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For trade Nifelheim 7" Ancient Lugubrum Primordial Grav

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:33 am    Post subject: For trade Nifelheim 7" Ancient Lugubrum Primordial Grav Reply with quote

FOR TRADE - all originals
Trading them because they are mostly double or I don't like them anymore.

Absurd - Raubritter 7" #362/500
Ancient - Svartalvheim lp #277/1000
Ancient - Det glemte riket lp
Morkekunst - Morkekunst 7"
Nifelheim - Unholy death 7"
Taake - Svartekunst 7"
The True Frost / Panzerfaust split 7" (NSK - red vinyl)
Vinterriket / Manifesto split 7" #483/500
Ungod / Baxaxaxa split lp

Absurd - Totenlieder first press digipack
Absurd - Blutgericht first press digibox
Absurd - Facta loquuntur Supreme Art release with 12 bonustracks
Bathory - Destroyer of worlds promopackage (2 cds, poster, A4 inlays)
Behemoth - Thelema.6 promocd
Celebratum - Spirits promo demo
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk and her embrace cd
Denial Of God - Klabautermanden digi mcd (Hammerheart - used marks)
Devil Doll - The girl who was... death cd (SEALED us pressing)
Devil Doll - Eliogabalus cd (SEALED us pressing)
Graveland - Carpathian Wolves cd (Original Eternal
Graveland - The celtic winter mcd (Original first mcd release, also first No Colours release ever NC 001)
Isengard - Vinterskugge digi cd (Peaceville 2003)
Kampfar - "Kampfar" mcd original
Khold - Masterpiss of pain promo cd
Lord Wind - Forgotten songs cd (original FMP release)
Lugubrum / Sudarium split cd
Magog - Weisheit und Ahnenkult cd (Drachenwurzel/Nebelfee & Christhunt)
North - From the dark past cd (Astral Wings EBLIS 008)
Old Funeral - The older ones promocd
Primordial - "Spirit the earth aflame" (first ed digi pack with bonustrack)
Rotting Christ - Genesis (promocd)
Temnozor - Horizons cd (Eastside edition)
Thor's Hammer - Fidelity shall triumph cd (Original first press on DTB)
Veles - Night on the bare mountain cd

Akitsa - Goetie tape #051/215
Armagedda / Svarthymn "In black ruin" split tape
Graveland - EpiLoGuE tape (original and unplayed - 2 copies available!!!)
Old Pagan - Menschenverachtung tape
Pagan Winter - In the shadowlands tape

Just a small part, send your list!

Abigor - Structures of Immortality 7"
Aesma Daeva - Here lies one... cd
Agalloch demo (dub with cover will do too)
Agalloch - The grey ep
Agalloch - Tomorrow will never come
Arghoslent - Troops of unfeigned might 7"
Arghoslent / Stargazer split 7"
Arghoslent / Der Stürmer / Mudoven split 7"
Blood Axis - The gospel of inhumanity 2lp or cd
Control Denied - The Fragile Art Of Existence
Countess - Hell's rock and roll mcd
Devil Doll - everything except Eliogabalus and The girl...
Diamond Eyed Princess / Infect split tape
Eisenwinter - more
Empyrium - everything
Grand Belial's Key - Triumph of the hordes tape
Grand Belial's Key - A witness to the regicide tape/cdr/7"/whatever
Grand Belial's Key - The tricifixion of swine 7"
Heathen Dawn - everything except the mcd
In The Woods - Omnio
In The Woods - Heart of the Ages
In the Woods... - A Return to the Isle of Men
In The Woods - Strange in stereo
Incantation - Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse cd
Inquisition - second album, forgot the title
Inquisitor (pre-Centurian / NL) - "Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust" cd
Lunar Aurora / Secrets Of The Moon split 7"
Necrophobic - The call 7"
Necrophobic - The nocturnal silence original cd or re-release lp
Necros Christos / Goat Molestor split cd
Necros Christos - Necromantic doom cdr
Necros Christos / Loss 7"
Necros Christos - Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath 7"
Of The Wand And The Moon - Sól ek sá 7"
Sorhin / Setherial - split promo tape
Sorhin - Skogsgriftens Rike mlp
Sorhin - I Det Glimrande Mörkrets Djup cd re-issue with bonus
Sorhin - Apokalypsens ängel lp
Sorhin - any tshirt, new or mint only
Stargazer - EVERYTHING
Thou Shalt Suffer - Into the woods of Belial cd
Waldteufel - Heimliches Deutschland cd or 2lp
Winter - Eternal Frost cd
Worship / Loss split 7"

V/A "Tristesse" compilation tape volume 1
V/A "Relapse singles series" parts 1 to 5
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

pm sent
"When you see the children with x's on their head, if you dare to look at them, soon you will be dead."
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:32 am    Post subject: NIFELHEIM! Reply with quote

Im interested in the Nifelheim - Unholy death 7"
Here is my list to trade
The stuff with * next to means I dont care for them!
I will throw in a shirt or two and or a cd if the trades fucking sick!

Archgoat (Whore of Bethelehem with patch and box)
*Abigail (Possession Demoniaca) 627/1000 (I have two copies)
Beherit (Demonancy)
Beherit (Oath of Black Blood)
Beherit (Drawing Down The Moon)
Cirith Ungol (Paradise Lost)
*Front Beast (Victims of Death 536/666)
*Front Beast (Black Pest Metal 166/333)
Katharsis (Terror Storm And Darkest Arts)
Katharsis (Into Endless Chaos)
Katharsis (666)
Katharsis (Rehearsal)
Katharsis (Trident Trinity)
Nocturnal graves (Deathstorm Demo LIMITED 111!!!!!)
Pestilence (Consvming Impvlse)
Sarcofago (Rotting)

*1349 (liberation (picture disk) Witches Hammer (Stretching to Infinity)
Amebix (Arise)
Amebix - The power remains
*Agression (Forgotten Skeleton) #315
*Abigail (Ultimate Unholy Death)
Blashpemy (Gods of war/Blood upon the alter MUTIPLE COPIES!)
Beherit/Impaled Nazarene (Split live lp)
Beherit (Beast Of Beherit DLP)
Blasphemophagher (Atomic Infested Carnage)
*Bobby Bousueli Freedom orchestra!!!! Friend of Charles Manson
Bestial Mockery (Sepulchural Wraith) lim. 666 10”
Bestial Mockery (Slaying the life)
*Black Sabbath (Volume 4 picture disk)
Black Sabbath (Paranoid)
Death (Human mint! First press)
Gospel of the Horns (Realm of the damned) 526/725
Gism (Live in Tokyo)
Iron Maiden (Powerslave ORIGINAL COPY)
Katharsis (VVorld VVithovt End)
King Diamond (Fatal Portrait FUCKING MINT first press)
*Leviathen (The blind wound)
Nuclear Assault (Survive) ORIGINAL
*Nachtmystium (Instinct Decay) White vinyl I will throw in the Shirt and Back Patch for free most likely depending on trade.
Nocturnal Graves (Satans Cross)
Pink Floyd (Dark side of moon)
Pentragram (Review your choices)
*Sodom (Sodomaniac Tribute)
*Sodom (Defenders of the Faith)
Sepultura (Arise) double lp
Sepultura (Beneath The Remains)
*Sargeist (tyranny Returns) lim. 666
*Tangorodrim (Unholy and unlimited) lim 666
Witchtrap (No Anesthesia (picture disk)
Witchtrap (Sorceress Bitch)

7" eps=
*Abigail (Tribute to NME
Black Widow (Come to the Sabbat)
Doom (Nazi Bastard)
*Front Beast/Har Shatan (Laws of the Cemetary/Pain & misery)
*Front Beast ( Ars Satanis Ex Tempus 066/333)
Horna/ peste Noire split. lim 333
Horna.. Blackdeath split li. 333 ON hold
Hate Kommand/Abigail split limited 666
Martire (Lucifer , Red Vinyl)
Nifelheim/ Sadistik Exekution split with poster
NECROHOLOCAUST/BlasphemophagheR split ep
Revenant (Exalted Being Mint record but the sleeve is fucked)
*Rites Of cleansing/torch of war (BRUTAL AS FUCK RITUAL !!! RARE ASS FUCK!!!) 26/300
*Striborg split 7" with Scurshahor
*Soulstorm (In Moments of Weakness)
Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Volume II

*Goatvomit poster
*Nachtmystium Instinct Decay Back Patch
*Gism Patch

Front Beast (A collection of damned souls large)
Leviathan (logo shirt) in grey on black shirt
Horna (Sweatshirt FUCKING SICK)
Bathory (Gold lettering and gold eyes! GOAT HEAD)
Beherit (Death yell split , it’s the goat sitting in a chair!)
Nachtmystium Shirt (Dark Green with roots coming out of the logo)

I dont want any of these.

Moonblood (Supreme black force of german steel) On hold

Front beast (Black Spells of the Damned)

Striborg (nefaria/a trajic journey towards the light)(Embittered Darkness/Isle De morts)( Misanthropic Isolation)

Katharsis (Kommando Metal) On hold

Bolt Thrower (IV Crusade)

Horna (behexen split)(envaatnags)(annia Yossa) 1 on hold

Sargeist (satanic Black devotion)

Inquisition (Anxious Death/forever under)

Tangorodrim (Justus ex fide vivit)

Sapthuran (In hatred)

Satanic Warmaster (Black Katharsis)

Bathory (jubileum III)

Sunn 0))) (grimm robe demos) ( boris altar split)

Darkthrone (soulside journey)

Absu (box set, 2 cd with booklet mythological occult metal) RARE AS FUCK

Azrael (self/goat)

Immortal (pure holocaust) (battles in the north) First pressings

Weltmacht (and to every beast its prey)

Abruptum (evil genius)

Wigrid (hoffnungstud)

Sterbend (dwelling lifeless)
A passion For Destruction Is still a creative Passion!
A Passion for destruction is still a creative Passion!
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