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INTERVIEWS!! (Bestial Mockery and Darkness...)

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:05 pm    Post subject: INTERVIEWS!! (Bestial Mockery and Darkness...) Reply with quote

Hi !!... My name is Gabriel Gatica from Chile... im editor in Brutal Passion'zine and Compilation of Death'zine.
I have some interviews that will be published only in Spanish ... I leave here in case anyone is interested in reading this ...Enjoy!


1. Hellish regards! How are the electroshock sessions going? Which were the last gigs Bestial Mockery played in and what were the damages to the venues? How was the public's behavior in said gigs?
Master: Hell-o Goatpal! Master here. Its total hell here hangover comedown depression hell.Fuck off with electroshocks its none of your business! Sadistik electrocution ha ha!Last gig we did was in Germany 1 year ago at United Metal Maniacs Festival with tons of our allies there to raise hell and then 2-3 gig just before in Sweden.

2. Tell us about the death and resurrection of Devil Pig. How was and what caused the fight between Ted Bundy and Devil Pig?
Master: Everyone of us always fight so it was just a matter of time before something like this would happen. At Warslaughter wedding Doomanfanger and Bundy threatened each other with knifes etc. Also we will split the band soon Ted Bundy left and Devilpig is not with us anymore but he wrote on last song for us before the end. We have got Aggressive Protector with us now from Mastema and Protector and we will do one last album and some shows before the final attack! And ending in flames!

3. How are your live performances? Do you play any cover song? If so, what song and for what motive? Which other band would you like to pay tribute to?
Master: Live for violence- live is violence! Nuclear holocaust death n Armageddon, hate and destruction darkness and evil we are obsessed by violence! Live rituals are spikes, smoke, chainsaws, blood, fire, torture, pain, corpsepaint, gasmasks, chains, studs, leather, executioners masks, goatheads, bloodsoaked cloths, beatings, bulletbelts, inverted crosses and war helmets. We have done like 45 gigs about now and we will only do 2 more ever so be in Holland in June! We have done Sodom, Bathory and NME covers. Just ask the hordes we have raised hell with onstage like Evil Angel, Kill, Destroyer 666 etc.

4. Speaking of live shows, what was the last gig you attended? Any band you didn't know that surprised you? Tell us about the last bands outside of your country that have gained your attention.
Master: Nifelheim and Vornth was the latest show I saw and it was 2 weeks ago in my town here in uddevalla we have approx 250 Metalheads here and 300 more came from many countries and rest of Sweden just to see this evil gig. Nifelheim it is the best black metal live band! The ultimate black mass in music! Actually we don’t gain much attention in Sweden and I am fine with that I don’t like Sweden anyhow full of posers and whores! We are biggest in Holland and Germany, South America, Italy and France.
Bands in Sweden lately have been Matricide, Morbid Insulter and Vornth great shit all of them also from Germany a band called Ruins is true evil black metal and Alastor

5. In what consists your daily job and that of the other members? Is there a relation between your daily life and what you do on Bestial Mockery?
Master: Archaeologhy is my daily job, I also work in butchery sometimes to get black money I am the mad butcher. Bestial is part of my everyday purgatory I work with it many hours a day and I am a black metal maniac from I wake until I drop and when I shit.
We have just now recorded our last album Slaying the life for Season of mist rex and Hells Headbangers for release in like September. And tomorrow I gonna do a new tattoo an evil spiderweb from hell.

6.- You're the editor of a 'zine called Death 'n Armageddon. Tell us about the bands that have surprised you in a positive way. How many bands have you contacted that you're a real fan of? and how many have disappointed you with their answers?
Master: Yeah I am and it was started in 1997 as world wide holocaust mag in order to set things straight in the underground to be a metal inquisition and only feature raw dirty bands
We at that time did interviews with conqueror, destroyer 666 and some norse band + some. But due to our band and drugs we published them in other mags also bestial warlust just called it quit so then we did not know who would be main band in the mag. Anyhow I picked it up again in 2001 and finally in 2004 I guess it started to spread its poison. I don’t get surprised I have always known that South America, Australia and Canada and some in North America are good so I support them. I always consider myself a fan that’s why I barley never wanna meet or talk to bands I hail, coz you only get dissillusioned but the warriors from Destroyer 666, vomitor, toxic holocaust, blasphemy and Antaeus have shown themselves just as die hard as I had hoped. Next issue will have tons evil shit, Vulcano, Sodom, mayhem, blasphemy, Nunslaughter, vomitor, face of evil and maybe mefisto, sadistik exekution (again), bestial warlust, spear of longinus, protector and future tense. Check www.bestialmockery.cjb.net and then go to the links.

7.- How do you see the swedish scene from your with point of view? Is there a real commitment with the underground or are there many clowns that brag about how they go to gigs and buy albums only in order to belong to a certain "urban tribe"?
Master: A bunch of fags and mediahorny whores ,some few extreme like in all countries but mostly shit, nowadays we again have a better death scene like in early 90ths but a crappy weak scene for black just like in 95 all these so called orthodox assholes can fuck off, but our time will come my brothers and all who misused his name shall pay

8.- If you were allowed to commit murder and get away with it, who would be your first victims and why?
Master: All posers, Swedish government Americas government, all bouncers at bars and all whores!

9.- How were the news of Jon Nodtveidt's death received within the swedish satanic circle? What do you think about his decision?
Master: Nothing if you are into the metal of death everyone should rejoice in that a strong and determined mind decided to end his life for the cause and at the height of his carer. No remorse. All who got sad are wankers who are in love with their idols. I meet him sometimes and it was violence.

10.- Tell us about the "Sons of Satan" project. Which are the main differences between SoS and Bestial Mockery?
Master:.NO ANSWER!

11.- How were your beginnings in Metal? Which was the band responsible for this road to have no return?
Master: Iron maiden and Europe I got by my uncle when I was 6 years old I did no understand anything but still, then Kiss, Metallica and guns n roses when I was 9. Then it was Venom and Mercyful fate from my uncles, then I got some cannibal corpse and then I meet Warslaughter who introduced me to Bathory, Mayhem, Lord Belial, Sodom, Macabre, Slayer, Dissection and Exhumer.

12.- How was the experience to work with Osmose Productions? Now that your contract is over, are you looking for a label to release a new album or are you working independently releasing EP's and splits?
Master: It was ok all in all but they are so wimpy they always wanted to censor us and make us calmer and nicer ha ha what a joke we can’t behave. But all my fave bands have been there Sadistik Exekution, blasphemy, Angelcorpse, order from chaos, masters hammers, massacre etc. But I am glad we ended the work with them they had a option for an album more but we said we wanted to leave and they said fine then after they spread out that they had dumped us ha ha so girlish at least we fooled them off some money. Yeah we are already signed to season of mist but we still do tons of own or underground releases as always.

13.- Bestial Mockery's sound has undoubtedly experimented a few changes throughout the years, but always maintaining it's essence intact. What do you think are the reasons for those changes in composition? New influences, new techniques, more maturity in the compositions? Are the purposes on which the band was created on still intact? Did you ever think it was possible that Black Metal reached so many places around the globe?
Master: You think we changed? Humm ok that’s news to me but I guess all bands says like that, but it was not until I read reviews of Gospel that I first understood myself that we have some technical or fucked up parts coz for me we are just same primitive brutal fucked up piece of shit as we were when we started to rip off Slayer and Bathory in the beginning ha ha. No maturity maybe just learned to play our instruments he he.
Yes Black Metal have since day one for me always been very international, Euronymous showed that from the start so it is obvious that the Darkness is the same everywhere on the globe that’s why I think NSBM is so crappy! Evil is boundless! My own influences have always been Bathory, Dead, Attila, Macabre and during last 9 years Face of Evil, Soothsayer, Necrodeath, Death SS and Dr Shrinker for vocals.

14.- What’s your opinion regarding the new wave of swedish death metal bands that retain the old feeling and brutality, Duch as Kaamos, Repugnant, Nominon, 9th Plague, Necrovation, etc, among others? What’s your opinion on the old bands of your country that have sold-out their music and changad their essence?
Master : I like all these bands except 9th coz I have not heard them but also Axis Powers, Dismember, Mefisto, old Entombed, Moria, and Nihilist were killer, but yeah Repugnant are old friends of mine and I must say their final album was the best Swedish death metal since the early 90ths. Hail to the evil death! Some sold out but for ex. I always respected Treblinka/Tiamat even later. So great death scene but crappy black. My other fave death have always been autopsy, morbid angel, incantation, malevolent creation, immolation etc.

15.- Who is in charge of composing the songs, both musically and lyrically? What are the most oportune moments to do so? What are your best and most effective inspirations? Are alcohol or drugs your partners when composing?
Master: I sometimes have very specific ideas about riffs or melody for a chourus and sometimes warslaughter even make whole songs on guitarr or bass but mostly i its doomanafnger and bundy who make it together with us in the rehearsal room devilpig also have done like 3 songs and yes beers and hasch etc. are our compainions and partners in crime.
Me and Warslaughter write half the lyrics each Doomanfanger and Devilpig have contributed with some few each over the years but me and the butcher of the battlefield are the main ideological primus motors.

16- The last opus is "Gospel of the Insane". A total morbid album. Can you tell us some details about it. What can you say compared to the previous works?. Tell us about the lyrical and visual concepts (if there are any) of this album.
Master: Gospel is a masterpiece in its own sickness it was recorded during hellish circumstances of agony and mental pain for me and it reflects well in the vocals. I had had some psychosis and been locked up after our Fucked up in Finland tour of 2004 in mental institutions and electro shock therapy and then escaped for a gig and the recording. The album speaks for itself. I still have heard to listen to it sometimes in darkness coz it generates such mentally disturbing mood and that’s great. The cover is done by our evil friend mr Chris Thorncross Moyen and depicts Lord Pajasuor wielding his chainsaw.

17- Do you think that Bestial Mockery’s albums are for a only a few people? What’s your ideal public?
Master: No not especially but its not for everyone either, it should be black metal maniacs, trashers, deathsters and punks. Everyone who is drunk, stoned, ripped, devoted to the dark in life and twisted should listen to our shit.

18- What do you think would change in the band if you had a contract with Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade for example? Would you like to be on a bigger label which had a better distribution, gigs and recording budgets?
Master: Nah not for us but I mean season of mist is quite big too, and dissection did well on nuclear blast but I prefer the underground its where we were spawned and the black poisonous blood of the underground runs thick in our polluted veins.

19- You have just released a split 7" named Poison of the Underground" with the chilean horde Force of Darkness. What do you think of that release?. You liked what FOD presented on that split or you better liked another track from them?. There are other splits on the way? Which bands?
Master: I am fucking pleased with that evil release, of corpse i worshiped what FoD made and I really dig their 2nd demotape the last song is ultra evil and recently their full cd have been played til death on my stereo along with chainsaw full album. Other splits are with Karnarium and then a Sodom tribute 6 split mlp with Toxic holocaust, Vomitor, Protector, Sucidal winds and Nocturnal and finally a split cd with Sathanas, Crucifier and Throneum.

20- You recorded 2 songs for this split. The first one “Chainsaw Kill” is much more punk oriented to put it in some way. What made you create a song so diferent to the usual Bestial Mockery sound? I guess you enjoy the old Crust, Punk and Hardcore sound? Do you listen to bands like Amebix, Rattus, GBH, Discharge, GG Allin, Acussed, etc? What do you think of this style nowadays?
Master: Of corpse we are all into punk cant you hear that already before, anticimex is one of our biggest influences along with Sadistik Exekution, Sodom, venom, bathory, macabre, slayer and discharge. All the ones u mentioned are great except accused those I have not heard also tervät kädet are killer just ask Sarcofago about that finish hardcore band of the 80ths.

21- Heeyyy… I heard the chilean Daniel Desecrator will do some artwork for you. He draws in a very sick way… What concept have you gave him to work with? What have you liked in his way of drawing, being there so many other designers and illustrators in the Metal scene?
Master: From the moment I saw his work I worshipped it. I first saw Vomitor and then Slaughtbbath so morbid, sick, dark and evil that demo tape made my whole week when I got it Raising the chalice of Blasphemy!

22.- What do you think of bands from “exotic” countries? They’re kina of a trend lately, even though it’s true that listening to bands with a shorter or non-existent Metal history Gives them a distinct feeling, but also there’s also a lot of shitty stuff that’s being released for the only reason of being “exotic”. What’s your opinion on this?
Master: My blackheart always remain loyal to the howling laughter of the damned that is the underground and scenes like in south America is see as the future for extreme metal I especially hail Chile with Chainsaw, Ejecutor, Slaughtbbath and Force of Darkness.

23.- What important do you give to the lyrics of an album? Is music more important to you? What do you think about Nifelheim and the fact they’ve never printed any lyrics?
Master: It’s very important to include the lyrics on the album. But I respect Nifelheim for not wanna be willing to share them too. Although I have had many conversations about this with both Hellbutcher and Tyrant a mysterious mistake ….

24.- What does corpsepaint or warpaint represent to you? What’s the reason for it’s use?
Master: It should be used for rituals and live onslaughts! We are at war with the world.

25.- The lineup of Bestial Mockery has changad through the years, especially the bass players. Can you tell us about the causes of these members for leaving the band? Do you still keep in touch with any of them?
Master: Nah all can fuck off I have tried to strangle and kill some yes but most do a good work themselves now with drugs so I don’t need to ha ha

26.- Tell us about the first Bestial Mockery gig. What was it like? How did the croad react and when did it happen? Was it the first time you were on stage?
Master: It was in 1997 it went straight to hell, my chainsaw scared kids away then i was spitting blood on the audience with their fucking adidas shit on then doomanfanger broke his guitar and took our bassplayers and we only did 3 songs all in all and i cut myself open onstage dripping blood and puke on the posers.

27.- Speaking of gigs, how are the previous agreements you do when you’re playing live? Do you charge a certain ammount of cash or are you ok with just transportation and food expenses? Any bad experience with a producer?
Master: We charge arorund 500 euros for a gig abroad and noone mess with us! We uses violence, spikes, chainsaws, gasmasks and pigguts live.

28.- What do you do for a living? Did you study any profesión? Do you think it’s posible to live from underground Metal at least in Sweden or Europe?
Master: Some few can live on it in the underground but those are easy to count and no as I said earlier I have things that gives me money but I also have bad habits to support.

29- Ok man, I hope it’s not unconfortable for you to speak about this subject, but these are mere rumours over here and it’d be interesting to clear ‘em up and know more about your person. Tell us a little more about you. Is it true you’ve been interned in a psychriatic clinic? What problem did you have? Are you an impulsive man with a certain degree of schizophrenia? Tell us about your treatment. What does it consist of?
Master: I have been in mental institutions many times since year of 2000.
Also the electroshock treatment I been going through it’s like a true descent into hell. But now I have not been there since 2 years soon. Last time I escaped after 3 months.

30- How have you taken all of this? Does it bother you in some way? What does your family think about you, any idea?
Master: What do you honestly think yourself?

31- Do you have a wife, children? A woman to make love to and sleep tight with in the cold swedish nights? What do the concepts of love and family mean to you?
Master: Yes I have a wife now which I am very proud of she is a killer and I get to know her when she was working on a radio show I got interviewed on and she is a bestial maniac and then she moved here and she is the rawest and coolest women I know.

32- We’ve also heard rumours about Carl Warslaughter. Does he also have problems? How perjudicial are and Carl’s treatments and yours for the band? Do you think this has given Bestial Mockery an image of crazy and wild metalheads matching your music and lyrics? Do you like this link?
Master: No one that has ever had mental problems ever want to have that or experience that again an psychosis is an extremely scary and painful thing and I have gone through 3.
He have some problems yes he suffer from like post war traumas and becomes like a soldier when he is drunk. Yes I like that maniacs are supporting us.

33- What do you think about yourself when it comes to autoevaluation? Are you a violent person for example? Do you have any anecdotes regarding fights or problems with a band member whose ass you’ve kicked?
Master: Nah as I said I have my outbreaks but all members n shit belong to the past. Fuck them!
If you are a Satanist you must be able to use your fist all evil wannabes can fuck off in their dark corners!

34- What was the first thing your parents thought when realizing your taste for dark and violent music? Did you ever had an argument with them about it? How do your parents see what you do in Metal music?
Master: When I got too much scars, were too drunk and made too much fights I got thrown out of my home when I was 15, then I got a tattoo and my own apartment and after a year I got a cheap house where I could rehearse and drink without problem then I lost that and have since lived in apartments in uddevalla and a short period in Visby on a fucking island which sucked.

35- What’s the most depraved stuff you’ve done when it comes to sex? Do you collect porn? Do you attend any topless in Sweden? How are the swedish hookers?
Master: Swedish hookers and girls can fuck off they are just stupid whores! My necroslut is from France and she kicks even most guy’s asses! And no I don’t collect porn I don’t need that.

36.- What do you think of the big number of immigrants that have arrived to Sweden? Any culture that bothers you most? I once saw the jails of your country are filled with chileans and morrocian immigrants. Do you know why your country’s jails give the immates so much freedoms and facilities? Swedish immates live in an hotel compared to our jails. Have you ever been in jail?
Master: No I never been in jail but many of my close friends and allies are, after 1 year of selling drugs I stopped so no problem for me, but beside that they have only put me in a cell coz I been too drunk in the streets and 2 times also fined me for urinating in public sometimes ha ha.

37.- Tell us about your chainsaw fetish. When and how did your relationshit with this tool begun? Do you see the Bestial Mockery concept without chainsaws?
Master: It well represent my own character and mind beside that yeah Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of 1000 corpses are killer movies but when we started I only know that Wasp had used chainsaws then I found out about Razor, Sodom, Slaughter etc. but it’s a good tradition also Chainsaw is one of the best bands ever! I am the poser hunting, oil injected, wimp slaying, gasoline breathing, cunt crushing, keyboard destroying domesticator of the chainsaw- fuck reincarnations I am the Chainsaw Inkarnated ! I am the fucking Chainsaw! To get more chainsaw metal and to obtain holocaust equipment and atomic deathcharges visit these temples:
To buy Poison of the Underground Split EP
to buy Sepulchral Wrath Tape with 6 new songs and a sticker
to get Metal of Death 10” Split with Razorblade barbed wire on
to get 4 split CD with Sathanas, Crucifier and Throneum incl. new tracks
Time Before Time Records
To get Split Picture LP/CD with sticker, M-LP and 2 different new shirts
to get our 2 last LPs and CDs Evoke the Desecrator or Gospel of the Insane
to get Back-patches and rare and evil shirts or interviews

38.- Gives us your point of view regarding some of the old legends from your lands and the influence they’ve had on you or your country’s Metal culture. Add any if you consider it necessary:
Bathory the originators of Black Metal Sweden’s best band Quorthoon RIP die in fire!
Treblinka earwigs in my veins hail the black Tiamat! Mould in hell!
Grotesque- play it on 33 instead of 45pp its killer mr Tompa Goatspell is a fun guy!
Nifelheim best black metal live act! Black evil! Heavy black speed metal! .I am the Sodomizer!
Dissection the occult masters of Swedish metal of Death!
Necrophobic I liked the first LP and MLP
Obscurity one of the most talented first evil Swedish bands love their demos
Unleashed only liked first album and the Nirvana cover of onward into endless battles
Dismember Sweden’s best death metal platoon it was great when they played in uddevalla drugs and iron crosses
Entombed pioneers and innovators of death metal when suicidal wind splayed with them this summer they delivered and still keep touch with the underground
Merciless swedens best trash metal outfit one of my fave bands ever!
Nihilist suppose to rot arrrggh! godfathers
Face of Evil swedens most sick and evil black metal band ever evil fucking antichrist destructor! Hail Dr Ölund I am drawn to the grave! Hear the witches sinfull song!
Satan commands you!
Mefisto when Matte of Suicidal Winds gave me the first original demo limited to 50 copies I was blown away that and some weed and you are off into the depths maybe the best guitarr play ever in sweden!

39.- What do you think of the new wave of orthodox Black Metal? Many bands come from your country... Watain, Ofermod, Funeral Mist, Ondskapt, Heresi are just a few that praise darkness and evil from other point of view. Which of these views match yours and which don’t?
Master: I have always been a forerunner of orthodox devilworship even though we are not part of the new scene, so when I meet Ofermod and Watain I really got along well with them coz at this time in Sweden when Ofermod ep came out and when I learned to know Erik none more than some few around the west coast of Sweden was into real devilworship so I gave them total support also when Tore Stjerna played me the advance of Funeral Mist Salvation at a party before a gig Bestial, Watain and Kill should play I was blown away maybe the most sick and potent evil charged album ever to come out of Sweden or the world it literally coz curses and depression to the listener. In the end Watain could not play that day coz the guitarist cut his hand open totally but we played with them some months later, I respect their work they do today but even though its totally right to spread the gospel to the masses I still would not do it as big and in that manner myself but to each one its own. Nowadays His name is again a worn out term and everyone claims to be religious and most of them are idiots so its barely as bad again as in the mid 90ths. Fuck off to all trends and those who misuses his name! Hail to Antaeus true destructive and infectious darkness! Matricide is a band to check up in this scene it stands for the glorious destruction of everything good and shows that the Lord is boundless! Personally most of the best band I have heard during the last 7 years are old stuff Procreation, Destroyer 666, Tumult, Witches Hammer, Blasphemy, new Angelcorpse, new Antaeus, Nocturnal Graves, Ruins, new Vulcano and best of all Toxic Holocaust this is the next big thing be fucking ware! This evil black heavy speed trash metal will conquer the world!!!

40.- Alright, thanks for all your answers! This space is for you to say whatever you want, curse, spew hatred or threats... Also tell us about the future plans of Bestial Mockery in it’s crusade against human weakness!
Master: We have tons of evil plans for world domination I tell you brother- a split Cd with Sathanas, Crucifer and Throneum on Time before Time Rex, a compilation with unreleased, live and rehearsal tracks called Chainsaw Destruction by Terranis Prod in Hungary, a 6 split sodomaniac tribute called In the sign of Sodom with Vomitor, Protector, Toxic Holocaust, Nocturnal and Suicidal Winds all our best allies in the world! A CD called Unholy Trinity by Witchhammer Productions with all our demos on, probably a real live album called Slaughter Mass, a last split EP maybe called Final Attack of the Barbaric Horde and finally our last album Slaying the life from Season of Mist Rex.
Thanks for support in the barbarians of the evil horde, Bestial fucking Mockery.
Master Motorsåg over n out from the outbombed trenches of Armageddon.

Interview: Gabriel “The Exhumator” Gatica
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Darkness Interview

1- Cheers Arnd!!!....Shit!!!... It’s too much grateful to us got the chance to talk to you, Darkness was a band, than even now we like so much, and there is no place for duds than it’s a referent into the German thrash metal history. I dont know if I’m wrong but i think you never were interviewed by any chilean, Is that right?...Well Arnd...Please start showing us you history inside the metal scene and how brought a life Darkness, in a very strong German metal era....What were the first bands than marked your way to see the music ?
Arnd: Hi, Gabriel. It is a big honor for me to give an interview to a chilean zine, thanks a lot for the opportunity!
Regarding the interview to chilean zines you are right, I never did one, at least not in the last four or five years.
Darkness was founded in 1984 by Lacky. The members of the band changed during the years until in 1987 the original line – up was formed by Lacky, Olli, Pierre, Bruno and me. Darkness first recorded three demos, “The evil curse”, “Titanic war” and “Spawn of the dark one”, I never played on any of the demos, I first appeared on an inofficial tape, that was recorded for an US – Sampler and later brought us a record – deal. We then recorded the albums “Death Squad” in 1987, “Defenders of justice” in 1988 and “Conclusion and revival” in 1989. We played a lot of gigs but unfortunately never a tour. In the period of time between 1987 to 1989 we changed our members; Bruno, Pierre and Olli left the band and were replaced by Jöter on guitar, Thomas on bass, twice Timo on bass and at last Ray on vocals. In 1989 we thought that the changes were too much and the differences between the members were too big and finished with “Darkness”.
The first bands we heard in that time were (the old) Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Testament, Judas Priest and more…

2- I’m interested in talk about Darkness, but also I would like you introduce us into the German metal history, your living place history and the metal scene in younger years when darkness started to play...many years ago...could you tall us anything about these? Who others bands there were in your city?. Did you have any circle of friends, any kind of metal friendship; did you make a tape trading, or beer drinking?
Arnd: Of course we did tape- trading, but less than beer – drinking, hahaha! Yeah, it was a crazy time, it was absolutely great and unique!
We all come from the Ruhr – area in germany, which mark at that time was hard work and dirt, factories, metal industry and coal mines. It was a blast furnace for angry and loud music. We all are from Essen in the Ruhr – area, and Kreator and Sodom are from Essen, too. We were friends and colleagues and we shared our rehearsal room with Kreator.
To talk about the whole German metal – history would be too much right here, I hope you understand…

3- Well, you started with “The Evil Curse” demo tape, and “Iron Force” rehearsal both recorded in 1985 and self financed , Tell me about those older productions, How it was gestionated?, was a right begin? Who was the music composer? And the lyrics writer? Do you still exist in your personal collection?
Arnd: I’m sorry, but as I told you before I was not involved in the old tapes. The composers were the old darkness – members such as Lacky. I don’t have the original demos, Lacky keeps them, but the demo tapes are re-released on the CDs that were published by Battlecry records in 2005.

4- Songs like Armageddon, Evil Curse, Kingdom of Death, take part of your first compositions, there is no dude, than you were members of the blackest writers, what inspired the way you wrote the lyrics?, There was a “second read message”?, What can you tell about that?, Are you thinking different in the actual time?
Arnd: I believe that most of the lyrics were written by Lacky and I guess he was inspired by the gallons of beer he drank at that time, hahaha!
I don’t think that there was a second message. It was usual at that time to write about rape, chaos, hate, war, satan, such funny things…. As you probably know, we changed the kind of lyrics by the first album and we became more social – critic or politic.
Today we don’t think different about the lyrics. We see them as a very special kind of humor and we are not ashamed for them.

5- I remember at this moments, than at the same year when you get out your first two productions, bands like Violent Force, edited “Dead City” and “Velbert Death City”; Necronomicon edited “Blind Destruction” & “Total Rejection”, Funny of all this, not only is a coincidence in year, also the darker and antichristian lyrics message, and music style it was similar...Did you know these bands? Which is the difference between those bands and Darkness? Were having similar or different scenes between one city or other y the Germany of these times?
Arnd: I think the antichristian lyrics and things are not a coincidence: it was the style of that time, the intent was to shock the society. Think of “Slayer”, they started writing stuff like that and they still write dark lyrics.
We knew Violent Force, the city the live in is only 30 Kilometers away from Essen, and we still know Necronomicon, they are really nice guys! And I think, that’s the point: we knew and still know a lot of people from bands of that time. They are all really nice beer–drinking, noise–making and crazy colleagues. I don’t remember anyone who tried to rape a virgin, sacrifice a preacher or kill a christian, except Lacky, who always tries to kill me when I say, his drum is out of time, harharhar…..

6- Now i am thinking well, one year before, Sodom edited IN THE SIGN OF EVIL, and Destruction SENTENCED OF DEATH. Do you think than both bands were a fountain of inspiration to the Darkness propose, i mean in lyrical concepts, visual image and music orientation? I make this question because i have a video VHS, with a gig of you and Violent force, and both bands wearing twisted crosses, and vocals appears painted black eyes, are there similarities?
Arnd: God bless me: you’ve got that video tape?! It is always a great honor for me to hear about you guys from south america: you are well informed about us and you’ve got things, that even I don’t have. You are fucking great!!!
Of course, Darkness were inspired by wearing leather and rivets. As I told you, it was what we and the folks liked at that time.

7- Ha, ha ,ha the main cover of evil curse is too many controversial to the era, a woman in altar nailed by a inverted cross near to a skull with a pentagram.....who draw it? Never get problems about music and lyrics?
Arnd: I don’t know who draw it. But we never had problems about the lyrics.

8- In 86 you get out “Attack the Mephisto” a live tape, please talk about these gig.. did you play with more bands? How was a darkness live show? Please spoke of the moment to those never have seen nothing about the band...
Arnd: We played with more bands, but I don’t remember them, I’m sorry. It is hard for me to describe a live show, because from the stage I see it in a different way like the people in front of the stage. I can’t judge myself. You have to decide on your own, whether we are good or bad. I only can say: when we play, we try to give it all to the people! It is like an injection of pure adrenalin. We hope to come to South America soon to have a special kind of party with you folks!

9- At that time, you has ten tracks, no dude you were a band of fast composition. Where is your rehearsals place? How are the moments of song creation? A lot of beers or another fun stimulation to the time to write?
Arnd: Our rehearsal place was at that time at “Zeche Carl” in Essen – Altenessen. Nowadays it is still in Altenessen, a few hundred meters away from “Zeche Carl”.
The process of song - writing today is almost similar to the way we wrote in former times. Someone has got an idea and we work on that idea until the song is finished to everyones satisfaction. The difference today is the better standard of technic: we record the ideas at home and send them via eMail, we don’t only operate in the rehearsal room. The advantage is, that we can be more productive: when we play a song together the first time, it is almost finished, because everybody had the chance to work on it. That makes things faster and more professionel.

10- 1986 was too much job to you. Also edited two demos “Spawn of the Dark” and “Titanic War”, three productions at the same year? Where you display and deal the material? Did you have favourite fanzines in those times? Comment what happen these year respect to demos
Arnd: In 1986 I joined the band, I only recorded the last, inofficial tape, so I wasn’t as busy as the other guys were. With that tape we got the deal for an album, Lacky was working on that.
The other demos were sold very well, as I know, approx 700 or 800 copies changed the owner – I guess that’s good, isn’t it?

11- Is there something i can not understand...you used alias names like TORTURER, SKULL, AGONY, DAMAGER, but only used in some prod, and in others you used their real names, in some you are only three and other you were four...ufff....very complicated....why the alias names?
Arnd: I never used an alias, that was before I joined the band. When we recorded the first album, we decided to use our first names or our nick names. There was no special reason for that.

12- Hey arnd....tell me about the groupies, tell me about the end of the shows, and compare with a normal weekend, did you remember some crazy experiences than never have tell before in another interview? What was the most difficult you passed as a band?
Arnd: Groupies?! Yeah, I’ve had them all – I was famous for my bedworks, harharhar!!!
If you compare an usual weekend to a concert – weekend in the former time, there was no evident difference. We played concerts and after that we had wild parties or we had wild parties without playing a concert – I enjoyed the first way more than the second. Of course there were a lot of crazy things that happened, but that would fill books to tell an it is too much to talk about it in an interview.

13- In Loudwigshafen city was there other band named Darkness...they edited a only one demo in 87 called “fear of evi”….do you remember? Did you know that? Any problem with the name? (Well you must to know...in our country Chile and in Colombia also exist bands with the same name,ja,ja....)
Arnd: No, I don’t remember that. We never got in contact with them and even if we did – who the fuck cares about that? I don’t know about any bands called “Darkness” in South America or anywhere else. At least, “Darkness” is just a word, maybe the bands should be a little bit more inventive!
When people talk about “Darkness” and Thrash metal we are meant, are we?! I don’t give a damn!

14- Who named the band? What mean the darkness to you now and in the beginning?
Arnd: The name was founded by Lacky. The name “Darkness” always reminds me to a wild, and crazy time.

15-How many years old, has you when start the band? How you know each other? I know Uwe DAMAGER play in SODOM too...how he joined the band?
Arnd: In the average we all were approx 18 to 20 years old when we started. We knew each other from places like the “Mephisto” in Gelsenkirchen or “Zeche Carl” in Essen. It was a very tight scene and everbody knew each other. We all hang around at these places or in the many rehearsal rooms in the area, drank or played.Uwe and Lacky were colleagues and they started with Darkness.

16- In 1987 Darkness edited other LIVE more... “Cleans Pfozheim” in those moment you are five members, tell us about that record, what means Cleans Pfozheim? Can you tell us about the front cover? (is funny,ja,ja) What mean the cartoon with uncovered head at washing machine side?
Arnd: Pforheim was a great gig with the legendary band “Messiah” from Swiss. The cartoon means simply nothing. A person takes off it’s brain, puts it inside a laundry – machine and cleans it. We cleaned Pforzheim in a similar way, something like that. We’ve had a special kind of humor and liked the drawing, that’s all.

17- Well now is time to talk about you first full length...shit!!!...DEATH SQUAD...is an amazing record, faster, dirty, darker....arghhhh...really make me break my neck....the cover is very good too....what do you remember about the creation of this first LP? Were YOU Excited? IT WAS DIFFERENT COMPARING WITH DEMOS?
Arnd: Of course we were a little excited. Our most professionell experience at that time was a 16 – track recording studio and suddenly we were about to work in a 24 – track studio in Stuttgart. The production was made for VINYL, with cover, worldwide distribution and by a record company. No simple tape trading with copied demos but something like big business. We were greenhorns at that time and we thought, we were about to lift off like rockets. We stayed ten days in that studio and it was the best time I ever spent in a recording studio. When I remember that time nowadays I always become a little melancholic.

18- How can explain the name of the record? Were you representing a death squad, or its represent other thing, like metal or metal heads in general?
Arnd: It was just the name of the title track “Death Squad”, taken from the “Spawn of the dark one” – demo. It sounded good, there was no deeper meaning in it.

19- Who did the cover draw? How you see today the traditional way to dress of a metal maniac? Leather, bands t-shirt, chains, etc.....wear it in the living day? How you get in mind do a cartoon of you to the cover?
Arnd: I’m not really sure but I think, the cover was drawn by Martin Appolt. He did a lot of covers in that time and the contact was arranged by Charly Rinne, who was our manager at that time and later signed “Blind Guardian” to make them famous.
Today I don’t wear leather and chains but jeans and T – Shirts, as I did in that time, too. I still like the cover today, because it is pure and true, just as the “Death Squad” album is.

20- How was the fans reception when you get out death squad? Violent Force and Necronomicon edited at the similar time their first recordings, what do you think about that? Did you like them?
Arnd: Well, in the 1980s a lot albums were released at the same time, that never was a problem. As I told you before, we knew the other guys and we were good colleagues. The response of the fans was good, the big magazines didn’t like it very much. Anyway, in the underground the album was a big success, as I know today.

21- In the eighties, When i think in Germany i am really thinking in a great number of bands doing a violent black metal, after the Britannic heavy metal bands explosion, i think than Germany was a second movement with legendary bands promotioning the world chaos...haw can you explain that phenomenon in the music scene in your country? What motivates to you to play the sound of hell with your instruments? There was a kind of brotherhood between the bands? Tell me what your favourite was and what you hate?
Arnd: I can’t explain that phenomenom. It simply happened. I described the Ruhr – area some answers before, it was a good ground for the seeds of anger, not for pop or reggea music.
It would be too much to say that there was a brotherhood of metals but there was something like a big union of metals. That was mighty!
I liked to hang around with those metalheads, whereever we went we met friends or companions. When I now think about that time, there was nothing I really hated, because when we met and played, all the bad things were forgotten and lost their meaning.

22- How you promote death squad? Lot of magazines, radio programs, gigs? From where you got reviews or bangers letters?
Arnd: We played a lot of gigs, unfortunately we played no tour, due to some difficult reasons of buiness. We received letters and reviews from magazines and fans from all over the world. The metal scene was organized very well and it still is today.

23- How you contact to Gama records? It wasn’t interesting from Streamhammer or Noise? The German metal icon labels. Who has the rights on darkness records today? Do you will make any edition to south America if any label propose to you? Do you would like these material be more accessible today?
Arnd: When we had recorded the tape for New Renaissance records, we used it to send it to Labels. GAMA were the first who offered a deal and we were so hot to make a record, that we didn’t wait for other offers.
Today the rights for these records are at “Battlecry Records”, a small label from south Germany. It is owned by a guy called Andy Preisig and he is a very nice and true metalguy. He re-released the albums with lots of bonus material in 2005. Visit his hompage www.battlecryrecords.de.

24- With DEATH SQUAD out, I think than every thing else was easier to do a second album...one year after you recorded “Defenders of Justice”, record this LP take you very little time, is that right? Could you please tell us about details and record process? What mean “Defenders of Justice” it has a second read or anything? What is the real direction of that sentence?
[color=red]Arnd: We always were a very busy band. Pierre always pushed us forward in writing new songs. We recorded the album within 14 days. It was the time, when Olli began to go astray. He wasn’t interested in metal anymore but more in (toady called) gothic sound. He missed to our rehearsals before the production and during the recordings he was drunken very often. When it was his turn to sing, he almost wasn’t able to. Shortly after the release Pierre made his decision because of these circumstances and left the band.
We called the album “Defenders of Justice” because we were inspired by a friend of us who was arrested and put into jail for four weeks. On the cover you can the the street sign “Liberty Ave No. 180”. That was the address of the prison in Krefeld, Germany, where he was locked.
To discover the meaning of the song read the lyrics, I think they stand for themselves.

25- Talking about Defenders of Justice, ha, ha, ha...In the eighties, tell me how the people or the society, watch to the German metal heads? Did you have any problem with normal people, the family, or police?
Arnd: At least we’ve had no real problems. Of course, the police was interested in us more than in people wearing suits and ties, hahaha, but they were always too late to catch our dope. We were faster in smoking it than the police cars could reach our rehearsal room, harharhar. But there have never been real problems, as I do remember.
The society didn’t like people with long hair, listening to rough music while shaking their heads, but we didn’t give a damn about that.

26- You know Arnd...So many times i ask my self....Why the most icon metal bands have lost the music spirit? They’ve fall down in their compositions, playing too much light...For example Sodom, lost his dark vision in “Obssessed by Cruelty”, and the last good album was “Agent Orange”; Necronomicon decayed in the last albums, and the recent is disgusting. Kreator have been too experimental at times, Destruction sound is totally plastic, the new Assassin is horrible....How can explain that? May be Minotaur still keep something old in the sound....Why with the year passing they lose the right vision or magic...what make big their music and metal?
Arnd: I don’t think, that these bands have lost their spirit, I think they have developed in different ways. It is your right to choose whether you like it or not, whether it is a development into a good or a bad direction.
Please remember: bands like Kreator or Destruction now exist for 20, 24 years. It is not that easy to have new ideas and sometimes the musicians begin to discover other kinds of music, even beyond metal. Sometimes they try to create experimental sound, very often that is difficult to listen to…..

It is hard to recreate the old sound, because the bands of that time have become older, the circumstnaces have changed. Further on the times have changed and sometimes phenomenoms can’t be re-created.

27- In my personal opinion, bands like Sodom, Kreator, the Destruction revival, Assassin, etc...have not done anything amazing today, they are living by their names, created in the past, But if you think in the underground scene in your country, there are a lot of bands, a mean a new bands trying to rescue that old sound, these attitude, these older spirit....bands like Nocturnal, Desaster, Old, Witchburner, Hellishcrossfire etc...They are doing better things....better albums....but are just copies to the old scene in where you lived....Are you familiarized with the actual metal? What do you think about reunion of the older metal icons? About the new German metal which you prefer and why?
Arnd: I am familiarized with some of these bands. We, Eure Erben, played with Desaster two times in Germany and I saw them live at a club in Essen. We are going to play with Witchburner in the forthcoming December.
I think they are all good bands, but it is not easy for them, too. They can’t create the old sound anew, because it still is created, but when they try to sound like bands of the 1980s, people accuse them of copying the 1980s bands. So, what is right now?!
I think the worldwide metal scene and the german in particular are very well organized. The old spirit is still alive. And the scene of bands is alive and inovative. But I don’t like the reunions very much. As you said, I have to agree that a lot of bands only want to grab success and money with a good old name. Therefore we decided not to start as “Darkness” again but as “Eure Erben”. We didn’t want to desecrate the good old name, we’ve had our share of the 1980s. We want to build something new on good old roots. That’s the harder way, but, as I think, the more upright way.

28- I can say Arnd, than in your first demos Darkness represent very well the name of the band, (obscurity reflected in the music) preferently the vocals, because it was very dirty...It was that vocals change the cause of the sound change represented in the first two full length?
Arnd: The first demos were sung by Lacky, then Olli joyned the band. Proabably that is the reason for the change.

29- In 2005 Battle cry records re edited their first two LP´S in CD format, with the first demos like bonus tracks, and other rare tracks. Why the songs orders are different to the originals? It was your idea? Are you conforming to these editions?
Arnd: Are the orders different? I am not sure, I thought the orders were the same as in the originals. However, if it is different it wasn’ our idea.
We are very satisfied with these editions. We worked together with Andy Preising and we gave him a lot of bonus material such as fotos and unreleased tapes.

30- Another weird thing is : the Defender of Justice album have been edited twice by different labels with different tittles, Gama recs under the name of Bloodbath and Laser Light recs with Broken Heart...why they did that?
Arnd: To make money! That’s the only reason. I wasn’t aware about these releases, Lacky told me about it. GAMA were the owners of the rights, so they were allowed to release the songs whenever and however they wanted.

31- To read the lyric of the fifth song of Defender Of Justice, called “They need a war”, i think is talking about the State and The World too, “Nothing`s wrong for the stupid publicity”, ha,ha,ha, It is the same today?
Arnd: No, it isn’t. It has become more worse than it was in that time. Think of the crusade of capitalism around the world, the US invade countries with oil and operate a KZ in front of the eyes of the world, the politicians talk about democracy but kick it whereever they can, China violates human rights and even though it is host for the Olympic Games and so on, and so on, and so on. I mean, probably the world in the 1980s wasn’t better, but the people were more awake, more active, more opponent. The people today are comfortable, lazy, not interested in anything but their bank account, even more stupid than they were in the 1980s. That makes me angry, that makes me fear.

32- Germany was divided so long time, Every body knows the history of Berlin Wall, What side you belong in these days? What do you remember about this era? Please comments about the “turn down the wall episode” Was you only a child or teenager?
Arnd: When the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989 I was a young man. I lived on the west – side of the wall in the German Federal Rebublic, so called Western – Germany. I saw the Berlin – Wall when I was a teenager and I visited East – Berlin.
It was good to turn down that wall and to reunite the german people. But at least the people in the eastern part of Germany are the loosers of all that. The speed of the re- unition was to fast, because it was election time in Germany and the chancellor at that time, Helmut Kohl, was in need of the votes, otherwise he would have lost the election. The people have been fooled by the politicans and the economy, today most of them are unemployed or work for less money than in the western part of Germany, some have even lost their property. Today we suffer under the results of that. Every German has to pay for it, except the politicians and the economy, of course.
I mean, when people talk about Socialism in the former DDR, they talk about violation of human rights, about the restrictions and the lack of freedom, they talk about the secret police (so called Stasi) and so on. What happens today in Germany, is that all these bad things happen again, but in the name of “Freedom”, “Wealth” and “Democracy”. Not everything in the DDR was bad and not everything in the BRD was or is good. The truth is between both extremes.
A comparison: when the russian troops conquered eastern germany in the second world war, they called themselves “Deliverer”; when the wall fell down, the western countries called themselves “Deliverer”, too – you know what I mean?! The sheep can become the wolf.
I remember a song called “History repeating”…. the deliverers change and the threats change, the history repeats itself in different ways.
Am I too poetic again?! More beer!

33- Continue with the band history, In 1989 you edited a live demo called spawn of the last one, and then your third album conclusion and revival, here the music is so different of predecessors and to a lot of followers that change generate deception. Could you comment how was your perception about this album and the impact before the older fans?
Arnd: After the second album we had a lot of differences between the band – members and too many line – up changes, therefore we decided to quit with “Darkness”. We played a last concert and that was recorded and later on released inofficialy as “Spawn of the last one”.
But the record company insisted on a third album and we had to record “Conclusion and Revival”. It wasn’t sold very well, the promotion for it was very bad and at least, I think, the music was too different to the first albums. Today my perception about it is, that there are two kinds of people: those who like the first albums and don’t like “Conclusion” and those who like “Conclusion” but don’t like the first albums.

34- “Conclusion and Revival”, was created behind too many line up changes, and problems into the band, was this album only an excuse to give compliment to any kind of contract? Or because the band really changed? Are you happy with this material?
Arnd: As I told you before, we had to fulfill the contract. At least it wasn’t “Darkness” anymore, that is the reason why the material is that different. Actually I’m happy with the songs, except “All left to say”, but not as a production of “Darkness”. It might have been better to release it under a new name, because it wasn’t “Darkness” anymore.

35- Olli stop singing on conclusion and revival, and Rolf “Ray” Druschel is the vocals on the record, What happen here?...Did you know Ray from before? What vocals style you prefer?
Arnd: Olli left “Darkness” after the last concert and we needed a new singer. Ray answered an advertisment of us in a magazine and applied as our new singer. First we didn’t want him to sing for us, but anyhow he managed to become our singer, I don’t remember exactly how this occurred.
To be honest, I prefer both styles, because I like the style of singing in Bands like “Iron Maiden” or “Judas Priest”. That was Ray’s style and he was very good in it. But I like Olli’s style, too, because it matches better for Thrash Metal.
Ray was a good singer, but not for us. Unfortunately we recognized it too late.

36- What happen with Olli, after he left the band? I know than to many people pass by Darkness, and belong to others band too, some one in Holy Moses, Charger, Jester March. Any other important member in Darkness had any project or was member of any other band?
Arnd: Olli didn’t participate in any other band after “Darkness”.

37- Shit...!!! In 1998 Olli pass away...by a heart attack is in it? How you know that? How do you remember Olli Now?
Arnd: A companion from the good old times, Bony (former Bassman of “Superfly 69” and now singer of “Japanische Kampfhörspiele”) told me about Olli’s death on the phone. That was a hard strike, even though we had lost contact at that time for many years.
I guess he had a heart attack, that was the official reason, but I think that Olli drank a few beers and had some pills too much in his life. He never gave a shit about that, he didn’ knew any measure, and when you live that kind, your body quit’s at a certain time. Lacky uses to say, that Olli was the Jim Morrison of the Thrash Metal scene – probably he’s right.
I remember Olli as he was in the first years, we were very good friends and together we walked a very important part of our life’s way.

38- But tragedy does not end here.... in 2004 dies too other of your vocals, i am talking about Rolf “Ray” Druschel What happen him?? I have no any information respect his death? In these days. What were doing the other members of the band??
Arnd: You are right, Ray died in 2004 or 2005. One of his old girl friends contacted Lacky and she told him it was something like a heart attack, too. She related, that Ray felt bad and he wanted to go to a chemistry to get some medicine. He never reached it, he collapsed on the way to the chemistry and died before the ambulance arrived. Everytime I have to answer questions regarding Olli and Ray, I realize the hardness of all that. Ray and me never were the best friends, but at least we shared the same spirit that made us the same….

39- Jumping to the modern era... In 2005 was edited “Bocholt live Squad”.What can you tell about that? It was the darkness back??
Arnd: No, “Darkness” played their last concert in April 2006 at the “Keep it true” festival. That was a great gig and a great occasion to end with “Darkness”.
The “Bocholt life Squad” was the idea of Andy Preisig from “Battlecry Records”. He asked us for bonus material for the “Darkness” re-releases and in his huge archive Lacky found an old live – tape that was almost new. We sent it to Andy and told him, he could use some of these old recordings but he liked it very much and released it as a complete live CD.

40- I think you keep contact with the older fans of the band. What they think about some musicians keep on music activity? Tell me about the new band project, why don’t you keep the old name, maybe for respect to the dead friends?
Arnd: When we first talked about a new project approx four years ago it was clear to me, that we are not going to do a simple re – union. Only two members from the original line – up of “Darkness” were left, Lacky and me. That wouldn’t be the “Darkness” the folks are asking for.
Yeah, probably it was respect for our old companions.
So we decided to create something new on the good old roots, and that is “Eure Erben”. The old fans are divided into different camps. Some say we should continue as “Darkness”, some say we should leave “Darkness” as an old cult – band, some like the music of “Eure Erben” but not the german lyrics, some like “Eure Erben” and what we do now. You can’t do it right for everyone, you’ve got to walk your own line.

41- Why after 6 years of inactivity, you are back on the line? Did you play in other project on through these years?
Arnd: Lacky and me never stopped making music. I was into several projects and was more busy in the background as producer and songwriter, even for different music than metal. But after a few years I was very dissapointed about what I did and Lacky and me met, for he wasn’t satisfied with his musical activities, too. That was when we decided to play together again.

42- Eure Erben is the continuity to darkness, i don’t ask about the difference between any or other It gave a fresh air, i mean change a little? In our country very little people understand the German language... Do you feel the phonetic or the free will to sing in a language used from the birth day, make to your new songs any special? Are important the lyrics to you?
Arnd: Many people need some time to become familiar with german lyrics. German is our native language. It is nor worse neither better than English but it makes us unique in the Thrash scene. There are only a few bands that use german lyrics. We thought it would be more special to sing in German, even it is harder to understand for the people.
Further on the lyrics are very important for us. We don’t want to talk about any shit, we want to express what we think. In some time we’ll publish the english translations of our songs on our website, so everyone can read what the songs are about.
As promised, I will send you a little example of what we do now. When you write down these words you will have heard some of the new stuff – tell your readers what you think about it!

43- Heyy Arnd Can you tell us anything more about the place of Ruhr? It feels different? Could you describe it? How it live the metal evolution?
Arnd: O.K., you ask me for a lesson in german history in geography? Sit straight, stop drinking! Wait for a moment, I hide my beer and put on my tie and a pair of spectacles – that’s makes me look more intelligent, hahahaha!
Sorry, I become serious again.
The Ruhr is a little river in the west of Germany. It’s length is approx 250 kilometers and it’s water was used by the industry for a long time. Therfore it was dirty but now it is almost clean again. The area was famous for the best coal in the world, the ground we walk on is filled with pits like a swiss cheese. The Ruhr area today consits of 53 cities with approx 5300000 inhabitants in total, it is like one big city, about 70 Kilometers from the West - end to the East – end and about 50 Kilometers from the North - end to the South - end.
Due to the many coalmines (there where about 200) there was a lot of industry that needed coal, such as heavy metal industrie and blast furnaces to produce iron. For many years the area was dirty, noisy, a place of hard work. That made the people hard but sincere. The factories and coalmines needed workers, so many people from Poland, Russia and the today Czech Republic emigratet to the Ruhr area around the late 19th century. In the middle of the 20th century people from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Greece and so on came here to work in factories. The Ruhr area was multicultural, before anyone knew the word “Multicultural”!
The area has always been a place of social conflicts, that’s why we are political people, I guess. Further on the area is home for football – fanatics, many popular german clubs and players are from here.
When the world became smaller due to the so called “Globalisation”, the Conclusion of the coalmines and the industry began. In the 1980s something that is called “Change of Structure” began. Many people were out of work and the Ruhrarea was a place filled with social explosives. Now, guess why we play Thrash Metal and why we became a little famous in the 1980s.
Today the industry is less important, only 2 coalmines are working. But, in a special latent way, the old spirit seems to be alive.
Would you say I’m a patriot of the ruhr area, hahaha?!

44- I know, you went to many times to a bar called Mephisto Club, something like a second home i think...hahahaha what was the unusual in that place? Could you tell any history to make me laugh? What happen with the Rock Fabrik? Today, do you go to this kind of places, like topless, pubs? Do you join with the new or older fans to enjoy the music and drink beer?
Arnd: Yeah, our Bass - player Emma and me often visit topless bars, but they don’t let us in! They always say, we should put on shirts or pullovers before we can get in, hahaha! Did I misunderstand topless?! Hahaha!
O.K, the “Rock Fabrik” - clubs are in Augsburg and in Ludwigsburg, both are a few hundred Kilometers away from here. I don’t know, whether they exist or not.
The “Mephisto” was a club in the basement of an old castle in Gelsenkirchen. That was the best club, I’ve ever visited! Every weekend the metalheads gathered there to drink, shout and shake their heads. We celebrated from dusk ‘till dawn and in the end of an evening the owner used tear-gas to get us out of the club! Yeah, man, that was the best time ever! The stories would fill books, too much to tell here, sorry!
Nowadays there are a lot of places to go, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, compares to the “Mephisto”!
Today I’m not outside as often as I were that time. But of course I meet metallics to drink and talk and sometimes to celebrate. One thing, that I like very much is, that your age doen’t mean a thing to the people. When we meet, the people are 17 or 50 years old and no one cares!

45- I read some time than Olii came back too drunk to record the voices session to the defenders of justice, and he don´t remember the lyrics, that fact produced conmotion betwen yours...hahaha, to many time have been past from these days, and ai think now you can remember and smile, could you tell what happen exactly? How was these record session? Did you make a lot of crazy thing when you were young boys?
Arnd: You are right, when it was Olli’s turn to sing, he was almost too through to sing. He often missed at the rehearsals before the studio – time and didn’t knew how to sing the songs. So I sang a “pilot – track”, that was deleted later and he sang onto that track to find his line. Even though a lot of years have gone since that, I can’t smile about it, I’m sorry. I expect musicians to be professional, that means, everybody has to give his best and every musician has to keep control over his instrument - drunken or sober, anyway.

46- Do you listen your demo tapes? Or do you listen you LP, like Death Squad only once? I ask that because to many years has passed and i can understand as a follower of your music enjoy every time when i heard those tracks, but in your case is completely different, you were the composers and i think you are at the top with these songs, maybe now you prefer do something changes, could you explain that feeling?
Arnd: I don’t listen to the old recordings, that is very rare. I play these songs very often in concerts or in rehearsals, that is enough for me. I even don’t listen to the newer recordings, probably two or three times after the release, but no more. When you are the composer of a work, you get satisfied with it. I prefer to listen to other bands, that’s more interesting.
But, yeah, it is a great feeling to imagine that people listen to our ideas and our work in the entire world. That happens now and probably in many years, when we all have come to meet Olli and Ray again, you know?! It is our share of infinity, that’s marvelous!

47- What can you tell about you normal life? Do you work in something different to metal? What are the other guys doing? Are you married? Children maybe? Any lover, fetishes, undo fantasies?
Arnd: I wouldn’t say that “normal” is a word that should be used concerning me or the others. We probably are a little more quiet than some years ago, but still we are crazy.
I’ve met a lot of so called “normal” people and even I tried to live a “normal” life for a few years. But it is exhausting, expensive and the worst thing: it is boring. I am glad to be un – normal. And I am glad to know, there are a few thousand un – normal people like you and me around the world. Because the world would be a more relaxed and peaceful place, if there were more “un-normal” people like us.
Am I too poetic? If yes, I’ve had too less beer until now, hahaha.
But to be serious: of course we have to work for our money different to metal, as long as “Eure Erben” are not successful as we expect them to be. Unfortunately we have to pay our bills.
I am divorced and I’ve got two great children, they are 13 and 15 years old. My lover is a little younger than me and she is musician, too. Her band is called “Never Comes Silence”. She is beautiful, I don’t even try to talk about her, otherwise I’d loose my face as a hard thrasher, hahaha!
But please understand, I don’t want to talk about my fetishes, because I guess some minors read the magazine and…. hahaha!!

48- Are you in constant contact with other frontman in german scene like tom angel ripper, mille petrozza, lemmy from violent force??
What happen with toto from living death, volker freeddy fredrich from necronomicon, or any guys from deathrow? Do you know anything of them?
[color=red]Arnd: Yes, we are in contact with some of them. I sometimes meet Mille right here in Essen, Hobie’s often hanging around in clubs where he meets Tom Angelripper and on festivals we sometimes meet other people. Lacky is sometimes in contact with “Necronomicon”, but I don’t know about Toto. I think, they are playing a last Gig on a forthcoming “Keep it true” - Festival. [/color]

49- Heyy Arnd!!.... What is the better of be in a band like darkness? And what is the worst?
Arnd: Better like “Darkness”?! - Not better, but as good: to be in “Eure Erben”. The worst would be to do a nine to five job without making music. That would be like being buried alive!

50- Really would be cool to do an interview with running wild, but i see it so far, i don understand why there are band than escape from the followers, to me the metal is like a brotherhood between musicians and fans equals to equals do you like heavy metal? Are there any show than you want to do with any special band? Dou you would play with any kind of metal band, or yoy put boudaries for that?
Arnd: If I wouldn’t like Heavy Metal, I wouldn’t play it. We often play packages with other bands, there are no boundaries so far. I would like to play with “Testament” or “Death Angel”.

51- You know what? I got a lot of questions for you, but i understand that you must be bored and tired of asking things to guys like me. I also understand how many times you´ve asked this kind of shit before and that´s the bad side of making virtual interviews because of distance. I´ve tried to make it in a non-common way ...it´s always difficult to write good " non tiring" interviews. What is than you never tell before about you and Darkness in a interview?. How can i be the best in the future interviews? Any commentary?
Arnd: I’m afraid I’ve said everything about “Darkness” in interviews during the last three years. Regarding “Darkness” I would suggest to ask Lacky, because he knows more about the older history of the band.
What you’ve asked is absolutely O.K., it is what the folks are interested in, isn’t it. Keep on that way!

52- Well my friend thanks for your time and patience, and of course for your music a long the years...now is your turn to annihilate us... Do you have any questions for us, the ones who scratch your memories?
Arnd: No more questions, please, ha, ha, ha!
I have to thank all the folks, especially in South America, for all the support for “Darkenss” and “Eure Erben” and for keeping the spirt alive. You really rock! We hope to meet you soon in South America.
Keep on thrashing!

Interview: Gabriel "The Exhumator" Gatica
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