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PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 3:40 am    Post subject: Tradelist Reply with quote

Altar Of Perversion - From Dead Temples (Towards The Ast'ral Path) LP & EP (EAL)
Angantyr - Sejr LP & EP (Northern Silence)
Annihilatus - Blood And War LP (Northern Heritage)
Arcturus - Asperia Hiems Symfonia Constellation My Angel 2LP (Candlelight)
Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry LP (Death To Mankind)
Arghoslent - Galloping Through Battle Ruins LP (Hellflame)
Armagedda - Only True Believers LP (From Beyond)
Atomizer - The Only Weapon Of Choice LP(AJNA)
Axis Of Advance - Strike LP (Death To Mankind)
Baptism - Wisdom & Hate LP (Northern Heritage)
Baptism - The Beherial Midnihgt LP (Northern Heritage)
Clandestine Blaze - Delivers Of Faith LP (Northern Heritage)
Corpus Christii - Tormented Belief LP (Nightmare)
Dark Storm / Apolokia - Split LP (Sombre)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult/Donkelheet - Split LP (Black Blood)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Follow The Calls For Battle LP (Christhunt)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - The Pest Called Humanity LP (Black Blood)
Deathspell Omega - Kenose LP (NED)
Demoncy - Faustian Dream LP (Sombre)
Drudkh - Autumn Aurora LP (Faustian)
Emptiness - Emptiness LP (K35Inc)
Enthroning Silence - A Dream Of Nightskies LP (Painiac)
Enthroning Silence - Unnamed Quintessence Of Grimness LP (Sombre)
Ewiges Reich - Ewiges Reich LP (Perverted Taste)
Goatfire - Sacrophobic Initiation LP (Sombre)
Goatlord - Distorted Birth: The Demos 3LP (From Beyond)
Haat - Factum Luctisonus LP (Painiac)
Haat - Recidiuus In Obscurum LP (Painiac)
Haemoth - Satanik Terrorism LP (Debemur Morti)
Hellhammer - Luxury 2LP (Bootleg)
Ildjarn - 93 LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn - Minnesjord-The Dark Soil LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn - Nocturnal Visions LP (Northern Heritage)
Ildjarn - 1992-1995 2LP (Northern Heritage)
Impious Havoc - The Great Day Of Wrath LP (Sombre)
Incriminated - Hypocricide LP (Ordealis)
Incriminated - Miracle Of Purity LP (Northern Heritage)
Inner Helvete - Total Bloodshedding Devastation LP (Ordealis)
Katharsis - Kruzifixxion LP (NED)
Maniac Butcher - Cerna Krev LP (Sombre)
Maniac Butcher - Live In Germany LP (From Beyond)
Maniac Butcher - The Incapable Carrion LP (Terror From Hell)
Maniac Butcher - Barbarians LP (Mutilation)
Megiddo - The Devil And The Whore LP (MFH)
Morbosidad - Morbosidad LP (NWN Prod)
Mutiilation - 1992-2002 Ten Years Of Depressive Destruction 2LP (EAL)
Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg 2LP (No Colours)
Nargaroth - Geliebtes Des Regens 2LP (No Colours)
Old Wainds - Religion Of Spiritual Violence LP (Miriquidi)
Ondskapt - Dodens Evangelium 2LP (Next Horizon)
Sabbat - Go Gezol Go LP (HMSS)
Sammath - Strijd LP (Macabre Operetta)
Stalaggh - Project Nihil LP (Total Holocaust)
Throneum - Old Death's Lair LP (Sombre)
Torgeist - Devoted To Satan LP (Drakkar)
Tormentor - Anno Domini PICLP (AJNA)
Urgehal - Atomkinder LP (Agonia)
Uncreation's Dawn - Deathmarch Over God's Kingdom LP (Northern Heritage)
Ungod/Baxaxaxa - Split LP (Merciless)
Vomitor - Bleeding The Priest LP (Metal Blood)
Various - Tormenting Legends Vol1 LP (Blut & Eisen)
Various - From The Entrails To The Dirt (EAL)
Various - Crushing The Holy Trinity (Northern Heritage)
Warloghe - Womb Of Pestilence LP (lluminated Void)
Watain - Casus Luciferi LP (NED)
Weltmacht - To Every Beast Its Prey LP (No Colours)
Witchburner - Incarnation Of Evil LP (Undercover)
Xasthur/Leviathan - Split LP (Profound Lore)
Xasthur - A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 2LP (Debemur Morti)
Xasthur - Suicide In Dark Serenity LP (Bestail Onslaught)
Xasthur - Telepathic With The Deceased 2LP (From Beyond)

Armagedda - In Blackest Ruin (Agonia)
Judas Iscariot - Moonlight Butchery (No Colours)
Krieg/Azaghal - Split (From Beyond)
Krohm - Crown Of The Ancients (Selbstmord)
Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium (Painiac)
Secrets Of The Moon - The Exhibitions EP (Akedia)

Absurd - Thuringian Pagan Madness (Black Sun)
Apoloka/Inferno - Split (Sombre)
Armagedda/Woods Of Infinity - Split (Sombre)
Audiopain/Mysticum - Split (Worship Him)
Bestial Mockery - A Sign Of Satanic Victory (Warlord)
Black Witchery/Katharsis - Split (Sombre)
Botulistum/Inferni - Split (New Era)
Burzum - Once Emperor (Bootleg)
Celestia - Evoking Grace And Splendour (Drakkar)
Cirith Gorgor - Through Woods Of Darkness And Evil (Ketzer)
Countess/Megiddo - Split (Decius)
Darksend, The - The Luciferian Whisper (X-treme)
Destruktor - Brutal Desecration (Decius)
Ewiges Reich/Totenburg - Split (Perverted Taste)
Funeral Winds - Thy Eternal Flame (Black Arts)
Grand Belail's Key/Chemin De Haine - Split (Painiac)
Haatstrijd - Satansplaag (Sadolust)
Hell Icon - Symphonia Corrumptor (Macabre Operetta)
Horna - Risti Fa Ruoska (Ledo Takas)
Iljarn-Nidhogg - Svartfrad (Granskog)
Inner Helvete/Front Beast - Split (Ordealis)
Impending Doom/Goatfire - Split (Christhunt)
Incriminated/Nuclear Winter (Shades Of Autumn)
Krieg/Open Grave - Split (Regimental)
Krieg/Satanic Warmaster - Split (Darkland)
Kristallnacht - Adversary (Sombre)
Malicious Secrets - Apostle Of Him (Ordealis)
Marduk - Slay The Nazarene (Warlord)
Morbisidad - Bajo El Egendro Del Crucuficado (Bestial Onslaught)
Nachtmystium/Xasthur - Split (Autopsy Kitchen)
Necroplasma - Obscurial Death (Neodawn)
Nortt - Hedengang (Sombre)
Nuit Noire - Lutina (Drakkar)
Pyre/Nihil Nocturne (Wotanstahle Klangschmiede)
Revenge - Superion.Command.Destroy (Warhammer)
Sabbat - Asian Harmageddon EP (Evil Records)
Satanic Warmaster/Akitsa - Split (Agonia)
Slayer - Los Angeles Live (Spike Collectors Club)
Stalaggh - Stallagh (New Era)
Suicidal Winds - Misanthropic Anger (Warlord)
Throneum - The Last Morgue (From Beyond)
Tsjuder - Throne Of The Goat PICEP (Mester's Prod)
Uncreation's Dawn - Uncelestial (Breath Of Pestilence)
Uncreation's Dawn/Baptism - Split (Hammer Of Hate)
Various - Black Metal Endsieg III (Sombre)
Vlad Tepes - Return Of The Unweeping Demo/Winter Rehearsel Demo (Bootleg)
Vomitor - Neutron Hammer (Invictus)
Woods Of Infinity - I-20 (Total Holocaust)
Heavy Metal! Just my way
Heavy Metal! Just my devil
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