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Enormous sale list- hundreds of titles

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:45 pm    Post subject: Enormous sale list- hundreds of titles Reply with quote

Here is how I grade

Mint= CD is unopened/unplayed
Near mint= CD is is excellent condition. Few if any scuffs or print marks.
Good condition= CD may have a few scuffs or slight wear to booklet, but is otherwise acceptable.
Fair condition= CD may contain many scuffs, scratches. NOTE: May work fine, but may skip depending on CD player.
Poor condition= CD may contain many scuffs and scratches. NOTE: MAY SKIP!
+ = CD is on higher end of grade
- = CD is on lower end of grade

Additional Notes:

-All items sold as is! NO RETURNS!
-Some jewel cases may have cracks in them as this is how I bought them. I try to replace with good cases when I can.
-Read conditions of items before buying. See the terms of grading- Remember, USED items are USED items. Some items in fair/poor condition may or may not skip.
-Shipping + paypal fee is not included.
-Will (upon request) ship w/o cases to save on postage.
-References upon request


(or PM)

-ALL CDs $2.99 each, unless otherwise noted
-ALL CDRs are $1.50 each.
-All CDs marked "fair" are $2 each.
-Buy 10 + CDs ($2.99 & under good+ condition) for $2.25 per disc
-Buy 5 + CDRs for $1 per disc
-Buy all CDs ($2.99 & under) and CDRs for $1.50 per disc.

Dissection- The past is alive (good condition- digibook) $6
Galgeras- Uwer Ter Ere (good+ condition) $4
Joyless- Wisdom & arrogance (good+ condition) $6
My Dying Bride- As the flower withers (good + condition) $6
Suffocation- Pierced from Within (fair -fair + condition) $3
Throne of Ahaz- Nifelheim (good condition) $6
Quiet Riot- Greatest Hits (good condition) $2.99

Abazagorath- Sacraments of the final atrocity (good + condition)
Acrisa- s/t (good + condition)
Armaggedon-Anthems of the black order (CDR- fair)
Anti Christian Assault- s/t (fair+- good-) x5
Adumus - Besieging Aboinations (booklet is in good condition. CD is in fair + condition)
Antiseen-Hell (good)
Anael- On wings of mercury (near mint) 2 CDS
Angel Dust- of human bondage (good + condition + free CD)
Avenger- Pad oddanosti / fall of devotion (good + / near mint)
Behemoth- From the pagan vastlands (near mint) 2 CDS
Besatt- Hail Lucifer (CD is in good condition. Booklet & inlay in goodcondition. Some wear)
Bifrost- Pagan Reality (good condition) $4
Blasphemy Rites-Something wicked, raw & ugly (good)
Blood Red Fog- s/t (good+)$4
Black Sabbath-Mob Rules (fair)
Belmez-Wundgrind (fair)
Blood Storm- Pestilence from the Dragon star
Bloody Victim- Bound in blasphemy (Near mint condition)
Bruce Dickinson- Accident at birth (fair + to good-)
Celestial Season- Solar Lovers (good condition)
Count Revn- destruction of the void (good)
Cross Sodomy-The smell of brimstone in the morning (CDR-Fair-)
Circle of dust- brainchilled (fair)
Circle of dust-s/t (fair)
Cryptic Carnage-s/t (fair+)
Coldness-Irae (CDR-fair-good)
COC- Volume Dealer (fair +/good-)
Danzig- I luciferi (good)
Death Penalty-Conviction (fair)
Diaboli- Anthems of sorrow (fair)
Daemon Knight-Amongst mere mortals (CDr good)
Dark Faith- Terrains Vagues (good to near mint condition)
Dead to Earth / Shroud of Despondency- split (CDR- good)
Demon Realm - A legend of Power (good + condition)
Draconis- The highest of all dark powers (good + to near mint)
Eyes of Ligeia-The nights plutonian shore (CDR fair+)
Eat My F**k-Wet slit & a bottle of whiskey (near mint)
Eternal Oath- So silent (CD is in fair condition / scuffs & wear. Booklet is in fair + condition.)
Everwinter - Final victory (good condition)
Emerging From the Flames of Rebellion- (comp. good-)
Evil Incarnate- Waiting for his return (near mint condition)
Evil Incarnate- blackest hymns of god's disgrace(fair+-good-)
Evoken- Quietus (booklet is in good + condition. CD is in good condition)
From the Dark-In the shadows of chaos (fair)
Fear Factory- obsolete (fair / good-)
Fluisterwoud- Langs galg......(Good to near mint condition)
Gotmoor-Dawn of creation's ruin (fair+)
Grateful Dead-What a long strange trip (best of. Two CDs. Fair.)
GWAR- Carnival of chaos (fair + / good-)
Gadry Loo- Stool sample (good+ condition)
Gardy Loo- Perverts on parade (good +)
Guns & Rose- use your illusion II (fair)
Goatpenis- Trotz verbot nicht tot (good)
Grave-Back from the grave (good+ 2 CD set)$5
Grotesqueuphoria- conquered by corruption (near mint)
Harvyst-No more light (CDr- good condition)
Heidenvolk- Wondan Heerst (good to near mint condition. digibook CD)
Heroes in the Snow- That's how it goes (RAC. Near mint condition)
Horna/Musta Surma- split (cd & booklet are in good + condition)
Horde of Worms-Wormageddon (good)
Iron Maiden- Brave new world (good+)
Iron Maiden- A real Dead One (good+)
Impaler-One nation underground (fair / good-)
Incantation- The infernal storm (good)
Infernecron- through the ritual hills (Good condition)
Inquisistion- Anxious Death / Forever Under (near mint condition)
Inbreed- s/t (fair-)
Jimi Hendrix- His greatest hits (good + condition)
Judas Iscariot- The cold earth slept below (good condition)$5
Journey-Greatest hits (good)
Krisiun-Black force domain (good +)
kult of Azazel- Oculus infernum (good+)
Krieg/Kult of Azazel- split (fair)
Kill for Thrills - commercial suicide (fair-good condition. Booklet good cond.)
Lord Werre-Demon crusades (good condition)
Lucifer's Hammer- Ghosts of fall (good condition)
Love & Rockets-s/t (fair)
Machetazo- Carne de Cementerio (good+)
Monster X-s/t (fair+/good-)
M.O.D.- Rythm of fear (fair)
Midnight- Complete and total f**king midnight (good + condition)
Mortiis- Fodt til a Herske (original press. Make offer!)
Moat- The sun is destroying us all (good / near mint)
Mystic Forest- Romances (good to near mint condition)
Napalm death- fear emptiness despair (fair)
Nocturne- Curse of Nazarene (Digibook- slight wear to book, CD in near mint)
Nominon - Recremation (brand new- MINT)
Onheil - The threat (good. near mint condition)
Orcustus- demo 2 (good)
Overkill-I hear black (fair)
Overkill-Wrecking you neck (live-2 CDs) $4
Pantera- Official 101 Proof live (Booklet is in good condition. CD is in fair-poor condition. Quite a few scuffs & scratches)
Pantera-Reinventing the steel
Prong- True story
Path of Possession/Dark Faith- Crypt of madness (good)
Pro-Pain - best of. (fair / some wear to booklet, scuffs on CD).
Proclamation-Advent of the black omen (near mint)
Project Infinity- part #2 dissension (good- contains Axis of Advance, Operation Wintermist, Allfather + more)
Rampage- This end up (CDR- good condition)
Rampage-Bellum Infinitum (CDR-fair)
Rampage-Monolith to an ancient path (fair)
Reverend-world wont miss you (fair-promo copy)
Ritual-Chapter 666 / 1993-1994 (fair-)
Reign- Exit clause
Reign-Embrace (fair +)
Ravenous- blood delerium (good + condition)
Rok- This is Satanik (good condition)$4
Rip Cordz- Shut up & pago (good-)
Rip Cordz- s/t (good-)
Sacrifice- soldiers of misfortune (fair)
Soulds at zero-taste of the perverse (fair+)
Sadistik Exekution- s/t (good) (make offer!)
Sammy Hagar-Unboxed (good)
Skyclad-Prince of poverty (fair)
Seppuka- Rape of icons (CDr- near mint)
Sepultura- Chaos A.D. (good-)
Suicide Culture- Hallowed be thy name (fair)
Shroud of Despondency-For eternity brings no hope (near mint)
Sjenovik- Jouissance (mint condition. A5 digibook)
Skid Row- Slave to the grind
Svartpest-Ved Den Drabelige inngang Til Helvete (near mint)
Tearstained- Suicide triology pt. III (good+)
Testament-Low (fair)
Theodore Mudfoot- beauty of the swamp (fair+/good-)
Ted Nugent- Great gonzos (good condition)
The Dying Light- Survival guide to the apocalypse (DIGIBOOK. good condition)
Upon a dark horizon (comp, featuring Sorhin, Aeternus, Vomitory... Fair + condition)
Uriah Heep- The magician's birthday (booklet is in good condition. CD is in poor + to fair- condition)
Wizzard-s/t (good condition)
Yigael's Wall-Requien for the living (near mint)
ZZ Top- XXX (good condition)


AC/DC- No Bull (still sealed-NEW) $6

7" EPS
-$3 each unless noted otherwise)
-Buy all 7" material for $2.50 each (I want to) 7" EP

Angelkill - Lady Cadaver (Near mint condition) x 2
The Damned - Shut it (near mint condition- rare red vinyl. Gatefold jacket)- Make offer
Twisted Tower Dire / Cold Mourning split (good condition. VERY rare 7".) $5
Lord Astaroth / Cryptic Wintermoon- (Good + condition. hard to find 7" from Perverted Taste records. Red vinyl)
As Prophecies- Igne Natura Renovatur Lntegra (Good condition. Brazilian black/death metal)
Spleen- Drusus (Very good condition. Sombre records 7")
Unholy Death- s/t (Near mint condition)
Blood Thirsty Demons / Wytchkraft - At the Satanic Mass ( South American black/speed metal) $4
Virgin Sin- Make 'em die slowly (cover is in fair + / Good condition. vinyl in good+ to very good condition. Cult black/heavy metal) $4


King Diamond- No presents for Christmas (European version) cover has a bit of wea to jacket & spine. Vinyl OK. $12
Witchfynde- Stagefright (cover has a bit of abuse to it including some ink tear near the middle. Vinyl fair). $5

Mercyful Fate- Nuns have no Fun (this is the original second pressing with black border. Very good condition) make offer
Demon- The unexpected guest (good + to very good condition. Occult heavy metal) $15
Exciter- Heavy Metal Maniac (good + condition.) $10
Witchfynde - Lords of Sin (Very good condition. Double LP. Rare as fuck.) $25
Ravager- Storm of Sin (Mexican black/death metal. Near mint condition) $10
Motorhead- s/t (Very good - near mint condition. Classic self titled album.) $20
Salem- Kaddish (Picture disc. Rare gem from this Israelian classic band. Mint condition) $20
Witchfynde- Cloak and dagger (Original picture disc version. Good condition) $20
Christian Death- Skeleton Kiss (Originators of "Death Rock". Limited 10" release out of print for years. Good- very good condition) $10
Unleashed- Victory (Picture disc. Good condition.) $10
Quiet Riot- Mental Health (Hard rock classic from the 80's. Still sealed. Some damage to corners though.) $5
King Diamond- No presents for Christmas (European version. Cover is in fair shape. Wear and abuse to spine. Vinyl is in good condition) $15
Pink Floyd- Dark side of the Moon (good condition) $7

Demo cassette tapes
-All tapes are $2 each.
-Buy 10 + tapes for $1.75
-Buy all tapes for $1.25 per tape.

Alioth-Channeling Unclean Spirits
Aberrant Path- a death of reason to come
Aberrant Path-the winds that defy god
Accursed-forever following the forgotten paths of darkness and evil
Ad Infinitum-I
Ah Dzam-Nek tar Uknar
Aminion-the return of total desolation
Asgard-to a golden age
Blessed Offal- Rehersal 05
Bastard Sons-ya valio madre
Biastfear-a worthless emotion
Callenish Circle-lovelorn Descend-hate for your blood (in slip cover)
Crypt Howl-tragedies beheld the cemetery
Cryptic Tales-the tales
Cult of the Lizard God-Blood red winter
Darkest Hate-total destruction
De Occulta Philosophia-obscura simphonia
Dead and Forgotten-s/t
Draconis-promo tape (was sent to me w/o cover- pro tape)
Drohm-Winter's burial
Dust-A wandering through the dark realm
Ebony Poison- demo 1996
Embrace Of Fear- the mysterious underflesh emotions (w/ bonus material)
Eternal Hatred- the eve of destruction
Evolutions End- the world you see
Fogg-Stormgaurde (Cdr demo- includes tape cover)
Forsaken Art-the awakening of a new era
Goatwhore- Serenades to the tides of blood
Grim Winter / Autumn Mist (two demos on one Cdr- includes tape covers)
Hate For Humanity-s/t
Hatework-thrashers' attack
Hellsermon-caressed by hellfire
Homincide-self determined breed
Inbreed, The-“new stuff” (promo- has tracks typed on j card)
Inbreed, The-deliverance
Insane Vesper-Unholy procession (demo on CDR-includes tape cover)
Irate-demo 1996
Kharon-the fullmoon curse
Lado Obscuro-o Inferno por...
Lilitu-our vessels of the sea
Lultus-comp. Tape (contains various material- Cultus parody band?)
Minotauri-live August 98
Morning Star-Promo 1994
Morning Star-promo 97
Mortuary Oath-once upon a dreary
Noctus-demo 98
Octinomos-demo #2 $5
Old Pagan-thrash black metal holokaust
Pagan Hellfire- a voice from centuries away
Perdition-demo 2000
Psykodeth-Welcome to death
Recrucifier-Tape worm race
Satan's God-s/t
Satans Vind-forenade I hat mot gud
Savior Sect-The Scare
Savior Sect-lis ard
Servent Fear-s/t
Sexistor-illustrated guide to indecent assault
Shambles-blasphemous vengeance
Shine In Darkness-ancient forgotten presence
SnowFall-Black Terror Art (demo CDR- includes demo cover)
Song of Melkor-bled dry
Stradion-the end of the beginning
Tenebrae/Thy Black Blood- split
Tenebrosus/Angnar- split
Under Moonlight sadness- Echoes of ancient music
Uncreation's Dawn-demo
Unholy Archangel- blessed by aris
War Blasphemy-for the glory of the unpure
War Master-the black horde reigns supreme
Wrath Ritual-the irruption

Anthrax-attack of the killer B's
Anthrax-persistence of time
Anthrax-Armed and dangerous
Anthrax-among the living
Anthrax-spreading the disease
Anthrax-State of euphoria
Disgust-brutality of war
Evil Incarnate-blackest hymns of god's disgrace
Impaler-charnel deity
Iron Maiden-s/t
Iron Maiden- The number of the beast
Iron Maiden- piece of mind
Iron Maiden- Maiden japan
Judas Priest-turbo
Mistrust-spin the world
Masters Of Metal-strikeforce Vol. I
Megadeth-peace sells....but who's buying?
Nasty Savage-indulgence/abstract reality
Natural Born Killers- soundtrack
Queensrych- operation mindcrime
Queensrych- mini LP
Queensrych- the warning
Quiet Riot-s/t
Quiet Riot- III
Slayer-Hell awaits
Slayer-south of heaven
Scorpions-world wide live
Scorpions-crazy world
Scorpions- Animal magnetism (No cover)
Van Halen-s/t
Van Halen-driver down
Van Halen-women and children first
Van Halen-Fair warning
Van Halen-II
Y&T-open fire
Yngwie Malmsteen-the collection
lurking fear wrote:
CrucifixionWounds wrote:
Bolt Thrower didn't hold up well at all for me... no desire at all to ever listen to this band again.

Go brush your doll's hair.

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