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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:54 am    Post subject: Trade/Sell Reply with quote

Here's a list of stuff I trade or sell..let me know if something interest you..

CD (all cd are 7 euro and cd-r 3 euro, except were's written otherwise)

Moondark "The Shadowpath" CD-R Old School Death Metal
Nemesis Throne “Garden Of Hate” CD-R grim and “dissonant” black metal like Abruptum..pro factory pressed CD-R
Throne Of Katharsis “Unholy Holocaustwinds” CD-R Raw Black Metal
Nostalgya/Nordavind “split” cd-r dark ambient 4 euro
Fragment. "Monolith" CD-R Post-rock 4 euro
Agmen "Damnation" CD Black Metal
Agmen "Eternal" CD Black Metal
Tiamat "The Astral Sleep" Doom/Death Metal, 1st press 10 euro
Svartthron "Obscure Telepathy" Raw Black Metal like Xasthur
Near "The Dark Art of the Death Hidden in the Castle" cd-r Raw Black Metal
Tundra "Ansia" CD Raw Black Metal
Necrofrost "Necrofrost - Bloodstorms Voktes Over Hytrungas' Dunkle Necrotroner" Raw Black Metal, 1st press 15 euro
Necrofrost "In a Misty Soar and on It's Swampy Floor" Raw Black metal, 1st press 15 euro
Stutthof "Towards Thy Astral Path..." Raw Black Metal like Emperor 10 euro
Stutthof "And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust" Raw Black Metal like Emperor, 1st press
Graveland "Celtic Winter" Raw Pagan Black Metal
Asunder "Works Will Come Undone" Funeral doom 10 euro
Absonus Noctis "Penumbral Inorgantia" Raw Black Metal
Vexed "Nightmare Holocaust" Thrash Metal
Vexed "Destruction Warfare" Thrash Metal
Vexed "Hellblast Extinction" Thrash Metal
Drowning The Light "Of Celtic Blood And Satanic Pride" Raw Black Metal 10 euro
Gut "The Cumback 2006" 5 euro
Necromantia/Varathron "Black Arts Lead To Everlasting Sins" Greek Black Metal 15 euro

TAPES (all are 3 euro, except where's written otherwise)

Darkness/Mephisto/VTA "Archdukes Of Hell vol.1" Black/Thrash Metal like Bathory and Celtic Frost
Skeeltron "Black Clouds" Black Metal like Paysage D'Hivero
Falstad "Innerspering I" black/doom metal limited to 57 copies
Deep-pression "The critical state of loneliness" Depressive Black Metal limited to 57 copies
Austerity "Perpetua Nox Dormienda Est" Funeral doom metal
Funeral Forest "Barbarian Wrath" Raw Black Metal
Moonblood/Evil "Fuck peace! We're at war!" tape Raw Epic Black Metal/NSBM 20 euro


Horna "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua " LP Raw Black Metal 13 euro
Drowning The Light "Through The Noose Of Existence" offer

T-SHIRTS (each 8 euro)

Marduk "Fuck Me Jesus" front and rear, XL
Baphomet's Blood "Blood, Vomit and Satan" red t-shirt, front and rear, XL
Inferno "Antihuman Intolerant Black Metal" front, XL, limited 50 copies
Dead "100 % sleaze" front, XL
Craft "Terror Propaganda" Logo on front, image and "Terror Propaganda" writing on back, XL
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