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Test Press LPs - Arcturus, Ved Buens + rare stuff

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2018 11:55 pm    Post subject: Test Press LPs - Arcturus, Ved Buens + rare stuff Reply with quote

Selling some of the testpresses, contact at kyrck_khal@hotmail.com

Aptorian demon
Limbonic Art demo 1995
Limbonic Art demo 1996
Iced Earth demos
Arcturus Constellation
Arcturus Aspera
Manes Demos ( plus the limited to 50 silverprint 1st version from 2005)
In The woods isle of men
Aeternus Dark sorcery
Nocternity Harps 2lp test press
Morrigan /Nocternity 7" 2005 test press
Nocternity s/t 7" test press
Death- spiritual healling test press LP

and some other rare stuff as well, some are gone but i will update the list soon

Ulver " messe" leather gatefold tespress 10 copies + the purple sparkle gatefold 100 copies
Isvind " dark waters lp leather gatefold white only 2 copies
Isvind intet leather lp gatefold leather lp only 2 copies

Burzum " vhs" tape promo with letter from misanthropy
Burzum " det som engang" misanthropy records tape
Burzum/aske original cymophane tape 94

Thorns Ltd/Banks Vioellet sealed CD

Mayhem " born into evil" (pro cover tape 549/666)
Beyond dawn " tales from an " demo
Beyond dawn " thorns in" demo
Enslaved '92 demo
Decameron demo 92
Algol" the priests are.." demo 1st edition
Witchin " from the underground " 90 demo
Solemn " outside my window" ( was from before cradle of filth dubbed on a morbid angel tape , megarare)
Deathmission " the ultimate" demo
Skabb - inside your own doom demo 91
Infanticide " false prophets demo
Pendulum " hecate"
Ragnarok " Pagan Land"
Osmose productions promo 001 marduk/mystifier pro tape
Hades " alone walking" wounded love records
Behemoth " he return of the northern moon" pagan records 93
Yggtyhyrkkh hin Dystre - haevenfejde
Beelzebub - apotheosis
Testimony " enter obscurity"
Mephitis " mesmerized noise" demo 91
Balvaz " phlegm" demo 90
Bal Sagoth promo tape from 1st album with handwritten notes
Cadaver live trondheim 22-11-91
Buttocks - alive and darker 90
Buttocks " urcemyrcel turkus"
Rimfrost ( norway) demo
Enslaver " degradation"

Mayhem " pure fucking armagedddon"

Zemial " for the glory" master cdr for press from Hypervorea records
Agatus "dawn" master cdr for press from Hypervorea records
Zemial " Golden dragon" tshirt

Rare Promo cds

Fleurety " min tid"
Solstice " new dark age"
Enslaved " eld"
Absu " vitriol"
In the woods " omnio"
Immortal " Blizzard beasts
Dimmu Borgir " enthroned.."
Dimmu Borgir" Stormblast"
Samael " rebelion"
masters hammer "slagry"
Diabolos rising " 666"
Necromantia " ancient pride"
dodheimsgard " 666 international"
Samael ' passage"
Dodheimsgard " monumental " malicious records promo
Obituary " world demise"
Troll " the last predators"
Carpathian forest " black shinning"
Samael " ceremony of"
Diabolical Masquarade " Ravendusk my heart"
Asphyx " god cries"
Ragnarok " arising.."
Asphyx " asphyx"
Judas iscariot " dethroned conquered and forgotten"
Marduk Opus nocturne ( blue cover)
Impaled nazarane " suomi"
Impaled nzarane " ugra karma"
Bewitched " diabolical desecration"
Satyricon " nemesis divina"
Judas iscariot" heaven in flames"
Ulver " Madrigal of night"
Taake 1st album


Katatonia " for funerals
Gehenna " first spell
Wongraven " fjeltronen"
Emperor " wrath of the tyrant ( wild rags)
Satyricon / Enslaved split
Fimbulwinter " servants of"
Kampfar mini cd
Neptune Towers - caravans
Moonfog " crusade from the north" 2cd
Einherjer " dragons of the north:
Opeth " orchid"
Satyricon " shadowthrone"
Mortiis " keiser"
Forgotten woods" the curse of"
Diabolos rising " blood vampyrims and sadism"
Darkthrone " panzerfaust"
Rotting Christ satanas tedeum 1st press
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