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For Sale/Trade

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:27 am    Post subject: For Sale/Trade Reply with quote

PM me with your offers/questions.

new items for sale! If you have any questions, PM me!

Alatyr - Alatyr
Arcane Sun - Arcane Sun
Askuror / Vargshelske - Kirchenbrand
Atrocity - Blut
Atrocity - Gemini
Black Draugwath - Apocalyptic Songs
Black Torment - Satanic Holocaust
Blakagir - Nostalgia & Droga Przed Egzekucją
Blood Duster - Cunt
Branikald - Хладавзор (Frost Vision)
Campo de Mayo - Campo de Mayo
Conjuration - Funeral of the Living
Divine Sin - Thirteen Souls
Fetus Aftermath - Everything Disgusting And Vile
Forgot - Burning Down
Gathering of Obscurity - The Pain of Humilation
Goddefied (Goddified) - Abysmal Grief
Gorelord - Force Fed On Human Flesh
Harvist - Lightning Storm in the Veins…
Hate Forest - Battlefields (ON HOLD)
Hate Forest - Scythia (ON HOLD)
Hypokras - Dead & Hungry
Hysteria - Abyssal Plains of Chaos
Inferus - Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light
Insanity - Scream of Schizophrenia
Jumalhämärä - Slaughter the Messenger
Kali-Yuga / Varhorn - Aham Kali / Vookhoo the Raven
Kataxu - Hunger of Elements
Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit - Split
Kryst the Conqueror - Deliver Us from Evil
Magan - Nathicana
Melancolia - The Dark Reflections of Your Soul
Merca - Chup Amela
Mercyless - C.O.L.D.
Midryasi - Midryasi
Monastery / Anarchus - Mutilate the Corpse / In Partibus Infidelium
Moonsorrow - Tämä Ikuinen Talvi
Morbid Angel - Blessed Are the Sick (rerelease)
Munruthel - Явь, Навь и Правь (Jav' Nav' I Prav')
My Infinite Kingdom - Ecstasies Over Dreaming Lady
Myring - Engage the Enemy
Mythological Cold Towers - Remoti Meridiani Hymni (Towards the Magnificent Realm of the Sun)
Naphobia - Of Hell
Nattas - At Ease With The Beast
Nauseous Surgery - Abominable Voices
Necromantia - IV: Malice
Necropolis - Necrosphere
Nekroholocaust - In Memories of Fire
Nów - Nowia
Pogrom - Mort Au Peuple
Polterchrist - Engulfed By The Swarm
Pro-Pain - The Truth Hurts (banned cover)
Purged - Form Of Release
Relikvia - Ismeretlen Földeken
Ritual Killer - Upon the Threshold of Hell
S.N.O.T. - Activate
S.O.S. - Teljes Napfogyatkozás
Sadistic Intent - Resurrection (DRR)
Schnauzer - When Your Bitch Is In Heat
Shepherd - Laments
Slavland - Szepty Starych Dębów
Smouldering in Forgotten - Legions Into Black Flames
Sorath - Gnosis
Spiritual Decay - Closer To The Grave
SSORC - Infidel Eternal
Stream - Alien State
Svartsyn - The True Legend
Thanathron / Empheris - The Rituals of Possession in Blasphemy
The Almighty - Addiction
The Dead Youth - Writhing
The End (SWE) - The End
The Great Kat - Bloody Vivaldi
The Great Kat - Rossini's Rape
The New Plague - Shackled and Enslaved
Thergothon - Stream From the Heavens (rerelease)
Thirst - Per Aspera Ad Astra
Twilight - ...And With the Twilight, They Return
Urna - Sepulcrum
Uvall - Obsidian Torment
V/A - Dead Flesh
Vukodlak - Blackest Autumn
Warmonger - Perpetual / Mental Terror
Wolfswinter - Gestrandet in Nastrand + Der Tag vergeht…
Wurdulak - Ceremony in Flames
Zwenz - A Life's Work of Natrgaard II
Анахорет (Anchoreth) - Очищение: Средь пыльных камней... (Purification: Among The Dusty Stones…)
Варяг (Varyag) - Память (Pamyat)
Коса (Kosa) - Ярость (Yarost')
Хвангур (Hvangur) - Кровь И Пепел (Krov' i Pepel)
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