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for trade/sale

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:54 am    Post subject: for trade/sale Reply with quote


Thou Art Lord:eosforos lp

Rotting Christ: non serviam lp

Mortuary Drape:into the drape

Septic Flesh:mystic places of dawn pic lp

Sigh/Kawir ep

Setherial/Sorhin tape


Thornium:dominions of the eclipse cd (First press)

Kvist:For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike cd (first press)

Mayhemic Truth:cythraw ep,demos...

Behemoth:sventevith (storming near the baltic) lp (pagan)

Deinonychus:a blaze over darkland demo

October Tide:rain without end cd,promo tape

Katatonia:dance of december souls lp (hellion)***, for funerals to come pic lp.

Anathema:lps,ep's (ask)

Wormphlegm:tomb of the ancient king lp,in a excrucuating way..demo

Thergothon:stream from the heavens lp

Unholy:trip to depressive autumn tape

Sentenced:shadows of the past cd or lp first press,north from here cd or lp first press...

Monumentum:in absentia christi lp

Evoken:embrace the emptiness cd (elegy)

Ceremonium:into the autumn shade cd

Dusk:majestic thou in ruins cd

Winter:into darkness lp ***

Mythic:mourning in the winter solstice cd,anthology cd...


Decomposed:hope finally died cd

Solitude Aeternus:beyond the crimson horizon lp

Convulse:world without god cd or lp

Tiamat: a winter shadow ep

Warning:watching from a distance 2lp

Portal:the sweyy ep .Outre lp...


Katatonia (old) logo



Behemoth:sventevith (storming near the baltic)

Altar of perversion:from dead temples

Zemial:for the glory of ur (iron pegasus )

Darkthrone:F.O.A.D (ltd edition w/cardboard)

Absurd:facta loquuntur (w.t.c)

Luror: The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror (Blut & eisen)

Kadotus:seven glorifications of evil

Torture Wheel:crushed under

Mourning Caress:imbalance

Evoken:shades of night descending (adipocere)

Paradigma:skadi (head not found)

Expulser:the unholy one

V/A appointement with fear vol II (cyber music)

Taste of Fear:s/t (lost & FOUND RECORDS)


Nyktalgia:Peisithanatos (blut & eisen)

Demoncy:within sylvan realms of frost (sombre)

Dragon:fallen angel

Living Death:back to weapons

Swallow the sun:ghosts of loss dlp (firebox)

Sinister:cross the styx (nuclear blast)

Obfuscation(Fin):swangsongs (E- records)

Necrophagist:onset of putrefaction


Inquisition:invoking the majestic throne of satan (incoffin)

Conqueror:war cult supremacy
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