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CDs for sale

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:56 am    Post subject: CDs for sale Reply with quote

Abattory- Anthems of Death
Absurd/Pantheon Split Digipak (Strong Survive)
Akitsa- Aube de la Misanthropie 2x CD
Akitsa- Soleil Noir
Akitsa/Prurient Split
Apud Inferos- Apud Inferos/The Roman Uprising
Aryan Blood/Eisenwinter Split A5 Digipak
Asyndess- Desesperances
Avzhia- Dark Emperors (Guttural)
Azagthoth- Reign Supreme
Bahimiron- Pure Negativism: In Allegiance With Self Wreckage
Bahimiron/Funeral Rites/Crimson Massacre/Audumus- As the Sun Burns
Bahimiron/Teratism- Pact in Dizease and Profanation
Behemoth- Historica 5x CD
Benighted Leams- Astral Tenebrion
Benighted Leams- Caliginous Romantic Myth
Blackdeath- Satan Macht Frei
Blackdeath/Leviathan Split
Blacklodge- Login: Satan
Blacklodhe- Solarkult
Blasfemia- Guerra Total
Branikald- Stormheit (Autistiartili)
Brisen- Shade of Soul
Brume d'Automne- Fiers et Victorieux
Capricornus- Angel
Country Teasers- The Empire Strikes Back
Crimson Moon- Under the Serptintine
Darklord- By the Force of Sacred Magic Rites
Darklord- Symphony Satanikka
Deathspell Omega- Inquisitors of Satan
Diabolicum- The Dark Blood Rising (Mercenary Musik)
Disgorge- Forensick (Repulse)
Draugwath- Dwellers of the Cursed Forest
Eikenskaden- The Last Danse
Eisenwinter/Holocaustus Split
Elysian Blaze- Cold Walls and Apparitions
Europe- The Final Countdown
Evil- Pagan Fury 1994-1996
Evil/SAR/Thallium Split
Flower Travelin' Band- Satori
Forest- In the Flame of Glory
Forgotten Woods- Sjel av Natten (THR)
Funeral Mist- Devilry (reissue)
Funeral Winds/Abigail Split (first press)
Furze- Necromanzee Cogent (Apocalyptic Empire)
Galgeras- Uwer ter Ere
Granulosum- The Final Stand
Hefeystos- Hefeystos
Hellkult- The Collection
INFANTRY- Sambo: First Blood (pubic hair version)
Inquisition- Anxious Death/Forever Under
Joe and the Flower Travelin' Band- The Times
Kadotus- Twilight's Depths
Krohm- Slayer of Lost Martyrs/Crown of the Ancients (Moribund)
Krynitza- Angel
Krynitza- Hail to the Sun
Kult ov Azazel/Vrolok Split
Lugubrum- De Totem (Blood Fire Death)
Lugubrum/Finsternis Split
Lugubrum0 De Vette Cuecken
Macabre Omen- The Ancient Returns
Misantropical Painforest- Winds Saturate With Inhumane Longing
NAOS- The Final Harvest
Nav- Halls of Death
Nebiros- Guerreros De Lucifer (Manitu)
Necrofrost- In a Misty Soar and on it's Swampy Floor (Granskog)
Nefandus- The Nightwinds Carried Our Names/Behold the Hordes
Niden Div. 187- Imperium/Towards Judgement
Nitberg- Nitsanger
Nokturnal Mortum- Twilightfall
Nuit Noire- Infantile Espieglery
Nuit Noire- Lunar Deflagration
Odal- On Old Paths
Old Forest- Into the Old Forest
PHOBOS- Tectonics
Pantheon- Aryan Rebirth 2x CD
Pantheon- Draugars Daug
Pantheon- Vargstrike (Darker Than Black)
Ride For Revenge/Torturium Split
Ritual- Chapter 666 (1993-1994)
Ritual- Demonic Winter Metal
Ritual- The Summoning
Ruins of Beverast, The- Unlock the Shrine (VAN)
S.V.E.S.T.- Coagula (L'Ether du Diable)
Sacrilegium- Embrace the Darkness
Sangraal- Unearthly Night
Scald- The Will of the Gods is Great Power (Wroth Emitter)
Selbstmord- Some Day the Whole World Will Be Our's
Shroud- Chamber of Suicide
Spear of Longinus- Nothing is Forever and Forever is Nothing
Spektr- Et Fugit Intera Fugit Irreparabile Tempus
Spektr- Near Death Experience
Strid- Strid (Ars Mysteriorum)
Sturmfuhrer- Riemals Bergessen
Svarga- Simvol Voli
Tartaros- The Red Jewel
Tearstained- Final Thoughts
Tearstained- There is No Hope
Temnozor- Folkstorm of the Azure Nights (Morbid Winter)
Temnozor- Horizons (Eastside)
Temnozor- Sorcery of Fragments
Tenebrae In Perpetuum- Onori Funebri Rituali
Tenebrae in Perpetuum- Antico Misticismo
Thirst- Ritual for Blood
Thyrfing- Thyrfing (Hammerheart)
Total Genocide- Satan's Black Death Aggression
Trelldom- Til Et Annet (promo)
V/A- Crusade From the North 2x CD (Moonfog)
V/A- Destroyers of the Western Skies (As the Night Devours the Sun) (Killzone)
V/A- Gathered Under the Banner of Strength and Anger (An Homage to Ildjarn)
Vargleide- When Only Ashes and Scorched Earth are Left Behind
Vargsang- Call of the Nightwolves
Verivala- Voittomne
Virus- Carheart
Vomitor- Bleeding the Priest/Roar of War
Vrolok- Soul Amputation
Vrolok- Void
Warlust- The Final War (Happy Holochrist)
Wigrid- Hoffnungstod
Wolok- Universal Void
Xibalba- Ancients

PayPal accepted.
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