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AAP: 3000+ items w/ 40-55% discount + free shipping
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Joined: 12 Feb 2018
Posts: 18
Location: FIN

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



Communion (CL) "At the Announcement" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-The Sinister Flame)
> "Dark witching metal. 8 tracks of genuinely Dark and Satanic Metal that relies strongly on barbaric old-school elements."

Communion (CL) "The Communion" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
> "Dark witching metal."

Demogorgon (FI) "Et Lacrimatus Est Iesus" -digipak mcd 9.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> Raw, unsung black metal. Previously unreleased 2001 demo.

Frozen Graves "S/T" -digipak cd 12.00EUR NEW
> Black metal.

JoDöden (SE) "Sittandes i sjön med vatten över huvude" -cd 13.50EUR NEW
> "The avantgarde music magician JoDöden, also known for his works in Sorgeldom & Whirling, here unveils his debut solo album. A collection of songs, certain to be unique in many different ways. Written in different times, moods and places. Sprung out of a complex mind spared from the urges of modern society, this musical trip will be your soundtrack to your own unknown."

Krolok (SK) "At the End of a New Age" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Lunar Apparitions)
> "Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90s tradition with a raw edge. Includes two bonus tracks from split w/Temnohor."

Panphage (SE) "Jord" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK

Panphage (SE) "Storm" -digipak cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK

Tervahäät (FI) "S/T" -LP 21.00EUR RESTOCK
> "If Tervahäät’s self-titled debut would be a soundtrack, it would be the soundtrack to an old cabin life settled in the solitary of wilderness. It would be the soundtrack to a lonely campfire lit next to a thousand Saivo lakes. It would be the soundtrack to an arctic pilgrimage over the vast planes of the endless north. Tervahäät IS the soundtrack of the wild within us, the longing for becoming one with nature and to be reborn in the purity of its primitive grace. Bound to the earth, drifting the wind, flaring the fire and roaming the water."

Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -S t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -M t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -L t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -XL t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -XXL t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE. Promodoro Men´s Premium-T, 180 g/m².

Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -M longsleeve 27.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -L longsleeve 27.00EUR NEW
Ordinance (FI) "Logo" -XL longsleeve 27.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE. Tee Jays Interlock Tee, 220 g/m².

Starcave (FI) "Logo" -M t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Starcave (FI) "Logo" -S t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Starcave (FI) "Logo" -L t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Starcave (FI) "Logo" -XL t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
Starcave (FI) "Logo" -XXL t-shirt 16.00EUR NEW
> Black shirt with white logo in front.

W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -S t-shirt 19.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -M t-shirt 19.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -L t-shirt 19.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -XL t-shirt 19.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -XXL t-shirt 19.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE / BACKSIDE. Promodoro Men´s Premium-T, 180 g/m².

W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -M longsleeve 28.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -L longsleeve 28.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -XL longsleeve 28.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Sigil" -XXL longsleeve 28.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE / BACKSIDE. Tee Jays Interlock Tee, 220 g/m².

W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -S t-shirt, ash 17.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -M t-shirt, ash 17.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -L t-shirt, ash 17.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -XL t-shirt, ash 17.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -XXL t-shirt, ash 17.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE / BACKSIDE. Promodoro Men´s Premium-T, 180 g/m².

W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -S longsleeve, white 24.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -M longsleeve, white 24.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -L longsleeve, white 24.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -XL longsleeve, white 24.00EUR NEW
W.A.I.L. (FI) "Symbol" -XXL longsleeve, white 24.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> FRONTSIDE / BACKSIDE. Tee Jays Interlock Tee, 220 g/m².

Bardo Methodology (SE) "#2" -´zine 15.00EUR NEW
> "In-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Thirteen articles over sixty-four pages, featuring original artwork. Featured artists: Bobby BeauSoleil, Rebirth of Nefast, Reverend Kriss Hades (Sadistik Exekution), Manilla Road, Abigor, Atlantean Kodex, Master´s Hammer, Nightbringer, RAM, Impaled Nazarene, Clandestine Blaze, Phurpa, and Inquisition."
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Joined: 12 Feb 2018
Posts: 18
Location: FIN

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 2:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



Alghazanth (FI) "Eight Coffin Nails" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
> "The work on Alghazanth´s funeral album, entitled Eight Coffin Nails, is now complete. This eighth and final offering consists of 51 minutes of Finnish majestic black metal."

Alghazanth (FI) "Vinum Intus" -digicd 8.00EUR RESTOCK
> "Alghazanth’s sixth full-length album, titled Vinum Intus. This piece of dark art contains 9 songs and over 54 minutes of Alghazanth’s trademark majestic Black Metal."

Burzum (NO) "Filosofem" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-1996-Byelobog Prod.)

Cosmic Church/Circle of Ouroborus (FI) "Split" -digipak cd 12.00EUR NEW
> Black metal.

Darkthrone (NO) "Panzerfaust" -CD 14.00EUR RESTOCK

Dødheimsgard (NO) "Kronet til konge" -DCD 14.00EUR RESTOCK
> "Includes bonus disc featuring rare 1994 rehearsal with the trio of Vicotnik, Aldrahn and Fenriz."

Enslaved (NO) "Hordanes Land" -cd 15.00EUR RESTOCK
> Incl. a bonus track.

Isengard (NO) "Vinterskugge" -DCD 14.00EUR RESTOCK

Peste Noire (FR) "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénerescence" -cd 12.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-Transcendental Creations)

Peste Noire (FR) "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
> "New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure à l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Rundagor (RU) "Stronghold of Ruin" -CD 20.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Ragnarok Records)
> BBH black metal. Rip-off WS price set by the label = expensive retail price.

Sort Vokter (NO) "Folkloric Necro Metal" -digicd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Transcendental Creations-TC004)
> "Reissue of this classic 1996 album created by four insane norwegians amongst which Ildjarn and acolyte Nidhogg participated. ´Folkloric Necro Metal´ explores the deepest depths of madness, hatred and rage in a strange brew of majestic soundscapes and buzzing, raw black metal in the typical Ildjarn-Nidhogg style."

The True Mayhem (NO) "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK

Ulver (NO) "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" -mcd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-House of Mythology)
> "A surprise EP of two bonus tracks from The Assassination of Julius Caesar and a fascinating cover song. Rather than being a mope of an EP though, these songs more openly embrace the swaying beats that were so clearly hinted at on tracks from ‘The Assassination…’"

W.A.I.L. (FI) "Vol. II" -digibook cd 15.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
> Eclectic Doom/Black Metal.

Blooming Carrions (FI) "Necrosis Twilight" -tape 5.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Iron Bonehead)
> "Dark and twisted Death Metal."

Blooming Carrions (FI) "Sparkling Rotten Dreams" -tape 5.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Iron Bonehead)
> "Dark and twisted death metal."

Celestial Grave (FI) "Burial Ground Trance" -tape 5.50EUR NEW
(***-2016-Iron Bonehead)
> "Much like their spiritually inclined countrymen from the past two decades, the duo maintains a fast and filthy yet deliriously melancholic sound that is purely and unapologetically BLACK METAL."

Bathory (SE) "Hammerheart" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-5)

Bathory (SE) "Nordland I & II" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-21)

Bathory (SE) "The Return..." -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-1985-Black Mark-BMLP666-2)

Bathory (SE) "Under the Sign of Black Mark" -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-1987-Black Mark-BMLP666-3)

Burzum (NO) "Filosofem" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Back On Black-BOBV089)

Burzum (NO) "Hvis Lysett Tar Oss" -LP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Back On Black)

Celestial Grave (FI) "Pvtrefactio" -7" 6.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Iron Bonehead)
> "Still purely and unapologetically BLACK METAL, this new two-song strike seethes with an incensed intensity that illuminates even the dankest crypt."

Darkthrone (NO) "Panzerfaust" -LP 21.00EUR RESTOCK

Electric Wizard (UK) "Dopethrone" -DLP 25.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2000-Rise Above-RISELP52)

Enslaved (NO) "Hordanes Land" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
> Incl. a bonus track.

Enslaved (NO) "Vikingligr veldi" -DLP 23.00EUR RESTOCK

Satanic Warmaster (FI) "Nova Ordo Ater" -LP 20.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Satanic Warmaster (FI) "W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A." -DLP 26.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Taake (NO) "Kong Vinter" -LP 21.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Dark Essence)

Unholy (FI) "The Second Ring of Power" -DLP 16.19EUR NEW
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Joined: 12 Feb 2018
Posts: 18
Location: FIN

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CDs for sale for 1–5eur. Check the list at the end of this message or here.

- 15eur minimum for orders.
- Shipping fees will be added. CDs shipped without cases unless otherwise requested.
- For item descriptions, other discounted items etc., check http://ahdistuksenaihio.com/.
- Send your orders to triumphant.transgressions@gmail.com.

A.E.P/Black Sea of Infinity Split -2007-Sonic Tyranny Productions cd
Abdullah (US) S/T -2000-Meteor City cd
Angelizer (FR) Poison Dreams -2008-New Death Records mcd
Animo Aeger (DE) Impuls -2009-Ashen Productions cd
Ars Goetia/Old Bones Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics -2010-Aphelion Productions cd
Bardoseneticcube & Igor V. Petrov (RU) The Perpetuum Mobile Space Vehicle -2006-Mechanoise Labs digicd
Beneath (IS) Hollow Empty Void -2010-Mordbrann Music mcd
Benighted in Sodom (US) Benighted in Sodom -2007-Obscure Abhorrence Prod. cd
Black Angel (PE) Demos -2011-Witchcraft Records cd
Black Sun Productions Astral Walk -2004-Final Muzik cd
Black Vomit (UK) Jungle Death -2009-Rusty Axe Records cd
Blackwar (BR) Winter Sorrow -2009-Hammer of Damnation cd
Born of Sin (SE) Let it Begin -2006-Unexploded Records mcd
Branstock (DE) S/T -2006-Raging Bloodlust Records cd
Brobdingnagian TortureStainedDisaster -2008-Rusty Axe Records mcd
Capitis Damnare (DE) Ex Regnum Spiritus In Manifestus -2009-Sadolust Records cd
Core of the Earth (US) Curtains -2006 cd
Cortisol (CA) Meat -2005-Great White North cd
D.R.S. (FR) No.one.should.have.the.right.to.speak.anymore -2003-Kaosthetik cd
Dead Beat Project (UK) Breaking the Shell -2007-Aesthetic Death cd
Dead? (FR) S/T -2009-Ancient Dreams cd
Deathcraft/Unsalvation Psalms of Chaotic Darkness -2015-Elegy Records digipak
Demimonde (CZ) Mutant Star -2000-Epidemie Records cd
Deofel (BY) Aposni Rytual -2007-Thou Shalt Kill cd
Descending Darkness (AT) Blutrausch -2009-Ashen Productions digimcd
Diecold (HU) Rest in Hell -2006-Info Black cd
Domini Inferi (NL) Devil Cult -2006-Sadolust Records cd
Eikind (NO) Vargtime -2004-Vicious Recordings mcd
EMK (US) Existence is Futile -2006-Numen Malevolum Barathri cd
Eternal Elysium (JP) Spiritualized -2000-Meteor City cd
Fellwoods (UK) Wulfram -2012-At War With False Noise cd
Floodstain (NL) Slave To The Self Feeding Machine -2010-BadMoodMan Records cd
Fordell Research Unit (UK) The Illusion Of Movement -2011-At War With False Noise cd
Full Decay (RU) Famine, War, Disease, Unfair Justice/Warrior of the Beast Born by Flaming Gehenna -2007-Thou Shalt Kill cd
Gangrenator (NO) Tales From A Thousand Graves -2010-Apocalyptic Empire cd
Gathiens (US) Nesh -2009-Murkhouse Recordings digicd
Ghäst/Abandoner Split -2010-At War With False Noise cd
Gruel (UK) S/T -2010-At War With False Noise cd
Guillotine (BR) Metal in the Vein -2007-Marquee cd
Hammergoat (BR) Regeneration through Depopulation... -2010-Hammer of Damnation cd
Hayras (FR) Sombre Destin -2006-Nykta Records cd
Heavy Lord (NL) Chained To The World -2007-Solitude Productions cd
Heavy Lord (NL) The Holy Grail -2009-Solitude Productions cd
Hellbox (FI) Infernothing -2006-Deviance Records cd
Herrschaft (FR) Tesla -2008-Code666 cd
Ignis Uranium (DE) Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency -2009-Nykta cd
Kaihoro (FI) Mainheadskull -2004-Sorbus Productions cd
Let the Night Roar (US) S/T -2009-MeteorCity Records digicd
Lethian Dreams (FR) Bleak Silver Streams -2009-Orcynia Records cd
Loan (SP) Kobazuloan Saiakerak -2007-Odio Sonoro cd
Malasangre (IT) Inversus -2005-NOTHingness REcords cd-r
Melek-Tha (FR) Apokalypsia -2007-Necrocosm cd
Mental Terror (FI) Revival in Terror -2004-Bestial Burst cdr
Mephisto/The True Endless (IT) Too Heavy For Hell -2010-Aphelion cd
Merca (NL) Chup Amela -2006-Psychedoomelic cd
Merciless Crucifixion (GR) Airesis -2006-Black Seed Productions mcd
Mills of God (DE) Call of the Eastern Moon -2008-Modus Operandi cd
Minethorn (UK) Junkhive Noir -2009-Code666 cd
Misvita (NO) Axis -2006-Cryptia Productions mcd
Monkeypriest (SP) Defending the Tree -2009-Féretro Records mcd
Morbid Macabre (CO) Hell and Damnation -2010-Obliteration cd
My Shameful (FI) Descend -2008-Firedoom digibook
Möse/Hog Mountin Split -2006-Psychedoomelic cd
Necromessiah (IT) Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad -2007-Blasphemous Underground digicd
Netherealm (SG) The Occultist Omnibus -2004-Black Seed Prod. cd
New Keepers of the Water Towers (US) Chronicles -2009-Meteor City cd
Night Must Fall (FI) Dissonance of Thought -2008-Descending Towards Damnation mcd
Nightbitch (US) Sex & Magic -2010-Psychedoomelic digimcd
Ninnixu (US) Collection -2008-NonComposMentis cd
Nordmen (CAN) Vertus Guerrieres -2004-Nykta cd
noXivic (FI) Pyörivä Tierormaa -Total Order Series 3" cdr
Octagon (US) Artisans of Cruelty -2005-Autopsy Kitchen Records cd
Octagon (US) Death Fetish -2009-Regimental Records cd
Old Crone (UK) S/T -2009-PsycheDOOMelic cd
One Master (US) Forsaking a Dead World -2006 cd
Our Survival Depends On Us (AU) Painful Stories Told with a passion for Life -2009-PsycheDOOMelic cd
Pantheist (BE) Journey Through Lands Unknown -2008-Firebox cd
Positiva (SP) Centaur´s Ride -2007-Odio Sonoro cd
Profundis (PO) Nokturn -2006-Diachell Musik cd
PUS S/T -2011-Universal Tongue digimcd
Pustulation/Ligfærd (DK) Split -2011-Ancient Darkness Prod. cd
Rape Pilage and Burn (US) Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell -2010-Obliteration Records mcd
RedRightHand (UK) They Sang and Chanted for Hours, Then the Locked in Hundreds Set Theselves Ablaze -2011-At War With False Noise cd
Remembrance (FR) Silencing the Moments... -2008-Firedoom Music cd
Sadistic Grimness (SE) Vicious Torture -2004-Infernus Rex cd
Sanctus Daemoneon (DK) Grey Metropolis -2008-Regimental Records cd
Sanctus Daemoneon (DK) Nothingless Nothingness -2009-Dunkelkunst mcd
Sanctus Daemoneon (DK) The unaVOIDable -2010-Negative Existence cd
Sick Room 7 (DK) Bottomfeeder Central -2009-Assavlt Records cd
Sixty Watt Shaman (US) Ultra Electric -1998-Game Two Records cd
Slaughtered Priest (GR) World Wide War -2009-Time Before Time Records cd
Snail (US) Blood -2009-MeteorCity Records digicd
Sombre Labyrinthe (BE) Heptagram rising -2008-Egg of Nihilism cd
Stellardrine You´ll Never See Your World Again -2005-Mechanoise Labs cd
Storm Legion (PO) The Eye of The Prophet -2005-Goatowarex cd
Subvertio Deus (UK) Psalms of Perdition -2012-Nachtgnosis cd
Suma (SE) Ashes -2010-Speakerphone Rec. digipak
Svyatogor (UA) ...with Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black -2007-Blazing Productions cd
Swamp (GR) Nuclear Death -2010-Time Before Time Records cd
Sytry (IT) S/T -2007-De Tenebrarum Principio cd
Szarlem (DE) Night of Blood -2008-Nykta cd
Tagez (DE) Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism -2005-N:C:U cd
Temnohor (SK) The Pride of Carpathian Forests -2008-Egg of Nihilism cd
Tetraktys (GR) Voreion Sellas -2005-Nykta cd
The Being (NL) From Madness to Mercury -2010-New Era Prod. digicd
The Deep Blue (UK) Antarctic Abyss -2007-Church Within Records mcd
The Knell (IL) Harm -2007-Total Rust Records cd
The Moon Mistress/Snakerider Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands -2011-Pestis Insaniae cd
The Walruz (DE) One Way Ticket -2007-Church Within Records cd-r
Thunderkraft (UA) The Banner of Victory -2005-Blazing Productions cd
TMK (IT) Pilot -2006-Code666 cd
Trunar (BY) Christs Not Christians -2010-Wings of Destruction cd
Ultraphallus (BE) Lungville -2007 cd
Ultraphallus (BE) The Clever -2008 cd
Umbra Nihil (FI) The Borderland Rituals -2008-Epidemie Records cd
V/A Dreams of what life could have been -2004-Psychedoomelic cd
V/A Schatten Aus Der...Bethlehem - A tribute to Dictius Te Necare -2009-Ostra Records cd
Vaka (SE) Kappa Delta Phi -2009-Murkhouse Recordings digicd
Veér (UA) The Measure of Waste -2009-Neverheard Distro cd
Venuspuls (DE) Herzschlag des Endzeit-Architekten -2008-Wroth Emitter Productions cd
Verde (FI) Legenda -2005-Musically Incorrect Records digicd
Vicious Art (SE) Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters -2004-Threeman Recordings cd
Village of Dead Roads (US) Dwelling in Doubt -2006-Meteor City cd
Vinterthron (BR) Reign Ov Opposites -2008-Ashen Productions digicd
Violent Hammer (FI) Demo 2007 -2007 cd-r
VOM (UK) Primitive Arts -2009-At War With False Noise digicd
Wall of Sleep (HU) ...And Hell Followed With Him -2007-I Hate Records cd
Wall of Sleep (HU) Slow but not dead -2004-Psychedoomelic cd
Wall of Sleep (HU) Sun Faced Apostles -2005-Psychedoomelic cd
War (PO) War Horde/Dawn of New Epoch -2007-Regimental Records cd
Wintermoon (MX) Hellthrone Baphometh -2006-Witchcraft Records cd
Worms (FI) Pelican Songs -2004-Tumult cd
Wretched (US) Black Ambience -2009-Psychedoomelic mcd
Zaimph (US) Sexual Infinity -2006-Hospital Productions cd
Zatokrev (CH) Bury the Ashes -2006-Firebox cd
Zerstörer (DE) Declaration of War -2009-Ashen Productions cd


Abysmal Darkening (NL) No Light Behind -2011-Total Rust cd
Adversarial (CA) All Idols Fall Before the Hammer -2010-Dark Descent Records cd
Affliction Gate (FR) Dead to this world -2008-No Colours mcd
Aigro Mucifelam (FR) Lost Sounds Depraved -2008-Insidious Poisoning Records cd
Alien Deviant Circus (FR) En To Pan Omegas -2010-Funeral Industries cd
Alkerdeel (BE) De Speenzalvinge -2010-Universal Tongue cd
Amnion Cryptic Wanderings -2008-Oniric Records cd
An Extravagance of Norm (PO) AEON -2008-Diachell Musik cd
Animus Mortis (CL) Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh) -2008-Debemur Morti Productions cd
Apostate (UA) Trapped in a Sleep -2010-Metallic Media cd
Ars Manifestia (IT) The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival -2007-Black Seed Prod. cd
Arsonist Lodge (FI) Perkele, Antikristus ja Väärä Profeetta -2007-Hammer of Hate mcd
Blackwinged (RU) Soul Deconstruction -2010-Hammer of Hate mcd
Blasphemous Crucifixion (US) Crude Burial -2009-Rusty Axe Records cd
Bonesaw/Abscess Split -2008-Aphelion Productions mcd
Bonesaw/Haemophagus Split -2011-Aphelion cd
Catacombs (US) Echoes Through The Catacombs -2007-Solitude Productions cd
Cerekloth (DK) Pandemonium Prayers -2009-Hell´s Headbangers mcd
Chainerdog (IT) Journey to the Omega -2008-Flamme Noire mcd
Cloama+Blutleuchte (FI) S/T -2008-Anima Arctica cd
Crosswrecker (FI) Black Flame Divination -2010-No Sign of Life mcd
Cryostasium (US) S/T -2005-Bestial Onslaught mcd
Dark Messiah (GR) Rise of Black Dawn -2007-Full Moon Productions mcd
Darkness Eternal (CA) Misantrophic Annihilation -2005-Autopsy Kitchen Records cd
Dawn of Winter (DE) The Peaceful Dead -2008-Shadow Kingdom Records cd
Dead in the Water (FI) Echoes..in the Ruins -2007-Firebox digicd
Decayed (PT) The Black Metal Flame -2008-Black Seed Prod. cd
Deus Ignotus (GR) Procession Of An Old Religion -2014-Forever Plagued Records mcd
Devastator (US) Morbid Force -2007-Die Todesrune Records cd
Devathorn (GR) Diadema -2014-Dybbuk cd
Disforterror (BR) Impalement and Holocaust Stench -2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod. mcd
Disjecta Membrae (FR) Taedium Vitae -2009-Black Mass Records mcd
Doodsdrek (BE) S/T -2010-Those Opposed Records cd
Doomdogs (SE) S/T -2010-Doomentia Records cd
Drephjard (NO) Maktdominans -2009-Frostscald Records mcd
Drunken Bastards (HU) Horns Of The Wasted -2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records cd
Earth (AU) Star Condemn´d -2000-Iron Fist Productions cd
Ensepulchred (US) The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars -2006-Autopsy Kitchen Records cd
Essenz (DE) KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen -2010-Amor Fati cd
Evil Incarnate (US) Waiting for His Return -2005-Heidenwut cd
Ewigkeit I -2008-Eternity Records cd
Extinction (UK) Down Below the Fog -2006-Todestrieb cd
Faded (IT) Essences -2008-Soundscapes digicd
Fall (PO) Samozatracenie -2010-Temple of Torturous digicd
Fatum Elisum S/T -2009-Aesthetic Death cd
Fear Falls Burning (BE) Frenzy of the Absolute -2008-Conspiracy Records digicd
Feldgrau (US) Mechanized Misanthropy -2005-Agonia cd
Fjörd (CA) Vor Tru -2009-Totenkopf Propaganda cd
Flutwacht (DE) Breath -2008-Mask of the Slave Records cd
Funeral (US) S/T -2010-Aphelion cd
Funeral Goat (NL) Mass ov Perversion -2009-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Funeral Moth (JP) Dense fog -2014-Weird Truth Prod. digicd
Funeral Moth (JP) S/T -2008-Weird Thruth Productions digimcd
Ghast (UK) May the Curse Bind -2008-Todestrieb cd
Gloomy Sunday (SE) Beyond Good and Evil -2007-Solitude Records cd
Gospel of the Future (CZ) S/T -2007-Epidemie Records digicd
Graveyard (SP) One with the Dead -2009-Black Seed Prod. cd
Gräfestein (DE) Silence Endless -2005-Black Hate Productions cd
Haar (UK) 2012 EP -2012-Todestrieb mcd
Heimdalls Wacht (DE) Nichtorte - Oder die Geistreise des Runenschamanen -2011-Heidens Hart cd
Helcaraxë (US) Broadsword -2009-Regimental Records cd
Helel (FR) A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh -2009-Debemur Morti Productions digimcd
Hell Darkness Rockin´ Underground -2010-Doomentia Records cd
Hellrealm (US) Hell is Here on Earth -2006-The Number Thirteen Productions cd
Hesperus Dimension (PO) Mental Electricity MMVII -2008-Diachell Musik mcd
Hetzer (PO) The Rise of Abaddon -2007-Redrum cd
Highgate (US) S/T -2008-Total Rust Records cd
Highgate (US) Shrines To The Warhead -2010-Total Rust Music cd
Horned Almighty (DK) Contaminating the Divine -2009-Art of Propaganda cd
Infernal Curse (AR) Awakening of the damned -2012-Kill Yourself Prod. cd
Inhumane Deathcult (FI) On Behalf of Satan -2010-Descending Towards Damnation cd
Insidious Omen (CA) Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay -2006 cd
InThyFlesh (PT) Crawl Beneath Our Shadow -2004-Goatowarex cd
InThyFlesh (PT) Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures To The Concerns Of Flesh -2007-Nykta cd
Kampf Nothing But Wrath -2007-Regimental Records mcd
Kilte (BE) Absence -2006-Goatowarex mcd
Kolp (HU) The Covered Pure Permanence -2010-Temple of Torturous digicd
KRV/Foscor The Burial´s Flavours -2008-Diachell Musik cd
Kythrone (CL) Kult Des Todes -2007-Tyrannus Records cd
Locus Mortis (IT) Inter Uterum Et Loculum -2005-ATMF cd
Locus Mortis (IT) Vous -2007-ATMF cd
Lords of Bukkake (SP) Desorden Y Rencor -2010-Total Rust Music cd
Lotus Circle Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods -2007-Nykta Records cd
Lotus Circle/Bosque Split -2009-Dunkelheit Produktionen cd
LURK (FI) S/T -2012-Total Rust cd
Lysergene (UK) Critical Mass -2008-Aesthetic Death cd
Lythan/Vulto (PT) Ritual de Privação -2009-Discipline cd
Malachi (US) S/T/Wither to Cover the Tread -2008-Siege of Power cd
Maleficum Orgia (FR) S/T -2008-Insidious Poisoning Records cd
Mandatory (DE) Where They Bleed -2006-Asphyxiate Records mcd
Meatjack/Damad (US) Split -2000-At A Loss Recordings cd
Memory Driven (US) Relative Obscurity -2009-I Hate Records cd
Mephisto/Front Beast (2006) In League with Evil Metal -2006-Iron Tyrant cd
Mephiztophel (CO) For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul -2009-Time Before Time Records cd
Methadrone (US) Better Living (Through Chemistry) -2009-Consouling Sounds digicd
Misanthropic Triumph/Ravendark´s Monarchal Canticle (BR) Split -2009-Hammer of Damnation cd
Misantrophic Path (DE) A Bluntly Description of the Present -2007-Nihilistische Klang Kunst cd
Moder (DE) Fields of Devastation -2006-Moder Metal cd
Monarch/Grey Daturas Dawn of the Catalyst -2007-20 Buck Spin cd
Monno (DE) Error -Conspiracy Records digicd
Monolithe (FR) Monolithe III -2012-Debemur Morti Prod. digicd
Mons Veneris (PT) Vicit sathanas pater...eum sequamur -2013-Antihumanism cd
Mood (UA) Slow Down -1997-Vida cd
Mood (UA) The Fourth Ride of Doomanoids -2001-Hammer of Damnation cd
Moriar (IT) Burn the Reign of Light -2010-Fog of the Apocalypse cd
Morte Incandescente (PT) Ultimatum -Sadolust Records mcd
Murkrat (AU) S/T -2008-Aesthetic Death cd
Musta Kappeli (FI) Saatanassa Ulvoneet -2009-Primitive Reaction mcd
Mutant Ape (UK) What´s Left -Turgid Animal cd
Nailgunner (FI) Apocalypse. Now or Never -2008-Area Death Productions cd
Near (IT) The Opening of the Primordial Whirl -2010-De Tenebrarum Principio cd
Nebelwerfer (RU) The Spirit of Violation -2009-Assavlt Records cd
Nekrasov (AU) Cognition of Splendid Oblivion -2010-Siege of Power Records digicd
Nenavist (PT) Inhuman -2009-Egg of Nihilism Prod. cd
Neutron Hammer (FI) Damnation´s Bringer -2011-Primitive Reaction mcd
Nivathe (US) Enveloped In A Diseased Abyss -2008-Bubonic Prod. cd
Noktiis Eterna (FR) Les Larmes Du Tyran -2007-Slava Satan Records cd
Nominon (SE) Diabolical Bloodshed -2008-Deathgasm cd
Nominon (SE) Monumentomb -2010-Deathgasm cd
Nominon (SE) Omen -2009-Deathgasm mcd
Nominon (SE) Terra Necrosis -2007-Deathgasm cd
Nucleus Torn (CH) Nihil -2006-Prophecy Productions A5 digibook
Numen (SP) S/T -2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre cd
Obitus (SE) The March of the Thrones -2009-Eerie Art Records cd
Odem (RU) Rape Your God and Pray for Reprieve -2010 cd
Odor Mortis (RU) Coagula -2007-Thou Shalt Kill cd
Omega Massif/Mount Logan (DE) Split -2009-Vendetta Records cd
Oraculum (CL) Sorcery of the Damned -2014-Invictus mcd
Oraison (FR) Au Commencement... -2002 cd
Ossuaire (FR) Le Troubadour Necrophagéophile -2016-Nihilistic Holocaust mcd
Our Survival Depends On Us (AT) Jumping Once Too Often Into The Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration -2007-Womb of Narcotics cd
Paganizer (SE) Basic Instructions for Dying -2010-Obliteration Records cd
Paganus (FI) S/T -2008-Total Rust Records cd
Pahuus (FI) Pahuuden Voitto -2014 mcd
Pale Chalice (US) Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation -2011-Flenser cd
Pale Divine (US) Crimson Tears -2008-Shadow Kingdom Records cd
Paranoia Inducta (PL) Gloria Laus -2006-Beast of Prey A5 cd
Paria (DE) Unchain the Unclean -2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records cd
Pek (BE) Preaching Evil -2008-Sadolust Records cd
Perdition Winds (FI) S/T -2012-Darker Than Black cd
Perditor (NL) In Signo Suo -2003-Ordealis mcd
Persecutor (PO) Wings of Death -2009-Time Before Time Records cd
Pogost (RU) …from the Eternal Chaos -2008-Assavlt Records cd
Poisonous (BR) Perdition´s Den -2014-Soul Erazer Records cd
Primigenium (SP) As Eternal as the Night -2013-Sol Records mcd
Primigenium (SP) Faith Through Anguish -2011-Black Seed Prod. cd
Protector (DE) Welcome to Fire -2006-Wroth Emitter Productions cd
Quadrivium (NO) Adversus -2008-Soulseller Records cd
Ravens Creed (UK) Albion Thunder -2009-Doomentia Records cd
Reino Ermitaño (PE) Brujas del Mar -2006-Psychedoomelic cd
Revelation of Doom (PO) Shemhamforash -2007-Pagan Records cd
Revelation of Doom (PO) Unholy Goatfuck -2006-Time Before Time Records cd
Reverie (US) Isolation -2007 cd
Rotting Heaven (RU) Apotheosis of the Apocalypse -2012-Death Knell Prod. cd
Rue/Aldebaran (US) Split -2004-Parasitic Records cd
Sanctus Nex (UK) Aurelia -2009-ATMF cd
Satanochio (RO) From Beyond -2008-Diachell Musik cd
Sathanas (US) Hex Nefarious -2007-Die Todesrune Records cd
Saturnian Mist (FI) Repellings -2009-Descending Towards Damnation mcd
Scene Killer (US) S/T -2001-MeteorCity Records cd
Septuagint (GR) Negative Void Trinity -2014-Forever Plagued Records mcd
Shadows Ground (UK) In Eternal Coldness of the Night -2009-Black Hate Productions cd
Shroud of the Heretic (US) Boiled to Death -Dybbuk cd
Siebensünden/Teratologen (SE) Split -2007-I Hate Records digicd
Sinners Burn (SE) Mortuary Rendezvous -2009-No Colours cd
Snowblood (UK) The Human Tragedy -2003-Law Giver Records digicd
Sol (DK) I Am Infinity -2008-VÁN digicd
Sol (DK) Let There Be A Massacre -2007-VÁN digicd
Solace vs. Solarized (US) Jersey Devils -2000-Freebird Records cd
Soli Diaboli Gloria (RU) S/T -2009-Assavlt Records cd
Solstorm (NO) S/T -2011-Duplicate Records digicd
Somnivore (FI) Clergy of Oneiros -2007-Anima Arctica Productions cd
Spun in Darkness (US) Birthright -2007-Battle Kommand Records cd
Srodek (SE) Förfall -2011-ATMF cd
Stielas Storhett (RU) SKD -2010-De Profundis mcd
Stoned Jesus (UA) First Communion -2010-Solitude Records cd
Stormcrow/Sanctum (US) Split -2007-20 Buck Spin cd
Subaudition (FI) Light on the Path -2009-Auerbach digicd
Sumeria (US) All Paths Lead to Insanity -2006-Graveless Slumber Records cd
Sworn (SE) Impious Beast Within -2007-Nuclear Winter Records mcd
Syklisk Nedgand (FR) Purification through the fall -2010-Those Opposed Records mcd
Teloch (FI) Morbid Prayer -2010-Descending Towards Damnation cd
Tenebrous (US) Arias Toward the Black Sun -2007-Deathgasm Records cd
Terrorama (SE) Omnipotence -2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Thallium (BR) Armanenschaft -Hammer of Damnation cd
The Arrival of Satan (FR) Vexing Verses -2009-Black Hate Productions digicd
The Sickening (NO) Death Devastation Decay -2009-Xtreem Music cd
The True Panteon (RU) Septum -2009-Thou Shalt Kill cd
The Ugly (SE) Slaves to the Decay -2008-Unexploded Records digicd
The Wizar´d (AU) Infernal Wizardry -2008-Rusty Axe Records cd
Thoth (PO) Zamglenie -2010-Lower Silesian Stronghold cd
Throneum (PO) The Unholy Ones -2007-Deathgasm Records mcd
Throneum/Martire United in Hell -2004-Apokalyptor Records cd
Throneum/Revelation of Doom (PO) Total Regression -2007-Pagan Records cd
Thronum Vrondor (BE) Vrondor I: Epitaph of Mass-Destruction -2007-Goatowarex cd
Todesstoss (DE) Abwegnis 121 -2010-Wroth Emitter cd
Todesstoss (DE) Würmer Zu Weinen -2009-Eisenwald cd
Toil (US) Lullabies for Insects -2009-Rusty Axe Records mcd
Trancelike Void (BE) Unveiling the silent arms of despair -2008-Total Holocaust Records mcd
Trayjen (US) Walking among the stones of fire -2008-Flamme Noire cd
Treha Sektori (FR) Sorieh -2009-Kaosthetik digicd
Tronus Abyss (IT) Kampf -2008-ATMF digibook cd
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa (FI) S/T -2007-Anima Arctica Productions cd
Turpista (PO) Turpistyczne wizje końca -2014-Under the Sign of Garazel cd
Tyhjyys (FI) S/T -2010-Grievantee cd
Unholy Trinity (US) Omnimalevolence -2005-Numen Malevolum Barathri mcd
Valaskjalf/Hrodvitnir Under the Banner of Vinlandic Heathen Might -2005-Storms of Steel cd
Velvet Cacoon (US) Northsuite -2005-Full Moon Productions cd
Vergissmeinnicht (CN) Whispering Solitude -2008-Pest Productions digicd
Vetus Obscurum (US) Blood Revelations -2009-Debemur Morti Productions mcd
Vhernen (FK) S/T -2007-Eerie Art Records cd
Vhöl (US) S/T -2013-Profound Lore cd
Victimizer (DK) Rapid Thrashing Violence -2007-Hell´s Headbangers mcd
Voids of Vomit (IT) Veritas Vltima Vitae -2010-Bird of Ill Omen mcd
Volition (UK) S/T -2008-Total Rust Records cd
Vomit (NO) Still Rotting -2007-Lyderhorn Records cd
VTTA (RU) On the vortex of chasing the desired majesty -2012-Death Knell Prod. mcd
Vulturine (BR) Ossos... Odio & Angustia -2008-Nomos Dei Productions cd
Vulturine (BR) We Worship Your Death -2010-Nomos Dei digicd
Wallachia (NO) Shunya -2012-Debemur Morti Prod. cd
Warmarch (SK) Pactum Cum Diabolus -2009-Hexencave Productions cd
Way To End (FR) Desecrated Internal Journey -2009-Debemur Morti Productions cd
Wicked King Wicker (US) God Is Busy... Save Yourself -2009-Cold Spring cd
Wolfe (US) S/T -2006-Fire of Fire cd
Wolfhead (SP) -2011-Doomentia digicd
Wolfthrone (FI) Unleash the Hate -2009-Art of Propaganda mcd
Wolok (FR) The Silver Cord -2014-Death Knell Prod. mcd
Wreck of the Hesperus (IR) The Sunken Threshold -2006-Aesthetic Death cd


11 As In Adversaries (FR) The Full Intrepid Experie -2010-ATMF cd
Acrimonious (GR) Perdition Gospel -2007-Salvation Distro mcd
Ad Hominem (FR) Climax of hatred -2005-Avantgarde Music cd
Aeoga (FI) Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus -2005-Aural Hypnox cd
Akhkharu (US) Celebratum -2013-Silcharde Records cd
Almighty Sathanas/Blasphemophagher/Tyrants Blood Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas -2008-Black Vomit Records cd
AMSG (CA) The Principle of Evil becomes the Ideal of the Promethean -2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance mcd
Anael (DE) From Arcane Fires -2008-Paragon Records cd
Ancestors Blood (FI) When the forest calls -2009-Heidens Hart cd
Anguished (FI) Cold -2010-Hammer of Hate cd
Anwyl (US) Postmortem apocalypse -2003-Drakkar Productions cd
Arise (SE) The Reckoning -2010-Regain Records cd
Arphaxat (FR) Loudun la Maudite -2008-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Arvet (FI) Aijna -2011-Saturnian Production cd
Asmund (RU) К чертогам славы -2013-Der Schwarze Tod cd
Asmund (RU) Песнь крови -2014-Der Schwarze Tod cd
Astrofaes (UA) Dying Emotions Domain -2011-Negative Existence digicd
Ataraxy (SP) Curse of the requiem mass -2010-Memento Mori mcd
Atomic Aggressor (CL) Rise Of The Ancient Ones -2008-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Attacker (US) Soul Taker -2004-Iron Glory cd
Au Sacre des Nuits (BR) Anti-Humain -2009-Kunsthauch cd
Azrael (US) Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat -2007-Moribund DCD
Azrael (US) into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse -2004-Moribund cd
Azrael (US) Obdurate/Unto Death -2008-Moribund Records cd
Balance Interruption (UA) Era II: Deserts of Ashes -2011-Vengeful Attakkk cd
Barbatos (JP) Straight Metal War -2015-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Bauda (CL) …Oniirica -2009-Pest Productions cd
Begrime Exemious (CA) Impending Funeral of Man -2010-Dark Descent Records cd
Besatt (PO) Czarci Majestat -2011-Seven Gates of Hell cd
Besatt (PO) In Nomine Satanas -2011-Seven Gates of Hell cd
Bethlehem (DE) A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog´s Ear -2009-Katastrophy Records cd
Black Crucifixion (FI) The Fallen One of Flames -2005-Paragon Records mcd
Black Draugwath (RU) The true bottomless armageddon -2013-Heidens Hart cd
Black Flame (IT) Conquering Purity -2006-Worship Him Records cd
Black Prophecies (IT) Descent into Hell -2012-Terror From Hell cd
Blackdeath (RU) Chronicles of Hellish Circles -2009-Hammer of Damnation cd
Blackdeath (RU) Fucking Fullmoon Foundation -2002-Info Black cd
Blackdeath (RU) Katharsis -2011-Hospital Prod. cd
Blackdeath (RU) Phobos -2013-Heidens Hart cd
Blessed in Sin/Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis (FR) Tu Fui Ego Eris -2013-Obscure Abhorrence cd
Blood of the Black Owl (US) A Banishing Ritual -2010-Bindrune digicd
Blood Stronghold (AU) The March of Apparitions -2015-Witches Sabbat mcd
Bloodhammer (FI) Passion of the Devil -2005-Breath of Pestilence/Hammer of Hate mcd
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (US) Crows Eat the Eyes from the Leviathans Carcass -2010-Release the Bats digicd
Bosse-de-Nage (US) II -Flenser cd
Bustum (PO) The Return of Hate -2009-Darker Than Black cd
Caïna/White Medal (UK) Split -2011-Legion Blotan cd
Cauldron Black Ram (AU) The Poisoner Maxi EP -2012-Abysmal Sounds mcd
Centurions Ghost (UK) A Sign of Things to Come -2005-I Hate Records cd
Centurions Ghost (UK) The Great Work -2007-I Hate Records cd
Chaotic Aeon (CN) S/T -2009-Pest Productions mcd
Chowder (US) Passion Rift -2012-I, Voidhanger cd
Cobalt (US) War Metal -2014-Hammerheart Records cd
Convulse (FI) Inner Evil -2013-Svart mcd
Corpsessed (FI) Abysmal Thresholds -2014-Dark Descent Records cd
Corpus Christii (PT) The Fire God -2006-Sadolust Records cd
Dark Opus (FR) Ignominious Fundamentals -2012-Battlesk´rs Prod. digimcd
De Magia Veterum (NL) Migdal Bavel -2009-Transcendental Creations digibook
Dead Raven Choir (PO) Selenoclast Wolves -2006-God Is Myth cd
Deadly Carnage (IT) Sentiero II: Ceneri -2011-ATMF cd
Deathgate Arkanum (DE) Stillhallen -2008-Amor Fati cd
Deathrow (IT) Gateways to Oblivion -2008-Slava Satan Records cd
December Songs A Tribute to Katatonia -2007-Northern Silence Productions DCD
Demonic Death Judge/Semtex/Frogskin (FI) By the Malice of the Evil Death Comes Vol. 1 -2011-Boue Records cd
Demonomancy (SP) Supremacy Through Intolerance (The last legacy) -2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance cd
Demons Gate (AU) S/T -2012-Terror From Hell mcd
Devil (NO) Time to Repent -2011-Soulseller Records cd
Devil´s Emissary (PO) Evangelic Decimation -2015-Under the Sign of Garazel cd
Devil´s Emissary (PO) Malignant Invocation -2013-Under the Sign of Garazel cd
Diamatregon (FR) The Satanic Devotion -2010-Monokrom cd
Dimensional Psychosis (NL) Architecture Of Realities -2009-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Disfigured Dead (US) Visions of Dead -2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records cd
Dolentia/Tumulum (PT) Da Terra Que Comungamos -2009-Egg of Nihilism cd
Doomed (US) Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell -2010-Aphelion cd
Dream Death (US) Pittsburgh Sludge Metal -2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records digicd
Drengskapur (DE) Der Urgewalten Werk -2013 cd
Drengskapur/Nemesis Sopor (DE) Rauhnächte -2013 cd
Earthride (US) Something Wicked -2011-Doomentia digicd
Ebony Lake (UK) In Swathes Of Brooding -2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre cd
Egonoir (DE) A New Philosophical Thunder -2009-Temple of Torturous digicd
EgoNoir (DE) Reste -2010-VÁN digicd
Eibon (FR) S/T -2008-Aesthetic Death digimcd
Elhaz (FR) Goetic Experience -2009-Pest Productions digicd
End (GR) End II -2003-Info Black cd
End (GR) III -2009-Black Hate Productions digicd
Enfeus Lodge (FR) S/T -2008-Obscure Abhorrence Prod. cd
Entombed (SE) When in Sodom -2006-Threeman Recordings mcd
Esoterica (US) Aseity -2013-Forever Plagued Records cd
Evangelivm (RU) Nightside of Eden -2010-Hammer of Hate cd
Fetid Zombie (US) Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool -2011-Obliteration Records cd+booklet
Flagellant (SE) Monuments -2010-WTC cd
Flame (FI) March Into Firelands -2011-Primitive Reaction cd
Force of Darkness (CL) Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness -2014-Hell´s Headbangers mcd
Forsaken (MT) After the Fall -2009-I Hate Records cd
Freitod (DE) Nebel Der Erinnerungen -2010-VÁN digicd
Funeral (SE) Forgotten Abominations -2011-Nuclear Winter digimcd
Funeral Procession (DE) The Red Vine Litanies -2008-VÁN digi mcd
Gandr (FI) Yöllisen Ylistys -2011-Versets Noir cd
Gelsomina+noXivic (FI) Furnace -2008-Some Place Else cd
Genocide Shrines (LK) Devanation Monumentemples -2012-Cyclopean Eye Prod. mcd
Gentleman´s Pistols (UK) S/T -2007-Rise Above cd
Ghost Kommando (CH) Abraxas Rising -2014-Breath of Pestilence mcd
Ghostrider (IT) Return of the ghost -2011-FOAD Records cd
Gloria Diaboli (CA) Gate to Sheol -2007-Total Holocaust Records cd
Gorgon/Ordo Templi Aeternae Luci (FR) Split -2011-Dernier Bastion cd
Grave Desecrator (BR) Insult -2010-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Gravehill (US) When All Roads Lead to Hell -2011-Dark Descent Records cd
Gravewürm (US) Black Fire -2010-Obliteration cd
Gravewürm (US) Funeral Empire -2009-Time Before Time Records cd
Gravewürm (US) Under the Banner of War -2005-Barbarian Wrath cd
Grim Funeral (SP) A Grim Funeral to the Soul of This World -2008-Total Holocaust Records cd
Haatstrijd (NL) Cacodaemony -2006-Sadolust Records digibook
Habsyll (FR) S/T -2009-Odio Sonoro digicd
Hakenkreuz (NZ) Axis of Cosmos -2007-Graveless Slumber Records cd
Hallowed Butchery (US) Funeral Rites for the Living -2009-Vendetta Records digicd
Headhunter DC (BR) God´s Spreading Cancer cd
Heartless (CN) Suicidal Engagement -2008-Pest Productions cd
Hebosagil (FI) Colossal -2008-Kaos Kontrol cd
Hebosagil (FI) Cosmic -2009-Rusto-Osiris mcd
Hebosagil (FI) Lähtö -2013-Ektro cd
Hell Spirit (FI) Dawn Under Curse -2014-Saturnal Records cd
Hellish Crossfire (DE) Bloodrust Scythe -2010-I Hate Records cd
Herem (FI) Pulsa diNura -2008-Rusty Crowbar Records cd
Heretoir (DE) .Existenz. -2009-Pest Productions mcd
Hierophant´s Descent (GR) The Apocalypse of Evil -2014-Under the Sign of Garazel mcd
I Shalt Become (US) Requiem -2008-Darker Than Black cd
Imindain (UK) And the Living Shall Envy the Dead -2007-Weird Thruth Productions digicd
Instinct (UK) S/T -2008-Heidenwut cd
Insult (SE) Abysmal Incantations -2009-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Irritate (FI) Ten Stabs of Demented Violence -2008-Bestial Burst cd
Isarnheimr (NO) S/T -2006-Goatowarex cd
Janvs (IT) FVLGVRES -2007-ATMF cd
Kenaz (CA) Résurgence nordique -2011-Tour De Garde cd
Kill (SE) Burning Blood -2012-Black Seed Prod. cd
Kill (SE) Horned Holocaust -2003-Invictus Productions cd
Krohm (US) The Haunting Presence -2007-Debemur Morti Productions cd
Lago (US) Marianas -2010-Pale Horse mcd
Lashblood (RU) Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation -2012-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Laudanum (US) The Coronation -20 Buck Spin digicd
LDRTFS/Gate to Void/Æon Nought Those Who Dwell Beyond -2009-Black Mass Records digicd
LDRTFS/Miguel Prado Aurum Nostrum non est Aurum Vulgi -2009-Black Mass Records digicd
Les Chants de Nihil (FR) Ma plus Douce Vermine -2009-Dernier Bastion digicd
Lex Rhino (DE) With A Little Help From Lucifer -2010-Funeral Industries cd
Litmus (US) Planetfall -2007-Rise Above cd
Livsnekad (SE) Den Sociala Vanförheten -2009-Katastrophy Records cd
Loits (EE) Ei Kahetse Midagi -2005-Nailboard Records digicd
Lord of Doubts (RU) S/T -2010-Sekt ov Gnosis cd
Lord of Doubts (RU) The Gates of Doom -2011-Sekt Ov Gnozis digimcd
Lordamor (FI) S/T -2009-Descending Towards Damnation cd
Los Natas (AG) Corsario Negro -2002-Small Stone Records cd
Los Natas (AG) El Nuevo Orden De La Libertad -2009-Small Stone Records cd
Lowrider (SE) Ode To Io -2000-Meteor City cd
Lucifugum (UA) ...And the Wheel Keeps Crunching... -2002-D.U.K.E. cd
Lyrinx/Elysian Blaze/D.O.R. Universal Absence -2008-Insidious Poisoning Records cd
Malasangre (IT) Lux Deerit Soli -2012-I, Voidhanger cd
Maledicere (US) Leave Only What is Fit to Burn -2011-Antitheist Disseminations cd
Malkuth (US) Sefirah gevura -2009-Hospital Productions cd
Manetheren (US) Time -2012-Debemur Morti Prod. digicd
Maniak (PG) Black Thrashing Genocide -2009-Grief Foundation cd
Manticore (US) Behold the ascension of the execrated -2012-Deathgasm cd
Manticore (US) For Rats & Plague -2006-Deathgasm cd
Marzuraan (UK) Five Years Worth Of Fuck All -2008-At War With False Noise digicd
Massacra (FR) Enjoy the Violence -1991-7Gates cd
Massacra (FR) Final Holocaust -1990-7Gates cd
Massacre (US) The Second Coming -2008-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Minotaur (DE) God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not -2009-I Hate Records cd
Monte Penumbra (PT) Heirloom of Sullen Fall -2013-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Moontower (PO) Voices Of The Unholy Land -2012-Pluton´s Rising digicd
Morbid Flesh (SP) Reborn in Death -2011-Memento Mori cd
Morbosidad (US) Profana La Cruz del Nazareno -2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Mordaehoth (NL) Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart -2010-Heidens Hart digicd
Mortifera/Be Persecuted Split -2013-Bubonic Prod. mcd
Mortify (GR) The Way of All Flesh -2011-Kill Yourself Productions cd
Mortualia/Inmitten Des Waldes Split -2009-Dunkelheit Produktionen cd
Mortuus Infradaemoni (DE) Daemon Qui Fecit Terram -2007-Cold Dimensions cd
Mortuus Infradaemoni (DE) Imis Avernis -2009-Cold Dimensions cd
N.I.L. (US) S/T -2007-Battle Kommand Records cd
Nachtmystium (US) The First Attacks -2004-Candlelight Records cd
Nahar (FR) La Fascination Du Pire -2009-Avantgarde cd
Nebula (US) Apollo -2006-Sweet Nothing cd
Nebula/Lowrider Split -1998-MeteorCity cd
Necro Deathmort (UK) This Beat Is Necrotronic -2009-Distraction Records cd
Necrodeath/Ghostrider (IT) Back to the abyss -2012-Terror From Hell cd
Necromass (IT) Calix Utero Babalon -2013-Funeral Industries cd
Necromass (IT) Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana -2011-Funeral Industries cd
Necronaut (SE) S/T -2010-Regain Records cd
Necrophile (JP) Mementos in the Misting Woods -2011-Dark Descent Records cd
Necroplasma (SE) Gospels of antichristian terror -2006-Isengard Productions cd
Necroplasma (SE) Sit Gloria Domini Insecvlvm -2006-Die Todesrune Records cd
Necrosadist (UK) Abstract Satan -2011-Daemon Worship cd
Necroslut (FI) Black Deceiver -2010-Hammer of Hate cd
Nefandus (SE) Your God is a Ghost -2012-Daemon Worship Prod. mcd
Neo Inferno 262 (FR) Hacking the Holy Code -2008-Necrocosm digicd
Neutron Hammer (FI) Iron Storm Evocation -2012-Primitive Reaction cd
Nex (SE) Zero -2007-Next Horizon Records cd
Nidsang (SE) The Mark of Death -2007-Drakkar Productions cd
Nocturnal Blood (US) Devastated Graves -2010-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Nocturnal Graves (AU) ...From The Bloodline Of Cain -2013-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Nocturnal Vomit (GR) Cursed Relics -2012-Kill Yourself Prod. cd
Nocturnal Vomit (GR) Divine Profanation -2009-Kill Yourself cd
Noothgrush (US) Erode the Person -2014-Throne Records digipak
Nox (NL) Ixaxaar -2007-Wicked World cd
Nuclearhammer (CA) Obliteration Ritual -2009-Morbid Moon cd
Nuclearhammer (CA) Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer -2014-Nuclear War Now! cd-
Nuclearhammer/Begrime Exemious (CA) Heretical Serpent Cult -2011-Dark Descent Records cd
Nunslaughter (US) Hex -2007-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Obscure Anachronism (AT) Transcending Mundane Obstacles -2007-AAP cd
Occultation (US) Somber Dawn -2010 cd-r
Occultation (US) Three & Seven -2012-Invictus cd
Ogdru Jahad (DK) I -2013-Ancient Darkness Prod. cd
Oizys (AU) Hymns to the Furies -2010-Dark Adversary Productions cd
Orcivus (SE) Consummatum Est -2008-Next Horizon Records cd
Order of Orias (AU) Inverse -2011-WTC digicd
Order of the Ebon Hand (GR) XV: The Devil -2005-Season of Mist cd
Ordo Obsidium (US) Orbis Tertius -2011-Eisenwald cd
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE) Do Angels Never Cry, and Heaven Never Fall? -2010-Out of Line mcd
Otesanek/Loss/Orthodox/Mournful Congregation Fo(u)r Burials -2011-Flenser digicd
Outcast (AU) S/T -2014-Heavy Chains Records mcd
Pact of Solitude (SP) Passion And Pain -2006-Kyrck Productions mcd
Paria (DE) Vermin Race -2008-Obscure Abhorrence digicd-
Perversor (CL) Cult of Destruction -2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Perversor (CL) Demon Metal -2011-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Pharao Overlord (FI) #4 -2006-Ektro Records cd
Porta Nigra (DE) Fin de Siècle -2012-Debemur Morti Prod. digicd
Pseudogod (RU) Two Nights of Supremacy and Witchcraft -2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda DVD
Pure Evil (FI) Chapter III: Dedication -2009-Hammer of Hate cd
Pussygut (US) She Hid Behind Her Veil... -2008-20 Buck Spin digicd
Realmbuilder (US) Summon the Stone Throwers -2011-I Hate Records cd
Resuscitator (US) Iniciation -2007-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Reveal (SE) Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth -2012-Invictus cd
Rêx Mündi (US) IHVH -2011-Debemur Morti cd
Rêx Mündi (US) Ontology -2016-Wolfspell cd
Rise and Shine (SE) Empty Hand -2011-I Hate Records cd
Royal Arch Blaspheme (US) II -2012-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Ruins (AU) Cauldron -2009-Debemur Morti Productions digicd
Räjäyttäjät (FI) Awopbopaloopop Alopbam RÄJÄ! -2013-Ektro cd
S (PO) -2014-Death Knell Prod. digicd
Sabbah Navahthani (CY) S/T -2007-Necroterror Records cd
Sacreligious Torment/Burning Winds (US) Of Holy Sacrament and Semen -2002-Desacration of God Productions cd-r
Samael (CH) Telepath -2004-Regain Records digimcd
Sanctuaire (CA) Helserkr -2015-Tour De Garde digipak
Sanctum (US) On the Horizon -2008-20 Buck Spin cd
Saros (US) Acrid Plains -2009-Profound Lore digicd
Sartegos (SP) As Fontes do Negrume -2013-Bloody Prod. mcd
Satanize (PT) Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem -2010-Tour de garde cd
Satanize (PT) Holy Destruction Ritual -2012-Discipline cd
Sauron (NL) The Channeling Void -2007-Carnal Records cd
Scythe (US) Beware The Scythe -2012-Primitive Reaction cd
Seelengreif (DE) Jenseits der Schatten -2007-Tour De Garde cd
Seges Findere (BR) Massacre Supremacista -2009-Die Todesrune Records cd
Sepulchral Throne (PY) The sepulchral darkness returns -2010-Proselytism mcd
Serpent Ascending (FI) The Enigma Unsettled -2011-I, Voidhanger cd
Serpent Noir (GR) Sanguis XI -2010-Daemon Worship Prod. mcd
Serpent Noir (GR) Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness -2012-Daemon Worship Prod. mcd
Serpentcult (BE) Trident Nor Fire -2007-I Hate Records mcd
Shackles (AU) Traitors´ Gate -2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records cd
Shores of Ladon (DE) Eindringling -2013-Sol Records cd
Simple Existenz (DE) Das Leben vor dem Tod -2010-VÁN digicd
Sinister Realm (US) S/T -2009-Shadow Kingdom Records cd
Sinisterite S/T -2010-Pest Prod. cd
Sinisterite The Unclean Days -2011-Bubonic cd
Skeletal Augury (CN) Victory of the Holocaust -2009-Pest Productions cd
Skirrhus (US) Consumed by Misery -2006-Ixiol Productions cd
Slaughter (CA) One foot in the grave -2013-Terror From Hell digicd-
Slough Feg (US) Ape Uprising -2009-Cruz Del Sur cd
Slough Feg (US) Atavism -2005-Cruz Del Sur Music cd
Solitude Aeturnus (US) Downfall -2014-Hammerheart Records cd
Solitude Aeturnus (US) Through the Darkest Hour -2014-Hammerheart Records cd
Sombre Chemin/Ornaments of Sin (FR) Split -2005-Info Black cd
Sonnenbrand (RU) В осознании превосходства -2013-Der Schwarze Tod cd
Space Eater (RS) Merciful Angel -2007-I Hate Records cd
Spancer (DE) Slowly We Rock -2007-Church Within Records cd
Spearhead (UK) Decrowning the Irenach -2008-Invictus Productions cd
Spetälsk (SE) S/T -2007-Unexploded Records cd
Stumm (FI) I -2006-Aesthetic Death cd
Suicidal Wings (SE) Wrath of God -2004-Fagonia cd
Supuration (FR) Back from the Crematory -2011-Xtreem Music cd
Tangorodrim (IL) Those Who Unleashed -2010-Apocalyptic Empire cd
Tangorodrim (IL) Unholy Metal Way -2010-Apocalyptic Empire cd
Tatir (GR) Cave of Ephyras...To the Infernal Fields -2012-Kill Yourself Productions cd
Tauthr (DE) Life-Losing -2010-VÁN digicd
Teitanfyre (RU) Morbid Death´s Sceptre -2011-Ridge Ov Drakon cd
Temple of Baal (FR) Lightslaying Rituals -2009-Agonia cd
The Beast of the Apocalypse (NL) A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar -2009-Transcendental Creations digicd
The Howling Wind (US) Pestilence & Peril -2007-Profound Lore digicd
The Lamp of Thoth (UK) Cauldron of Witchery -2008-Eyes Like Snow mcd
The Moon and the Nightspirit (HU) Regõ Rejtem -2007-Equilibrium Music digibook
The Royal Arch Blaspheme (US) S/T -2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records cd
The Sarcophagus (TR) Towards the Eternal Chaos -2009-Osmose Productions cd
The Wandering Midget (FI) I Am the Gate -2007-Eyes Like Snow mcd
The Wandering Midget (FI) The Serpent Coven -2008-Eyes Like Snow cd
The Wizar´d (AU) Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge -2014-Barbarian Wrath cd
The Wounded Kings (UK) In the Chapel of the Black Hand -2011-I Hate Records cd
TheSyre (CA) Exist -2006-Osmose Productions cd
Thy Darkened Shade (GR) Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs -2012-WTC cd
Thy Only Forgotten (MX) Mythos Daemonium -2009-Lux Inframundis cd
Thyrane/The Dead Beginners (FI) Black Harmony -Spikefarm cd
Tombstoned (FI) S/T -2013-Svart cd
Toner Low (NL) II -2008-Freebird Records digicd
Torka (SI) Old Hatred -2006-Goatowarex cd
Truppensturm (DE) Fields of devastation -2007-VÁN cd
Truppensturm (DE) Salute To The Iron Emperors -2010-VÁN cd
Unholy Archangel (GR) Obsessed By War -2010-Kill Yourself cd
Unholy Crucifix (AU) Ordo Servorum Satanae -2013-Nuclear War Now! cd
Unorthodox (US) Awaken -2008-Church Within Records cd
Usurper (US) Threshold of the Usurper -2009-Primitive Reaction cd
V/A The Wine of Satan vol. II -2008-Necroterror cd
V/A To The Triumph Of Evil - Tribute to Judas Iscariot -2006-Info Black cd
V/A Tribute to Sarcofago -Cogumelo cd
Valoton (FI) Beastificate -2010-Hammer of Hate cd
Verge (FI) Sex & Violence -2011-Descending Towards Damnation cd
Vermeth (FR) Suicide or Be Killed -2008-Drakkar Productions cd
Villains (us) Life Code of Decadence -2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Villains (US) Never Abandon the Slut Train -2014-Nuclear War Now! cd
Villains (US) Road to Ruin -2011-Nuclear War Now! cd
Voodoo Gods (US) Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness -2014-Saturnal Records digipak cd
Voor (CA) Evil Metal -2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod cd
Vorkreist (FR) Sublimation XXIXA -2006-Xtreem Music cd
Weltbrand (NL) The Cloud of Retaliation -2006-Sadolust Records digibook
Witchblood (DE) Hail to Lyderhorn -2014-Wolftyr Prod. cd
Witchmaster (PO) Masochistic Devil Worship -2002-Pagan Records cd
Witchmaster (PO) No Peace At All - Thrash Or Die! -2009-Time Before Time Records cd
Witchmaster (PO) S/T -2004-Fagonia cd
Wolfsmond (DE) III -2010-WTC cd
Xenomorph (US) Empyreal Regimes -2011-Dark Descent Records cd


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16 (US) Bridges to Burn -2009-Relapse Records cd
A Storm of Light (US) As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade -2011-Profound Lore digicd
Abscess (US) Bourbon, Blood and Butchery -2013-Aphelion Prod. cd
Absolutus (BE) Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus -2005-Goatowarex cd
Abusus (DE) Lichter Gedanken und Lieder... -2010-VÁN digicd
Agrath (US) Thy Kingdom Come -2015-Funeral Industries cd
Ambush (SE) Run Like Hell -2016-Heavy Chain Records cd
Anal Vomit (PE) Gathering Of The Putrid Demons -2009-Black Seed Prod. cd
Ancient (NO) Det Glemte Riket -2005-Sleaszy Rider cd
Ancient (NO) Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes -2005-Sleaszy Rider cd
Anu (US) Opus Funaerum -2010-Graveless Slumber Records cd
Apocalypse Command (US) Damnation Scythes Of Invincible Abomination -2011-Invictus Prod. cd
Apostle of Solitude (US) Last Sunrise -2010-Profound Lore cd
Apostle of Solitude (US) Sincerest Misery -2008-Eyes Like Snow cd
Ares Kingdom (US) Incendiary -2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Ares Kingdom (US) Return to Dust -2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Arfsynd (SE) Hesychia -2013-Daemon Worship Prod. digipak
Arfsynd (SE) S/T -2010-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Arkha Sva (JP) Odo Kikale Qaa I -2013-Those Opposed Records digipak
Arkha Sva (JP) Odo Kikale Qaa II -2013-Those Opposed Records digipak
Armour (FI) S/T -2009-Primitive Reaction cd
Averse Sefira (US) Battle´s Clarion -2007-Candlelight cd
Barrow Wight (CA) Kings in Saurons Service -2016-Heavy Chain Records cd
Bedemon (US) Symphony of Shadows -2012-Svart cd
Before God (US) Under the Blood Banner -2000-BFG Prod. digicd
Belial (FI) Never Again -2010-Galgenstrang cd
Bestial Mockery (SE) Chainsaw Destruction -2007-Terranis Productions cd
Bestial Mockery (SE) Slaying the Life -2007-Season of Mist cd
Beyond (DE) Fatal Power of Death -2013-Necroshrine Records cd
Beyond Hell (US) The Sleeper Awakens -2010-Dark Descent Records cd
Black Cilice (PT) Summoning the Night -2014-Hidden Marly Prod. cd
Black Pyramid (US) Adversarial -2013-Hydro-Phonic digipak
Blasphemophagher (IT) The III Command of the Absolute Chaos -2011-Nuclear War Now! cd
Blood Red Fog (FI) Death Cult -2012-Those Opposed Records cd
Blood Red Fog (FI) Harvest -2012-Saturnian Prod. cd
Blood Red Fog (FI) On Death´s Wings -2014-Saturnal Records cd
Blood Red Fog (FI) Radiating Desolation -2008-AAP mcd
Blood Red Fog/Funerary Bell (FI) Split -2009-Obscure Abhorrence cd
Bloodhammer (FI) Post-Apocalypse Trilogy -2006-Primitive Reaction cd
Bloodoline (SP) Storm & Brilliance -2005-Panik Terror Musik cd
Bordel Militaire (AU) S/T -2012-Neuropa digicd
Bunkur (NL) Bludgeon -Nuclear War Now! cd
Bunkur (NL) Nullify -2009-Displeased cd
Burden (DE) A Hole In The Shell -2010-VÁN digicd
Burial Hordes (GR) 12 Years of War and Revenge -2012-Those Opposed Records cd
Celestia (FR) A Cave Full of Bats -2003-Goatowarex cd
Celestia (FR) Retrospectra -2009-Apparitia Recordings cd
Centinex (SE) Subconscious Lobotomy -2010-Memento Mori cd
Christian Mistress (US) Agony & Opium -2010-20 Buck Spin cd
Church Bizarre (DK) Sic Luceat Lux -2008-Hell´s Headbangers DCD
Church of Misery (JP) Live at Roadburn 2009 -2010-Roadburn Records digicd
Church of Misery (JP) Live in Red -2006-Salvation DVD
Coffins (JP) March of Despair -2012-Hammerhear Records mcd
Coffins (JP) Mortuary In Darkness -2012-Osmose Prod. digicd
Coffins (JP) Sewage Sludgecore Treatment -2012-Bones Brigade cd
Coffins/Otesanek Split -2007-Parasitic Records cd
Coffins/XXX Maniak The Cracks of Doom -2008-Creeping Vine Productions cd
Coffinworm (US) When All Became None -2010-Profound Lore cd
ColdWorld (DE) TheStarsAreDeadNow -2014-Maa Prod. cd
Cremation (CA) Black Death Cult -2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Crypt Vapor (AU) Tombe Della Città -2015-Heavy Chains Records cd
Csejthe (CA) Rèminiscence -2013-Eisenwald cd
Cult Of Erinyes (BE) A Place To Call My Unknown -2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre cd
Cult Of Erinyes (BE) Golgotha -2011-Dunkelkunst digicd
Dagon (US) In Desolationem Per Nefandum -2008-Fire of Fire cd
Dakhma (CH) Astiwihad-Zohr -2015-Necroshrine mcd
Dawnbringer (US) Into the Lair of the Sun God -2012-Profound Lore cd
Daäth Shadow (NL) Crown for Kings -2009-Osmose Productions cd
Death SS (IT) Transilvania -2001-Lucifer Rising Records mcd
Deiphago (PH) Filipino Antichrist -2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records digicd
Demoncy (US) Enthroned Is The Night -2011-Forever Plagued Records cd
Demonomancy (IT) Throne of Demonic Proselytism -2013-Nuclear War Now! cd
Desolate Shrine (FI) Tenebrous Towers -2011-Hammer of Hate cd
Disiplin (NO) Hostis Humani Generis -2010-Frent Europa cd
Dissection (SE) Live Legacy -2003-Nuclear Blast cd
Do Skonu (RU) Womb Of Primeval Darkness -2013-Forever Plagued Records cd
Domains (SP) Sinister Ceremonies -2014-Sinister Flame cd
Doom Snake Cult (US) Love, Sorrow, Doom -2015-Nuclear war now! cd
Elend (FR) Sunward the Dead -2004-Prophecy Productions digicd
Embalmed (MX) Exalt The Imperial Beast -2011-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Embrace of Thorns (GR) Darkness Impenetrable -2015-Nuclear war now! cd
Entartung (DE) Krypteia -2012-WTC cd
Enthral (NO) Prophecies of the Dying -2010-Frostscald cd
Enthroned (BE) Pentagrammaton -2010-Regain Records cd
Enthroning Silence (IT) Unnamed Quintessence of Grimness -2002-Westwall Production cd
Entombed (SE) Inferno -2003-Metal Mind Productions digicd
Ether (CA) Depraved, Repressed Feelings -2007-Sepulchral Productions cd
Fester (NO) The commitments that shattered 1991-1992 -2010-Kyrck cd
Finngalkn (IS) Horns Against Heaven -2007-Melas Khole Productions cd
Firebird (UK) Hot Wings -2006-Rise Above cd
Fluisterwoud (NL) Laat Alle Hoop Varen -2009-VÁN digicd
Force of Darkness (CL) Darkness Revelation -2010-Genuflextion cd
Forgotten Horror (FI) The Serpent Creation -2011-Woodcut Records cd
Forgotten Tomb (IT) Obscura Arcana Mortis -2000-Agonia digicd
Forgotten Tomb (IT) Under Saturn Retrograde -2011-Agonia cd
Forgotten Tomb (IT) Vol. 5: 1999-2009 -2010-Avantgarde DCD
Formloff (NO) Spyhorelandet -2012-Eisenwald cd
Funerary Bell (FI) Graveyard Séance/Horrific TransCosmic Overture -2015-Saturnal Records digipak cd
Gallhammer (JP) Gloomy Lights -2005-Bestial Burst cd
Gallhammer (JP) Ill Innocence -2007-Peaceville digicd
Genocide (DE) Apocalyptic Visions -2007-Ván cd
Goat Thrower (US) Savage Souls in Sodom -2015-Bestial Burst cd
Goatpenis (BR) Alliance for War + Bonus -Pagan War cd + dvd
Goatpenis (BR) Apocalypse War -Pagan War cd
Goatpenis (BR) Apocalypse War -2015-Pagan War cd
Goatpenis/Kurgall Satanic Terror Weapons -Pagan War cd
Goreaphobia (US) Apocalyptic Necromancy -2011-Dark Descent Records cd
Gorugoth (JP) S/T -2011-Zero Dimensional Records cd
Graven (DE) The Shadows Eternal Call -2005-Undercover Records cd
Grunt/Montage Split -Monotype Records cd
Haemoth (FR) Mortuales Delecti (The Demonik Prophecies) -2011-Nihilward cd
HAXXAN (US) Loch Ness Rising -2017-Hell´s Headbangers cd
HAXXAN (US) Loch Ness Rising -2017-Hell´s Headbangers digipak
Head of the Demon (SE) S/T -2012-Ajna cd
Heldentum (DE) Waffenweihe -2003-Nebelklang cd
Hell Militia (FR) Jacob´s Ladder -2012-Season of Mist digicd
Hell Militia (FR) last station on the road to death -2010-Debemur Morti Productions digibook
Hellvetron (US) Death Scroll Of Seven... -2012-Hell´s Headbangers digicd
Hellvetron (US) Death Scroll Of Seven... -2012-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Heretic (NL) Black Metal Holocaust -2008-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records cd
Hexenwald (DE) Descent, Rebirth and Black Light -2010-EE-Records cd
Hinsidig (NO) I en Tidløs Høst -2010-Blut & Eisen digicd
Hjarnidaudi (NO) Pain:Noise:March -2008-Avantgarde Music digicd
Horrendous (US) The Chills -2012-Dark Descent Records cd
Horse Latitudes (FI) Awakening -2012-Doomentia cd
Hour of 13 (US) The Ritualist -2010-Northern Silence cd
Ibex Throne (US) Total Inversion -2006-Goatowarex cd
Impavida (DE) Eerie Sceneries -2008-VÁN digicd
Impious Baptism (AU) Wrath Of The Apex Predator -2013-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Inarborat (DE) Inarborat -2008-Ván cd
Incriminated (FI) Possessed in Billnäs -live -2009-Monokrom cd
Inkisitor (FR) S/T -2009-Osmose Productions cd
Inquisition (US) Anxious Death/Forever Under -2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Insidious Omen (CA) Anointed with the Blood of Chaos -2011-AAP mcd
Interment/Glory Days, Festering Years Glory Days, Festering Years -2013-Doomentia cd
Iron Man (US) Generation Void -2011-Shadow Kingdom Records cd
IXXI (SE) Elect Darkness -2009-Candlelight Records cd
Jarboe (US) Mahakali -Season of Mist cd
Jesus Chrust (US) The Last Temptation of Jesus Chrust -2015-Bestial Burst cd
Jex Thoth (SE) Totem -2011-I Hate Records mcd
Jex Thoth (US) Witness -2010-I Hate Records mcd
Johnny Touch (AU) Inner City Wolves -2014-Shadow Kingdom cd
Kadotus (FI) Seven Glorifications of Evil -2004-Blut & Eisen cd
Kaevum (DE) Kosmos Erwache! -2013-Darker Than Black cd
Kargvint (DE) Seelenwerk’s Fortgang -2008-Fimbul Productions cd
Kawir (GR) Arai -2013-Kill Yourself Prod. cd
Kawir (GR) Epoptia -2013-Kill Yourself Prod. cd
Ketzer (DE) Satan´s Boundaries Unchained -2013-Necroshrine Records digipak
Khold (NO) Hundre År Gammal -2008-TABU Recordings digicd
Khold (NO) Mörker Gravers Kammer -2004-Candlelight USA cd
Klage (DE) Die Weihe des Eises - Eine Grossweise -2008-Eternity Records digimcd
Kohort (PO) Christian Masquerade -2013-Under the Sign of Garazel cd
Krieg (US) Blue Miasma -2006-No Colours cd
Kroda (UA) Varulven -2013-Purity Through Fire digipak mcd
Kult Of Taurus (GR) Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence -2015-Forever Plagued Records cd
Kult Of Taurus (GR) Divination Labyrinths -2013-Forever Plagued Records cd
Kylesa (US) Time Will Fuse Its Worth -2006-Prosthetic Records cd
Kylesa (US) To Walk a Middle Course -2005-Prosthetic Records cd
Kältetod (DE) Leere -2005-Westwall digicd
Kältetod/Veineliis (DE) Split -2008-Temple of Torturous digicd
Lantlôs (DE) Agape -2011-Lupus Lounge cd
Legion of Doom (GR) For Those of the Blood -1997-Info Black cd
Lethe (NO) When Dreams Become Nightmares -2014-Debemur Morti cd
Ljå (NO) Vedderbaug -2008-Aftermath Music cd
Lord of Evil (PO) Satan`s Soldiers -2012-Under the Sign of Garazel cd
Lord of the Grave (CH) Raunach -2009-Church Within Records cd
Lustmord (US) DLVR 4 - A Document of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation -Dark Vinyl cd
Lustration (AU) Psymbolik -2012-Supremacy Through Intolerance cd
Lönndom (SE) Fälen Från Norr -2007-Eisenwald cd
M8L8TH/Nezhegol (RU) WotanJugend -Pagan War digipak cd
Magnum Itiner Interius (US) Departure at the Betrayal of Life -2012-Lux Inframundis CD
Maleficés (CA) Hurlemort -2015-Final Agony Records cd
Malevolent Creation (US) The Fine Art of Murder -1998-Hammerheart Records cd
Mortifera (FR) Maledictiih -2010-Apparitia Recordings digicd
Mortuary Drape/Necromass (IT) Split -2015-Funeral Industries cd
Mournful Congregation (AU) The June Frost -2009-Weird Thruth Productions cd
Mournful Congregation (AU) The Unspoken Hymns -2011-Osmose Prod. cd
Mr. Peter Hayden (FI) Faster Than Speed -2010-Winter digicd
Nattsol (NO) Stemning -2010-Lupus Lounge cd
Necroblood (FR) The Rite of Evil -2013-Amor Fati cd
Necromantia (GR) Ancient Pride -2005-Black Lotus Records digicd
Necrophagia (US) Harvest Ritual -2005-RedStream digicd
Nefandus (SE) Death Holy Death -2009-Left Light Emanations cd
Nefandus (SE) Reality Cleaver -2014-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Nefarious (HU) The Universal Wrath -2012-Cold Dimensions cd
Neige et Noirceur (CA) Philosophie des Arts Occultes/Thanatonau -2011-Kunsthauch cd
Nidingr (NO) Sorrow Infinite and Darkness -2005-Karisma Records cd
Nihil Nocturne (DE) Entheogen -2008-End All Life Productions cd
Noctum (SE) The Seance -2010-Transubstans cd
October Falls (FI) A Collapse Of Faith -2010-Debemur Morti Productions digisleeve
October Falls (FI) The Plague Of A Coming Age -2013-Debemur Morti Prod. digicd
Of Darkness The Empty Eye / Death -2010-Black Mass Records DCD
Old Silver Key (UA) Tales of Wanderings -2011-Season of Mist cd
Old Wainds (RU) Death Nord Kult -2008-Debemur Morti Productions digicd
Old Wainds (RU) Where the Snows are Never Gone -2011-Negative Existence cd
Ominous Resurrection (US) Omniscient -2014-Funeral Industries cd
Orange Goblin (UK) A Eulogy for the Damned -2012-Candlelight cd
Orplid (DE) Greifenherz -2008-Auerbach digimcd
Orplid (DE) Nächtliche Jünger -2002-Prophecy Productions cd
Orplid (DE) S/T -2000-Prophecy Productions cd
Orplid (DE) Sterbender Satyr -2006-Auerbach digimcd
Osculum Infame (FR) Consuming the Metatron -2012-Battlesk´rs Prod. digicd
Ouroboros (CA) Spear of Destiny -2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance cd
Outlaw Order (US) Dragging Down The Enforcer -2008-Season of Mist BOX
Pandemonium (PO) Devilri – Extended Edition -2014-Old Temple cd
Paragon Impure (BE) To Gaius! (For the Delivery of Agrippina) -2005-Goatowarex cd
Pentacle (NL) Under the Black Cross -2005-Iron Pegasus cd
Power from Hell (BR) Sadismo -2014-Soul Erazer Records cd
Power from Hell (BR) The True Metal -Soul Erazer Records cd
Profanatica (US) The Enemy Of Virtue -2008-Deathgasm DVD
Pylvanainen (FI) Maamme Raunioilla -2014-Europa Erwache! cd
Pylvanainen (FI) Uuden Ajan Koitto -Europa Erwache! cd
Pyöveli (FI) The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal -2005-Witches Brew cd
Ra Al Dee Experience (DE) Diatessaron -2016-VÁN mcd
Razor of Occam (AU) Homage to Martyrs -2009-Metal Blade cd
Root (CZ) Kärgeräs -2013-Paragon Records cd
Root (CZ) The Revelation -2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod cd
Saligia (NO) Lvx Aeternae -2013-VÁN digimcd
Saturnian Mist (FI) Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan -2011-AAP digicd
Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies (DE) Mens Animus Corpus -2013-VÁN digimcd
Shub Niggurath (MX) A Deadly Call from the Stars -2011-Lux Inframundis digicd
Shub Niggurath (MX) Horror Creatures -2002-American Line Productions cd
Silexater (DE) Mad Sorcer -2010-No Colours Records cd
Sixx (US) Sister Devil -2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod. cd
Slugathor (FI) Reviled, Defamed and Spat Upon -2010-Time Before Time cd
Sons of Otis (CA) X -2005-Small Stone Records cd
Sopor Aeternus (DE) The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller -Season of Mist cd
Stench of Decay (FI) S/T -2012-Ektro cd
Stone Ship (FI) The Eye -2016-Feuer Publications digipak cd
Svartrit (SE) Svarthetens Ridå -2015-Darker Than Black digipak mcd
Svartsyn (SE) ...His Majesty -2010-Unexploded Records digicd
Svartsyn (SE) Bloodline -2005-Sound Riot cd
Svartsyn (SE) Nightmarish Sleep -2014-Carnal Records mcd
Tarot (AU) Reflections -2016-Heavy Chain Records cd
The Crown (SE) Death Is Not Dead -2014-Century Media digipak
The Eye (FR) Supremacy -2013-Debemur Morti Prod. digicd
The Fog (DE) Perpetual Blackness -2016-Memento Mori cd
The Gates of Slumber (US) The Awakening -2004-Final Chapter cd
Toxaemia (SE) Buried to Rise: 1990-1991 Discography -2010-Dark Descent Records DCD
Typhon (CO) Unholy Trilogy -2013-Proselytism digipak DCD
Ulvegr (UA) The Call of Glacial Emptiness -2014-Those Opposed Records cd
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CL) Baphomet Pan Shubniggurath -2016-Hammer of Damnation cd
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CL) People of the Monolith -Hammer of Damnation cd
Uncreations´s Dawn (FI) Lightning Hammer Falls -2004-Hammer of Hate cd
Undergang (DK) Indhentet af Doden -2011-Xtreem Music cd
Unearthly Trance (US) Electrocution -2008-Relapse Records cd
Unearthly Trance (US) In the Red -2004-Rise Above cd
Unearthly Trance (US) Ouroboros -2014-Throne Records digipak DCD
Unearthly Trance (US) The Trident -2006-Relapse cd
V/A (RU) Four Wings of Blasphemy and Abomination -2010-Sekt ov Gnosis cd
V/A My Own Wolf: a New Approach to Ulver -2008-Cold Dimensions DCD
Valtakunta (FI) S/T -2015-Bestial Burst cd
Vanderbuyst (NL) In Dutch -2011-VÁN digicd
Vanderbuyst Vanderbuyst -2010-VÁN digicd
Vanhelgd (SE) Church of Death -2011-Nuclear War Now! cd
Vargsang (DE) In The Mist Of Night -2014-Obscure Abhorrence cd
Vasaeleth (US) All Uproarious Darkness -2013-Profound Lore cd
Void Meditation Cult (US) Utter The Tongue Of The Dead -2016-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Vomitor (AU) Devils Poison -2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records cd
VON (US) Satanic Blood Ritual -2010-Nuclear War Now! DVD
Von Goat (US) Septic Illumination -2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod cd
Wehrhammer (DE) Wir ziehen in den Krieg -2011-Nebelklang cd
Weltmacht (US) The Call to Battle -2001-Elegy Records cd
White Medal (UK) Guthmers Hahl -2013-Legion Blotan digicd
Wind of the Black Mountains (US) Black Sun Shall Rise -2002-Moribund cd
Witch Mountain (US) South of Salem -2012-Profound Lore digicd
Witchfinder General (UK) Resurrected -2008-Buried by Time and Dust Records cd
Witchrist (NZ) Beheaded Ouroboros -2010-Invictus Productions cd
Wodulf (GR) ...From the Corpsegates -2009-Totenkopf Propaganda cd
Woods of Infinity (SE) Förlåt -2011-Obscure Abhorrence cd
Worm Ouroboros (US) Come The Thaw -2012-Profound Lore digicd
Wrathprayer (CL) The Sun of Moloch -2015-Nuclear war now! cd
Xasthur (US) Telepathic with the Deceased -2004-Moribund Records cd
Xibalba (MX) Ancients -2007-Guttural Records cd
Ysengrin (FR) To Endotaton -2012-I, Voidhanger cd
Ysengrin (FR) Tragedies - Liber Hermetis -2011-De Profundis cd
Ysengrin (FR) Triade -2008-Heidenwut cd
Ysengrin/Borgia Split -2009-Fiery Path Records cd
Zemial (GR) Nykta -2013-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Zombi (US) Escape Velocity -Relapse Records cd
Zombi (US) Spirit Animal -Relapse cd


Acheron (US) The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God -2009-Funeral Industries digibook
Acrimonious (GR) Purulence -2009-Ajna Offensive cd
Agalloch (US) Ashes Against the Grain -2006-The End Records cd
Agalloch (US) The Mantle -The End Records cd
Alchemyst (DE) Nekromanteion -2012-Necroshrine Records cd
Altar of Perversion/Mordaehoth Tributo A Der Blutharsch -2011-New Era Prod. cd
Amon (CZ) Return Of The Black Metal -2004-Barbarian Wrath cd
Andramelech/Serpent Noir Gateway to the Nightside -2013-Daemon Worship Prod. cd
Anima Morte (SE) The Nightmare Becomes Reality -Transubstans digicd
Babylon Whores (FI) Death of the West -2002-Spinefarm cd
Bain Wolfkind (AU) The Swamp Angel -Hau Ruck! digicd
Bain Wolfkind (AU) Wasteland -2007-Hau Ruck! mcd
Black Funeral (US) Vampyr - Throne Of The Beast -2005-Drakkar Productions digicd
Black Priest of Satan Element of Destruction -2016-Deathstrike digipak cd
Blackdeath (RU) Totentanz -2016-Heidens Hart/Hammer of Damnation digipak cd
Blacklodge (FR) MachinatioN -2012-Season of Mist digicd
Bong (UK) S/T -Ritual Prod. cd
Bongzilla (US) Contamination Festival 2003 -2004-Regain Records cd
Cantique Lépreux (CA) Cendres Célestes -2016-Eisenwald digipak cd
Castle (US) Under Siege -2014-VÁN digicd
Church of Misery (JP) Thy Kingdom Scum -2013-Rise Above cd
Cianide (US) Gods Of Death -2011-Hell´s Headbangers cd
Circle (FI) Meronia -Ektro cd
Coffins (JP) Ancient Torture -2011-Hammerheart DCD
Convulse (FI) Evil Prevails -2013-Svart cd
Countess (NL) Blazing Flames Of War -2007-Barbarian Wrath cd
Countess (NL) Fires of destiny -2016 digipak cd
Countess (NL) Gospel of the Horned One -2014 cd
Countess (NL) Sermons of the infidel -2014 digipak cd
Crucifist (US) Demon Haunted World -2009-Profound Lore cd
Darkthrone (NO) Circle the Wagons -2010-Peaceville cd
Death Breath (SE) Stinking up the night -2006-BlackLodge digicd
Death in June (UK) Heaven Street -2012 mcd
Death SS (IT) Let The Sabbath Begin -2001-Lucifer Rising Records DCD
Death SS (IT) The 7th Seal -2006-Regain Records cd
Deathronation (DE) Hallow the Dead -2015-VÀN digipak
Deicide (US) Till Death Do Us Part -2008-Earache cd
Der Stürmer (GR) Transcendental Racial Idealism -2011-Totenkopf Propaganda digicd
Eskatozoa (FI) Cosmic Elements Coalesce -2014-Bestial Burst digipak
Evil (BR) Ashes of Old -2015-Darker Than Black digipak
Funerary Box (US) Temporary Interment -2016-Backwoods Butcher cd
Gorgoroth (NO) Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt -2009-Regain Records cd
Graveyard (SE) Hisingen Blues -2011-Nuclear Blast digicd
Haemoth (FR) In Nomine Odium -2011-Debemur Morti digicd
Hate Eternal (US) I, Monarch -2005-Earache cd
Hate Forest (2009) Dead But Dreaming -2009-Primitive Reaction cd
Hate Forest (UA) The Gates -2014-Those Opposed Records digipak
Helgedom (SE) Svartkonst -2016-Darker Than Black cd
Hetroertzen (SE) Ain Soph Aur -2014-Lamech cd
Hetroertzen/Dødsengel Capax Infiniti -2014-Lamech digipak cd
Ill Omen (AU) Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence -2014-Nuclear War Now! cd
Ill Omened (RU) Conflagration Roaring Hell -2016-Kvlt cd
Impurity (BR) Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis -2014-Proselytism digipak
Infestus (DE) Chroniken des Ablebens -2008-Debemur Morti Productions cd
Infestus (DE) The Reflecting Void -2014-Debemur Morti digipak
Invidious (SE) In Death -2014-Sepulchral Voice cd
Irreverent (US) Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation -2011-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda cd
Jex Thoth (US) Blood Moon Rise -2013-I Hate Rec. cd
Katechon (NO) Man, God, Giant -2013-Nuclear War Now! cd
Korgonthurus (FI) Marras -2009-Obscure Abhorrence cd
Kriegsmaschine/Szron (PO) Split -2011-Malignant Voice cd
Lord Vicar Fear No Pain -2008-Church Within Records cd
LvxCælis (CL) Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII -2012-Barghest digipak
Magyar Posse (FI) We will carry you over the mountains -Verdura Records cd
Miasmal (SE) Cursed Redeemer -2014-Century Media cd
Mystruin (SE) Gånget äro ljuset -2014-Lamech cd
Mütiilation (FR) Destroy Your Life for Satan -2011-Dark Adversary cd
O/Black Dawn/Enochian Crescent (FI) OBC collection -2005-Woodcut Records cd
Old Man Gloom (US) The Ape of God I -2014-Profound Lore digipak
Old Man Gloom (US) The Ape of God II -2014-Profound Lore digipak
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE) ONANI -2009-Cold Meat Industry cd
Path of Samsara (DE) The Fiery Hand -2015-VÁN digipak
Phlegein (FI) Silver Veins -2013-Northern Heritage cd
Porta Nigra (DE) Kaiserschnitt -2015-Debemur Morti digipak
Ritual Violence S/T -2015-Bestial Burst digipak
Sabbath Assembly (US) Ye Are Gods -2012-Svart digicd
Saint Vitus (US) Lillie: F-65 -2012-Season of Mist cd+dvd
Sapientia (SE) Through the First Sphere of Saturnus -2014-Lamech digipak cd
Sarath (NO) Siste Indre -2010-Terratur Possessions digicd
Satyricon (NO) The Age of Nero -2008-Roadrunner Records DCD
Secrets of the Moon (DE) Seven Bells -2012-Lupus Lounge digicd
Shining (NO) Blackjazz -2010-Indie Rec. cd
Shining (SE) VII - Född Förlorare -2011-Spinefarm cd
Skaur (NO) Farvel -2015-Darker Than Black digipak
Slægt (DK) Ildsvanger -2016-Tour De Garde cd
Splintered (UK) Turned Inside Out -2013-Totuuden Sarvi Levyt DCD
This Empty Flow (FI) The Album -2006-Eibon DCD
Ulver (NO) Childhood´s End -2012-Kscope cd
Ulver (NO) War of the Roses -2011-Kscope digibook
Vivus Humare (DE) Einkehr -2015-Eisenwald cd
Vlad Tepes (FR) War Funeral March -2013-Drakkar cd
Vond (NO) AIDS To The People -2017-Funeral Industries digibook
Vond (NO) Green Eyed Demon -2017-Funeral Industries digibook
Weedeater (US) Jason...the Dragon -2011-Southern Lord cd
Witchcraft (SE) The Alchemist -2007-Rise Above cd
Wolvennest S/T -2016-VÁN digipak cd
Woods of Infinity (SE) Förintelse & Libido -2010 digicd
Worship (DE) Terranean Wake -2012-Weird Truth Records cd
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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2018 2:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The CD sale is still on. The sold records were removed from the lists above.



Absurd (DE) "Totenlieder" -LP 23.00EUR RESTOCK

Bilskirnir (DE) "Atavismus des Glaubens" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK

Der Stürmer/Nordwind "Split" -7" 9.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Darker Than Black)

Forlor (FI) "Towards the End" -LP 18.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Darker Than Black)

Convocation (FI) "Scars Across" -cd 10.50EUR NEW
(***-2018-Everlasting Spew Records)
> "Mesmerizing and gloomy Doom-Death from the most ghastly recesses of Finland. Merging the composing talents of LL from Desolate Shrine with the multi layered vocals of NM from Dark Buddha Rising, Convocation will haunt you and abrade your guts with the most spectral yet punishing tones you could experience! For fans of Lycus, diSEMBOWELMENT, Hooded Menace."

Cosmic Church (FI) "Täyttymys" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
> "Black metal." Pre-order. To be released by the end of May.

Krolok (SK) "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" -digipak cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Hexencave Prod.)
> "Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the ´90s tradition with a raw edge."

Mortuary Drape (IT) "Spiritual Independence" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2014-Iron Tyrant)
> "After 10 years of hibernation the Drape will cloak the Earth in Darkness once more!"

Necro Schizma (NL) "Erupted Evil" -DCD 14.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Iron Tyrant)
> "Highly influential ULTRA DEADLY doom. An official reissue containing Erupted Evil demo 1989, rehearsal 1990 & live 1990. Limited to a one time press of 500 copies only."

Norrhem (FI) "Vaienneet voittajat" -cd 14.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Darker Than Black)

Root (CZ) "Madness of the Graves" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2016-Paragon Records)
> Cult Czech Black Metal.

Sepultura (BR) "Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation" -cd 10.00EUR NEW
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