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Unreleased MYSTIFIER interview from 1999

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:17 pm    Post subject: Unreleased MYSTIFIER interview from 1999 Reply with quote

This was supposed to be in a zine I was making right after I got out of army, never finished the magazine, though. I always loved this interview how his rantings about racism sounded like the pot calling the kettle black, hehe! Enjoy!

1. What are the things MYSTIFIER stands for?

- Hail Penttl„!! It is good to hear again from Finland !!
Well, we are composing new songs for our next album. Just now we are
looking for a fine agreement with a decent label to release it. It can
be entitled "Demystifying the Mystified" or "Will the Jews accept the
Antichrist as their Messiah?". The actual MYSTIFIER line up is: Arnald
J.N.D. on vocals; Paulo Lisboa on leadguitar, Thony D'assys on
leadguitar, me (Armand Beelzeebubth) on bassguitar and Louis Fernandez
on drums. For further info about us, the Finnish MYSTIFIER worshippers
can visit our official web site: http://www.MYSTIFIER.com.br.20

2. MYSTIFIER is one of the last non-nordic originators of modern Black
Metal still active (others being NECROMANTIA, IMPALED NAZARENE, MORTUARY
DRAPE for example), and in July 1999, is the 10th anniversary of MYSTIFIER.
What has changed in Black/Death Metal in those ten years MYSTIFIER has been

- Years ago we fought for a decent Underground Metal scene free from racism,
capitalism, prejudice, ignorance and so on. Nowadays the scene is infected
with racists, politics, enviers, liars, nazi ones, etc. What a shame !! But,
I try to do my part for myself. I don't believe in the youth of today. They
are feeble-minded ones !! Bands like GRAVELAND, BURZUM and others are a menace
for our Underground Metal Scene. If they live around Brazil, they would be
dead !! They are gothic babies !! Soon they will leave their masks fall down
and they will turn their back to Metal Scene and they will blaspheme against
us (The Metal Masters - the few, the proud!!).

3. When you formed MYSTIFIER 10 years ago, what things gave you the
inspiration for such work? There supposedly was not such a big movement as
there is now. What bands did you like back then?

- Well, I was inspired by bands like POISON (Ancient Black Metal German Cult),
Anyone of those bands preached racism or stupidity in their interviews or
lyrics. We didn't need it!! I prefer those ancient Metal bands than this bunch
of cowards that are singing shitty stuff and influence the youth of today. It
so called "big movement" is a "big trendy movement"!! You will see in the near
future who they are..

4. How old were you in '89? What was the reaction of people when they got to
know that you were playing Black/Death Metal? Were there a lot of people into
music like you were?

- We were around 17/19 years old and we played for 50/100 people around Brazil
in that time. We were few, but we were strong and conscious ones!! We fought
against punks and skinheads. Nowadays the punks are our friends and the
skinheads are dead!!. A lot of people feared us due to our violence against
our antagonists. A german guy friend of mine, told me that many Black Metal
guys of today are afraid to face the skinheads there (aahhha..hha...
-chickens !!). Ooh, where's the attitude?!? I told him that they should call
the god of cowardice (the so called Odin's disciple lady virkgayrnes (that bad
girl who sings in BURZUM) to help them, because he is specialized on to stab
men on their back!! - aahha..haha..).

5. Your first demotape "Tormenting The Holy Trinity" was released in 1989, and
a 7" followed in 1990, and in 1991 was released the "Aleister Crowley"
promotape. What kind of musical approach did these releases have compared to
your debut-album, "Wicca"? What about the re-releasing the demos on CD?

- "Wicca" is a compilation of those releases. "Cursed Excruciation" is from
"Tormenting the holy trinity" DT/89; All "Aleister Crowley" DT/91 songs are in
our debut album. Yeah, a Brazilian label is very interested to release our old
stuff on CD. We are thinking to release it soon. Maybe with tons of live and
unreleased stuff too.

6. Your three albums released by Osmose Productions; "Wicca", "Goetia" and
"The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here" are all great and
original albums, especially the two first ones, with a really obscure and
mystical feeling. How come this
So few artists can capture feeling, and what do you think of your albums

- Thanks for your eulogies. Well, I really like what I do
man. I don't play this kind of Extreme Metal Musick for fun or trend. It
is very easy when you like to do it. I like all MYSTIFIER releases. We
play songs from all our releases. We only don't play alive the songs we
recorded for tributes. I hate to play covers alive.

7. Your 4th album "Demystifying The Mystified" is planned to be released
in the future.
What kind of progression does this album offer? What are songs like "The
Supreme Power Of Nothingness" and "False Superstitions Made By Tellers
Of Legends" about and is there a concept on the album?

Beelzeebubth - Well, we are dealing with a Brazilian label (Demise
Records) to release a single with some new stuff and tons of bonus
(tributes, lives, etc.). The album title will be "Demystifying The
Mystified Ones (For One Decade In The Earthly Paradise)". All topics in
our new stuff are about the false conceptions preached by the occidental
catholic society (for example: "False Superstitions made by Tellers of
Legends"). I changed the first song title you mentioned to "The Supreme
Power of the Human Empire" that is about Schonpenhauer's pessimism about
our existence. In my opinion, this stuff is similar to our last album.20

8. You've appeared on some compilations with covers songs (World
domination II with a POISON cover, Sepultural Feast with a SEPULTURA
cover, Kreator Tribute with a cover, Slayer Tribute with a cover too).
Do you enjoy playing covers? What other songs have you covered during
the years and what cover-song is your favorite

Beelzeebubth - Really, I don't like to play covers alive because the
crowd always will ask for them in our concerts. We only play in theses
compilations to pay homage to those bands that inspired us in the
beginning. We also did it to show that we are alive yet. This fuckin''
delay to release the new stuff is fuckin' boring!! Recently, we
recorded "Tormentor" for a Slayer tribute on Dwell Records. It was our
best version, because we got a fine budget to record it. Maybe, we will
record "Fallen Angel" for a tribute to Possessed, "Let's fight in the
depths of hell" for a tribute to Sodom and "Satanic Lust" for a tribute
to Sarcofago on Cogumelo Productions. Tributes are a great deal for
labels nowadays.

9. In 1999, Black Metal has become bigger than Death Metal was ever in
it's days of glory.
What do you think about the overpopulation of the scene and the rise of
bands like CRADLE

Beelzeebubth - Ooh, I am very tired to talk about it again man... I am
not interested to know if Death Metal sells less or more that Black
Metal and vice-versa.. I want the trendy bands fuck off !!20

10. What do you think of the following bands:

-BEHERIT(rip): Ooh, I trade some stuff with them in 89. They were
fuckin'crazy guys in Blasphemy vein !! Their better releases were the
first demo-tape and the single, in my opinion.

-BLASPHEMY: It is difficult to talk about people who are my friends. I
always call Blackwinds and Caller of the Storms to talk about our
quotidian life. Blackwinds was thinking to form a band called APOSTASY
and Caller of the Storms is in a job. I like very much all Blasphemy
releases, mainly "Fallen Angel of Doom".20

-MAYHEM, and their re-forming: While Euronymous was thinking like an
apocalyptic Metal warrior of the youth like us (who shall rule over the
next millenium), I supported him. I liked to read some old magazines
with their ideology, preaching against capitalism, christianism, and so
on. But when he opened his dirty mouth to say that supported
catholicism, Satan has thorns and tail, hitler rules, influencing
ex-Black Metal enemies like that girl from that bullshit Death Metal
band called "old-shitty-funeral", I turn my back to him. He was a liar
!! I bought my copy of "Deathcrush" in 90 and I read in the back cover
album something like: "Your copy is 705. Write for booklet". Then, I
wrote for it. Years after, for my surprise, Euronymous wrote me back
with a full catalog of his label and didn't send me any booklet..(!?!?).
Then, I thought: He said hates mercenary labels and trendy bands and
he?!? Who is he?!? I don't believe in this reformed mayhem..
necrobutcher and hellhammer were puppets!! Maybe if they resuscitate

-ROTTING CHRIST and their sell-out: Well, I won't discuss if they are
sell-out or not.. We played together last year in Brazil and they are
fine guys (no posers !!). Sakis and his brother are fuckin' guys. Their
better stuff for me is "Satanas's Tedeum" DT and the first three albums.

-GOATPENIS(rip?): aah..ha..ahha. These guys are comics !! They remind me
those nazi gothic (?!?!) wimps who are coming from Scandinavian. Years
ago, they played a grinding shitty crossover ala napalm death, carcass,
s.o.d. and anthanx. When they read that bullshit capitalistic magazine
with Euronymous and his children speaking an amount of shit, they became
a nazi Black Metal band (aah..ha..hha..). Really, hitler can lick up
their asses and fuck them !! Now they are playing industrial music and
blaspheming against our Extreme Metal Musick (aahhaa..haa... - Fuck off
ass holes!!).

-GRAVELAND: aah..ha..hha... Please, stop man !! I'll die with your
jokes!!. Really, hitler failed when march over Poland, because any
polish bitch was ripped by an aryan nazi soldier and gave birth to one
of those wimps who plays in this crap band. Read it: "It seems to me
that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of
Wotan. Our old mythology ceased to be viable when christianity implanted
itself". Beware!! You may be taken by force to a concentration camp!!

11. Then to your lyrical approach. The first two albums were lyrically
more towards, occultism,
satanic rituals, demonology and such concepts in the forms of spooky
stories. But then, "The
World Is So Good..." lyrically contained mostly very philosophical
topics. Tell me what caused
this advancement towards more philosophic lyrical approach to be taken?

Beelzeebubth - The delay for the releasing of our third album, it was
because I changed all lyrics and songs concept to distinguish from this
Black Metal trendy scene. Many MYSTIFIER worshippers didn't like that
change. I chose the most difficult side and in it I shall stay.
Probably, one of those songs will be in the single.

12. You've stated that you dislike bands like BURZUM and GRAVELAND,
which have some
views and beliefs strongly connected to fascism and even directly
national-socialism. Is there
any space for thoughts like this in the head of a Black Metal musician?

Beelzeebubth: Well, we are free in this world to do what we want to.
They are white and I am black. If they think I am inferior or stupid
because I am black...well, I hope, for their health, they stay so far
away as possible from me. I am a pacifist, but if the person offends me
or cross my way with stupidity, well, you know those things... (An eye
for an eye). My problem is that I want to war against racist ones, nazi
ones, capitalist ones and politic ones. Many Brazilian racist ones are
afraid of me. Really, I hate that kind of people and they shall hate me
too. About the question, If there is any space for thoughts like that in
the head of a Black Metal musician, oh, yeah! The one that they should
have in the ass, they have in the head. It is normal, mainly, if it came
from Scandinavian.

13. If I am not completely mistaken you are of African descent, right?
Has this been a problem
in any cases, concerning the style of music you are in? Some Norwegian
magazine stated
some years ago that MYSTIFIER would be one of the most false bands
because of you were not
white. What do you say about this?

Beelzeebubth - Norwegian magazines are not authorities to speak on
Extreme Metal Musick (Death Metal, Doom Metal or Black Metal). Maybe,
they are authorities to speak about new wave (like that bullshit band
called a-ha). What original musical style did norwegian musicians
create? Black Metal !?!? Sorry, no!! Norway has not any Metal
tradition!! Maybe, we can mention some great Norwegian Ancient Black
Metal Cults like Thy Abhorrent (Where's that fuckin' hooded guy called
Occultus?!? He isn't nazi or racist, I guess..). They had produced a
fantastic Black Metal music with Heavy Metal parts and well done
arrangements and vocal lines. They weren't Bathory or Venom clones like
their fellow countrymen. Ask to that teenager, who said we are the most
false band...(aahhha..haa.. - what a audacity !!?!?), if he knew bands
like Vulcano(Bra), Thy Abhorrent, Dead Conspiracy(Usa), Mutilator(Bra),
Malfeitor(Usa), Necrofago(Bra), Hellhouse(Usa), Expulser(Bra),
Sorcery(Swe), Sex Trash(Bra), Demoncy(Fin), Invoker(Bra) or
Damnation(Can) (!??!?!?). But, if you ask him about trendy bands like
burzum, graveland, cradle of filth, mayhem, and so on, he knows...

14. Do you accept racism if it is backed with reasonable arguments? Is
Brazil a racist country?

Beelzeebubth - No, I don't. Reasonable!! What is reasonable for you? To
do a concentration field and obligate the women to do sex with the
strongest men to continue the pure race!?!? To enslave the weak ones and
to kill the people who think different from you? It can be good for the
european youth, but for us (the young ones from the rest of the world),
that is very a little!!! We want more!! We want to change the world!!
Liberate it of all the diseases originating from of the capitalism,
catholicism , christianity, etc. A world without walls for the youth.
Yes, Brazil is a racist country too. There are many german, spanish,
italian descendents here. I don't know what they are doing here !?!? I
hate them! They brought that plague from Europe. One of my goals is to
send them back to Europe.

15. Tell me about the region/city where you live. How is the metal scene
in you city?

Beelzeebubth - There's a small METAL scene here. I can mention some
bands like Malefactor, Sower, Headhunter and few others. In general,
Brazilian scene is very small. The people only support sell-out bands.
They don't support underground Extreme Metal bands like us. Sepultura
played days ago here for a crowd of 5.000 people. We have played for 500
or 1000 people. What a shame!!

16. What about live-shows? Have you played a lot of shows and how is the
audience in Brazil?
In Finland the audience tends to be quite "stiff", by just standing and
watching, trying to be evil or

Beelzeebubth - Well, I like very much to play through Brazilian cities.
Our concerts here seem like Hell!! 20
The crowd like very much to shakes their heads.20

17. Do you think it is easy to capture the mystical, dark and obscure
sound you have on your
albums when playing live?

Beelzeebubth - No, I don't. We would need a big budget to make a fine
production for a concert. It is very expensive. But, we try to make that
in our concerts.

18. Then off to more personal topics... You most likely have a high
interest in Satanism and the
occult. What got you interested into those things in the first place?

Beelzeebubth - I always question me about our existence in the earthly
paradise, gods, saints, angels, souls, power, and so on. I don't live
for live (nothing) like many human beings. I am here to do something and
I am looking to do it every time. I started to study about occultism
when a friend of mine gave me the book "Satanism and Black Magic" of
Peter Hainning. It is a demystifying book and not a book full of manuals
of bloody rituals for any deity. My favorite writers about the occult
are Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley and William Blake.

19. What do you think about when these Black Metal people, claiming to
be "Satanists" scream
out that Satanism is only pure hate, freezing coldness and other
miscellaneous shit that they think
sounds cool? To me Satanism has at least more meaning than just wearing
inverted crosses and
shit like that.

Beelzeebubth - Those satanic christians are a shame for the youth. I
hate them!! They can die nailed to the cross with their deities,
priests, politics, slavers, and so on. When they know the formula to mix
rebelliousness with intelligence (wisdom) they will be worthy to join

20. How do you see Satanism when it comes to yourself?

Beelzeebubth - When I open the window and I see the sun being born...
"Art Thou Lucifer? The Star of the Morning of Intelligence rising
again?" Never forget, Only those who have the light have the power to
walk among the darkest worlds!! The blind men are leaving...

21. What do you think about Friedrich Nietschze and his works? Do you
believe in his theory of
the superman?

Beelzeebubth - I agree in part about Nietzsche's superman theory. I
think if I am strong, I shall help the weak ones and I shall not enslave
them. I try to understand because many people use drugs, worship
deities, kill themselves, and so on. It is very difficult to understand
everything about Nietzsche works. I prefer to read and study "The
Anti-christ" to develop my thoughts against the ignorance and the
intolerance in this world.

22. What about Social-Darwinism and "survival of the fittest"?

Beelzeebubth - Darwin was great in his theories about the evolution and
Natural Selection, but he failed about that survival of the fittest.
Don't exist any superior people to gain wealth and power. The fall down
of the imperialism was the proof. If you think you are superior because
you are from a pure race, I will attack you, kill you and devour your
flesh with the survivors from your persecution (aahha..hahh..). Really,
EVOLUTION is the key for our existence in the earthly paradise. But, if
you think any god keeps all the secrets about our existence, you are a
meek and cannot inherit the earthly paradise (aahha..haa.. - go back!!).

23. What are your all-time 10 favourite albums?

Beelzeebubth - It will be hard to say... But, my top 10 Metal band
albums are:

1-Slayer: "Show No Mercy"; 2-Sarcofago: "I.N.R.I."; 3-Sepultura:
"Bestial Devastation"; 4-Possessed: "Seven Churches"; 5-Blasphemy:
"Fallen Angel of Doom"; 6-Messiah: "Hymn to Abremelin"; 7-Autopsy:
"Severed Survival"; 8-Judas Priest: "Defenders of the Faith";
9-Sodom:"In the Sign of Evil" and 10-Exodus: "Bonded by Blood". I love
lots of demo-tapes too, i.e., Poison "Into The Abyss" and "Awaking the
Dead" (My favorite ones!!), Blasphemy: "Blood on the Altar", Damanation
"Repulsive, Aggressive Symphony", Necrophobic: "Slow Asphyxiation",
Sarcofago "Satanic Lust", Sodom "Victms of Death", Malfeitor "Bringer of
Hate", Hellhouse "Kill your Mother", and so on.

24. Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Beelzeebubth - Is god a mistake of men or is men a mistake of god ?

25. Thanks for the interview, Beelzeebubth. End this interview the way
that you want, and keep up the fever!

Beelzeebubth - Thanks a lot Penttil„ for supporting us. The first hail
goes to thee!! Health and Power for all finnish Extreme Metal Musick
worshippers!! I hope a day (in the doomsday, I guess) play there and
spread hell on Finland (aaha...ahh..). Turn off the light!! The bringer
of light already is among us!!
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some pretty astute answers
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Great and interesting interview, thanks for sharing that one.
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Great IV, cheers for sharing!
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