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Trade/sell/want list.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:12 am    Post subject: Trade/sell/want list. Reply with quote

You know the deal. No answer = no interest.

HAVE (most of the shit is in superb condition)
Arckanum ”Trulen” (2xpic disc version. Ltd to 200 copies)
Arckanum ”Grimalkinz Skaldi” 7” (On green/black splatter. Numb. in 100 copies)
Arckanum/Sataros Grief 7” (Gren with black haze. Ltd to 100 copies.)
Atheist ”Unquestionable presence” LP (Active Records)
Atrocity ”Hallucinations” LP
Bloodstone ”Hour of the gate” CD (last mint copy)
Darkthrone ”Panzerfaust” LP (old repress, gatefold) GONE
Desaster ”Angelwhore” LP (black wax) GONE
Exmortis ”Immortality's End” 12” (CCG Underground Records)
Godless North ”Summon the Age of Supremacy” MC (ltd to 200 copies)
Invocator ”Excursion Demise” LP
Jesu ”sundown/sunrise” 12” (mailorder vers. Ltd 300)
Morgoth ”Cursed” LP GONE
Nachtmystium ”Eulogy IV” (first press on Perverted Taste)
Nachtmystium ”Reign Of The Malicious” LP (Ltd to 350)
Nihil Nocturne ”Necrohell” LP
Pungent Stench ”Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats” LP (Yellow wax)
Root ”Zjeveni” LP (Zeras, w/ lyric sheet) GONE
Satanic Warmaster "Carelian Satanist Madness" LP (red vax)
Satanic Warmaster "...Of The Night" 10" (black wax)
Throne Of Katarsis ”Unholy Holocaustwinds” 10” (die-hard. Ltd to 166)
Toxic Holocaust ”Death master” 7” GONE

WANT (vinyls only. Will buy or trade against my stuff)
Arcturus ”Constellation” (NAP)
Autopsy ”Mental Funeral” LP (on green)
Bastard ”Wind of pain”
Bathory ”s/” (Yellow goat)
Burzum ”Hvis lyset…” (Misanthropy)
Cathedral ”Forest of the…”
Cathedral ”In Memorium”
Cathedral ”Soul Sacrefice”
Dark Fun for all ”Secrets of the black arts”
Discharge "Hear nothing..." (Clay) FOUND
Drudkh ”Blood in our wells” (NHR)
Emperor ”Wrath of the tyrant” (Head not found)
Earth "Hex..."
Electric Wizard ”Chrono.naut”
Electric Wizard "Supercoven"
Funeral Mist ”Salvation”
Hellacopters ”Supershitty…”
Hellacopters ”Grande Rock”
Isis "Celestial" LP (First press)
Macabre ”Sinister Slaughter” (NBR)
Masters Hammer (original LPs or NWN die-hard)
Mayhem "Deathcrush" (DSP)
Monster Magnet ”Dopes to infinity”
Morbid Angel ”Covenant” (Earache press)
Municipal Waste/Crucial Unit split LP
Nifelheim "s/t"
Pan-Thy-Monium ”Dawn of dreams” + ”Khaooos”
Pest ”Black Thorns”
Samael ”Blood Ritual”
Sentenced ”North from here”
Skitsysem ”Grå Värld/Svarta tankar” (Distortion press)
Smashing Pumpkins "Machina/the Machines Of God"
Sunn "00 Void"
Sunn "Flight of the..."
Sunn "White 1"
Satyricon "Vulcano"
The Bronx ”S/t” (first album)
Von ”Satanic Blood Angel”
Vulcano ”Bloody Vengeance”
Zeke "Flat Tracker" (Scootch Pooch)
Zyklon-B ”Blood must be shed” (Malicious)
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