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New sale list, current as of 8-29-13, 25% off all 20$ orders

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:05 am    Post subject: New sale list, current as of 8-29-13, 25% off all 20$ orders Reply with quote

*****=On hold

As the title states, all orders of 20$ or more will be discounted by 25%. I am willing to make further discounts on larger orders as well, I really need to start clearing this stuff out ASAP. If anyone in the Connecticut area wants to make me an offer on the lot I am definitely open to that (pickup only).

I'm not really looking for any trades so sales are preferred. Extensive references are available on the Metal Archives forum (same user name) or by request. Please email death_eternal666@hotmail.com or PM if interested. Shipping is not included.

Abigail/Funeral Winds split cd (Warmaster Records) 25$
Absolutus Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus cd 5$
Absurd/Pantheon split cd 12$
Agarthi At the Burning Horizon 4$
Agmen Tartarus cd 5$
Agmen Damnation cd 5$
Akerbeltz: Wave of Darkness cd 5$
Akerbeltz: Tabellae Defixonum cd 5$
Akrivolsa Credo Quia Absurdum cd 3$
Alastis ...And Death Smiled cd 12$ on Adipocere *****
Algaion General Enmity 10$ Wounded Love Records
Allfather Allfather cd 5$
Allfather Lead Us Into War and Final Glory 4way split cd 8$ On R.O.D.
Anaon- Le Rites de Cromlech cd 15$ early Drakkar release
Anarazel Rise Of The Tempest cd 4$
Anarazel Devil Hymns cd 4$
Ancient (Nor) Trolltaar cd version 25$ Damnation Prod.
Ancient Rites The Diabolic Serenades cd first press After Dark Prod 20$ *****
The Ancient's Rebirth Damnated Hell's Arrival cd 7$
Annihilatus Blood And War cd version 8$
Arch Enemy Burning Bridges digipak 10$
Argar CWM ANNWN cd 5$
Astrofaes Dying Emotions Domain cd 12$ on Chanteloup
Atomizer The End Of Forever 1st press cd 12$ *****
Averse Sefira- Tetragrammatical Astygmata 5$
Azaghal (Fin) Suicide Anthems / Dark Blasphemous Moon split cd w/Beheaded Lamb 8$
Azaghal (Fin) DeathKult MMDCLXVI 10$
Azrael - Into Shadows Act I: Denial $5 cd
Bael (Fra) Bleeding for Him cd 20$ *****
Bahimiron As the Sun Burns 3 way split cd 4$
Banewort Dipping In Planes cd 4$
Battlehorns Demo Kompilation cd 4$
Before God Under The Blood Banner digipak cd 10$
Beheaded Lamb A Grave To This World 5$
Behemoth (Pol) Bewitching The Pomerania 25$
Beherit- Werewolf Semen and Blood cd 15$
Belef - Deathwind Legion cd 4$
Bellum (US) Vinland Rising split cd w/Rhune 4$
Besatt Hail Lucifer (digi) 6$
Besatt In Nomine Satanas CDR on Dark Whispers 8$
Black Angel (Per) Black Angel cd 6$
Black Blood- Cryptic Rituals cd 6$
Black Crucifixion Faustian Dream cd 4$
Blackdeath/Leviathan split cd 12$ *****
Black Dementia Hyperborean Call cd 3$
Black Draugwath Apocalyptic Songs cd 6$
Black Pentecost- Funeral Winds in Paradise cd 5$
Black Wood (Rus) Kill Me Satan cd 5$
Blodulv Diatribe cd 5$
Blodulv/Aska split cd 5$
Bloodhammer- Ancient Kings cd 18$
Bloodstained Dusk Dirge Of Death's Silence cd 5$
Buried Beneath (US) The Last Rays Of The Moon cd 15$
Carpathian Forest Black Shining Leather cd 10$ digi cd, first press
Casus Belli (Pol) Kalos Kai Agathos cd 5$
Centuries of Deception Heic Noenum Pax cd 5$
Choronzon (US) Magog Agog cd 5$
Cirrhosis (Bra) Alcoholic Death Noise cd 5$
Cold Northern Vengeance- The Arising Dungeon Cult cd 5$
Cradle of Filth- Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps cd 15$ 1st press
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast cd 4$ 2cd version 7$
Crimson Moon To Embrace the Vampyric Blood cd 15$
Crux Dissimulata Expédition Punitive cd 5$
Cryptic Winds Storms of the Black Millenium cd 5$
Cyhiriaeth- Following the Winds Path CDR 4$
Dark Dominion Bound in Blasphemy cd 5$
Darkmoon (US) Seas Of Unrest cd 5$
Dark Storm Four Lucan Emperors cd 10$ 1st pressing, Pussy God
Dark Storm The Early Years cd 5$
Dark Storm Hell Satan Blasphemy cd 5$
Dark Storm (POL) The Black Stone cd 20$ rare polish BM, first press
Dark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos... cd 12$ on Spinefarm
Death Dies When The Death Died/Under a Scarlet Night cd 10$
Death Dies The Sound of Demons cd 4$
Deathspell Omega Infernal Battles cd 12$ 1st press *****
Decieverion Decieverion cd 4$
Deinonychus Deinonychus cd 12$ Ars Metalli
Deinonychus Mournument cd 3$ (cd and booklet only)
Deinonychus Insomnia cd 5$
Demon Realm A Legend Of Power cd 5$
Desolation- The Witching Moon/The Vision cd 4$
Devilish Era The Deiphobic Syndrome cd 4$
Devotee (US) Dead & Gone official CDR release 10$
Diabolical Masquerade Ravendusk in my Heart cd 18$ 1st press *****
Diabolical Masquerade Nightwork cd 18$ 1st press *****
Diabolos Rising 666 cd 10$ *****
Dimentianon promo cdr 2k2 2$
Dismal Euphony Autumn Leaves - The Rebellion of Tides cd 6$
Dominion Caligula A New Era Rises cd 4$
Draugar (US) From Which Hatred Grows cd 5$
Draugar (US) Weathering the Curse cd 5$
Durandal Soleil Noir cd 15$
Eminenz Anti-Genesis (On The 8th Day I Destroy Godcreation) cd 4$
Emit A Sword of Death for the Prince cd 10$
End (Grc) End cd 5$
Epoch of Unlight Within the Night... cd 5$
Epoch of Unlight What Will Be Has Been cd 5$
The Equinox ov the Gods Images of Forgotten Memories 8$
Evilwar Unholy March cd 4$
Ewiges Reich Zeit des Erwachens cd 5$
Excessum (Swe) Death Redemption cd 5$
Exhordium- S/T 5$
Extol Synergy promo cd 1$
Finsternis (US) Eine Fineter Nachtmusick CDR 3$
Fiurach Chaospawner cd 5$
Flagellum Dei (Prt) Kult of the Black Flame split cd 8$
Forefather Legends Untold cd 5$
Forest of Souls Contes et Légendes D'Efeandayl cd 8$ Apodicere
Fortid Voluspa Part II cd 7$
From Depths De Prufundis Clamavi cd 10$ rare Italian BM
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day cd 5$
Frozen Shadows Empires de Glace cd 10$ ltd 1000
Furze- Trident Autocrat cd 10$
Gaahlskagg Erotic Funeral Party I / Styggmyrs Triumf cd 20$
Galgeras Booswichterij 5$
Garwall Abyssus Abyssum Invocat cd 5$
Goatfire Fiendish Ruminations cd 7$
Goetia (Pol) Enthroned Upon Dark Skies cd 5$
Goetia (Pol) Wolfthorn cd 5$
Goetia (Pol) Hail Satan cd 5$
Golden Dawn The Art Of Dreaming cd (original press) 8$
Gontyna Kry Sciezka Zapomnianych Prawd cd 18$
gospel of the horns The satanist's dream cd 20$ on Einstand
Gospel of the Horns- Eve Of the Conqueror 20$ (Damnation)
Granulosum- Tales of Hatred cd 3$
Grimoria/Iraven split cd 5$
Grom/Sunwheel split cd 8$
Harvist A Gleam in the Night cd 4$
Hate Forest Scythia cd 10$ digi on Noble Wolves
Havohej- Man and Jinn mcd 10$
Hegemon By This I Conquer cd 5$
Hekatomb Fim Do Existir CDR 4$ Pro release
Hellbound(AUS)/Amestigon split cd 6$
Hellhammer Triumph of Death cd 7$
Hemlock (US) Lust for Fire cd 10$
Hermh Angeldemon cd 4$
Hoarstone Hoarstone cd 5$
Holocaust Hellfire Holocaust cd 4$
Holy Death (Pol) Sodomy of Megido cd 5$
Holy Death (Pol) Forever Burning Ashes cd 5$
Holy Death (Pol) God of Thunder / Luciforus Invincible cd 5$
Horna Haudankylmyyden Mailla cd 25$ 1st press
Impious Havoc At The Ruins Of The Holy Kingdom cd 5$
Impious Havoc Monuments Of Suffering cd 5$
In tha Umbra Descend Supreme Sunset cd 4$
In tha Umbra Midnight In The Garden Of Hell cd 4$
In the Woods... A Return to the Isle of Men cd 10$ *****
In the Woods... Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage cd 18$ 1st press
Inferi (Hol) Inferi cd 18$ (Funeral Winds Member, on Black Arts)
Infernal (Swe) Infernal cd 12$ (digi) Blackmoon's band
In Lupus Pacis Strength cd 4$
Inner Thought Worldly Separation cd 10$
In Flames Lunar Strain (1st Japanese pressing, no obi) 15$
InThyFlesh Crawl Beneath Our Shadow cd 4$
Katatonia (Swe) For Funerals to Come mcd 20$ (avantgarde)
Kawir Epoptia cd Kryck version 7$ *****
Kemet Dying With Elegance cd 4$
Kharon (Nor) Raised By Hellish Demons cd 5$
Korpiklaani Tales Along This Road promo cd 2$
Kreator Endless Pain cd 8$ Noise/Futurist *****
Kreator Pleasure to Kill cd 8$ Noise N 0037-3 ux
Kreator Terrible Certainty cd 8$ FAD Records, 1997 *****
Kreator Extreme Aggression cd 20$ Epic Records 1989
Krieg The Church cd 5$
Krieg/Morte Incandecente split cd 8$
Legacy- Covered in Traitor's Blood cd 4$
Legion of Doom Kingdom of Endless Darkness cd 25$ Soundphaze
Leviathan (US) Verräter cd 18$ original pressing *****
Limbonic Art Epitome of Illusions cd 12$ 1st press *****
Lucifugum Instict Prevelance cd 5$
Lugubrum De Totem cd 20$ (Berzerker press)
Lycanthropy (US) The Veils of Sorrow cd 8$
Malleus (Prt) A Semente da Ruína Pro CDR 4$
Maniac Butcher Lucan-Antikrist cd 20$ first press
Maniac Butcher Invaze cd 20$ 1st press
Maniac Butcher Proti Vsem split cd w/Inferno/Sezarbil 20$
Maniac Butcher The Best of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher 2cd 10$
Marduk (Swe) Infernal Eternal 2cd 10$
Martire United in Hell split cd 4$
Mayhemic Truth In Memoriam cd 12$ Iron Pegasus *****
Melechesh Sphynx promo cd 3$
Mental Home- Black Art cd 5$
Misfortune- Forsaken cd 4$
Mock/Tumulus Hymns and Dirges / Cold Winter cd 20$
Morte Incandescente Ultimatum cd 10$
Mortifera/Blackdeath split cd, no back cover, bad shape 2$
Mundzuk Unholy Forces mcd 18$ AMI productions
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours promo cd 2$ (some marks on disk)
Myrkskog Deathmachine cd 5$
Nahual Mysteries of the Cosmic Serpent cd 5$
Nargathrond For We Blessed This World... cd 4$
Nauseous Surgery Abominable Voices cd 5$
Nebular Moon ...Of Dreams And Magic cd 5$
Necromantia Ancient Pride jewel case version w/bonus 15$ (Greek label)
Necromicon Sightveiler digibook cd 6$
Nhaavah Kings of Czech Black Metal cd 7$
Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar Hålrum cd 5$
Noctis- Out of the Shadow of Legend cd 4$
Noctuary Where All Agony Prevails cd 5$
Nocturnal (AUS) cd 20$ (Burzum Worship)
Nordor- Nordorian Manifestations cd 4$
North (Pol) Sovereigns of Northernlands 3 way split cd 20$ on Astral Wings
Obitus Coup De Grâce cd 4$
Obscuration- The 5th Season cd 5$
Octinomos- Welcome to My Planet 5$
Ogmias Keltský Hnev cd 5$
Old Forest Into The Old Forest cd 12$
Onirik Walking as a Shadow CDR 5$
Onirik Songs for the Apocalipse cd 5$
Opera IX Sacro Culto cd 12$
Opus Malefei- Obscure Thoughts cd 5$
Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine (Decapitated) 20$ *****
Order From Chaos And I Saw Eternity mcd 20$ *****
Ordog (UK) Two cd 10$
Oxiplegatz Worlds and Worlds cd 10$
Oxiplegatz Sidereal Journey cd 10$
Perditor In Signo Suo cd 5$
Prevalent Resistance Dynamics of Creation cd 5$ *****
Proclamation Advent of the Black Omen promo cd w/bio 5$
Profanum Musaeum Esotericum 8$
Pyogenesis Unpop cd please take it!!! 2$???
Pyre (US) Behold A Pale Horse cd 5$
Realm of Carnivora Verised Relvad cd 5$
Revenge (Can) Attack.Blood.Revenge cd 8$ *****
Rites of thy Degringolade Totality cd 10$
Sacreligious Torment/Burning Winds cd 8$
Sadistic Grimness Vicious torture cd 5$
Sadorass Strength and Wisdom cd 5$
Saltus Slavonic Pride cd 5$
Samain (Aus) Indomitus cd 5$
Sartinas Demo CD '97 CDR 4$
Sathanas Thy Dark Heavens cd 4$
Satyricon 10 Horns 10 Diadems cd box 20$
Schattenreich Vernichtung cd 4$
Scorched Forever Dying Sun cd 5$
Scorn- Vae Solis cd 8$
Sectioned- Purulent Reality cd 5$ (sealed
Seth (Fra) War Vol. III cd 5$ *****
Shroud of Despondency For Eternity Brings No Hope cd 4$
Sjenovik Jouissance cd 3$
Skitzo Hellavator Musick promo cd 2$
Song of Melkor/Humanicide split cdr 4$
Sorath (Cze) Omnes Dii Gentium Daemonia cd 5$
The Stone (Ser) Slovenska Krv cd 5$
The Stone (Ser) YMPO cd (sealed) digi 6$
Stormnatt- Funeral Apocalypse cd 5$
Storming Darkness ...by Path of Death mcd 8$
Taetre Out of Emotional Disorder cd 5$
The Dying Light Survival Guide To The Apocalypse cd 5$
Theatre of Tragedy A Rose for the Dead cd 5$ digipak
The Tortured-Resurrection cdr 2$
Thou Art Lord DV8 cd 5$
Thy Primordial The Heresy of an Age of Reason cd 12$
Thy Serpent Lords Of Twilight cd 12$
ThyLord United in Mankind's Affliction split CDR 4$
Thyrane- The Spirit of Rebellion cd 5$
Tiamat- The Astral Sleep cd 8$
Tidfall Circular Supremacy cd 5$
Todesstoss Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen cd 5$
Tristania S/T cd 10$
Tumulus (Ger) Wodureid cd 5$
Tunrida- Hierarchy cd 5$
Uncreation's Dawn Deathmarch over God's Kingdom cd 5$
Unpure (Swe) Unpure cd 12$ (1st press)
Vargulf Invading the Throne (of God) cd 5$
Vergelmer- Light the Black Flame 12$
Vintersemestre Jääverisaatana cd 20$
Vladislas Vladislas (promo) CDR 4$
Vrolok (US) Resurgence II: Where the Dying Meet the Dead cd 5$
Vrolok (US) Soul Amputation cd 5$
Vukodlak- Blackest Autumn cd 5$
Warlust The Final War cd 5$
Wampyre ShadowWolf- Wampyricon cd 40$
Welter The Elder Land cd 20$ (on Berzerker, BRZRK 002)
Wolfswinter Der Tag Vergeht... CDR 12$
Wolfswinter Gestrandet in Nastrand cd 12$
Wolfswinter Nordal cd version 5$
Wraithen In the Hour of 11:11 CDR 8$
Xasthur/Angra Mainyu split cd (THR) 12$
Zavorash In Odium Veritas 1996-2002 cd 5$
Zyklon- World ov Worms cd 5$
Deadmoon- Gravelord cdr 3$

V/A, compilations:

Talvisota (Woodcut Recs) 5$
Under the Banner of Darkness (Near Dark) 5$
Distorted Harmony 1989-2000 10$
Opening of the Southern Gate (Australian bands, 2cd, some exclusive tracks) 5$
As Night Devours the Sun 4$
Lustitania Dark Horde 5$
Triumf of Complete and Utter Darkness (Desastrious, 285/500) 12$
The Return of Darkness and Evil (Drakkar, DKCD 010) 18$
Waging the War (Sepulchral Prod) 8$
Between the Bloodstained Lines of Time (rare Kadotus, Hellbound) 5$
War Dance (War Music, Nagelfar, Eucharist tracks) 10$
In Decay We Trust (Avantgarde comp) 10$
The Rape of the Holy Trinity comp (Hot Records) 20$
Freundeskreis der Heimatverbunden... (Nebelfee Klangwerke comp) 10$
Darker than Black promo cd (from 1999, rare Wrath track) 20$
Encyclopedia Pestilentia (VMI comp, 2 cd) 25$
A Tribute to Hell 2 cd (FMP) 12$
digi with Norwegian Black Metal band chart) 15$
World Domination II (Osmose) 2 cd 10$
Death To An Extreme (Crash Music) 2$

Possessed- 12/19/86 and 4/11/87 4$
Darkthrone- Live 2 DVD set 4$
Grotesque- 8-13-90 and 1989 4$
Mayhem- Rehearsal, Norway 1990 4$



Annihilatus Annihilation MLP 20$ (Northern Heritage)
Apolokia (Ger) In Ceremonial Circles/Kult Satan split LP w/Darkstorm 15$
Arkenstone (Prt) Arkenstone LP 4$
Aske (Ger) R.I.P. LP 15$ on Darkland Recs
Azaghal (Fin) Krieg / Azaghal split MLP 12$ 2 copies
Azaghal (Fin) Perkeleen Luoma DLP w/Kyy mcd as bonus 10$ $
Blodarv Soulcollector (The Thousand Years Tale) LP 10$
Blodulv Blodulv LP 10$
Blodulv II LP 10$
Blot Mine Ashcloud LP 12$
Brats - Death Kiss LP 10$
Caedes (Ger) Seelenharmonie MLP 8$
Chemin de Haine Only Human Ashes are Real... split LP 18$
Decieverion Decieverion LP 5$
Diabolicum The Dark Blood Rising PIC LP 12$
Draugwath Dwellers of the Cursed Forest LP 10$ (Cathedral Ruins label, limited distribution)
Eternal Majesty PIC LP 15$
Exitium (Nor) Ad Regnum Sathanas LP 10$
Flagellator (US) Channeling the Acheron LP 10$
From Depths The Burning Ice Rare 1 sided mlp 12$
Haemoth Satanik Terrorism Pic LP 15$
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse Dancing Demons In The Grey-Lit Glade LP 5$
Inner Helvete Total Bloodshedding Devastation LP 6$
Iuvenes Riddle Of Steel LP 12$
Jezabel (Col) The Black Flame Burns Once Again/Blasphemous Nightfall LP 10$
Karkadan The Lost secrets 10" LP 5$
Kill Horned Holocaust LP 10$
Korihor Kult Razor LP 7$
Mareridt Med vold skal verden bygges MLP 10$
Nargaroth Fuck Off Nowadays... PIC LP 15$
Nauseous Surgery Immortal Warriors LP 10$
Necroflesh/Entrails LP 6$
Nightbringer Nightbringer/Serpentinam MLP 12$
Perditor In Signo Suo MLP 10$
Sathanas Thy Dark Heavens LP 5$
Sol Axis ...To Mark the Ages MLP 8$
Torrent (Ger) Between The Stones LP 12$
Torturium Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds LP 12$
Trollskogen Der Weg zur Unendlichkeit LP 5$
Vilkates Hostis Generis Humani 2LP 8$
Vulture Lord Profane Prayer LP 12$
Witchburner S/T LP 5$

Abazagorath The Spirit of Hate For Mankind ep 5$
Abruptum/Ophthalamia split ep 6$
Ad Inferos Ad Inferos/Macabre Omen - Split ep 7$
Aesthenia Gathering At The Ruins / Invocations Unto Belial 5$
Algaion On the Reach of Zaphonia ep 12$
Anatomy (Aus) Poison Blood/Suncrusher split ep 4$
Antithesis ep 5$
Anwyl Totalitarian Perversity ep 12$ End All Life
Apolokia/Inferno ep 10$ Sombre Recs.
Arckanum/Contamino ep 10$ no cover
Arkenstone (Prt) Lusitanian Pride ep 4$
Arsonist Lodge Lihaa Pedolle ep 5$
Aske (Ger) Ausrottung / Draconis Teutonica split ep w/Raven's Empire 25$ Christhunt
Astriaal The Throne to Perish - An Icon of Disease ep 5$
Atomizer Songs of slaughter-Songs of sacrifice double ep 12$ *****
Axis Powers Tribute to I-17 split ep w/Bestial Mockery 5$
Axis Powers Fresh Human Flesh split ep w/Bitterness 5$
Azaghal (Fin) Helwettiläinen ep 10$
Azaghal (Fin) Omenne split ep w/Tunrida 5$
Azaghal (Fin) None Shall Escape... split ep w/Sael 10$
Bael (Fra) Le Règne Du Sang ep 30$ *****
Bahimiron Hunting Down the Weak ep 5$
Banished Spirits/Ensamet split (on D.U.K.E.) 8$
Betray My Secrets s/t ep 2$
Black Flame From Ashes I'll Reborn ep 6$
Blackwinds The Black Wraiths Ascend ep 15$
Blodarv Heksen ep 4$
Bloodhammer Bloodhammer / Deathspawned Destroyer ep 5$
Botulistum Acts Of Excrement Terrorism...On The Holy Trinity ep 12$
Carbon March of the Golgothan Hordes ep 5$
Carbon Carbon/Elite ep 7$
Chaos Omen Life Be Gone ep 12$
Charon "Banished" ep (Sepulchral Voice CALL01) 15$
Cirith Gorgor Through Woods Of Darkness And Evil ep 5$
Corpus Christii Decadentia Christii ep 10$
Corpus Christii Master of... ep 10$
Cruelty (Bra) Marching In Blood ep 8$
Crypt of Kerberos Cyclone of Insanity ep 20$ *****
Daemonlord Aarstrand ep 4$
Daemonlord Coil of Devastation ep 4$
Dark Storm Black Horns of Saaz pic ep 10$
Darkthule (GRE) ep 10$
Dawn (Ger) Trespass Infinity ep 4$
Death Dies The Art Of Domination ep 10$
Death Squadron Goat Penis / Death Squadron ep 5$
Decayed Satanic Blast ep 12$
Defleshed Obsculum Obscenum ep 15$
Desolation Hymn Purgatory Despairing ep 5$
Desolation Triumphalis Desolation Triumphalis / Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis ep 15$
Devil Lee Rot/Flame Explosion of hell ep 5$
Drusus- Spleen ep (Sombre Recs) 8$
Dying Embrace (Ind) Misanthrope ep 6$
Emperor Witches Sabbath/Ancient Queen ep 20$
Erhabenheit ...Verhallend Mit Des Todesboten Kunde ep 5$
Eternal Frost (Ger) Das Ende ep 5$
Exekrator Superstitious... ep 5$
Flauros Suicide ep 20$
Flauros Third Curse ep 20$
Flauros Before My Eyes the New World Rose ep 20$
Fog (US) From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity ep 6$
Fornost (Ger) Vargulf / Fornost Split 7" ep 6$
Frostmoon Eclipse (Ita) Revenge In Scorn ep 8$
Funebris Retaliation ep 4$
Funeral Dirge (Swe) Funeral Dirge ep 12$
Funeral Winds Thy Eternal Flame ep 25$
Goatfire The Fifth Fulmination ep 20$
Goatfire/Impending Doom "Scornful Chalice" ep 15$
Goatreich 666- Funeral of Nameless Angels ep 12$
Grenade Venom of God ep 7$
Haemorrhage/Embolism ep 8$
Halgadom Ahnenland split ep 8$ w/Frostkrieg
Handful of Hate Death from Above ep 5$
Hellsermon Brimstone, Sulphur And Blood ep 5$
Hirilorn/Manitu split ep 30$
Impurity (Bra) Guests of the Infernal Pit ep 8$
In tha Umbra The Göatblöd 666 ep 8$
Incursus s/t ep 6$
Iron Maiden Soundhouse Tapes ep (bootleg) 20$
Judgement Day (Hol) To Conjure Conjoint Confusion ep 4$ 2 copies
Kawir Daimon split ep w/Zemial 15$
Kill Necro ep 15$
Livjatan Witchcraft ep 6$
Lord Belial Purify Sweden ep 12$
Malkuth Under Delight of the Black Candle ep 5$
Mantas Emotional ep 7$
Mareridt Med Vold Skal... ep 7$
Melechesh The Siege of Lachish ep 15$
Midian Sadistic and Obscene ep 7$
Morbid Darkness Warfare at... ep 5$
Nachtfalke Brennende Stürme 7" EP 25$
Nasum/Abstain split ep 20$
Necropsya/Epilepsia split ep 7$
Nephenzy Chaos Order In Anguish and Furious Pain ep 6$
Nepenthe Ligea ep 15$
Nifelheim/Sadistik Exekution ep 20$
Nightfall (Grc) Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine ep 12$
Nihilist-S/T ep 3$ (AUS)
Nunslaughter Face of evil ep 10$
Nunslaughter Ritual Of Darkness ep 10$
Odes of Ecstacy/Nocturnal Howling ep 10$
Okkultum Magnificentia Satanick Astral Osmosis ep 7$
Old Pagan Old Pagan ep 4$ 2 copies
Pagan Rites Hail Victory! ep 12$
Parade of Souls Empyreum ep 12$
Pegasus The Forces of Evil ep 3$
Pogrom (Dnk) Suicide Worship ep 7$
Reflection Sire Of the Storm ep 10$ (Darkside Recs)
Rites of thy Degringolade Totality's Kommand ep 7$
Sabbat Sabbatical Demonslaught ep 15$ ltd 200
Sabbat Hamaguri Resurrection ep 8$
Sanctimonious Order ep 3$
Sarcasm Pic ep 8$
Seeds of Hate Seeds of Hate / Elite ep 7$
Sentenced Amok Run/Glow of 1000 Suns 25$
Shadows Toward My Sky ep 7$
Silva Nigra Unholy Black Metal ep 7$
Sinister/Monastery ep 25$
Slavia Norwegian Black Terror Assault ep 8$
Storm Legion Rebirth of the Flame ep 7$
Strychnos Terror Lies Within ep 7$
Tears of Christ Within my Forgotten... ep 5$
Terror Organ Necromechanics ep 5$
The Stone (Ser) Cujete li, smeju nam se mrtvi... ep 5$
Thurisaz (Ger) Thurisaz ep 5$
Uncreation's Dawn Uncelestial ep 20$
Unveiled (Fin) Suicide Inc. ep 5$
Uruk Hai/Grimthorn ep 5$
VAR Fifteen Years Fast Like Bikila ep 4$
Vexed Nuclear Babylon/Bastard ep 5$
Vilkates The Heritage of the Old Wolf pic ep 5$
Vinterriket Vinterriket/Veiled Allusions ep 6$
Virgin Sin Make ´Em Die Slowly ep 7$
Vital Remains/Morta Skuld 7" ep 20$
Vulpecula (US) Phoenix of the Creation ep 6$
Vulture Lord Blasphemy ep 5$
Vultyr Vultyr/Nehëmah ep 6$
Vultyr Suicide Propaganda ep 6$
Winterthrone Storms of Wrath ep 4$
Witchburner (Ger) Witchburner split ep w/Bitterness ep 4$
Wolves Wolves ep 5$

Abyssmal Nocturne- The Gates Beyond the Stars 4$
Akihma Apud Excessum demo tape 4$
Alastor-Voyageen Hellas... 4$
Alcatrazz- Live Sentence 4$
Alioth- Channeling Unclean Spirits 4$
Alkonost Songs Of The Eternal Oak demo tape 4$
Armaggedon- The Wrath of the Black Empire 4$
Arvind Infernal Moonlight demo tape 4$
Aryan Terrorism- WAR 4$
Becksvart Att Omfamnas Av Mörkret demo 4$
Beelzebul The Powerful Essence of Lucifthian in Times of Obscurantism tape version 4$
Besatt/Unhallowed/Tragedy Begins tape 6$
Blodulv Satanic Murder Order demo 4$
Branikald- To Kampf 5$
Catholicon- 1999 Promo 4$
Contamino Mother Nature Gased demo 6$
Cult of Daath Under the Cover of Darkness demo 5$
Cultus- De Zwaarden... 3$
Darkart Promo 1 3$
Def Leppard- Hysteria 2$
Demon Realm- Of Chaos Damnation and War 4$
Dom Dracul Genocide In The Name Of Satan demo 4$
Domini Inferi (Hol) In Nomine Domini Inferi demo 4$
Enimon Ni- Blasphemes... 4$
Evilution Evilution demo 3$
Faustian Dawn- Warfare Eternal 3$
Flauros Chapter II demo 6$
Forgot Misanthropy demo 3$
Marty Friedman- Introduction 2$
Garwall Inhumanas Crudelitas demo 4$
Gateway Horizon- A Trembling Earth 2$
Gernoth Damnation Introitus demo 4$
Godless North Tyrants of Black Sorcery (Live Unholy) demo 7$
Gosforth ...God Failed demo 4$
Grand Beast Sodomy Demo(ns) From Hell demo 3$
Hellhammer- Apocalyptic Raids 3$
Hellwitch Transgressive Sentience demo 1$ dub from the band, with covers
Hellwitch Mordirivial Disemanation demo 1$ " "
Hellwitch Anthropophagi demo 1$ " "
Hellwitch Rehearsal Demo 1$ " "
Helsefyr The Land of No Return / Deadly Black I Am 3$
Helvete- Macht ist Reicht! 4$
Holmgang Runens Advarsel demo 4$
Holocaust 666-Ihmisyyden... demo 4$ 2 copies
Hresfnesholt- Hrefnesvinter 4$
Ichor (GRE)- demo 4$ (Greek NSBM)
Infinity- Corvus Corax 4$
I Shalt Become- Wanderings demo 7$
Kharon (Nor) The Fullmoon Curse demo 4$
Kreator- Out of the Dark... 4$
Kruk-Smierc... 4$
Legacy demo 2000 3$
Legion (SWE) Bloodaeons 7$ (protape)
Machiavel- To Die for a New Empire 4$
Matricide (Swe) Blasphemic Fire tape 4$ *****
Moontower- Promo 2000 7$
Must Missa Sex Beyond the Grave demo 4$
Nekrosis-Deathraid 4$
Nordreich Skatvals Nordreich demo 4$
Okkultum Magnificentia Aeon demo 4$
Ozzy Osbourne- Randy Rhoads Tribute 2$
Pagan (Blr) ...And Darkness Is Above All demo 3$
Realm of Carnivora Vengeance Shall Come demo 3$
Regnant and Thrall Questing The Faustian Spirit demo 3$
Sacrificia Mortaorum- Dark Hymns of War 4$
Seges Findere Suprema Victoria Draconis demo 3$
Seges Findere Wolves in Battlelust demo 4$
Sempiternal- Forest of Omnot 2$
Shadows Toward My Sky- Nightwaves 5$
Sterkvind/Inner Helvete Burning The False Idol demo 3$
Svartr Strijd En Sista Vind demo 3$
Thallium- A Howling from Thousand Years 3$
Thy Black Blood A Last Scream of Human Flesh demo 3$
Totenburg- Weltmacht oder Niedergang 4$
Ubermensch- Purity Through War 3$
Vedervardig- Demons 3$
Warmaster- The Black Horde Reigns Supreme 3$
Weltmacht- The Call to Battle 5$

Diabolical Netherworld II- Corpse Molestation, Funeral Winds, Zemial, Runemagic, etc. 3$
Morbid Tunes of the Black Angels part 5 2$ (2 copies)

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updated, photos on request.
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Fast shipping and great packaging - recommended seller!

Regressive Muerta Metal: https://sadistikus.bandcamp.com/album/desekrehearsal-march-21-2015
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Werewolf wrote:
Fast shipping and great packaging - recommended seller!

Cheers man, hope to deal with you again!

List updated.
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I apologise to anyone who has tried to contact me over the last few months. I've been abroad with very little internet access. In the next couple of days I'll be updating my list and answering all outstanding PMs. Thanks for your patience!
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the list has been updated
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Updated, new sale in effect.
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updated as of 8-21-13
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Updated, 25% off is still in effect.
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