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Sell/Trade: 7"/CD/MC

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:20 pm    Post subject: Sell/Trade: 7"/CD/MC Reply with quote

Here they are, pick your favourites and send some money (banktransfer or PayPal) or your tradelist. Prices don't include postages.

SUPERCHRIST: Fuck like the Priest (two tracks of dirty heavy rock; NEW!) 5 euros
WOODS OF INFINITY: Frozen Nostalgia (two tracks of perverse Black Metal; NEW!) 5 euroa

NEW CDS 9 euros:

DARVULIA: L´Alliance Des Venins (obscure Black Metal)
DESCENDING DARKNESS: Gevatter Hein (brutal Black Metal in the vein of Gorgoroth, Ildjarn, Von...)
HILDEROG: 66,6 Nord (grim Black Metal from Iceland)
KILL: Inverted Funeral (old school crushing Black Metal)
NAGELFAR: Virus West (aggressive and epic Black Metal)
OLD WAINDS: Scalding Coldness DIGI (Cold Russian Black Metal)
PAGAN HELLFIRE: A Voice from Centuries Away (aggressive Pagan Black Metal)
REGNUM: Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss (depressed and distant BM)
RESUSCITATOR: Iniciation (old school Black Metal)
TOIL: Obscure Chasms (atmospheric Black Metal)
TRUPPENSTURM: Fields of Devastation (War Black Metal)
USURPER: Threshold of the Usurper (reissue of this great Black/Thrash classic!)
UTGARD: Thrones and Dominions (Finnish Black/Death Metal)
VERDUNKELN: Einblick in den Qualenfall (hypnotic Black Metal)

NEW CDS 7 euros:

ASKEDAL: The Dark Chapter MCD (depressive black metal in a special metal box)
AUDREY HORNE: Le Fol (groovy alternative rock)
BRANSTOCK: Branstock (collective works of pagan Black Metal)
BURIAL HORDES: War, Revenge and Total Annihilation (raw black metal)
BRÜSSEL KAUPALLINEN: Musta polku (noisy and heavy rock)
CARPATHIAN FOREST: Morbid Fascination of Death DIGI (dirty black’n’roll)
CARPATHIAN FOREST: We're Going to Hell for This DIGI (dirty black'n'roll)
CORPUS CHRISTII: The Fire God (perverse and violent Black Metal)
CULT OF CATHARSIS/OPUS FORGOTTEN: Split (epic Black Metal from both)
DARKMOON WARRIOR: In Fundus Inferiorum DIGI MCD (great German black metal)
DECEIVER: Riding with the Reaper (old school thrash metal)
DOM DRACUL: Attack on the Crucified DIGI (satanic black metal)
DOMINION: Threshold DIGI (best of this gothic doom band)
ENDSTAND: Spark (groovy and rocking Hardcorepunk)
EVIL DEAD: Spomenky Na Predkov (atmospheric black metal)
FAAL: Abhorrence – Salvation (old school black/death/doom metal)
FANISK: Die and Become (atmospheric and astral Black Metal)
FEAR FACTORY: The Best of (the name says all)
FLAGELLUM DEI: Under the Might (old school Black Metal)
FM2000: Meibi Bus Home (weird, weird metal)
GEIMHRE / SHADE: Split (nationalistic black metal)
GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE: Gospel of the Future DIGI (sludgy doom metal)
GRUENEWALD: Gruenewald DIGI MCD (nature-inspired atmospheric metal)
I SHALT BECOME: Wanderings (depressing Black Metal)
IMPAVIDA: Eerie Sceneries DIGI (dark, obscure black metal)
INARBORAT: Inarborat (atmospheric Black Metal like Ulver etc.)
KARNARIUM: Tänk på Döden (thrashing black/death metal)
KUOLEMA: Viinaa, aineita, naisia 2001-2008
LUCTUS/ARGHARUS: Sonitus Caeli Ardentis (aggressive black/thrash meets Norse sounding BM)
MAYHEM: Mediolanum Capta Est DIGI (live)
MELENCOLIA ESTATICA: Melencolia Estatica (atmospheric black metal)
MICHALE GRAVES: Illusions Live (an acoustic solo album from ex-Misfits singer)
NOISEGATE: Suspended Animation Ambient vol I (dark ambient)
NORSK SVART METAL: Compilation (third wave of Norwegian Black Metal: http://www.godreah.com/releasedetails.php?id=163)
NUIT NOIRE: Infantile Espielgery (faerical blasting punk)
PARAGON OF BEAUTY: Comfort Me, Infnity (melancholic metal)
PRONSSINEN POKAALI: Leikin loppu 1995-2000 (Kotiteollisuus-based rock – best of)
PÄÄ: Vahva elämänhalu (weird HC/alternative)
RATTUS: Uudet piikit (HC legends are back!)
RAVEN DARK: Autumn Roar (Blazebirth Hall Black Metal)
SAPTHURAN: …In Hatred (atmospheric Black Metal)
SAPTHURAN: To the Edge of Land (atmospheric Black Metal)
SIGHTLESS: Larvae of Trinity (fast black/death metal)
STORMNATT: Resurrection ov the Kult (black metal)
SVARTNATT: Vargold Har Kommit (Nordic Black Metal)
SYTRY: Sytry (Norse-style black metal with a Darkthrone cover)
SWORN: Impious Beast Within MCD (old school Swedish death metal)
THOU SHALL FALL: The Path of Memories MCD (depressive black metal)
TRIST: Sebevrazedni andele (depressive and tortured Black Metal)
WELTBRAND: The Cloud of Retaliation (extreme black metal with industrial touches)
WOLFE: Wolfe (Black Metal)
WOLFSSCHREI: Torture of a Human Soul EP (black metal)

USED CDS 6 euros:

AYAT: Al Nabi… MCD (blasphemous black metal from Beirut)
ALGAION: Oimai Algaion (atmospheric black metal)
ANGELIC PROCESS, THE: Coma Waering (drone/doom; Paradigms edition, limited to 750)
ARKHAM: Chapter III MCD (Lovecraft-inspired Black Metal)
ASHDAUTAS: Shadow Plays of Grief and Pain
ASSCHAPEL: Fire and Destruction (crust/thrash)
BAREFOOT BROTHERS: Rehab Convention (Finnish 70ies rock)
BETHLEHEM: Dictius Te Necare (dark metal classic!)
BLACK ASTROLOGY: Kingdom of Ghosts (astral dark metal)
BLACK COBRA: Bestial (raging sludge/doom)
BLACK FUNERAL: Az-I-Dahak (original and vampyric Black Metal)
BLOOD RED FOG: Blood Red Fog (depressive black metal)
BUIO OMEGA: Pandemonium Unleashed (chaotic and thrashing war metal)
CALVARIUM: Assaulting the Divine MCD (harsh Black Metal)
CELESTIIAL: Desolate North (black/doom metal)
CHASM, THE: Conjuration of the Spectral Empire (melodic but aggressive death metal)
CHASM, THE: The Spell of Retribution (melodic but aggressive death metal)
CULT OF DAATH: Under the Cover of Triumphant Holocaust (two demos combined)
DAWNBRINGER: In Sickness and in Dreams (fast but melodic death metal)
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR: Cask Strength Black Metal 2CD (Black Metalized trad folk songs)
DEMONCY: Joined in Darkness (atmospheric black metal)
THE DEARS: No Cities Left (bombastic and soundtrack-like postpunk)
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE: Nightwork DIGI (horror dark metal)
DISBEER: Kids in Satanic Service (crust meets Motörhead)
DISORDER: Violent Crime (chaotic HC punk)
DRASTUS: Taphos MCD (astral Black Metal)
ENECARE: Dawn of Creations Ruin (primitive and raw black metal from UK)
EXPULSION: Overflow (atmospheric death metal from Tiamat-members)
FOUDRE NOIRE: The Dark Gods (ethereal black metal)
GENOCRUSH FEROX: The Sepulchre Strangulation (two DM demos from Repugnant-members)
GHREMDRAKK: Sterrenpracht (astral and raw Black Metal)
GHREMDRAKK: Je m’exalte (astral and raw Black Metal)
HAATSTRIJD: Cacodaemony (traditional aggressive Black Metal from Funeral Winds –members)
HELHEIM: Nidr ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr (Norwegian Black metal)
IRAN: The Moon Boys (noise rock)
IRRITATE: Everyday Evil (grind/death)
IXXI: Ixxi (industrialized black meta)
KHOMA: The Second Wave (post rock / metal core like Neurosis etc.)
KILTE: Absence (cold and depressive Black Metal)
LEE MILLER: The Futility of Language (noisy and groovy garage rock)
MACABRE OMEN: The Ancient Returns (Greek Black Metal meets Bathory)
MAYHEM: Wolf's Lair Abyss MCD (black metal legends)
MEPHISTO: Metal of Death (Hellhammer-inspired death/thrash metal)
MOONDARK: The Shadowpath (old school death metal with Katatonia members)
MODER: Fields of Devastation (death/doom/black metal)
NIROTH: Niroth (atmospheric but aggressive Black Metal)
NEX: Zero (gloomy doom/death metal)
OBLITERATION: Perpetual Decay (90ies US-influenced death metal)
OBSCURE ANACHRONISM: Transcending Mundane Obstacles (obscure Black Metal)
OCTOBER FALLS: The Streams of the End (atmospheric dark/black metal)
OCTOBER FALLS: Sarastus MCD (acoustic music)
PORCUPINE TREE: Nil Recurring EP (modern progressive metal)
RISE AGAINST: Appeal to Reason (radical punk rock)
SIGH: Scenario IV: Dread Dreams (avant-garde BM)
SILENCER: Death, Pierce Me (suicidal BM legend)
SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE: School of the Flower (drone/acoustic/post-rock)
SKULLFUCK: The Supreme Ugliness (Slaughter-oriented death metal)
STIELAS STORHETT: Vandrer… (Nordic Black Metal with Darkthrone cover)
THORR’S HAMMER: Dommedagsnatt (death/doom metal with splendid vocals!)
TRY REDEMPTION: Confessions of a Tortured Soul (death metal)
UNCREATION'S DAWN: Lightning Hammer Falls (death/black metal)
UNKIND: Hangen syliin (metallic crust)
UTLAGR: Traditions Normandes (pagan death metal; Paradigms edition, limited to 750)
WOUNDS / PYÖVELI: Storming Thrash Vengeance (thrash metal orgasm!)

AND SOME TAPES 3 euros (four tapes = 10 euros!):

AD DESOLATUM ET SILENTIUM: Itineris Exitium (cold and raw Black Metal)
ARCHGOAT: Whore of Bethlehem (merciless black/death metal)
AUGEN: Das Fieber der Nacht (drone/meditative ambient)
BLODULV / PESTIFERIUM: Satanic Murder Order (raw black metal)
CHAINED & DESPERATE: Oracles from the Neitherworld (Greek pagan black metal)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS: Shores (post black punk)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS: Streams (post black punk)
COLDNESS: Poisoned Gift (depressed black metal)
DEEP-PRESSION: I walk the Life in Depression (ambient BM with Hypothermia/Lifelover member)
DUNKELHEIN: Verlassenheit (slow and depressed Black Metal from Austria, comes in a slipcase)
EVIL: Arktogaa (harsh NSBM)
GRIVF: Sortenlund (folk doom)
INDOMITUS / MORTINATUM: Split (raw black metal)
INFERNAL DEVOTION: Under the Black Fire of Satan (religious black metal)
ISHKUR: Revenant (black metal)
KAOSRITUAL: Svopt Morgenrod (splendid Norwegian Black Metal)
KARMIC VOID: Armageddon Sun (harsh and aggressive Black Metal)
NIHIL NOCTURNE: Necrohell (great black metal!)
OVSKUM: Atto 1 & 2 (depressive black metal)
PESTIFERIUM: In Honour of Evil and Ancient Pride (raw black metal)
PESTIFERIUM: Morte Aos Traidores (raw black metal)
PESTIFEROUS: When Shadows Swallow the Candles… (Finnish cold BM)
PROSANCTUS INFERI: Sacreligious Desecration in Excelsis (primitive black/death metal)
REGNUM: Regnum (atmospheric and depressive Black Metal)
SATURNIAN MIST: Demo (cosmic black metal)
SLAYER ANGEL: Garden of Stone (old school death/thrash metal)
SVARTNAR: Failure of Mankind (black metal)
TODESSTOSS: Eine Verlorene Seele (anguished black metal)
TOMB OF…: Those Distant Moments (funeral doom/black metal/ambient)
TRIST: Do Tmy Zalu I Nicoty (depressive black metal)
UNBEING: II – The Exhalation (depressive doom/black metal)
VARGHKOGHARGASMAL: Call of the Raven (acoustic folk instrumental)
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