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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:04 pm    Post subject: Trade List....... Reply with quote

PM any offers or send email to ironbloodblasphemy [A] yahoo.com, not looking for anything that outstanding in return

**means on hold

Abysmal Gates(USA)--Divine Deception cd Black Flame Records
Abysmal Fall(USA)--Borne Against cd Arcadia Productions
Alabama Thunderpussy(USA)--Staring at the Divine cd Relapse records
Alcest(France)--Le Secret digi cd Drakkar [still sealed]
Astarte(Greece)--Rise from Within cd Black Lotus Records
Black Boned Angel(NZ)--Bliss and Void Inseparable digi cd 20Buckspin
Catasexual Urge Motivation(Japan)--the Encyclopedia of Serial Murders cd Razorback [RR005]
Command(Brazil)—Sturmangriff cd Totenkopf Propaganda [out of print]
**Death In June (UK)--The World that Summer digi cd NER
Dilinger Escape Plan(USA)—Under the Running Board cd Relapse
Dim Mak(USA)—Under the Dragon digi cd Dies Irae
Dimentianon(USA)—Hossanus Novus Ordo Seclurum cd NonComposMentis
Down(USA)—Over the Under digi cd
Durandal(France)--Rejoines...cd Vigilante Records
Dusk(Hungary)--The Darksoul's Scream cd Wulfrune
Dusk(Hungary)--The Shadowsoul cd Regimental
Eminenz(Germany)--Death Fall cd Eminenz Records #444/666
Enbilulugugal(USA)--Filthy Satanic Pork cdr self-released
Enbilulugugal(USA)--You Will Be Gluttoned cdr self-released
Enbilulugugal(USA)--Demo 1 & 2 self-released
Enbilulugugal(USA)--Blasfemia Occidental de Samoan self-released
Enbilulugugal(USA)/Necrobestiality(USA)--Satans Poop split cdr self-released
Fall of the Leafe(Finland)—August Wernicke cd Icarus
Fatima Hill(Japan)--Aion cd World Chaos
Flagellum Dei (Italy)--Malbrok cd Self-Released
Gonkulator(USA)—Second War in Heaven cd Fudgeworthy [sealed]
Hills of Sephiroth(USA)--The Neglected Ancestry cd Wulfrune
Hirudinea(USA)/Watchmaker(USA)—Split digi cd Bestial Onslaught [sealed]
Ignite(USA)—A Place Called Home cd TVT Records
Impaled Nazarene(Finland)--Manifest cd Red Stream
Kovenant, The (Norway)--Animatronic cd Nuclear Blast
Lament Configuration (USA)--Demonic Incantations cd Vile Art
LSD March (Japan)—Live cd Archive
March into the Sea(USA)—Church of the Voidswimmer cd Conqueror of Thorns [Neil from Krieg’s extreme doom assault]
Massemord(Norway)--Skogen Kaller cd bm.com
Messiah(Switz)--Rotten Perish cd Futurist [still sealed--w/very tiny drill holl thru barcode]
Mi’Gauss(USA)—Open Season cd Moria Records
Mirrorthrone(Switz)--Of Wind and Weeping cd Red Stream
Opera IX(Italy)--The Black Opera cd Dwell Records
Sabrax(Bulgaria)--Devilsspear cd Counter Attack
Sadiztik Impaler(Singapore)--Sadiztik Syonan - To Supremacy cd Ketzer
Saman(Hungary)—Saman cd Hammer Records
Sapthuran(USA)--In Hatred cd Wraith Productions
Seth(France)--The Excellence Digi cd Osmose
Seth(France)--Divine X Cd in slipcase Osmose
Shellyz Raven(Norway)--Desolation digi cd War is Imminent
Sotajumala(finkand)/Torture Killer(Finland)--Split cd in slimline case Woodcut
Sykdom(Norway)--Intet Liv cd bm.com
The Red Chord(USA)—Fused Together…cd Robotic Empire
Thorngoth(Germany)—Thelema of Destruction cd Northern Silence
To Scale the Throne(USA)--Pleasure of Death cdr self-released
Ultimatum(France)--Jeunes Et Europeans cd Musique Et Tradition
Vampiria(Argentina)—Among Mortals cd Icarus
Witch Tomb(USA)—Mocking the Jehovah cd Bestial Onslaught [arghhhhhh, pure filth]
Wormwood(USA)—Starvation digi cd 20Buck Spin
V/A “Tyrannous Mutations of Sathanas” w/Almighty Sathanas, Blasphemophagher, & Tyrants Blood cd Black Vomit Records


Behexen(Finland)--From the Devil's Chalice 3 x 7" w/patch Woodcut
Blood Coven(USA)—True Fucking Metal: A Tribute to Warriors Lost 7” Red Wax Dimm Records [Manticore member]
Deaf Dealer(Canada)—Strange Cuts 1984 7” w/Snakepit Zine #16 Nuclear War Now
Goatlord(USA)--Voodoo Mass/Chicken Dance 7" NWN
Mantak(Malaysia)/Amputator(USA)—Raping God’s Law split 7” Old Cemetery Records
Mightiest(Germany)—Sojourn in The Rising Darkness pic disc 7” Heavy Horses Records
Neuthrone(Belgium)—As the Grey Skies Opened 7” Genet Records
Nunslaughter(USA)—Radical Rapture Ruptures LP HMSS [Limited 105 copies]
Nunslaughter(USA)—One Night in Hell LP HMSS [Limited 100]
Sabbat(Japan)/IronFist(Singapore)—Bloodlust Regime split 7” Necromancer Records #283/666
Sacriphyx(Oz)—Lone Pine 7” Nuclear War Now [killer, sounds like classic ancient Greek bm]
Satan’s Host(USA)—Metal From Hell PIC DISC LP Sulphur Demon image Horror Records
Sunn O))) (USA)—White BOX 4LP Southernlord [still sealed!]
Unholy Grave(Japan)—Grinding Hellslaughter LP HMSS [cover is missing—all I have is the unplayed vinyl]
Woods of Infinity(Sweden)—I-20 7” TEST PRESS Total Holocaust Records
Wormwood (USA)—Requiescant LP Power It Up
**V/A SODOMANIAC TRIBUTE: IN THE SIGN OF SODOM LP W/Vomitor, Toxic Holocaust, Protector, Suicidal Winds, Bestial Mockery, Nocturnal Hells HeadBangers


Blessed in Sin (France)—A Tribute to Euronymous demo/Odes Obscure #608
Bone Awl (USA)—At the Ellipses Arc tape Klaxon/Northern Sky
Helloween(Germany)—Keeper of the Seven Keys Part One Noise
Hiver Noir(France)—Lethal Beings Music demo Drakkar Productions #117/300
Lycanthrope(Chile)—Outbreak of Metal Onslaught demo Pagan South Prods.
Nargaroth(Germany)—Fuck Off Nowadays black Metal demo [original hand-designed/colored by Kanwulf]
Sadus(USA)—Chemical Exposure tape Sadus Records
Speed Metal Hell (Brazil)—Speed of Death demo
Tormentor(Hungary)—The Sick Years Osiris Prods. [various rare live material]


Mutiilation(France)—Vampires of Black Imperial Blood short sleeve t-shirt w/sleeve print XL. [ Released by Iron Fist Propaganda many years ago—RARE]

Coffins(Japan)—The Other Side of Blasphemy design, grey shirt, size XL, fits like a L though. This is the one put out by 20Buck Spin. Long Sold-out
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Joined: 11 May 2006
Posts: 1301

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 4:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

big update
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