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ISRAHELLBANGER Records - prices reduced!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:43 am    Post subject: ISRAHELLBANGER Records - prices reduced! Reply with quote

Check it out Metalheads! WWW.ISRAHELLBANGER.COM

No more 10$ CD's! Most of the CD's are5$ and some 8$, most of our tapes' prices reduced to only 4$ and some stuff was recently added to the distro list!

Latest distro updates:


DRÜNKEN BASTARDS (Hun) / RÖTTEN (Mex) - Global Nuclearism SPLIT
(Live and raw Hungarian/Mexican Black/Thrash alliance, united in Metallic AlkoHell!)

PATHOGEN (Phl) - Blasphemous Communion
(Debut full length of this promising Death Metal horde. If you don't like this album, you dimply don't like Death Metal!)

TRUNAR (Bel) - Christs not Christians
(Old-school poisonous Black metal from Belarus!)


H418ov21.C (Ger) - Rituale - Demo2
(Ritual Ambient/Industrial side-project of Evil Avenger from Nocturnal)

(2 more ambient oriented tracks from H418oc21.C and dark ambient from France)

H418ov21.C (Ger) - Verloren (demo)
(Yes, more ritualistic instrurialized ambient!)

H418ov21.C (Ger) / WHITE NOISE, SPLIT
(3 industrial/ambient tracks of H418ov21.C and 2 tracks of white noise variations of the WN project!)

(Finally a worthy demo of an Israeli band, the first one since the very early 90's! Expect Death Metal that sounds like Death fuckin' METAL! For fans of Florida classics like Death, Baphomet, Massacre, Gorguts and the likes)

SCALARE (Ger) - Master of All Evil
(Evil traditional Heavy Metal with a good sound for a demo tape!)

SEPTORY (Rus) - World War Chaos
(Brutal fuckin' Death Metal!)

SZARLEM (Ger) - Night of Blood
(Another Black Metal side-project of Evil Avenger from Nocturnal, played the way it used to be played in Poland in the early 90's)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - After the End
(7 tracks of old school grind core ! If you are into old DEAD INFECTION, BLOOD, TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH - this is for you. Great sound too!)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Apocalyptic Visions
(8 visions from the end of the world captured in 8 tracks of old school death/grind ! No more to say ! )

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Ask the Dead
(Demo No.7 , again old school Death/Grind, with a bit more evil Death Metal touches this time)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Chaos Inversion
(27 minute Noise remix track of the demos 1-4, pure chaotic madness!)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Dead World
(23 tracks of primitive grind supremacy! You know what to expect!)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Haunted Places
(Primitive grindcore ! Demo made of 3 short recording session. Includes MISFITS and BLOOD cover songs!)

TERRORAZOR (Ger) - Watching You Die
(5 more tracks of.... You got it right, PRIMITIVE GRINDCORE! This time with Hellbastard (NOCTURNAL) on session drums!)

TIRAN (Rus) - Demonia
(Raw as Hell Death/Thrash, featuring a RUSSIAN VODKA cover of KORROZIA METALLA)
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