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Remeber The Fallen
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well there's a man
A lifeless statute with a rifle in his hands
And once a year they'll gather round
And another'll take command
And they'll stand and pay their tribute

His name's in gold
He was brave and he was bold or so we're told
And as we age he won't grow old
And wherever veterans gather
They say his name will live forever

But all the poppies in the world wont put the smile back on his face
And at the setting of the sun and in the morning just disgrace
Upon King and Kaiser, Church and State they're none the wiser

With every shell
And the promises of glory went to hell
And you fumble for your gasmask
When you heard the warning bell
And if you're quick you might have made it

And at The Somme
The ones with sense who ran away were shot at dawn
But in the end it made no difference
When the bullets came in showers
Killed 20, 000 in 2 hours

And all the bugles in the world wont make those numbers less it seems
And as you bow your head for Nimrod ask yourself if you can justify that violence?
And then have your minutes silence


"I were outside pub, eatin' pastie and drinkin' Boddingtons, when Adolf 'Itler appeared to me in vision and said I were to become saviour of white raice..."
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