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FUNEBRARUM Interview!!!

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PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 9:27 am    Post subject: FUNEBRARUM Interview!!! Reply with quote

Another recent interview answered .... It will only be published in Spanish ... In English for you .... Enjoy!


1. Hails! Great to have the band in our pages. Well, we know that the band is formed in the year 97 and that it is composed by members of Abazagorath and Evoken. Tell the most relevant stuff from the beginning and expose the aim of the band by creatin dark Death Metal.

DAVE: Thank you, Gabriel! Great to be featured here!!! Well, things started out for FUNEBRARUM because back in 1996, ABAZAGORATH & EVOKEN did some gigs together. We all got to be pretty good friends and Daryl (ABAZAGORATH guitar) and Nick (EVOKEN guitar) got to talking about their favorite old Death Metal bands, and the idea eventually came up to start a similar sounding project. So, Nick, Daryl and Dario Derna (EVOKEN keyboards / ABAZAGORATH guitars/ keys / vocals) got together to write some songs. There were a few rehearsals with me on bass and the three other guys recorded the 3 song demo in 1999. The aim of the band has always been to create brutally heavy but also dark and atmospheric Death Metal. At the time not too many others were doing this sort of thing, and we were kind of sick of what had been going on with the scene, so we wanted to bring back the old spirit of real Darkness and Death!!!

2. Tell us about the band’s inspiration when writing the songs for Funebrarum. Do you feel yourselves as an underground band that values and follows the traditional sound?

DAVE: I have to admit we took a certain amount of inspiration from the bands we were listening to in the “golden years” of Death Metal in the late 80s and early 90s, and mixed that in with all of our own morbid interests, mental sicknesses and psychotic personalities to give birth to this hideous monster… We sure as Hell are an underground band, and don’t see that changing at all… No limousines, jet planes and luxury suites for this band… Nick, Daryl and I are all over 30 (..most of us well over 30) and we are just a couple of grumpy, stubborn die hard old school Metalheads who have no tolerance for anything “new” or “nu” in Metal…

3. I don’t know what you think, but when I listen to the band it sound to me to the old Carbonized, Afflicted Convulsion, Grave and other bands from the old finnish and Swedish scene. What can you tell us about it? Do you think there’s a band nowadays that isn’t comparable to any other and that has an unique sound? What do you think about innovation in Metal? Do you care about it?

DAVE: As the bands you mention fall into the category of some of our favorites, I suppose it should come as no surprise if you can draw some comparisons… At least you know these great old acts!!! We still get some people who say we sound like CANNIBAL CORPSE or something… But when you get a chance to hear our new album, “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams,” I think you will find that we have moved into new ground.
Well, of course there are some bands that may be totally original in style and sound, but I doubt that you will find a band calling itself old school Death Metal that is not inspired or influenced by what has come before. Innovation is great, and there was a time in 1988 when what we call old school today was the fresh new thing. But it isn’t the only thing. With FUNEBRARUM we are more concerned with the spirit of the music, creating what we think is the true essence of Death Metal…

4. Tell us about your first demo and “Tombs of Sleeping Darkness”. Were these a good beginning? Where did you distributed them? By the way, What do you think about the new bands that don’t release demos anymore because they prefer mp3 or a MySpace page?

DAVE: Well, the 1999 demo and “Tombs of Sleeping Darkness” promo were slabs of dirty, raw and filthy Death Metal! They were the perfect beginning for us, if you ask me… Neither recording was officially distributed, basically just copied and sold at our gigs and passed out some maniacs and record labels here and there… I prefer the old way of demo tapes and such, but what can you do. You have to keep up with the times, and MySpace is for sure a pretty powerful promotional device. I have actually been able to discover and check out some sick bands that way in a very easy, convenient fashion, so it’s definitely ok for that, although unlike the other losers on there, I do not use it as the foundation of my social life…

5. Through Funebrarum’s rows have passed musicians that have had to do with Abazagorath, Evoken, Mephitum, Warhead, Kalopsia, Drawn and Quartered, Infester, Krohm, etc. How much different to these bands is Funebrarum? Is it too hard to detach the sound of the musicians and their prior bands once they’re playing with Funebrarum? Is anything of these left in Funebrarum’s sound or in the lyrics, keeping in mind that all these bands are into black and death metal?

DAVE: I don’t want to have to sit here and type a musical description for every band that a current or former FUNE-member is in, but I can tell you that they all sound different than FUNEBRARUM. Everyone involved in FUNEBRARUM knows what the goal is and what we should sound like, so it has not been a problem to remain focused on this particular concept. There may be occasional moments when one of these many other bands may have a part or a lyric that would resemble something FUNEBRARUM would do, but I think that each group / project has its own unique quality, even within the rather narrow constraints of the Black / Death underground.

6. Do you go out on tour everytime you release a new record? What can we expect from a Funebrarum’s concert? Is it important for you to keep a strong look that goes with your music and lyrics?

DAVE: FUNEBRARUM has never toured. We did try to make arrangements to go to Europe over the past two years but things did not work out. We did manage to play a decent number of gigs in New York City and New Jersey through 2000, when we were kind of at our “high point” of activity. Since then we have only performed live twice, once in 2006 with DEMILICH & MUCUPURULENT and once last year with DEAD INFECTION. We would like to play live more often, but basically it has been a struggle to even get us all together to rehearse and record, so I guess we will have to stabilize that before moving on to the live performance. What to expect from our concert?? Expect us to pummel you into submission with our over the top sound!!! HAHA!!! I guess we have a certain “look” about us that befits the imagery we put forth in our music: A group of ugly dudes wearing Death Metal shirts, leather jackets, boots and maybe some fucking spikes!!

7. Do you have any preconceived idea for each cover of your releases? Or you just leave this task to the artists? I’M ASKING ‘CAUSE Daryl made the artwork in “Beneath the Columns” and then in the “Dormant Hallucination” 7” Ep you worked with the master Dan Seagrave with a similar concept in both works. Do you have to get to an agreement to define this subject?

DAVE: Daryl does most of our art and graphics work, and he always has a pretty definite idea for anything he does before hand. In the case of the Seagrave artwork for the EP, we were fortunate to have Wes Blackwulf of Midnight Records “donate” that killer piece!! But stylistically, it is indeed similar in concept to something that Daryl would create…

8. The latest release from the band is a split with the swedish band Interment. How was born the idea for this split? Though Interment has 3 demos and exists since 91 is an unknown band in our country. What can you tell us about them and their music? Have you ever thought in playing live together?

DAVE: Daryl is a true connoisseur of old Swedish Death Metal, so he has heard a lot of bands most people did not know existed!! INTERMENT just happens to be one of those bands, and Daryl has been in contact with them over the past couple of years, and I think he plans to re-issue their demos on CD someday. So, it was through this friendship, mutual admiration and respect that the idea for the split came about. As far as their music goes, if you like good old DISMEMER, CARNAGE or ENTOMBED, check these guys out: they will not disappoint you! As a matter of fact, we were planning to tour Europe with INTERMENT last August, but it fell through. The highlight would have been playing the Party San Open Air in Germany… Though we did not make it, INTERMENT did manage to play the Fest and I hear that it was a blast!!!

9. The songs showed by Funebrarum in this split follow the line of the band, dark mid tempo Death Metal. Do you think you have a defined style musically or are you open for changes?

DAVE: Yes, I think it can be said that we have a pretty defined style, but we are not inflexible. Variety and change is good to keep the material fresh. The version of “Kingdom of Suffering Souls” on the split differs pretty greatly from the version on the 99 demo, so we are not “chained” to one approach or mind-set. We definitely want to keep things interesting, and I think you will hear that when you listen to the new album…

10. You also included 2 covers for this split: Grave’s “Into the Grave” and “Caught in a Vortex” from finnish band Abhorrence. Uffff, if anyone who listens to this split doesn’t know about old Death Metal he could hardly realize of the homage to these bands. Don’t you think? What meaning do you give to play these songs and what represents each band for underground Death Metal according to you?

DAVE: Well, GRAVE is a pretty well known act, so I would hope that most people who are into FUNEBRARUM would know about them. In the case of ABHORRENCE, they are perhaps a bit more obscure, but like GRAVE they are very inspirational for us, so we wanted to pay homage to both these Death Metal gods through these covers… And if it’s a way to put a spotlight on some bands people don’t know about and maybe get them interested in seeking that stuff out, that’s great.

11. You are from USA, under the band’s point of view Which are the most influential bands in the northamerican scene through all this time? By the way,Can you tell us which are the most underrated bands in the history of American Metal?

DAVE: All those you think that have released glorious demos or albums and never had a great success besides the most die hard fans of underground Metal.
There is probably a huge list of bands that I could rattle off here… We could say MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, ROTTREVORE, TERRORIZER, RIGHTEOUS PIGS, REPULSION, MASTER, POSSESSED, SLAYER, ABSU, NECROPHAGIA, VON, DEICIDE, VITAL REMAINS, ANGEL CORPSE, NUN SLAUGHTER… I think that the most underrated bands (…and a few that had never released full lengths) would be the almighty NECROVORE, EX MORTIS, GOREAPHOBIA & SADISTIC INTENT (…hopefully these last 2 bands will get those debuts out!!)

12. Do you like the Grind Death scene and all that concept behind the guts, blood, shit, jockeys, short and baggy pants and chains hanging from your pockets? Do you care about a more serious, deeper and darker ideology in Death Metal or you just relate them with the sound of a band?

DAVE: No, I do not really follow the Gore Grind scene of today… I grew up on CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION, TERRORIZER and a couple of newer bands like EXHUMED, IMPALED and MACHETAZO are cool, but I am not too interested in that part of the scene for the most part… I have not even heard a lot of these bands, but to me what I see from the song titles, artwork, pig-squeal vocals, etc., it seems pretty juvenile with everybody trying to out-brutalize, be more disgusting, pornographic or misogynistic to the point of coming across like morons… We do actually have a few songs like “Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers” or “Beyond Recognition” which portray some pretty gory imagery at points, but I feel the lyrics are penned with a bit more atmosphere and thought behind them to relate a chilling tale with some substance… But for the most part we take an approach of creating a dark and morbid horror filled atmosphere rather than simple shock tactics.
I do have to admit to owning a chain wallet … After all you do not want to lose your wallet with valuable beer, CD & t-shirt money in the mosh pit at a Metal show… Our drummer Shawn also may have a few pairs of baggy pants, but no one in this band wears their baseball caps tilted off sideways…

13. Tell us a little about your Metal collection… Tell us how many records do you have, which format do you like most and which are the demos and albums that you don’t have and you’d like to… Mmmm… Any record you want to trade or sell?

DAVE: I do have a pretty large collection of Metal CDs, records, tapes and shirts, but I’m sure it is nothing compared to the collections of some maniacs… I must have about 2,000 items all together. Any format is cool, but I have more CDs than anything else due to the convenience. My “want list” could be pretty big, but I won’t waste space with that here… One of the postives of the Internet and MP3s is that a lot of that rare stuff is pretty accessible now. From time to time, I do sell off stuff that I don’t listen to that much, but the ítems deemed too precious will not be sold anytime soon.

14. Is there any country that you admire because of its Metal scene? Which are the scenes you like the most?

DAVE: Yes, I do like to listen to a lot of foreign bands. Some particular countries with scenes I admire would be Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brazil, France, Poland, Germany…

15. We’ve all witnessed a lot of bands being reformed after many years from their disappearance. Some of them have been shit, while other han kept (partially) the same line they’ve left. Which are, according to you, the best resurrected bands? Why? What do you think about all this 80’s Metal “revival”? Does all of this benefits you as a band?

DAVE: I was happy to see David Vincent back with MORBID ANGEL performing the material from the albums he had played on. Last month I saw INCANTATION with Craig Pillard and Jim Roe back in and that was fucking awesome. It was a great performance that did justice to the old albums. I haven’t followed too closely some of the other bands that have re-formed like OBITUARY, ATHEIST, REPULSION, MASSACRE etc., but I do think it’s pretty cheesy for the most part. If they were always into it, they would never have quit… And some of the new line ups they come out with don’t have anything to do with the original band anyway… Some of these guys are just pissing on their reputation. Well, I guess the revival must be worth it for these guys to make some quick cash. I will probably go to see AT THE GATES this summer, and I’m sure the tickets will be expensive!!! HAHA!! The 80s Thrash revival is a bit strange in that a lot of these newer bands are really young, like 15-18 years old and they weren’t even alive when the original Thrash movement was born!! But it is cool that some kids are getting into Thrash instead of pop / hip hop garbage.. Maybe this will lead to an early 90s style DM revival in a few years, and FUNEBRARUM will be ready for the big cash-in!!! HAHA!! Oh, I did happen to catch re-united UK Thrashers SABBAT a few weeks ago, and that was fucking worth it!!!

16. Every Metalhead loves and respects certain bands, as there are also bands that he hates and can’t stand to see for different reasons. Which metal bands you think that suck and you’d never play live with? Also, tell us, Which ones are the most overrated bands? Which are the reprehensible attitudes that you’d never commit as a band?

DAVE: Metal bands that I hate and would never want to play with? This is not something I think about too much… Probably some trendy metalcore / mallcore / emo shit… I saw some undescribably gay band open for SABBAT and I wanted to kill them!! But, we do not play live too much, so I have not come up with the problem of having to play shows with bands I don’t like… Which bands are over rated? Probably most of the bands out there… Well, I’d like to think that we are pretty average, down to earth guys that are as much fans of Metal as we are Metal musicians, so I would hope we would never let being in this band “go to our heads” and change who we are as individuals. The attitudes of people in this scene who take themselves too seriously or act like “rock stars” are the ones that need to change, and attitudes I hope I would never adopt… But also the wimpy fags playing the goth / emo shit need to be physically beaten if they ever dare call their crap music “Metal!”

17. Do you listen only to Metal or you also listen to other kinds of music to clear your mind? Which are your favorite Metal styles?

DAVE: Occasionally I will listen to some classic rock, jazz, classical, industrial, punk / hardcore or instrumental / ambient / atmospheric rock (PELICAN, GOD SPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, GUAPO, etc).
But I spend much more of my time listening to Metal. My preferred sub-genres would be Black / Death / Thrash / Doom some older Grindcore stuff and of course some classic, good old Heavy Metal thrown in… I saw IRON MAIDEN two months ago on their “Somewhere Back In Time Tour” and that was fucking amazing…

18. Hey, What do you think about Deicide and Glen Benton nowadays? They played recently in my country, but they’ve lost the obscurity in their music and Glen Benton looks more like The Undertaker than to the old maniac who used to worship Satan. Which bands have been the more consistent with their ideology throughout the years?

DAVE: I’m not too excited about Glen Benton or DEICIDE these days… I fucking worship the first album and the 2nd and 3rd are pretty ok, too… By the way, I work for WWE in the TV Broadcast Operations Department and The Undertaker would wipe out Glen with a Tombstone Piledriver like he defeated Edge at Wrestlemania 24!!! 16-0 at Wrestlemania!! The Phenom’s undefeated streak lives on…
As far as what other bands base their ideology on or how close do they live their lives to those ideologies, it’s often hard to say and it isn’t something I am that concerned about… The phonies tend to expose themselves in the end…

19. How do you define ideologically inside the band? Are you closer to La Vey’s institutional Satanism, opponents to Christian dogmas or do you have an existential view of life that we don’t know? Do you think Christianity benefits at some level to nowadays men?

DAVE: In and of itself, FUNEBRARUM is not to be defined as a “Satanic” entity. There are certainly some anti-religious themes and plenty of Hellish imagery, but labeling this band as Satanic is incorrect. Daryl and I more fully express our demonic sides in the construct of ABAZAGORATH, which is a full-on traditional Black Metal act in the ideological sense. Personally, I don’t give a shit what anybody else believes if that’s what makes them happy, but christianity is of no benefit to anyone. It is an oppressive force used to keep people ignorant and subservient.

20. What do you think about Bush, the whole mid east conflict and Saddam’s death? What did you first think when 9/11 went on?, Do you like your country?

DAVE: I don’t think Bush is a very good president at all. I do not think our forces are in Iraq for the right reasons. It seems like we are there to make rich people richer, and that the lives of our troop are being wasted needlessly. I’d love to see Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda destroyed, but what is going on in Iraq will not accomplish that end. Saddam Hussein was a scumbag, so it’s a good thing that he’s dead, but I don’t think that his death has solved any problems for the Iraqi people. September 11, 2001 was pretty much the most shocking day of my life. The events of that day were something that I think most Americans thought could never happen. In my opinion, such events were inevitable and we had been lucky up until then. Yes, I do like America and feel fortunate to have been born here, but I acknowledge that there are problems here, too. I think our position in the world is slipping as far as education and economics and that a lot of our political moves don’t make us any friends globally.

21. With which bands are you friends and you share drinks? What is the gig that you remember the most, whether for its violence, music or anything? Which would be the ideal environment for a Funebrarum show?

DAVE: Well, I guess my social life must stink because these days I prefer to drink alone and do not go out too much. There are plenty of bands we are friendly with, but most of these people are spread out all over the world, so unfortunately it is tough to get together to share a drink. But over the years, we have met many interesting characters and have had more than a few drinks with them… Back in 2006 Daryl and I helped out PUNGENT STENCH, DEMILICH and MUCUPURULENT by driving all those guys from New York to the Maryland Deathfest in a van I rented, and that was a couple of days of real adventure & a total blast. Also, a number of bands and traveling Metalheads have crashed out at our house over the years including ANTAEUS, DEMONCY, SUMMON, HELL-BORN, ANWYL, Damon (BESTIAL WARLUST!!) & Andrew Undertaker (ABOMINATOR), Yosuke from Nuclear War Now Prods., Matt from RAZOR OF OCCAM, Sharon of DERKETA, assorted Aussie / French maniacs amongst others…
I think that the best FUNEBRARUM gig was when we opened for MAYHEM in 2000 at the Wetlands Club in New York City. The place was packed and we got a killer response from the crowd. One of those gigs where you get off the stage on a “high,” feeling like rock star!! What would be the best environment for a FUNEBRARUM gig? Inside of a cave, dungeon or funeral parlor…

22. Explain to us what’s behind the band’s name. What concept contains this to identify your music under its name?

DAVE: FUNEBRARUM directly translates to “… Of a funeral.” I think that sums up our atmosphere and purpose 100%!!!

23. You are no longer kids pretending to play Metal, What’s Metal for you? What has the current scene lost and what has favoured it through the years? Can you make and evolutional comparison of what was the Death Metal scene in the 80’s till these days?

DAVE: I’m 38 years old, and I am still a Metal Maniac, and I think I will be one for life!!! Metal is more than just listening to some music that I enjoy, it is a total lifestyle. It’s a big part of who I am. It’s in my blood. For me, things definitely listen, look and feel different when comparing the scene of old and the scene of today. There seems to be a “spirit” or “essence” missing today, but maybe it’s just me because I am old and jaded… Well, just compare “Left Hand Path” to a NECROPHAGIST record…. It’s a bit different if you ask me…

24. Hey, What’s been going on with Abazagorath and Evoken? Do you plan releasing something new or you are just focused in Funebrarum for the moment?
DAVE: ABAZAGORATH has been on a long break as far as working on new material. But there are a couple of releases forthcoming on Elegy Records. First up is the long awaited split with BLOODSTORM, “Ancient Entities Arise,” which actually should be out shortly. We are just checking out the proofs for the booklet printing and giving the audio a few more listens before sending it out for production. Then there will be a disc of rarities and unreleased materials called “Disciples of Sacrilege.” Besides that I have been talking to our drummer Warhead recently about getting together to jam, so hopefully we can find some time in our schedules to work on some new stuff..
As far as EVOKEN goes, I joined them in February as their new bassist, so I join Nick with involvement there too… Their last album, “Caress of the Void,” released through Sweden’s I Hate Records late last year is doing quite well, garnering some amazing reviews and is selling quite well. Immediate plans include rehearsing a set for live performances, working on a THERGOTHON cover for a tribute CD and also starting to write some new Doom….
Since the recording of the new FUNEBRARUM record, which concluded last September, we actually have not done much with that… We did get together a couple of times to work on new riffs and there are offers to perform live, so hopefully we will get working again sometime….

25. Tell us about you daylife Are you married, do you have childs? What do you do to keep your bands, instruments and bad habits?
DAVE: Just working to make living and survive in this world!!! I’m not married and have no kids yet… So this is how I am able to keep my reckless and irresponsible Metal lifestyle alive!!! HAHA!!! With my job I already don’t have a lot of time and energy to devote to working on music, so if ever the day comes that I do “settle down,” I think the band days would be pretty much over (unless we can eventually make a living from it, which is unlikely at this point…).

26. Are you Metal collectors? Which are the most difficult demos and LPs to find nowadays, according to you? Which is the most expensive record you’ve ever bought? Do you have any fetishes with this subject? Do you care about editions, format, etc?
DAVE: No, I collect disco records!!!! FUCK!!! Of course I collect Metal! I’m not that much of a geek about it though… I am not that crazy that I search that extensively for rare stuff… But if I do come across something that piques my interest, I usually do pull the trigger and buy it… The most I’ve spent on a record is maybe like $30. Nothing too crazy… I do have a friend who spent $300 on an E-bay auction to get an original copy of the KATHARSIS “666” LP!!! No absurd specifications for what I buy besides that I like it. I do obsess over what I do have in my collection as over the years it has added up to a substantial expense and I imagine that certain items maybe be valuable by now…

27. Do you see any differences among the old european death metal scene, the southamerican one and the USA scene? What do you think that represents the northamerican Death Metal?
DAVE: I do think that the important bands in each region’s scene had their own sound and identity that made each stand out. I think the North American sound was a bit more “heavy.”

28. Necroharmonic has released the current band’s material. How’s your relation with them? Do you have any deal for future releases?
DAVE: We have a very good relationship with Roy of Necroharmonic. He was a supporter from day one and always treated us very well as far as releasing “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods” and also the re-issue of ABAZAGORATH’s “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity” CD. However, we are moving on and another label will be handling the release of our new album, “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams.” We are still awaiting the final contract, so I will not name names just yet… However, there will be some new FUNEBRARUM t-shirts coming out on Necroharmonic, so look out for them…
Actually though, we have worked with other labels as well. Conqueror of Thorns Records put out the split with INTERMENT and Midnight Records did the “Dormant Hallucination” 7”. In the future, we will be working with Nuclear War Now on a vinyl edition of “Beneath the Columns…” and Obliteration Records from Japan on an early discography CD.

29. What’s the most boring thing of answering ints? Do you like to do it? What would you ask to the zine editors? (You can get even now, hehe.)

DAVE: I do like to get the word out about our musical activities, so I do enjoy answering interviews for the most part. The most boring thing is that you get a lot of the “same old” questions a lot… “Tell me about how the band formed,” and shit like that… I also like to give good, detailed answers, so I tend to take my time in answering interviews… So an interview like this, with 36 fucking questions, will take me a pretty long time to get through… I think editors of underground zines are awesome if they actually bother releasing the mags. I’m just pissed about the many interviews I have answered over the years in which I never see a copy of the mag if it ever was indeed published or the ones where I wasted my time over something that was never even printed. So, my question to you is, “When will this be published and when do I get my copy?”

30. Tell us about US women. Have you been able to achieve all your fetishes and fantasies with them? Which are the best porn movies that have come out from your country? What’s the most extreme thing that you could get to do to a woman? Have you ever thought about it?

DAVE: US women are like any others I suppose… There are plenty of hot chicks around, but a lot of them are superficial and materialistic!!! I kind of have a “thing” for foreign women, particularly Eastern European and Russian… Latin women are hot too. Tell me about the girls down in Chile… There are still many, many fetishes and fantasies I have yet to fulfill… I don’t watch that much porn these days, so I can not give you a favorite film. At my last job, I had to watch porn for 12 hours a day, so after a while I became kind of “immune” to its effects. Well, I guess the most extreme thing to do would be to kill her… Personally, I am not particularly into real kinky shit like shit-eating, S & M, etc.

31. I’d like to know your opinion… I know a lot of people and have a lot of friends that can’t stand to see women into Metal or playing in any band. Though I don’t have any problem with that, I think that that a lot of women supposedly into Metal have no idea or, to say it better, they don’t have a deep knowledge about what the UG scene is. Most of them are into this just for fun or because the have some kind of fixation with a Metalhead, which makes you doubt about their conviction. What do you think about this? Do you think women see and feel Metal the same way that men do? Do you know any chick into Metal that has an extensive knowledge about the scene and that can talk properly about the subject without being just a Moonspell’s or Opeth’s or any top mainstream’s band?

DAVE: I have no problem with women being involved with Metal. I wish there were more, actually! Sure, there are some females into it because it may be a phase they are going through, or they like the guys with long hair or whatever, but there are those who are into it for the “right reasons” and who are knowledgeable on the subject. Women like this feel it the same way as a man, I think… On one hand this is a bit scary as I think most Metalheads are at least a little bit crazy!!! I have female friends who are definitely as into it as any guy in the underground scene… And trust me, they have no interest in Moonspell or Opeth…

32. Do you like a World without christians? How do you think that this world would be if everyone thought like Funebrarum’s members?

DAVE: A world without the oppression of organized religion would be a better place. It seems that christianity’s influence is fading, but Islam’s is growing… To me, Islam is a greater “threat,” so I want that to fucking fade out too… If everybody in the fucking world thought like FUNEBRARUM, bands like MACABRE END, CREMATORY (Sweden) and ROTTREVORE would be multiple platinum sellers and that would be great… But it would probably be pretty boring after a while…

33. Tell us, What bands are into your favorites nowadays and what do you know about southamerican Metal, specially from Chile?
DAVE: Too many fucking killer bands to list here!!! But, anyone into brutal, old school styled Death Metal that will kick your ass needs to check out IGNIVIMOUS, CEMETERY URN, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, DEAD CONGREGATION, FATHER BEFOULED, NECROVATION, NECROS CHRISTOS and DROWNED right fucking now!!! I love a lot of sick South American bands like (old) SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, KRISIUN, MORTEM, HADEZ, GOAT SEMEN, LEVIFER, REBAELLIUN, ABHORRENCE, etc. Unfortunately, I have only heard one Chilean band, but it’s the mighty PENTAGRAM! They totally slay!!!

34. What do you think that motivated you to get into Metal in an active way, forming bands and being part of the history of Metal of your country? Has this been a tough ride? What’s the thing you enjoy the most about all this?
DAVE: When I was 16 years old head-banging to “Master of Puppets,” playing air guitar and imagining myself on stage with them, I knew right then that I wanted to be a Metal musician!!! Metal always was and ever will be the coolest music to me!!! It has been a pretty tough ride sometimes, but in the end it has always been a blast and well worth the effort. There are many enjoyable aspects. Among them, the feeling you have when you have just written a killer new song, finished a recording session, played a wild gig, getting a copy of your new CD, meeting killer Metal fans & bands from all over, hearing words of appreciation from fans…

35. What can we expect from the band in the near future? How would you like to be remembered when the band is finally gone?
DAVE: Look out for our new album, “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams,” which will hopefully be released sometime in the upcoming months!!! We also hope to be back on stage performing live soon! I would like for FUNEBRARUM to be remembered as one of the bands that performed “real” Death Metal when it wasn’t fashionable to do so… That we were one of the few that picked up the flag and carried it for a while…

36. Ok, it’s been great to get in touch with you, thanks for answering this piece of shit… This space is for you to end this up as you like. Offer your merchandising and tell us which records inspired you during this int.

DAVE: Thanks to you, Gabriel, for your interest & the chance for me to take up some space in “Brutal Passion!” I will just extend the invitation for any interested parties to check us out. You can find updated info regarding the release of the new FUNEBRARUM record and available merchandise as well as some sample tracks on our MySpace page and you can reach me via e-mail at abazagorath69@hotmail.com.
Stay fucking Dead!!!

G.G.K. and Brutal Passion’Zine

Very Happy
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