D'Hiver: Die Festung (a5-digibook with envelope (opened)) (Kunsthall Produktionen) GONE
Paysage D'Hiver: Schattengang (a5-digibook with envelope (opened)) (Kunsthall Produktionen) GONE
People Are Mechanisms: Formatting (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Perdition Oracle: Litanies Of The Serpent (digipak limited 200) (Total Holocaust Records) 8Eur
Perennial Isolation: Astral Dream (box with poster, pendant, oversized digifile limited 25 - # 16) (Darkwoods) GONE
Perisynti: Hiilenmusta Lammas (digipak limited 100 - # 95) (Northern Silence Productions) 14Eur
*Permafrost: Devil Worship (digipak) (SFH Records, Darker Than Black) 8Eur
Permafrost: Vergewaltigt & Verflucht (digipak) (Nebelfee Klangwerke) 7Eur
Pest: The Crowning Horror (digipak) (Agonia Records) 7,5Eur
Peste Noire: Les Démos (2cd-digipaks with patch in box limited 1000) (La Mesnie Herlequin) GONE
Peste Noire: Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor (digipak) (La Mesnie Herlequin) GONE
Pestilent Grave: Esoteric Blasphemy (mini-dvd-case limited 50 - # 1) (Svartgalgh Records) 8Eur
*Peter J. Woods: Apathetic Maggots (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Petrichorus: Beyond The Ancient Bluffs (a5-digibook limited 50 - # 10) (Hammerbund) 17,5Eur
Prata Plutonia: At the Mountains of Madness (dvd-case with bt limited 33 - # 7) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Prav: Om Kalkine Namah (Werewolf Promotion) 5Eur
Pręgierz: Blood Sanctions (limited 666 - # 169) (Werewolf Promotion) 4,5Eur
Procer Veneficus: Convoy (Pt. 2) (digipak) (God Is Myth Records) GONE
Procer Veneficus: A Summerhaze Array For August Nights (2cd-cardboards in box with incense sticks, dried leaf limited 500) (God Is Myth Records, Ars Magna Recordings) 6Eur
Profane Prayer: Tales Of Vagrancy And Blasphemy (digipak limited 50 - # 22) (No Colours Records) 11,5Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum/The Last Twilight: Hell Bestial Conjuration (Antichristian Front Records) 5Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Hate Decade (limited 500) (Antichristian Front Records) 3Eur
Progenie Terrestre Pura: U.M.A. (digipak limited 500) (Avantgarde Music) GONE
Projekt Vril: 1984 (limited 777) (PC Records) 8Eur
Psychomantum: Genius Loci (limited 500) (Karge Welten Kunstverlag) GONE
Psychonaut 4/Cheerful Depression/Культура Курения/Hovert: Split (digipak with vinyl-style-disc limited 500) (Talheim Records) GONE
Psychonaut 4: 40% (cd+dvd limited 500) (Der neue Weg) GONE
*Pumpkin Buzzard: Identity Undeclared (dvd-case) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 10Eur
Rafnatyr: Rafnatyr (digipak with insert in envelope limited 50 - # 13) (Kunsthauch) GONE
Raggradarh: Сбор (dvd-case limited 100 - # 52) (Steel Blazes Records) GONE
Raggradarh: Forestlands/Winter Gate (dvd-case limited 50 - # 31) (Steel Blazes Records) 13Eur
Rapture Messiah: From The Old Symphonies Of War (slim-dvd-case with vinyl-style-disc limited 33 - # 11) (Wolfsvuur Records) 2Eur
Рарог (Rarog): Сквозь Темень Веков… (dvd-case - # 33) (De Profundis Productions) 10Eur
Rauhnåcht: Urzeitgeist (digipak with bt) (Hammerheart Records) GONE
Rauhnacht: Vorweltschweigen (disc in 7"-sleeve limited 900) (Sturmklang) GONE
*Ravenmoon Sanctuary: Winter Desolation Of Death (digipak) (Darker Than Black) 12Eur
Ravenwoods: Enfeebling The Throne (wooden book-box with slipcase-cd, keychain, logo patch, necklace, button, button, t-shirt, sticker, poster limited 10 - # 9) (Code666) GONE
Ravnkald: Pure Pagan Blood (limited 500) (Werewolf Promotion, Azermedoth Records) GONE
*Razakel Krieg: Desecration Of His Holy Empire (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Redreom/Styxian Industries: Der Befehl lautet: TOETE/Manifestation Exaltation... (limited 1000) (Total Death Records) 4Eur
Regul: Правление Белой Тьмы (Board Of White Darkness) (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) 4,5Eur
*Retarded Noise Squad: Plastic Surgery And World Domination Promo EP (Self Released) 1Eur
Reverorum Ib Malacht: Demo 09 (digipak) (Darker Than Black) GONE
Ruins: Front The Final Foes (digipak with carbon disc) (Debemur Morti Productions) 3,5Eur
Ruins: Cauldron (digipak with carbon disc) (Debemur Morti Productions) 2,5Eur
Runenblut: Downfall (digipak) (Christhunt Productions) 12,5Eur
Runenblut: No Solution For Your Life... Just Suicide (digipak) (Christhunt Productions) 5Eur
Rusting Sun: Eclipse (lightscribe disc in cardboard) (Black Devastation Records) 8Eur
Sacrificia Mortuorum: Maturum Est (a5-digibook with poster, 2 sticker limited 150) (Hades Productions) 17Eur
Sacrificia Mortuorum: Damnatorium Ferrum (digipak) (Apparitia Recordings) GONE
Sadhaka: Terma (digisleeve limited 500) (Pest Productions) GONE
Sadistic Grimness: Vicious Torture (Infernus Rex) 3,5Eur
Sagaris: Raising The Oldest (Poem Productions) 5Eur
Sahsnotas: Creator Of Chaos (metal-box with button limited 100 - # 59) (Pesttanz Klangschmiede) 13Eur
Saille: Ritu (ritual wooden box with digipak, 'Irreversible Decay'-CD, in old parchment (opened), evoking scroll, 3 tarot cards, ritual sticks, 3 cthulhu parchments limited 15 - # 8) (Code666) GONE
Saille: Eldritch (beer-box in slipcase with 2 bottles, digipak, sticker, plectrum, bookmark, coaster, shirt, signed certificate limited 100 - # 32) (Code666) GONE
*Salaisuus: Alku (a5-digisleeve with poster limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 12Eur
Sale Freux: L'Exil (digipak) (La Mesnie Herlequin) GONE
Saltus: Slavic Battle Swords - Live In Wroclaw (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) 5Eur
Salvation666: In Dies Maior (digipak with sticker limited 300) (Raging Bloodlust Records) 6Eur
Samael: Telepath (digipak) (Regain Records, Galactical Records) GONE
Samael: Reign Of Light (digipak cd+dvd) (Regain Records) 6Eur
Samael: On Earth (digipak) (Regain Records) GONE
Samael: A Decade In Hell (9cd+2dvd in box limited 2000 - # 403) (Century Media) GONE
Samael: Above (limited digipak with bt) (Nuclear Blast) GONE
Samael: Solar Soul (digipak with bt) (Nuclear Blast) GONE
Samael: Lux Mundi (2cd-digipak) (Season Of Mist) 7Eur
Samsas Traum: Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert Deiner Sonne (2CD) (Trisol) 5Eur
Saruman: Ride On The Darkside (Black Attakk Records) 1,5Eur
Satyricon: Satyricon (limited digipak) (Roadrunner Records) GONE
Satyricon: The Age Of Nero (limited 2cd-digi) (Roadrunner Records, Kaleidoscope) 8Eur
Satyricon: Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age (limited printed jewelcase) (Moonfog Productions) GONE
Satyricon/Enslaved: The Forest Is My Throne/Yggdrasill (digipak) (Moonfog Productions) 9,5Eur
Sauroctonos/White Ward/Silence Of The Old Man: Split (digisleeve limited 500) (Pest Productions) GONE
Sautheneron: I (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Savnock: Theophany (limited carbon disc in special digisleeve) (Cold Void Emanations) GONE
Schattenvald: I (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records, Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GONE
Schattenvald: II (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records, Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GONE
Schattenvald: III (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records, Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GONE
Schattenvald: IV (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records, Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GONE
Schmerz: Chronika (digipak limited 100 - # 40) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 19Eur
Schwarzlose: A Tribute To The Pannon Skins (dvd-case limited 150 - # 107) (Hét Vezér Haragja, Native Pride Productions) 18Eur
Secht: Secht (Another Norwegian Product, Sublife Productions) GONE
Secrets Of The Moon: Seven Bells (box with cd, dvd + rosary, cards, thick booklet limited 1000) (Lupus Lounge) 28,5Eur
Secrets Of The Moon: Privilegivm (limited digipak with bt) (Lupus Lounge) 6,5Eur
Sedna: O. (envelope limited 50) (Kunsthauch) GONE
Seelenfrost: ☽ (cardboard in orange leather limited 100) (Talheim Records) 17,5Eur
Seelenfrost: Nostalgia: Zwischen Zukunft Und Vergangenheit (digibook) (Fog Of The Apocalypse) GONE
Seelenfrost: Metamorphosis (digipak with bt limited 500) (self-released) GONE
Seelengreif: Jenseits Der Schatten (Tour De Garde) 1Eur
Seelengreif: Jenseits Der Schatten (sealed) (Tour De Garde) GONE
*Seges Findere: Massacra Supremacista/Wolfkrieg Blitzkrieg (Giftgas/Zyklon metal-box with 2cd limited 50) (Pagan War Distro, Battlefront Distro) OFFER
*Seges Findere: Genocidal Offensive (digipak with patch, sticker limited 500, some teeth of tray broken) (Death Cult Records) 15Eur
Sektarism: Le Son Des Stigmates (digipak with some sticker, poster, patch limited 999 - # 706) (Zanjeer Zani Productions, Daemon Worship Productions) GONE
Selbsttötung: Trümmer (digipak limited 100) (Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur) GONE
Selvmorrd: Bis Zum Ende (digipak) (Urkraft Records) 13Eur
Semai: Degeneration Of Mankind (slim-dvd-case with bt limited 50) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) 4Eur
*Sementhal Martyr Penetrated: In My Chaotic Supremacy (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records, Suicidal Violent Breed Records) 10Eur
Setherial: Ekpyrosis (limited slipcase) (Regain Records) GONE
Setherial: Death Triumphant (limited digipak) (Regain Records) 9,5Eur
Setherial: Lords Of The Nightrealm (limited digipak) (Napalm Records) GONE
Severe Storm/Slavecrushing Tyrant: We Will Drown The Dawn In Blood (Lower Silesian Stronghold, Werewolf Promotion) 2,5Eur
Shadovar: Grim Phantasmal (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Shadows Of The Fallen: Memorian (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Shining: Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel (digisleeve) (Spinefarm Records) GONE
Shining: V • Halmstad (Niklas Angående Niklas) (digipak) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Shining: Livets Ändhållplats (digipak) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Shining: I - Within Deep Dark Chambers (limited digipak) (Osmose Productions) GONE
Sick's Agony: Towards My Places (digipak with patch limited 100) (Self Mutilation Services) 12Eur
Side Of Despondency: Demo (dvd-case limited 100) (Rigorism Production) GONE
Sieghetnar: Die Hymne Der Zerbrechlichkeit² (digipak limited 500) (Kristallblut Records) 5Eur
Sieghetnar: Die Melancholie Des Schmerzes (carbon disc in white dvd-case limited 99 - # 31) (Nordsturm Productions) 15Eur
Sieghetnar: Die Asche Eines Geistes (digipak) (Ashen Productions) GONE
Sieghetnar: Erhabenheit (digipak) (Ashen Productions) 4,5Eur
Sieghetnar: Bewußtseinserweiterung² (a5-digibook with poster limited 100) (Pesttanz Klangschmiede) 10,5Eur
Sieghetnar: Trilogie (die hard: 3 dvd-cases with photos, patch, signed, limited 10 - # 1!!!) (Kristallblut Records) OFFER
Sigh: Gallows Gallery (2cd-digipak limited 500) (Blood Music) 14,5Eur
Sigh: Infidel Art (limited hardcover digibook with sticker) (MegArt Productions) 17Eur
Sigh: Scorn Defeat (2cd-digipak) (Deepsend Records) OFFER
Silent Kingdom: Legend Of An Old Grave ‎(Zero Budget Productions, Walk Records) 4Eur
Silent Leges Inter Arma: Silent Leges Inter Arma (digipak in slipcase with bonus cd in cardboard limited 270) (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) 14Eur
Silent Leges Inter Arma: Synästhesie (digipak limited 500) (Deviant Records) 2Eur
Silva Nigra: Chlad Noci (dvd-case limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services, Death Cult Records) GONE
Sinful: Омут (Musica Production) 3Eur
Sinful Eternity/Solus: Voices From The Abyss (digipak limited 200) (Nihil Interit Records) GONE
Sinful Eternity: Rituals For The Dead (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) GONE
Сивый Яр (Sivyi Yar): Навстречу Сумеркам (Towards The Twilight) (digipak) (Gardarika Musikk, IRII Sad Productions) GONE
Sjenovik: Zephaniah/GAAP (digipak + cardboard cd in envelope limited 99 - # 44) (Kunsthauch, 99 screams) 8Eur
Sjodogg: Landscapes Of Disease And Decadence (Osmose Productions) 2,5Eur
Skady: Mysterium (digipak) (Asatru Klangwerke) 7,5Eur
Skady: Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht (Asatru Klangwerke) GONE
Skjold: Fourteen Years Hell! (digipak limited 666) (Ewiges Eis Records) 3,5Eur
Skog Av Vinter: Blizzard Metal Kings (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Skogen: I Döden (digipak with bt) (Nordvis Produktion) GONE
Skoll: Grisera (wooden box with button limited 25 - # 11) (Ewiges Eis Records) 28Eur
Skoll: The Early Raw Days 1994 – 1996 E.V. (2cd in dvd-case limited 25 - # 14) (self-released) GONE
Slagbjørn: Mørkt Og Jævlig (digipak) (Darker Than Black) GONE
Slavia: Strength And Vision (digipak limited 2000) (Drakkar Productions) 3Eur
Slavogorje: Pjesni (with sticker) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Slidhr: Deluge (digipak with carbon disc limited 1000 - # 743) (Debemur Morti Productions) GONE
Smile: Window To See All My Misery (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Snai~Gala: Kristallen (special a5-super-jewelcase limited 81 - # 52) (Stunde Des Ideals) 12Eur
*Sobberbloodd: The Ulcer (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Solus: Years Of Wandering (2cd in dvd-case limited 33 - # 11) (Nihil Interit Records) 18Eur
Solus: Cursed Woods (cardboard/digi limited 88 - # 31) (Rotten Crowz Productions) 13Eur
Solus: Screams From The Silent Forest (vinyl-style-disc in dvd-case limited 100) (NitroAtmosfericum Records) 12Eur
Solus: Night Oblivion (dvd-case limited 100) (NitroAtmosfericum Records) 8Eur
Sombre Chemin: Doctrine (a5-digibook with poster, 2 sticker limited 150) (ISO666 Releases) 19,5Eur
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments Of Sin: Durch Ruinen Und Düstere Kriegsfelder (a5-digibook with poster, 3 sticker limited 150) (ISO666 Releases) 17,5Eur
Sombre Chemin: Nous Resterons Fidéles... (dvd-case limited 100 - # 14) (EuropArt Productions) GONE
Somnia: Above Space And Time (2cd limited 100) (Hidden Marly Production) 6Eur
*Sons Of Satan: Encantos Libertinos (limited 120) (Lucas Leao Producoes) 5Eur
Sorcier Des Glaces: Ritual Of The End (digipak limited 50) (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) OFFER
Sorcier Des Glaces: Snowland MMXII (metal-box with poster limited 250 - # 135) (Mankind's Demise Records, Les Productions Hérétiques) GONE
*Sounds Of Pain: Fading Hopes (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Sounds Of Pain: Endless Darkness (dvd-case limited 200) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*Sounds Of Pain: Biploar Disorder (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
Spektr: Near Death Experience (slipcase with bv) (Candlelight Records) 4,5Eur
Spire: Spire (limited 900, sealed) (Obscure Abhorrence Productions, Art Of Propaganda) GONE
Stworz: Blask Wiecznego Ognia (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) 3,5Eur
Styxian Industries: Salvation Through Deterioration (self-released) GONE
Suffering Souls: Sadistic Goat Complex (Schwarzdorn Production) 4,5Eur
Suicidal Vortex: My Existence: A Series Of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness (Afflictedphonica Arts) 1,5Eur
Supreme Lord: X99.9 Kill Your Enemies (Conquer Records) 2Eur
Svartskogg: Helvete 666 (Perish In Light) 4,5Eur
Svartsyn: Wrath Upon The Earth (slipcase, sealed) (Agonia Records) GONE
Svierg: Demo MMIX (mcd limited 100 - # 78) (Black Metal Cult Records) GONE
*Sylisium: Beyond The Souls Rest... (Llou Aarrgghh!! Productions) 2,5Eur
Taarma: Remnants Of A Tormenting Black Shadow (Suffering Jesus Productions) GONE
Temple Of Oblivion: Traum Und Trauma (metal-box with patch, sticker limited 50 - # 26) (Vama Marga Productions) GONE
Tenebrous Shadow: Follow The Signs (limited 230 - # 74) (Hexenreich Records) 2,5Eur
*Testikill: Satanic Mutant Kommandoes (dvd-case) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 10Eur
*Testikill: Robitussatan (dvd-case) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 10Eur
The Konsortium: The Konsortium (digipak) (Agonia Records) 5Eur
The Legion: A Bliss To Suffer (Listenable Records) GONE
*The Martyrium: Promo (Stunde Des Ideals) 3,5Eur
*The True Endless: Live At Cesar Palace (sleeve limited 50 - # 8) (Self Released) 4Eur
The True Frost: Shadows From The Past (digpak, sealed) (W.T.C. Productions) 6,5Eur
The Vision Bleak: Carpathia, A Dramatic Poem (Prophecy Productions) 6Eur
The Vision Bleak: The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey (digipak cd+dvd) (Prophecy Productions) 6Eur
The Vision Bleak: The Deathship Has A New Captain (Prophecy Productions) 4Eur
Thehappymask: Thehappymask (dvd-case limited 50) (Rigorism Production) 8Eur
Thermal Pulse: Cult Of Enchanted Rage (Antichristian Front Records) 4Eur
Thoron: Return To Dust (No Colours Records) 2,5Eur
Thränenkind: The Elk (digipak) (Lifeforce Records) 9,5Eur
Thundra: Ignored By Fear (sealed) (Einheit Produktionen) 3Eur
Thy Darkened Shade: Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet (golden CD in digipak) (W.T.C. Productions) 12Eur
Todesstoß: Jenseitslüge (Blutvergießen Productions) 4Eur
Todtgelichter: Angst (traveller's edition a5-digisleeve limited 499) (Code666) 10Eur
Total Hate: Total Hate (limited 999 - # 461) (Hell Attacks Productions) GONE
Total Hate: Depopulating Planet Earth (Agonia Records) GONE
Triebtat: Der Weg In Die Depression (limited 100) (Runenstein Records) 3,5Eur
Triebtat/Herbstregen/Das Zwielicht: Moment Der Stille (limited 150 - # 138) (Runenstein Records) GONE
Tsjuder: Norwegian Apocalypse: Oslo Vs Sandnes (limited a5-metalbox) (Season Of Mist) 27Eur
Ultra 64/Tremor Of The Black Manx: Blue/Doppler (mcd limited 50) (Jeshimoth Entertainment) 5Eur
Ulver: Wars Of The Roses (limited digibook) (Kscope, Jester Records) 5,5Eur
Unlight Order: Through The Gates Of Torment (Temple Of Darkness Records) 2Eur
Upir: Possession (digipak) (Eastside, Witches Sabbath Records) GONE
uRAn 0/Astarium: Katuar (dvd-case) (Dominion Of SiN) 5Eur
Urfaust: Einsiedler (Ván) GONE
Urfaust: Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos (Debemur Morti Productions) GONE
Urfaust: Geist Ist Teufel (digipak) (Ván) GONE
*ÜrgSiuG: Orb (limited 50) (Arhailised Helid) 8Eur
Urskumug: Am Nodr (Ledo Takas Records) GONE
Urna: Iter Ad Lucem (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation) 5,5Eur
*Utumno: Nocturnal Purity (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
*V.A.: ...For All Hate In Man! #6 (limited - # 71) (Insomnia Distribution) 6Eur
V.A.: ...For All Hate In Man! #10 (Insomnia Distribution) 2EUr
V.A.: A Black Metal Statement (cardboard) (Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions, Those Opposed Records) 0,5Eur
V.A.: Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation Nr. 1 (Apocalyptic Art) 2Eur
*V.A.: Atramentum Zine Compilation #1 (Atramentum Productions) 1Eur
V.A.: Better Undead Undead Than Alive 2 (+transparent sticker) (Code666) 2,5Eur
*V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation # 1 (Black Devastation Records) 5Eur
*V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation # 2 (Black Devastation Records) 5Eur
V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation #5 (Black Devastation Records) 5Eur
-> or all three BDR-sampler for 12Eur
V.A.: Britannia Infernus - A History Of British Occult And Black Metal (2cd) (Godreah Records) GONE
V.A.: Death To Mental Slaves (dvd + cd) (low price because of signs of wear) (Pagan Flames Productions) 3Eur
V.A.: December Songs - A Tribute To Katatonia (2cd-digipak limited 1000) (Northern Silence Productions) 5,5Eur
V.A.: Desolation Propaganda (Bosse/Nox Inferi/Austere/Isolation/Lyrinx) (5 a5-digibooks with patch + flyers in box limited 50 - # 19) (Those Opposed Records) OFFER
*V.A.: Endless Massacre I (Violent Records) 3Eur
V.A.: Feuersturm Volume II: The Ultimate Storm (2cd) (Century Media) GONE
V.A.: Followers Of The Ancient Path (Stunde Des Ideals) 3Eur
V.A.: Forgotten Wisdom Productions - CD Sampler - Volume I (carboard) (Forgotten Wisdom Productions) 1Eur
*V.A.: Inside Conflict - Good Bye And ...k You (dvd, sealed) 5Eur
V.A.: Iron Bonehead - Label Compilation (2cd-digifile) (Iron Bonehead Productions) 2Eur
V.A.: Lords Of Chaos - Die Geschichte Der Okkulten Musik (2cd) (Prophecy Productions) 8Eur
V.A.: Might Is Right - Nordic Warchants II (2cd+dvd in slipcase) (Det Germanske Folket) GONE
V.A.: Mit Streitaxt Und Gewehr (Asatru Klangwerke, Terror Records, Helheim Productions) 3Eur
V.A.: My Own Wolf: A New Approach To Ulver (2cd-digipak) (Cold Dimensions) 6Eur
V.A.: Nawak Posse - Sampler Vol. 11 (cardboard limited 2000) (Nawak Posse) 1Eur
V.A.: Nawak Posse - Sampler Vol. 12 (cardboard) (Nawak Posse) 1Eur
*V.A.: Nawak Posse - Sampler Vol. 13 (cardboard) (Nawak Posse) 1Eur
V.A.: Oskorei: Die ewige Jagd (Schwarzton Records) 5Eur
V.A.: Out Of The Dark - Live Compilation (digipak) (Century Media) 1Eur
*3x V.A.: Purity Through Fire - Promo Sampler (cardboard) 2Eur
V.A.: Stimmen des Ideals III 5Eur
*V.A.: The Beginning Of A New Legend Vol. 1 (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd lim. 114 - # 32) (Fallen Angels Productions) 15Eur
*V.A.: Tollwut Sampler I (limited 50 - # 30) (Self Released) 16Eur
V.A.: Tribute To Kreuzfeuer (One People One Struggle Records) 5Eur
V.A.: Trollzorn - Label Compilation (cardboard) (Trollzorn) 3,5Eur
*V.A.: Under The Razors II (dvd - alternative cover edition) (with Forest Of Doom, Mordskog, Naastrand, Black Hate, Suicidal Inc.) (Self Mutilation Services) 10Eur
Vae Victis: Black Fucking Thrash Metal (Galgenstrang Produktionen, Hell Sounds) GONE
Vardan/Striborg: Split (limited 400) (War Against Yourself) 4,5Eur
Vargnatt: Durch Die Stille... (Karge Welten Kunstverlag, Wolfsgrimm Records) 6,5Eur
2x Venuspuls: Herzschlag Des Endzeit-Architekten (enhanced golden disc) (Wroth Emitter) 2,5Eur
Venuspuls: Exitusse Aanaavee (Edition Sinnenstorch: 2cd-a5-digibook with postcard, sticker limited 96 - # 5) (Traumorgane-Kreationen) OFFER
Verstorben: Begräbnis Der Hoffnung (limited 100) (Runenstein Records) 5,5Eur
Vesania: God The Lux (Napalm Records) 3Eur
Via Dolorosa/Khorne: Introspective Vision Of A Vulgar Perversion (limited 22 - # 12) (War Kommand Productions) GONE
Via Dolorosa/Megera: Repugnant Tetenderunt Christianity (limited 50 - # 9) (War Kommand Productions) GONE
Vidharr: Eclipse (limited 995, special disc printed on silver side) 2Eur
Vintersorg: Ödemarkens Son (Napalm Records) 7Eur
*VON: Dark Gods: Mother (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 11)
*VON: Dark Gods: The Culling (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 15)
*VON: Dark Gods: Muse Of Evil (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 7)
*VON: Dark Gods: Abandon (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 8)
*VON: Dark Gods: DemonSkin (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 1)
*VON: Dark Gods: Invasion (wraparound cover comic limited 25 - # 1)
*VON: Dark Gods: Black Lotus (regular cover comic limited 25 - # 8)
*VON: Dark Gods: Ritual Of The Blach Mass (regular cover comic lim. 25 - # 8)
*VON: Dark Gods: Rise Of The Ancients (regular cover comic lim. 25 - # 5)
*VON: Dark Gods: The Council Of Seven (regular cover comic lim. 25 - # 5)
*VON: Dark Gods: Architects Of Death (regular cover comic limited 25 - # 6)
*VON: Dark Gods: Tombs (regular cover comic limited 25 - # 5)
-> whole VON comic collection is only sold at once: 115€, here's a full description of this collection: http://nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48020
VON: Satanic Blood (sealed) (Hammerheart Records) 8Eur
Watain: Sworn To The Dark (Season Of Mist) GONE
*Water: Tempest (Cardboard) (Self Released) 2Eur
Weidenbaum: Raue Winde Und Blasse Schwingen (Düsterwald Produktionen) 7Eur
Whispering Wind: For This Addicting Pain (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd limited 66, B-Type - # 59) (Fallen Angels Productions) GONE
Winter Depression: Empty Cold (a5-special packaging limited 44 - # 6) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Winter Depression: Autumnal Melancholy (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) GONE
Winter Depression: Cold (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Winter Of Silence: The Stars Of Existence Have Faded (digifile limited 200) (Self Mutilation Services) 5Eur
Winterblut: Grund: Gelenkkunst (2cd) (Red Stream) 4,5Eur
*Wintercold: Mors Solum Inceptum Est (a5-digibook with bt limited 100) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir, Nihil Interit Records) 12Eur
Winterfront: Northwinds (limited 1000) (Werewolf Promotion) 3Eur
Wintergang: Gris (dvd-case limited 33) (Depressive Illusions Records) 10Eur
2x Winterhauch: Am Ende Stirbt Die Hoffnung (digipak limited 500) (Apocalyptic Art) 5,5Eur
Winternight: Pestilenz (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) 2Eur
Witcher: Néma Gyász (slim-dvd-case with sticker limited 75 - # 57) (Rotten Crowz Productions) 3Eur
Withering Night: Withering Night (limited 200) (Self Mutilation Services) 3,5Eur
Wolfdoom: Path Of Sorrow (dvd-case limited 33) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
Wolfhetan: Was der Tag nicht ahnt (a5-digibook limited 500) (self-released) OFFER
*Wolfuneral: Reign Of Decadence (a5-digisleeve) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir, Nihil Interit Records) 13Eur
Wolves In The Throne Room: Diadem Of 12 Stars (Vendlus Records) 35Eur
Woods Of Ypres: Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heat (Krankenhaus Records) 17Eur
Xerbittert: Demo (mini-dvd-case with sticker limited 50) (Rigorism Production) 6,5Eur
XIII: I (dvd-case limited 33 - # 6) (CVLMINIS) 7,5Eur
*Xordeal: Introspective (Self Released) 5Eur
Yhdarl: Humainly Sick (vinyl-style-disc in dvd-case with poster limited 100 - # 89) (Selbstmord Kommando Produktionen) 4,5Eur
Zifir: You Must Come With Us (Poem Productions) GONE


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Abigail: Ultimate Unholy Death (limited tape) (Hammer Of Damnation) GONE
Abigail: Sweet Baby Metal Slut (tape limited 100) (Hammer Of Damnation) GONE
Abigail: Alive...In Tokyo Part 2 (pro-tape limited 200 - # 144) (The Northern Cold Productions) GONE
Abigail: Live At El Puente, Yokohama (limited 100) (Infernal Kommando Records) GONE
Aborym: Fire Walk With Us (red pro-tape limited 333 - # 77) (Virus Productions) GONE
Ad Desolatum Et Silentium: Itineris Exitium (Vacío Abismal Records, Tour De Garde) GONE
Ancestral Purity/Eisenkampf: Celtic Insurgence (Wolfsangel Productionen) GONE
Anthro Halaust: Правды Осколок, Кровоточит Живым!! (tape limited 222 - # 98) (Sigillvm Tenebrae Records) 3Eur
Anti: The Insignificance Of Life (pro-tape limited 150) (Children Of The Night) OFFER
Antiquus Scriptum: Abi In Malam Pestem (with bt limited 300) (War Flagellation Productions) 3Eur
Antiquus Scriptum: Immortalis Factus (limited 300) (War Flagellation Productions) 3Eur
*Arghoslent: Hornets Of The Pogrom (limited - # 244) (Drakkar Productions) 3,5Eur
Arizmenda: Stillbirth In The Temple Of Venus (limited texas press) (Crepúsculo Negro) 12Eur
Arkonian: Арконско воскресение (limited 300 - # promo) (Sabbath's Fire Records) GONE
Astarium: On The Edge Of Chasm (Apocalyptic Art) 2,5Eur
Astarium: On The Edge Of Chasm (Dominion Of Sin) 3Eur
Astarium: Invasion To Forbidden (Akne Productions) 3Eur
Astarium: Atenvx (limited 200) (Hell Division Productions) 2Eur
Astarium: Ostracism Of Anachoret (limited 50) (Tryby) 3,5Eur
Barbatos: Riot Rehearsal In Calgary (limited 100) (Infernal Kommando Records) 12Eur
Behemoth: Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (with stickers) (Pagan Records) 15Eur
Behemoth: Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld (2-pro-tape in box) (Metal Mind Records) 6Eur
Beherit: Drawing Down The Moon / Electric Doom Synthesis (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) OFFER
Besatt: In Nomine Satanas (pro-tape) (self-released) GONE
Besatt/Unhallowed/Tragedy Begins: Underground Satanic Split (pro-tape) (Pagan Black Cult) 14Eur
Besatt: Black Mass (with bt limited 500) (Hammer Of Damnation) 3Eur
Besatt: Demonicon (pro-tape limited 150 - # 136) (Hell Is Here Production) 5,5Eur
Black Autumn: Ghosts At Our Windows (limited 100 - # 38) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Black Autumn: Aurora (limited 333 - # 151) (Bylec-Tum Productions) GONE
Black Autumn: End (limited 333 - # 209) (Bylec-Tum Productions) GONE
Black Autumn: Isolation (limited 166) (Kassetten Edition Dreizack) GONE
Black Autumn: Cult Of Nihil (Insikt) GONE
Blazing Eternity: Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterbøge (self-released) 9Eur
*Blodarv: Storms Of The Past (3-tape-leather-box with poster, patch, button, 3 stickers limited 15 - # 7) (Atramentum Productions) OFFER
Blodulv: Diatribe (Осолонь) 3Eur
Bosse: 3 (white tape limited 300 - # 108) (Choirs Of Delusion) 3,5Eur
Bosque: Nowhere (white pro-tape with download code without poster, but therefore with logo patch, limited 100) (Dunkelheit Produktionen) 6Eur
Burial Hordes: Devotion To Unholy Creed (pro-tape limited 333 - # 38) (Strigoi Records) 4Eur
Burzum: Fallen (Byelobog Productions) GONE
*Burzum: Umskiptar (Byelobog Productions) OFFER
Catafalco: That Which Is In The Afterworld (blue pro-tape) (Tour De Garde) 5,5Eur
*Count Shannäth: Moon Aura (signed tape) (self-released) 10Eur
*Count Shannäth: Anti-Social Dogma (Winter Solace Productions) 3Eur
Cradle Of Filth: Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein/The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) 5Eur
Cradle Of Filth: Cruelty And The Beast (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 6Eur
Dark Ages: Twilight Of Europe (limited 500 - # 225) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Dark Awake: Soil,Blood ...And The Reaping Of Light (pro-tape) (Winter Solace Productions) 5Eur
Dark Funeral: In The Sign.../The Secrets Of The Black Arts (2 blue pro-tape-box with bt + poster limited 100 - # 50) (Virus Productions) 24Eur
Dauden: Reflections Of Failure (blue pro-tape limited 77 - # 9 + free sticker) (Malabsorptie) GONE
Dead: Hanging Illusions (limited 500) (Self Mutilation Services, Dunkelheit Produktionen) 4Eur
Deathrow: The Beginning Of The End (limited 222 - # 134) (Heavy Penetration Productions) GONE
Deathrow/Moloch: Echoes In Eternity (limited 100) (Tour De Garde) GONE
Deathrow: The Cold Engine Of Darkness (tape limited 200 - # 94) (Heavy Penetration Productions) GONE
Decayed: The Beast Has Risen (tape with bt limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) 3Eur
Decayed: The Black Metal Flame (tape with bt limited 150 - # 49) (Praise Unholy Records) 4,5Eur
Decayed: A Tribute To The Ancients (tape) (Maltkross) 4,5Eur
Decayed: Chaos Underground (tape with bt limited 300 - # 54) (War Productions) 2Eur
Decayed: Blasphemic Offering - The Singles 1995-2011 (tape limited 250) (tape limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) 3Eur
Decayed: The Ancient Brethren (tape with bt limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) 2,5Eur
-> or buy all Decayed-Tapes at once for 55€
Defeat: Pride Valor Hatred (white tape limited 100 - # 40) (Desastrious Records) 5Eur
Defunctus Astrum: Black Star (limited 66 - # 77) (Morak Prod) 4Eur
Demogorgon: Nänie (limited 333 - # 267) (Total Consecration Of The Ibex Throne Productions) 4Eur
Depressive Years: Failing To Confront Suicidal Thoughts (pro-tape limited 150) (Self Mutilation Services) 3Eur
Desir De Mourir: Incure The Wrath Of Silence (pro-tape limited 100) (Karge Welten Kunstverlag) GONE
Dimmu Borgir: Spiritual Black Dimensions (pro-tape) (Mystic Productions) 5,5Eur
Division Hagal: Politisch Korrekt (Flammentod Produktionen Teutschland) GONE
Division Hagal: Demo's (pro-tape limited 100) (Hammerbund) 6Eur
Dommedagssalme: Terra (limited 200) (Legion Blotan) 4Eur
Draugluin: Divine Electron (limited 150 - # 98) (Steel Blazes Records) 5Eur
*Draugluin: Thule (limited 75 - # 68) (Winter Solace Productions) 6Eur
Dusk: Beginning... (Wulfrune Worxxx) 4,5Eur
Dyster: Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten (limited - # 80) (Drakkar Productions) 2,5Eur
Ecce Hommo: Ad Astra Per Aspera (limited 200 - # 165) (Winter Solace Productions) 3Eur
Eliminator/Fornication: Bomb Raiding Hell Metal (limited 333 - # 146) (Volcanic Slut Records) 2Eur
Elite: Kampen (limited 300 - # 175) (Ravenheart) 5Eur
Ellende: Rückzug In Die Innerlichkeit (limited 66 - # 10) (Fallen-Angels Productions) GONE
Epiphanie: Fragmente: Von Lebenslichtern Und Den Liedern Toter Kinder (signed tape limited 50 - # 19) (Der Neue Weg) 5,5Eur
Epitimia: О Ты, Чье Имя Мрет На Трепетных Устах (Demo 2008) (pro-tape limited 150) (Self Mutilation Services) 2Eur
E.T.A.S: Esquadrao De Terror Anti-Semita (Winter Solace Productions) 3Eur
*Eternalwar: No Te Arrodilles (limited 88 - # 16) (Argenreich Records) 5Eur
*Eugenik: Schlachtenhall (Hammerbund) 4Eur
*Evil/Locomotiva: Blood And Honour (not sure if bootleg or original) (M.A.I.M.) 7Eur
*Ewiger Hass: Mordlust (tape limited 33 - # 6) (Horn Records) 5Eur
Eyelessight: i-i (limited 50) (Runenstein Records) 5Eur
Fester: A Celebration Of Death (pro-tape with bt limited 100 - # 64) (Total Holocaust Records) 8Eur
Feuersturm: Wenn Der Tag Sich Dem Ende Neigt (limited 400 - # 362) (Division Black Metal) 2,5Eur
Flammentod: Ehre=Treue=Vaterland (limited 275) (Aentzug Productions) 5,5Eur
Földalatti Alakulat: Fóbia (limited - # 111) (Tanhu Records) 3Eur
Fremdreich: Immer Und Immer Wieder (limited 100 - # 38) (Bøddel Productions) GONE
Frost: Woodspirit (limited 500 - # 2) (Werewolf Promotion, Sabbath's Fire Records) GONE
Frost: Trapped In The World (limited 500 - # 60) (Narbentage Produktionen, Werewolf Promotion) 3Eur
Frost: Maître Des Illusions (limited 500 - # 60) (Narbentage Produktionen, Werewolf Promotion) 4Eur
*Galgenbrüder: Der falsche Weg (limited 25 - # 5) (Bleichmond Tonschmiede) 8Eur
Gmork: ...In Embrace Of Cold White Dust (blue tape limited 99 - # 19) (Depressive Illusions Records) 6,5Eur
Godless North: Summon The Age Of Supremacy (Warspirit Productions) GONE
Grausamkeit: Hellgoat (limited tape - # 204) (Chanteloup Creations) GONE
Grauzeit: Tyrannei Der Tristesse (white tape limited 60 - # 24) (Corkra Productions) 5Eur
Graveland: Epilogue (original 1993 demo-tape) (Witching Hour Productions) 8Eur
Graveland: Epilogue/Impaler's Wolves (Kolovrat) GONE
Graveland: Prawo Stali (tape with bt limited 500) (Hammerbund) GONE
Graveland: Impaler's Wolves (with Werewolf Promotion-sticker 2014) (Eastclan) 4,5Eur
Graveland: Following The Voice Of Blood (Kolovrat) GONE
Graveland: The Celtic Winter (Kolovrat) GONE
Graveland: Thunderbolts Of The Gods (limited 500 - # 458) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Grimlair: Inside (limited 100 - # 78) (War Flagellation Productions) 4Eur
Grimlair: L'appel De La Nuit Funeste (limited 300 - # 117) (Gorpubelatze Productions) GONE
Grimlair: Corroded By Sickness (limited 150 - # 94) (Donnerberg Rex) 6Eur
Grimlair: Demo 2002 (limited 150 - # 147) (Underground Propaganda Records) 7,5Eur
Grimorc: Under His Great Shadow (Swordslain Distribution) GONE
Habsyll: MMVIII (pro-tape limited 100) (Zanjeer Zani Productions) 4,5Eur
Hämys: Kirkkaus Yllä Maan Hämärän (limited 99 - # 89) (Wolfsvuur Records) GONE
Hate Forest: Purity (Slavonic Metal) GONE
Hate Forest: Scythia (Pussy God Records) GONE
Hatesworn/Woodspirit: Split (limited 164 - # 110) (Werewolf Promotion, Sigillvm Tenebrae Records) 2Eur
*Havohej: Unholy Antichristian Perversion (War Command 666) 5Eur
Heidenblut: Frisian War Metal (slipcase limited 500) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 4Eur
Heidenblut: Freesenleed (limited 500) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 3Eur
Heidenblut: Legacy Of The Elvenqueen (Demons In Captivity) (limited 500) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 2Eur
Heidenblut: Fire Walk With Me (limited 1000) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 3,5Eur
Heidenblut: Promo (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 3,5Eur
Heidenblut: The Hadnur-Daimos Complex (limited 1000) (Stunde Des Ideals - Produktionen) 3,5Eur
Helheim: Jormundgand (limited 500) (Frostscald Records, Karisma Records, Dark Essence Records) 5Eur
Hell Eternal: We Are A Fist In The Face Of God (pro-tape limited 100 - # 16) (Werewolf Promotion, Flagellum Haereticorum) 5Eur
Hell Eternal/Qassam: Combat-ritual ReHEARSEal/Possession Into Exploding And Devastation (limited 100 - # 20) (self-released) GONE
Hell Eternal: Názáreti Dögölj Meg!!! (limited 100 - # 9) (Folterkammer Records) 4Eur
Hellhammer: Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) GONE
Helvetespine: Frykten Og Mennesket (limited 300) (Frostscald Records) 3Eur
Hexenwald: Nordland Okkult Mysterium (with bt limited 333 - # 155) (Black Death Production, Heerwegen Tod Production) 2Eur
*Holocaustus: Die erste Dekade (pro-tape with bt lim. 120 – # 124) OFFER
Horned Almighty: Black Metal Jesus (Satanic Propaganda Records) 4Eur
*Hrossharsgrani: Ewig Winter (limited 44 - # 9) (Fallen Angels Productions) OFFER
Hypothermia: Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar II - Monoton Negativitet (limited 500) (Winterreich Productions) GONE
Hypothermia: Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar (limited 500) (Winterreich Productions) 6,5Eur
Hypothermia: Suicide Fixation (limited 500) (Winterreich Productions) GONE
Idisenfluch: Trostlos: Gefangen In Der Leere (slipcase limited 50 - # 17) (Black Devastation Records) OFFER
Ilsa Koch: Hard Boiled (Winter Solace Productions) 3,5Eur
Immolith: The Ghost Tower Of Inverness (white tape limited 99 - # 78) (Frozen Darkness Production) GONE
Immortal: Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism/Pure Holocaust (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 11Eur
Immortal: Damned In Black (sealed black pro-tape with 3 buttons on card limited 50) (Never Dead) 16Eur
Immortal: At The Heart Of Winter (sealed blue pro-tape with 3 buttons on card) (Never Dead) GONE
Immortal: Blizzard Beasts (smoky black pro-tape with sticker, button, foursquare button limited 50 - # 11) (Never Dead) OFFER
Immortal: Battles In The North (black/white pro-tape with 3 buttons on card limited 100) (Never Dead) GONE
Immortal: Pure Holocaust (pro-tape with button, sticker, poster limited 100 - # 41) (Never Dead) GONE
Immortal: Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (red pro-tape with button, magnet, sticker limited 100 - # 35) (Never Dead) GONE
Impaled Nazarene: Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) GONE
Impaled Nazarene: Nihil (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) GONE
Impaled Nazarene: Rapture (pro-tape) (Morbid Noizz Productions) GONE
2x Impaled Nazarene: Latex Cult (pro-tape with bt of Motörpenis) (Morbid Noizz Productions) 8,5Eur
Impaled Nazarene: Suomi Finland Perkele (pro-tape with golden booklet) (Morbid Noizz Productions) GONE
Infernal Kingdom: The Black Throne Of Hell (limited 333 - # 212) (Herege Warfare Productions) 4Eur
Inferno: Fucking Funeral Attack 2006-2007 (limited 320 - # 173) (Sigillvm Tenebrae Records, Werewolf Promotion) 5Eur
Inmitten Des Waldes: Traum Und Sehnsucht (A.M.F. Productions, Nebelhain Kunstschmiede) 2,5Eur
Judas Iscariot: Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten (Chanteloup Creations) GONE
Jünkie: Lethal Dose (limited 156 - # 27) (Ghoul's Prods) 3Eur
Kalmankantaja: III (limited 75 - # 21) (From The Dark Past) GONE
Karg: Von Den Winden Der Sehnsucht (limited 120) (Karge Welten Kunstverlag) GONE
Katatonia: For Funerals To Come... (pro-tape) (Morbid Noizz Productions) 13Eur
Khors: Winter Stronghold (limited 320 - # 303) (Winter Solace Productions, Werewolf Promotion) 2,5Eur
Khors: Cold Ways (limited 320 - # 303) (Winter Solace Productions, Werewolf Promotion) 2,5Eur
Kommandant: The Draconian Archetype !limited 100 - # 32) (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation, worship tapes) 6,5Eur
Korihor/Abigail: Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers (pro-tape limited 500 - # 419) (Slava Productions) GONE
Kreuzfeuer: Blut Für Blut (tape with bt limited 300) (Hammerbund) 6Eur
Kriegsphilosophie: Goat Fukk Yourself...Again (limited 375 - # 320) (Skullfucking Metal, Carnal Sadist Productions, AVR) 2Eur
L'Acephale: Decollate (limited 200) (Black Horizons) 8Eur
*Lebensborn/Comrade Borislav 88: Slavonic Resistance (white tape limited 88 - # 21) (Nazi Propaganda) OFFER
*Leichenhalle: II: Audial Gnosis (Co-Existence With The Spectres) (Prior Satanae Production) 3Eur
*Leichenstätte: Das finstere Irrlicht (limited 66 - # 42 with name of the owner, not yours) (Heavy Penetration) 5Eur
*Leichenstätte: Quälend aus der Tiefe (with bt limited 266 - # 124) (Heavy Penetration) 5Eur
Leraje: Occulta Epiphania Tenebrae (pro-tape limited 100) (Astrum Tempestas) 3Eur
Les Orphelins Duplessis: Demo I (tape in oversized case limited 100 - # 32) (Deathangle Absolution Records) 12,5Eur
Lord Wind: Ales Stenar (limited 500 - # 277) (Werewolf Promotion) 3Eur
Lord Wind: Rites Of The Valkyries (limited 500 - # 435) (Werewolf Promotion) 3,5Eur
Lord Wind: Heralds Of Fight (limited 300 - # 92) (Night Birds Records) 3,5Eur
Lupus Nocturnus: Suicidal Thoughts Pt I (limited 500) (Thor's Hammer Productions) 4Eur
Lunatic Gods: Sitting By The Fire (Metal Age Productions) 3Eur
Maleventum: Rotten & Fucked Bastards (Our Bestial Redesecration Of... (limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) 3Eur
Marduk: Live In Germania/Nightwing (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 9Eur
Marduk: Those Of The Unlight/Opus Nocturne (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) GONE
Marduk: La Grande Danse Macabre (still sealed black pro-tape with bt limited 50) (Never Dead) 16Eur
Marduk: Nightwing (still sealed green pro-tape with patch limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Marduk: Live In Germania (orange pro-tape with button limited 50) (Never Dead) OFFER
Marduk: Glorification (red pro-tape with button limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Marduk: Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered (red pro-tape with patch limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Marduk: Opus Nocturne (black pro-tape with 3 buttons on card limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Marduk: Those Of The Unlight (black pro-tape with 3 bottuns on card limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Marduk: Fuck Me Jesus (silver pro-tape with button limited 50) (Never Dead) GONE
Mayhem: Grand Declaration Of War (still sealed blue pro-tape with 3 buttons on card limited 50) (Never Dead) OFFER
Mayhem: Ordo Ad Chao (still sealed red pro-tape with 3 buttons on card limited 50) (Never Dead) OFFER
Mayhem: European Legions (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) 7,5Eur
Mayhem: Chimera (still sealed clear pro-tape with patch limited 50) (Never Dead) 14Eur
Mayhem: Grand Declaration Of War (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) 7Eur
Menschentod: Staub (limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) 2,5Eur
Mescalin Massacre: Liquid, Soma, Death (blue pro-tape with eucharist +lsd-blotter limited 100 - # 51) (Genickschuss Eucharistie) OFFER
Moloch: Isolation Der Essenz (white cardboard box with 3 tapes, button, patch, stickers limited 13) (Tryby, Runenstein Records) OFFER
Moloch/Begotten/Deviator: On The Stub Of Fate New Life Will Not Grow (limited 200) (SFH Records, Hammerbund) 3Eur
Moloch: Nur Die Berge Erinnern Sich Der Winde Die Hier Ihren Anfang Fanden Vor So Langer Zeit (black tape with bt limited 40) (Stomp Records) 4Eur
Moloch: ll (limited 300) (Legion Blotan) 4Eur
Moloch: Eine Tote Erinnerung An Den Kahlen Boden (limited 77 - # 48) (Northern Lights Productions) GONE
Moloch: Apathisches Licht Von Einem Rotschwarzen Horizont (limited 66 - # 25) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir) GONE
Moloch: Cosmic Depression (limited 88 - # 55) (Frozen Darkness Production) OFFER
Moloch: Spirit Of Eternal Seasons (limited 100 - # 31) (Perpetuam) GONE
Moloch: Verdandi (limited 50 - # 19) (Vergessene Sumpflandschaften) GONE
Moloch: Traurer (limited 100) (Sombre March) 4Eur
Moloch: Uralte Stille (limited 99 - # 11) (De Profundis Productions) GONE
Moloch/Deviator Blut Und Ehre (limited 66 - # 14) (De Profundis Productions) GONE
Moloch: Meine Alte Melancholie (with bt limited 50) (Vergessene Sumpflandschaften) 7,5Eur
Moloch: Rotten Threads Of Life (limited 500) (Unholy War Productions) GONE
Moloch: Abstrakter Wald (B-Type with 4 tapes, shirt (L), pine needles, cards limited 8) (Fallen-Angels Productions) 36Eur
Moloch: A Journey To The Vyrdin (a5-box with poster, patch, sticker limited 20 - # 16) (Atramentum Productions) OFFER
Moloch: In Einer Umarmung Von Tiefen Kalten Wäldern (limited 111) (Depressive Illusions Records) GONE
Morbosidad: Morbosonlaughts Over The Triangle Of Ancient Pannonia - Part II: Budapest/Aquincum - Live In Hungary MMIX (limited 99 - # 84) (Stygian Shadows Productions) GONE
*Morbosidad: Morbosonlaughts Over The Triangle Of Ancient Pannonia: Sopianae – Aquincum – Arrabona – Live In Hungary MMIX (2-tape-box in slipcase with postcard, sticker, stage pass limited 55 - # 46) (Stygian Shadows Productions) OFFER
Morbosidad: Tortura (tape limited 200) (Stygian Shadows Productions) 7Eur
Morbosidad/Manticore: Invocation Of The War Beasts (pro-tape limited 300) (Hells Headbangers) 7Eur
Morbosidad: Cojete A Dios Por El Culo (limited 333 - # 248) (Ars Funebris Records) GONE
Morbosidad: Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno (pro-tape limited 300) (Morbid Metal Records) 7Eur
Mörker: Den Sista Utfärden (limited 300) (Wulfrune Worxxx) GONE
Mortal God: Letting Moonlight Into You (Self Released) 5Eur
Mortiis: Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) 14Eur
Mortiis: The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost (pro-tape with silver cover) (Pagan Records, Witching Hour Productions) GONE
Murk: Drifting Mine (limited 333 - # 217) (Bylec-Tum Productions) 3,5Eur
Myrd: Doeden Kalder (limited 50 - # 2) (Worship Tapes, Purity Through Fire) 6Eur
Nachtmystium: Doomsday Derelicts (pro-tape limited 100) (I.K. Productions & Art-Execution) OFFER
Nationalistic Marshal: Nationalistic Pride (Winter Solace Productions) 3Eur
Nazi Zombies Invasion: Resurection 1 & 2 (limited 100 - # 47) (Infernal kommando Records) 9Eur
*Nekrofília: Örvénylő Vérzivatar/Bűnhődés (limited 100) (SFH Records) 3,5Eur
Niederleib: Aera Leid (tape limited 87 - # 62) (Vama Marga Productions) 7Eur
*Nihilum: The Faint Hour (Insikt) 2Eur
Nocturnal Depression/Myrd/Vspolokh: Longing For Death (limited 50 - # 10) (Purity Through Fire) 4,5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: The Cult Of Negation (limited 300) (Night Birds Records) 4,5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Reflections Of A Sad Soul (limited 300) (Night Birds Records) 3,5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Four Seasons to a Depression (limited 300) (Night Birds Records) 5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Nostalgia - Fragments Of A Broken Past (limited 300) (Night Birds Records) 4,5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Near To The Stars (limited 500) (Winterreich Productions) 4,5Eur
Nocturnal Depression: Suicidal Thoughts (limited 500) (Winterreich Productions) GONE
Nokturne: Kruelty Kampaign (limited 300 - # 252) (Terror Cult Productions) GONE
*Noldor: Lorien (limited 14 - # 4) (Fallen Angels Productions) 8Eur
Nordafrost: North Arise (white tape in blue case limited 50 - # 22) (Reinecke Speaks) 5Eur
Nordreich: Am Hünengrab (Flammentod Produktionen Teutschland) GONE
Nordreich: Skatvals Nordreich (limited 500 - # 468) (Flammentod Produktionen Teutschland, Beverina Productions) 6Eur
Nordreich: Promo 2006 (limited 500) (Stunde Des Ideals) GONE
Northcrown: Ancient Battles (Part Two) (Elven Witchcraft, Swordslain Distribution) GONE
Nortt: Ligfærd (limited 418) (Possession Productions) GONE
Nortt: Mournful Monuments 1998-2002 (slipcase) (Possession Productions) GONE
2x Oakenshield: Forgotten Tunes (limited 300) (Stunde Des Ideals) 3,5Eur
Occulto Mortualia: Niger Templum Part I (still sealed cardboard package limited 111) (Cold Void Emanations) 9Eur
Occulto Mortualia: Niger Templum Part II (still sealed cardboard package limited 66) (Cantus De Leprae, Cold Void Emanations) OFFER
2x Orthanc/Nordum: 7 Ans De Réflexion/Vengeance Humaine (limited 732 - # 308) (Korosiv) 3Eur
Ordo Templi Orientis/Iad Uroboros: Vex Irritation (limited 169) (SFH Records, Hammerbund) 3,5Eur
Ordo Templi Orientis: Paganatum : Pagan Autumn (limited 200) (SFH Records) 3,5Eur
Pagan Flame/Frost: Vinland Alliance (tape limited 300 - # 133) (Sword Productions) GONE
*Panzerterror SS: Rassen Stalingrad (Nazi Propaganda) 8Eur
Persklum: Untitled (limited) (The Throat) 4Eur
Pest: Buried (blue pro-tape limited 600) (Primal Vomit Records) 5Eur
Pest: Tenebris Obortis (red pro-tape limited 800) (Primal Vomit Records) 5Eur
Pest: Ad Se Ipsum (pro-tape limited 100 - # 87) (Titan Woods, Kill With Hate Records) 7Eur
Pest: Vado Mori (pro-tape with button limited 100) (Oniric Records) 9Eur
Petrichorus: Beyond The Ancient Bluffs (with bt limited 500 - # 93) (Werewolf Promotion, Achtung! Records) 2,5Eur
Petrichorus/Eldenhor/Pagan Hammer: Split (limited 300 - # 124) (Werewolf Promotion, Hammerbund) 3Eur
Phlegmator: The Glorification Of Satan (limited tape) (self-released) 3Eur
Photophobia: The Seven States Of Mourning (pro-tape limited 100 - # 49) (Immortal Frost Productions) 6,5Eur
Profectum Iri: Puur Zwart Kwaad (limited 40 - # 14) (The Throat) GONE
Psychonaut 4: 40% (die-hard tape + razorblade + patch limited 100 - # 63) GONE
Qassam: Secret Weapon Tests In The Bunkers Of Genocide And Abomination (limited 366 - 72) (Werewolf Promotion, Sigillvm Tenebrae Records) GONE
Quorthon: Album (pro-tape) (Black Mark Production, Morbid Noizz Productions) 5,5Eur
Quorthon: Purity Of Essence (2tape) (Morbid Noizz Productions) 15Eur
Racewar1488!/Lebensborn: Keep Estonia & Belarus White!!! (limited 88 - # 22) (Winter Solace Productions, Nazi Propaganda, The Thule Society) GONE
*Raggradarh: Winter Gate (limited 50 - # 12) (Winter Solace Productions) 5Eur
*Raggradarh: Horizon Melt (limited 50) (Vergessene Sumpflandschaften) 5Eur
Revenge: Behold.Total.Rejection (dubbed tape with original booklet) (Never Dead) GONE
Right Wing Messiah: Replace The Bible With Mein Kampf (slipcase limited 88) (Occult Mountains) GONE
Rotting Christ: Promo 1995 (beige pro-tape limited 300 - # 29) (Floga Records) GONE
Rotting Christ: Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού (pro-tape limited 250) (Inferna Profundus Records) 6Eur
Rotting Christ: Genesis (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 9Eur
Rotting Christ: Khronos (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 9Eur
Rotting Christ: Sleep Of The Angels (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 9Eur
Rotting Christ: Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 8Eur
Rotting Christ: Non Serviam (pro-tape) (Floga Records) 7Eur
Rotting Christ: Non Serviam (pro-tape) (Mystic Production) 6,5Eur
Rotting Christ: Thy Mighty Contract (pro-tape) (Floga Records) GONE
Rotting Christ: Satanas Tedeum (pro-tape) (Nuclear Winter Records) GONE
Rotting Christ: Tape Series (3 pro-tapes in box with all inserts, poster, interview, sticker limited 100) (Nuclear Winter Records) OFFER
۞ ‎(Rub El Hizb): ۞II (limited 50 - # 43) (Ydnirgal Prods) 4,5Eur
Samael: Eternal (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) GONE
Samael: Exodus (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 4Eur
Samael: Rebellion (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 3,5Eur
Samael: 1987-1992 (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 8Eur
Samael: Ceremony Of Opposites (pro-tape) (Metal Mind Records) 6Eur
Samael: Blood Ritual (pro-tape) (Loud Out Records) GONE
Samael: Worship Him (pro-tape) (Morbid Noizz Productions) 12Eur
Sapthuran: To The Edge Of Land (pro-tape limited 100) (Foreign Sounds) 7Eur
*Satanachist: Crown Of The Black Sun (regular tape limited 333) (Darker Than Black) 6Eur
Satanic Warmaster: Bloody Ritual (limited 100) (Plaguelord Records) 10Eur
*Saturn Form Essence: Where Time Does Not Matter Any More (tape with golden paper limited 88 - # 7) (Frozen Darkness Productions) 5Eur
Seelenfrost: Nostalgia: Zwischen Zukunft Und Vergangenheit (tape in box) (self-released) 13Eur
Seelenfrost: Nostalgia I: Nachtmahr (limited 77 - # 47) (Schwarzton Records) 12Eur
Seelenfrost: Nostalgia: Rehearsals (limited 100) (Schwaerze Productions) 6Eur
Seelenfrost: Nostalgia III (limited) (self-released) GONE
Seges Findere: Process Ov Desratization (limited 150 - # 80) (Winter Solace Productions) 3,5Eur
Seges Findere: The Southern Warbeasts (limited 88) (Frozen Darkness Production) 7Eur
Seges Findere: Proclamation Of Blood Vengeance (pro-tape limited 200) (Death Cult Records) 7Eur
Seges Findere: Terrorist Warfare (tape limited 100 - # 31) (Hammer Of Damnation) 7Eur
2x Sektarism: Le Son Des Stigmates (pro-tape limited 99 - # 36, # 89) (BeBlessedTheCursed) 3,5Eur
Sektarism: Hosanna Sathana (pro-tape limited 99) (Zanjeer Zani Productions) GONE
Sektarism: Le Testament (pro-tape limited 99) (Zanjeer Zani Productions) GONE
Sektarism: L'Offrande (pro-tape limited 99) (Zanjeer Zani Productions) 5Eur
Selvmorrd: Bis Zum Ende (with patch limited 100) (Heavy Pentration Productions) 9Eur
*Serpent Empire: Conjuration (pro-tape limited 100) (Black Blood Records) 4Eur
Shibalba: Memphitic Invocations (limited 300) (Night Birds Records) 3Eur
Shining: IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends (sealed, white pro-tape with button limited 33) (Never Dead) OFFER
Shining: VI - Klagopsalmer (smoky black pro-tape with button limited 50) (Never Dead) OFFER
Sieg Oder Tod: Demo Nr. 2 (limited 100) (Hammerbund) GONE
Sieghetnar: Todessehnsucht (Sound Of Charge) 4Eur
Sigh: Infidel Art (4-tape-box with button, sticker, poster limited 100 - # 16) (Virus Productions) GONE
Sigh: Scorn Defeat (2tape in oversized case limited 50) (Virus Productions) OFFER
Сивый Яр ‎(Sivyi Yar): Из Тьмы Вымерших Деревень (From The Dead Villages' Darkness) (Werewolf Promotion) GONE
Сивый Яр (Sivyi Yar): Край Непуганых Птиц (Land Of Fearless Birds) (limited 300 - # 198) (Werewolf Promotion, Winter Solace Productions, Yar' Productions) 3Eur
Сивый Яр (Sivyi Yar): Навстречу Сумеркам (Towards The Twilight) (limited 200 - # 148) (IRII Sad Productions) 4Eur
Сивый Яр (Sivyi Yar): Как Прежде Плыли Зори (The Dawns Were Drifting As Before) (Werewolf Promotion) 3Eur
2x Сивый Яр (Sivyi Yar): Поминальные холсты (Burial Shrouds) (limited 500 - # 110, # 8) (Werewolf Promotion) 6Eur
Slaughtered Priest: Slaughtered Priest (6 tape wooden box + 10 stickers limited 33) (Fallen-Angels Productions) OFFER
Solus: Screams From The Silent Forest (limited 120 - # 22) (Metal Squad) 3Eur
Sombre Présage: Intégrisme (limited 250) (self-released) 2,5Eur
Sombre Présage: Errance (Occultum Productions) GONE
Sombre Présage: Necrodrone (Origine) (limited 500) (Ogmios Underground) GONE
Sombre Présage: Seul (self-released) 3Eur
Spikes/Merciless Onslaught: Merciless Spikes (tape limited 500) (Atomik Nuclear Desolation Productions) 3Eur
Sunwheel: Prophecies Of Aryan Moon (limited 514 - # 507) (Ancient Order Productions) 3Eur
Todesstoß: Spiegel der Urängste (limited 121) (Levertraan) 6Eur
Toter Winter: Oncoming Storm (with bt limited 150 - # 44) (Thor's Hammer Productions) 3,5Eur
*Trauerquell: Gedanken einer Winterdepression (limited 50 - # 33) (Corkra Productions) 5Eur
V.A.: Frozen In Time III - Music To Accompany The Films Of Ingmar Bergman (3 tapes limited 200) (Black Horizons) 20Eur
*V.A.: Maltkross Compilation Vol. 1 2009 (Maltkross) 3Eur
*V.A.: The Craft Of Death: Darkness Shall Rise/Death Shall Rise/2 Track Adv. Tape (2tape limited 118) (Worship Tapes) 8Eur
*Valgaldr: Conqueror Of The Worlds (tape limited 88 - # 41) (Argenreich Records) 4Eur
Vernichtung: Gewaltbereitschaft (limited 288 - # 81) (Thule Records) 3Eur
*Wewelsburg: Im Deinst Der Deutsche Wehrmacht (limited 500) (Gates To Valhalla) 3Eur
*Wewelsburg: The Antiarchitect (Old Pride Records, Gates To Valhalla) 3Eur
Winds Of Genocide/Abigail: Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos (pro-tape with bt limited 200 - # 196) GONE
Wojnar: Zimowa Opowiesc (self-released) GONE
Woodspirit: Deepening To Neverending Darkness (limited 62 - # 50) (Sigillvm Tenebrae Records) 4Eur
Winds Of Genocide/Abigail: Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos (pro-tape with bt limited 200 - # 197) (Inverted Inhumation Records) 4,5Eur
Zagharos: Chamber Of Traitors (Wolfsangel Productionen) GONE
Zagharos: Golden Horn (with bt limited 250) (Infernal Kommando Records) GONE



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Aschefall: Logo 3,5Eur
Belphegor: big red Logo (used, but stuill good condition) 2,5Eur
Blodarv: Pentagram Of The Raven (limited) 3Eur
Blutwald: Logo (new) 4Eur
Bosque: Logo 3Eur
Briargh: Logo + shield 2,5Eur
Cold Northern Vengeance: Logo (printed) 2Eur
Darkthule: Logo + Pagan Front symbol (used, not as black as new anymore and signs of wear) 0,5Eur or for free with any other patch-order
Deicide: Logo + symbol (used, but still in great condition) 2Eur
Eternity: Logo + Blackest Metal (used, but still in perfect condition) 3,5Eur
5x Jute Gyte: Logo 3Eur
Jute Gyte: Logo (not high quality as the one above) 1Eur
Moontower: Logo (printed) 2Eur
Mordheim: Logo (printed) 3Eur
Myrd: Logo + Myrd Dig Selv! 3Eur
Norway: Flag 3Eur
Ohtar: Logo GONE
Ominous Hymn: Logo 2,5Eur
Paragon Belial: round Logo 3,5Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Logo + Devoted Black Metal Ritual 3,5Eur
Reign In Blood: red Logo 3,5Eur
Sektarism: Logo GONE
Self Mutilation Services: Logo 3Eur
2x Skady: old Logo 3,5Eur (or used, but still in perfect condition for 3Eur)
2x Spearhead: Logo 3,5Eur
Todeskult: Logo 3,5Eur
Todestrieb: Logo round (printed) 3Eur
Total Hate: Logo + picture 3Eur
Vagrond: Logo + butterfly 3Eur
Wedard: Logo 3,5Eur
Wolfhetan: silver Logo 4Eur
Yersinia Pestis: Finis Gloriae Mundi (printed) 3Eur
-> Picture of them all: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160829/b3rqjybr.jpg


Absurd: Wotanskrieger (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/7yzupgh4.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/ywski7xp.jpg
Agrypnie: Exit (shirt size M, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/2oau8zhe.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/nnklyaka.jpg
Andrarakh: 9 Jahre & 13 Monate asymmetrischen Krieges (shirt limited 50 size L, used, but still good condition) 8Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/94lf2rgw.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/7hf9v6av.jpg
Bestial Mockery: Slaying The Life (white/black LS size L, absolutely new) 17Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/hchhts5g.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/fuvzdhur.jpg
Black Metal Hooligan 2009: GBK, Absurd, Martial, Heathen Hammer (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/uj3j7zhe.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/nuknmko7.jpg
Blutklinge: Lgo (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160513/bfsx2fjo.jpg
Branstock: Die wilde Jagd (white shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/27lqkvx6.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/l74mtu2x.jpg
Dark Fortress: Logo (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/7n8n93bi.jpg
Deadborn: Stigma Eternal (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/fb3nciej.jpg
Deicide: To Hell With God (shirt size M, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/wabipdf7.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/k4c3fk7p.jpg
Diabolicum: Ia Pazuzu (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150710/zopjpt37.jpg
Dornenreich: In Luft geritzt (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/i2ktcu2z.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/fd3zomva.jpg
Dornenreich: Tiefe wird nicht fallen (white shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/sdqsf9pc.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/catbhyub.jpg
Endstille: Satanarchie (shirt size M, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/93s2wdbi.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/xpkynjgf.jpg
Endstille: Endstilles Reich (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/ks2ax5c7.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/vqw2ao24.jpg
Falkenbach: Heralding The Fireblade (white LS size L, absolutely new) 17Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/35nkzfzu.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/eif6ys29.jpg
Farsot: Logo (HSW size L, absolutely new) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/7wxx6iva.jpg
Fäulnis: Red Logo (LS size XL, absolutely new) 25Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/7k7lkmuh.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/hl9v6gjf.jpg
Kataxu: Logo (shirt size XL, absolutely new) GONE
Katharsis: Descent from Golgotha (red shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/npe9rpds.jpg
Killgasm: Black Metal Whore Killer - Fuck Off Christian Scum (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/75bi3ev6.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/v5s8vws8.jpg
Kolovorot Fest (HSW size XL, used, but still good condition) 12Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/7t9lc54f.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/hediksuh.jpg
Legion Of The Damned: Cult Of The Dead (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/nownol4b.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/nxp86xwm.jpg
Lividity: ...Til Only The Sickest Remain (shirt size L, absolutely new) GONE
Loits: Militant Flak'n'Roll Estland (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/pf8r4q5n.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/3oaarmdf.jpg
Marduk: Panzer Division Marduk (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/2mio64fp.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/ckzksl2d.jpg
Marduk: Death, Sex, Ejaculation (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/2dg7vmkk.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/fxo9zcxs.jpg
Nargaroth: Black Metal Ist Krieg (LS size XL, absolutely new) 25Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161029/lrhq4ow6.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161029/6keobhoj.jpg
Never Stop The Madness: Logo (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/7ds63kb2.jpg
Nocte Obducta: Aschefrühling (HSW size XL, absolutely new) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/ou6l3zfj.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/ypdkkuqg.jpg
Nocte Obducta: Abschied (HSW-ZIP size XL, used, light visible wear) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/6urxsjls.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/f9hkvc7m.jpg
Nordreich: Logo (HSW size M, absolutely new) 30Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161029/nw7dglqj.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161029/uzpb5qmc.jpg
Odin statt Jesus (ZIP-HSW size L, absolutely new) 23Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160118/uaimvvqv.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160118/7lvadq5v.jpg
Posthum: Logo (HSW size M, absolutely new) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/l5evznd7.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/7tcue7f9.jpg
Primordial: Where Is The Fighting Man? (shirt, size L, absolutely new) GONE
Revenge: Cleansing Siege (shirt size L, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/uttyv7yg.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/wvzwjffv.jpg
Samael: Solar Soul (full printed shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/hcy7p6ff.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/7ni63d2j.jpg
Seelengreif: Logo (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/snhorak5.jpg
Slayer: Jubileum 1981 - 2011, I Deal In Pain (HSW size M, absolutely new) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160118/e27hept2.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160118/zpwamyml.jpg
The Vision Bleak: In Kutulu We Trust (HSW-ZIP size L, absolutely new) 25Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/8l9a58zq.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151021/b9t4mhkf.jpg
Thyrgrim: Monument (shirt size M, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/ple8zhgw.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/d4hqxg2z.jpg
Todfeind: Zieht mit uns in den Krieg (shirt size L, absolutely new) 15Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/elhedie2.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160825/vqkulijh.jpg
Tyskland: Logo (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/3f2ljhxi.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160515/q945ocja.jpg
Wolfhetan: Logo (shirt size XL, absolutely new) 10Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160513/vly7ved9.jpg
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160513/w9bphtdm.jpg
Zyklon-B: silver Logo (HSW size L, absolutely new) 20Eur
-> http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160118/86lurxbl.jpg


Ephel Duath: The Painter's Palette Tour 0Eur
Extreme Deformity 0Eur
Terdor: Levi 1Eur
Unfit Ass.: Absurd Reality/Flagging Water 0Eur
Waffenträger Luzifers: Satan Is Power 2Eur


Azagatel - Logo 1Eur
4x Foreign Sound - Logo 1Eur
Granskog (big button) - Logo 1Eur
Jag Panzer - Logo 0Eur
Likvann - Logo 1Eur
Martyrum Omnium - Logo 1Eur
Moloch - Logo 1Eur
Negura Bunget - Logo 1Eur
Pregierz - Logo 1Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum - Logo 1Eur
Sõjaruun - Logo 1Eur
The True Endless - Logo 1Eur
The True Endless - Suicide Journey 1Eur
The True Neverdead - Analogic Blasphemies (3 buttons + card limited 100) 4Eur
Umbra Noctis - Logo 1Eur
Valse Sinistre - Logo 1Eur
Virus Productions - Logo (big) 1Eur
Virvatulet - Logo 1Eur
Wędrujący Wiatr - Logo 1Eur
Werewolf - Logo 1Eur
Werewolf Promotion - Logo 1Eur
Wolfsschrei - Logo 1Eur
Picture: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160829/p6dbwwcn.jpg

Are You Morbid: Issue #2 (free with any zine-order) 0Eur
Black Gangrene: Abysmal Despair #2 (Black Cilice, Tschernobyl, Faceless Entity...) 2Eur
Garm: 1. Akt – Vom Wahnsinn (Aeba, Darkmoon Warrior, Hekseri, Manegarm, Permafrost, Pestnebel, Stormebane, Urlog...) 5Eur
Prophecy Magazin - Spring/Summer 2015 (Arcturus, Alcest, Antimatter, Les Discrets, Orplid, A Forest Of Stars) 0Eur
Prophecy Magazin - Spring/Summer 2016 (Alcest, Secrets Of The Moon, Germ, Vemod, Les Discrets, Helrunar, Sol Invictus, Antimatter, Hekate...) 0Eur
Sinister Stench Zine: #2 (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records, Abyssal, Lepra, Coedwig Machen, Instinct, Arkhaeon, Funeral Throne, Niedergang, Necro Ritual) (limited 80) 5Eur

CD/DVD-shelves: from Regaflex, used, but still great condition. 6 copies, 25€ each, cat is just for size: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170501/d428sj3v.jpg
and here's a picture of the same shelves loaded with records: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170405/ov4z37ps.jpg

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

titles added, especially CDs
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Order arrived today; well packaged, accurate description and fast! Highly recommended seller!
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some titles gone, a few added.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some tapes added and prices changed.
Wholesale for LPs only a few more days, after that I'll delete a lot of the LPs from this list. I'd just need money for my move NOW Cool
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some titles gone, some new added.
a lot of LPs will be deleted from this list in one week.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Recommended trader/seller!
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

some more gone, few added, Leraje, Vordr, Horna etc. - prices changed.
also some LPs deleted from the list because my move is over.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

few added, some gone again.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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